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Fire Forest Stroll

Fira is home to a variety of fire elemental flora and fauna. Most notably, it hosts the famous Forest of Fire. The leaves on these trees appear illuminated, like glowing embers. One particular variety bares a fruit called Fire Apples. Aptly named, the apples are warm to the touch and hot when ripe. Rotting fruit will melt right off the branches. Eating a Fire Apple will make you feel warm on the inside; it has been described as liquid gold. The taste is sweet like honey.

Firantelope are the prime cultivators of this beloved fruit for the people of Fira. Harvest happens in the summer. When winter hits, the leaves burn up and become ash. Winter is called the Ash season by locals for this reason. Instead of snow, you will find the ground littered with the stuff. Temperatures in the area, however, are still boiling. Anybody not fire aligned might have trouble living in such a hot environment.

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Kimiyuu, 46

A VERY HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MY DEAR, ALEX!!!! there’s more to this I promise but I’m writing this before class and your bday would have finished by the time i’d be able to post it so here it is now!! lool XD I HOPE YOU ENJOY~


Yuu huffed in frustration, digging around the couch for the remote device which somehow seemed to have magically disappeared. Where could it have gone? He had a very important anime to watch in ten minutes and Yuu wasn’t about to miss it. Propping his fists on his hips, Yuu glared at his small living room which only consisted of a two seater couch, a coffee table, a thirteen inch screen TV with litters of video games and a PS4 console lying on the rug in front of it.

He was sure he’d seen it on the coffee table this morning before he left for class which could only mean his roommate had misplaced it. It wouldn’t be the first time something went missing under that four-eyes’ supervision.

Grumbling, Yuu stalked towards the bedroom and swung the door wide open. Empty. The sound of trickling water shutting in a nearby room made his whereabouts known to Yuu and the raven haired changed courses to the bathroom.

Knowing there were only five minutes left before his show started, Yuu barged inside without permission, lips moving in demand.

“Hey, have you seen the– oh!


Kimizuki raised an impatient eyebrow, just finishing wrapping a towel around his midsection and glaring at Yuu with those rose-colored eyes unobstructed by his glasses for once.

Yuu stopped dead in his tracks at the sight. He realised that it probably would have been smarter to knock before coming in unannounced but getting an eyeful of Kimizuki’s hard chest, washboard abs and strong arms dripping wet from the shower made him not regret it at all.

Unperturbed by Yuu’s entrance, Kimizuki just crossed his arms over his chest, muscles rippling with every move under Yuu’s eyes as he asked, “Seen what, Yuu? I’m kind of in the middle of something.”

“I—uh…the remote. I need the remote.” It almost seemed to take ages for Yuu to remember what it was that he’d come here for when his eyes wouldn’t stop roving over wet expanses of flesh. Damn since when did Kimizuki get this ripped?

“Oh I think I left it in our room. I’ll look for it when I get dressed.” KImizuki shrugged, towelling his pink hair with a smaller cloth as he walked to the pile of clothes near where the raven-haired stood. Yuu probably should stop staring too intensely at his own roommate before the man noticed and teased him ceaselessly about it. He needed to watch his show, Yuu reminded himself sternly.

“Ah no, it’s fine. I’ll go look for it myself. You don’t have t-to…” He practically swallowed his own tongue when Kimizuki just…just dropped the towel right in front of him. Just like that. With no warning whatsoever, how rude. What’s more rude was the outstanding package staring right in Yuu’s face.

If he weren’t so mad at Kimizuki’s cock for being rude, Yuu would have said it was quite a length to be proud of, thick and long. Imagine if it were aroused. Which Yuu totally wasn’t doing right now. Nope. Even if his heated cheeks would beg to differ.

“Hey, Yuu.”


“Eyes—“ Then there was a finger tilting his chin up and when did Kimizuki suddenly get so close?! “—up here, idiot.” The expression on Kimizuki’s face was both amused and a little heated, smirk playing at the corner of his lip.

