litter of puppies

Puppy name suggestions?

I’m very picky and having a hard time deciding between a silly food name or an animal/nature/object name for Next Dog. Needs to be non-violence related, for a male dog preferably, and bonus points if it can easily be shortened/lengthened into something cute. So far on my list is Aspen, June/Junebug, August, River (too femme?), Canyon (too sharp sounding?), Jellybean, Lamb/Lamp Chop, Pan, Remus, Casper, and Moose. I also like Valentine but I think I’ll keep that for an ipo prospect lol

Moose, Aspen, Junebug, and Lamp Chop are my favorite tho thus far :)

Bark and Bite | 01 (M)

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Summary: Since getting a new dog, Yoongi has started to grow closer to you, his neighbor. Little does he know that you have something to hide.

Word Count: 7.1k

Member: Yoongi ft. Min Holly and Taehyung, mostly Holly

Genre: Fluff, Smut, