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Yuletide in Panem Presents: I Am My Beloved's and He Is Mine

Banner by the exquisite @akai-echo

Day 13: An Everlark Drabble by @chele20035

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Warning: Rated M

I Am My Beloved’s And He Is Mine

“Damn it,” I swear, as the cold blob of snow slides down my neck. After the awful day I barely survived, plus finding out that I was going to be spending Christmas alone, I find myself blinking back tears. I slip into the door of the closest shop without noticing which one, and try to reach the snow that is now sliding down my back. I reach around and grab the bottom of my shirt and pull the tail away from me, until I hear something hit the floor. I can’t stop the shiver that runs down my spine, especially after seeing the golf-ball sized snowball on the floor.

I slowly look around, and somewhere between relief and horror, I realize that I’m standing in the doorway of my ex-boyfriend’s bakery and he is right over there watching me from behind the counter with that stupid eyebrow raised. You know, the same one that either makes me want to kiss him, or smack it off his face.

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