"What’s with the blush, Yuu? If I didn’t know any better, I’d say you’re turned on from seeing me like this.” Yuu didn’t have time to move away when the door was closed shut behind him and his back thudding against it with— a very wet and naked— Kimizuki closing in on him.

Yuu sputtered, mouth opening and closing like a fish on water as he tried to defend the growing problem between his legs. It was especially difficult to do when Kimizuki just freaking used the “kabedon” method on him, holy shit Yuu was already weak on the knees. “I-I am not! You’re just…just naked! You’re not supposed to do that in front of your very gay roommate.”

“And you’re not supposed to barge into the bathroom so you wouldn’t see your equally gay roommate naked.” A long finger tangled on one of the strands framing Yuu’s face, pulling it and his emerald eyes darted to it then back to Kimizuki’s dark rose-coloured eyes. He knew what Kimizuki was doing, he’d seen him done it to his other partners before. Yuu was fucking screwed.

“Which means,” Then Kimizuki was leaning in and Yuu could smell the soap and shampoo he just used in the shower wafting from him. Something sweet, like strawberries? Yuu liked strawberries. He could eat a ton of strawberries for days and he inhaled deeply just as the brush of lips pressed against his ear. “you were being a bad boy.”

Suddenly, the finger on his hair became a whole hand clutching tightly at the back of his head, pulling his hair sharply and causing his head to look up. The cry of pain was immediately swallowed by a hungry mouth landing against his, a tongue thrust inside his mouth with a soft clang. The sound came from the piercing on Kimizuki’s tongue as the balled metal hit his teeth and rubbed against his own tongue. He groaned at the feeling, closing his lips around it to suck.

When Yuu had first seen the piercing on Kimizuki’s tongue, his mind had immediately filled with filthy fantasies of getting that tongue playing with him, sucking him off, teasing his nipples and those images assaulted his head right now. He was hard fast, pressing flush against Kimizuki as their mouths moved and tongues licked each other passionately.

Pulling back with a wet pop, Kimizuki swiped the saliva dripping from Yuu’s shining bottom lip, “I should have lost that remote months ago if it got you here under me now.”

Yuu snorted, arms tight around Kimizuki’s shoulders— when did he do that?— and tiptoed to kiss his lips again. “Just shut up and kiss me again.”

Neither Capitalism Nor Socialism: A Third Alternative

Neither Capitalism Nor Socialism: A Third Alternative

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In the lead up to Earth Day this year, I wrote a 21-part series of posts offering practical suggestions for how to honor the Earth beyond the standard ideas of planting a tree and picking up litter (both of which are good, but insufficient).  (You can see the list here.)

Number 6 was “Fight Capitalism.”  I wrote:

“Our capitalist economic system is fundamentally incompatible with a healthy…

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pathless-wood replied to your post “my friends cat died the other day by being hit by a car and it’s just…”

Humans go through a lot of mental contortions to convince themselves that keeping cats indoors is good for the cats and not just convenient for humans. They’re predators who are happy outdoors. If you can’t handle that, don’t get a cat.

a cat being OUTDOORS is more convenient for humans, hence why many lazy pet owners keep their cats outdoors so they don’t have to change the litter boxes and don’t have to play with the cat because they get active outside. 

most cats humans own are domesticated. how can you say inside are unhappy? is it the guilt of having outdoor cats who’s average life is 5 yrs in comparison to 15-20 for indoor cats?

don’t hate people who responsibly keep their cats indoors that’s ridiculous

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Today an tiny very old woman was in line with cat litter. It was sitting on the floor when I motioned her up, and she pushed it to the register with her feet. When she got to the register, she hauls it up onto the counter, but it kinda dragged up her body. So her knee length dress was suddenly pushed up above her boobs. It was too fast for me to look away. That image has burned into my brain and will haunt me forever.

