litterally perfect

sorry, I hid the litter-training post. I was getting too many asks telling me to spey & neuter my dudes (done and done?)

I should be clear that my rabbits are rescues, and both came to me quite late in life from less-than-ideal homes. I’ve tried A LOT of different tutorials/tips, but nothing has been successful. Furby shits where he likes, and Aglet shits where Furby shits ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

I’ve fostered rabbits with lovely, 100% perfect litter manners, so it’s not that ‘all rabbits are dirty & you can’t live w them hygienically’. my rabbits are just a special case.

dont say “I can’t draw”

Not because you cant draw but because you say you wish you could draw as well as others. They didnt come out of the womb painting the mona lisa they built up their skill, sure some of it could be genetic but anyone no matter how much you think you dont have artistic ability anybody can draw. Practice litterally makes perfect if you want to be good at drawing then do it, it may take years but thats how we all got there, if you want to be a good artist then start thinking like one.

Gave the beast a bath today! And I clipped her nails myself for the first time. 🐶 They’re still long, but shorter than they were. Think I’m going to buy my own clippers so I can do them at home, rather than use work’s.

Also, my puppy fever has been through the roof! Largely in part by @pawsitivelypowerful’s perfect litter (crying over little Yellow!!), but also because it seems like everyone around me is getting a new fur baby. Hopefully this time next year I’ll be in a better financial spot to finally get Ellie a sibling to play with. 💖✌🏻️

Honestly recognizing that you’re not perfect is a very hard thing to do like making mistakes are ok and hell I’m learning still too but please stop expecting me to not make mistakes or not word things wrong accidentally because I’m human and that’s that perfection is litterally impossible

Never Think - Robert Pattinson
Robert Pattinson
Never Think - Robert Pattinson

                                 “I should never think 
                                 What’s in your heart 
                                  What’s in our home 
                                         So I won’t”

  • what I say: I love Melinda May
  • what I mean: Melinda May is the ultimate hero her goal in life is to protect other people she has been to hell and back and yet continues to look after others before herself and she gives me so many feels she is litterally perfect she's so complicated and kind and intelligent and caring and badass I love her soooooooo much she is so important