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98 and Ashton <3

You stare into the mirror, wrinkling your nose at what you saw looking back at you. Your face littered in little purple and red dots, little pocket scars carved into your skin, your cheeks and nose an unsightly red that usually took you a painstakingly long amount of time to cover up. Your face hadn’t left your teen years unscathed by the horrible acne you had been plagued with, forever leaving their mark on your face. You sigh and rub your face slightly, glancing at the bathroom door and hoping your boyfriend, Ashton didn’t walk in. This was your first time spending the night with him, the first time he was going to see you without makeup, and the first time you were probably going to have sex. You thought your first time with Ashton would be one of those clichés, lingerie and dark lipstick and high heels. But that wasn’t you and Ashton knew that, it wasn’t really him either. He wanted your first time together to be slow and intimate, both of you peeling away the layers of each others being. But this was a layer you weren’t sure if you were ready to peel back. Your shaking hands are gripping the sink tightly, swallowing harshly and trying not to freak out. You knew Ashton cared about you a lot but your last boyfriend was still inside your head. 

Don’t you think you should put on makeup babe? 

Can’t you pay to have those scars taken care of? 

Ugh I wish you put more effort into your appearance, you could be so beautiful.

You never told Ashton about it, what was the point of living in the past? Your ex was a dick and you stayed with him far longer than you should have. He would pick at the things you were insecure about until they bled onto the floor. You shake your head and take a deep breath, stepping outside of the bathroom and into the bedroom, Ashton lifting his head and letting out a low whistle. 

“Damn babe, you look hot in my shirt.” 

“Oh shut up,” You mumble, blushing a deep red. 

“No I’m serious. Come here so I can look at you.” You shuffle shyly towards him, climbing onto the bed and straddling his lap. His hands rest on your hips, a soft smile on his face as he looked at you.

“Don’t look too closely,” You mumble, covering your face with your hands. “I don’t have any makeup on.” 

“So?” He grasps your wrists and pulls them away from you face. “Don’t cover your face. I want to see you.” He grasps your chin lightly and tilts you slightly so he can see you in the light. He looks at you intensely for a moment before a bright, dimpled smile slides onto his face. “See? Beautiful.” Tears are clinging to your eyelashes as you smile at him, Ashton’s fingers reaching up to capture them.

“You have no idea what that means to me,” You choke out, Ashton leaning forward to kiss you on your cheeks, right where a huge cluster of scars was collected. He continues to kiss your face, no scar on your face untouched by his lips before he finally reaches your lips, chastely pressing against them. 

“You’re so beautiful babe, with or without makeup, dressed to the nines or in a ratty old t-shirt. These scars on your face are constellations of your life and they’re as beautiful as the night sky.” 

“You’re such a sap,” You mumble, laughing through the tears falling down your face. “Thank you.” 

“I mean it,” He says, kissing you deeply. “You’re beautiful babe, don’t ever forget it.” 

Rules: 10 Characters/People You’d Like To Kiss

I was tagged by the two wonderful lovelys @supernatural-stuff-of-course & @violetmina Thank you!! Sorry I took so long I’ve been busy :( –These aren’t in really any order. This is just how I was able to remember them!–

1. Crowley [Supernatural]

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2. Mark Sheppard [Actor]

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3. Dr. Brenner [Stranger Things]

4. Vincent Nigel Murray [Bones]

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5. Ron Swanson [Parks & Rec]

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6. Jim Sterling [Leverage]

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7. Gary Bell [Alphas]

8. Castle [Castle]

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9. Nate Ford [Leverage]

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10. Dr. Gordon Lawrence [Reoccurring character in the SAW Franchise]

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Dear Amedot Haters

You are assholes and literally have reached a genuinely low point in life when yours entails setting out to harass Amedot shippers. Seriously, feel ashamed of yourselves. If you ship Lapi//dot or whatever, go right ahead and do so. But stop littering our tag, please. Amedot shippers have been the nicest and most positive people I’ve ever met in my short time on tumblr and honestly, you guys make me understand why some people say tumblr is bad in the first place. You guys are seriously embarrassing yourselves and for what? It definitely won’t make us stop shipping. So what’s the point? Put slashes in the ship name like a decent human being, please. It’s so ironic because Lauren Zuke was against the same hate in the fandom that you’re exhibiting and you claim to be behind her so much. From the uttermost depths of my heart, get the f*ck off our tag, go contemplate your life and don’t come back until you learn the true meaning of respect.

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The Litter-Box-Cleaning-Crotchless Wonder
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My name is Maggie, I’m a Cheagle (Chihuahua-Beagle Mix) and I am 8 months old. When my two moms and their roommate adopted me into their home when I was only 4 months old, I met their 3 cats, Mia, Patches, and Herp. I immediately fell in love with the little brown delicacies they left in their sand boxes. I always manage to fit my head in far enough to reach what I’m looking for. I later…

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Go up the stone stairs

{Go: [UP]}

You climb up the [Stone Stairs] and ascend to the 2nd floor of the Cold Cavern.
Your Orb of Exploration activates itself automatically.

Immediately you can feel the temperature here is drastically colder than the lower floor. So much so that your skin feels a little stiff and a thin layer of frost kisses the ever present moss that clings to the floor and ceiling.

{All [Fire] and [Solar] magic is a disadvantage on this floor}

You look around and see another [Stone Maker] to your left. A familiar instillation, you haven’t seen any since leaving the valley.  
More rotted mining equipment and scaffolding litter the area, a few [Empty Wooden Barrels] sit atop a platform
An empty [Wooden Cart] lies on the floor without any wheels. and the [Rusted Pipes] continue above your head and twist off to the right.

You are getting nervous, you can defiantly hear more noises in the shadows. More monster could be lurking just out of sight.

The [Left Path] leads to where the marker is pointing. The pipes follow the [Right Path] and the [Stairs] lead back down to the [Cavern Stairwell 1]

What Should We Do Now?

so i was looking through my old writing in my wattpad account ((lmao i knooww dont judge me)) and i saw this in my drafts and i thought what the hell why not post it on tumblr?! so yeah…here’s something i wrote earlier last year let me know if you liked it or not! (also i did proof read this but idk how well i did that soooo if u see the name Leia that’s bc i changed it to (y/n) but i might’ve missed one or two im not sure lol)
word count: 2600

The quiet buzz of bugs that littered the park and the occasional sound of cars driving past could be heard as (y/n) walked down the street back to her sister’s house. She didn’t mean to be out so late at night but she just got too caught up with the party that she went to. And, no, she didn’t drink. Not one sip of alcohol entered her mouth but being around her intoxicated friends made her feel like she’s done one too many shots as well.

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Do you have anymore cute/nsfw headcanons for the heliohapt guys?

Sphintus was on my mind today, please enjoy!

Sphintus Carmen

  • Sphintus tries to seem more adult around his s/o. He’s convinced himself it’s something he has to do to keep them interested in him. This usually means smoking his pipe while reading scholarly journals. He draws a long puff while laughing haughtily—he’s not wholly sure what the journal says but if he pretends he does that’s gotta seem super grown-up, right?
  • More here & here.


  • Sphintus’ ears are very sensitive and he is dedicated to keeping this a  secret. He gets very nervous when his s/o kisses up his neck and around his jawline and INSISTS he keep his earrings on. 
  • In the heat of the moment, Sphintus adores hickeys, scratches, and any other little marks of passion his s/o can litter across his skin. The next morning? Not so much. He wakes up sore and can hardly stand, whimpering to his s/o why he let them do that??
  • More herehere & here

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7. Do you have any pets? ^u^

I have 3 cats! 

Maki, a little female that my mother saved. She was crashed by a car and has a broken leg.

Mocchi, maki’s big sister from the previous litter, and the red one who was born two weeks ago, Taiga.

I also had these two beautiful souls that I lost.

Chaussette, a female Scottish Fold, who expire of old age:

And Milo, A little dude, the first cat I had by myself in my appartement, who was poisonned.


Ranger, owned by a good friend of ours. He is one of the top ranked LGRA silkens in the country (possibly #1 at this point in time) and likely stud for our next litter (early 2018)

I litterally need 10,000 steps today to make my 50 day streak. I have zero energy. I’m so sick. I’m slowly walking around the house. I don’t care if this takes the next three hours I’m finishing my steps today.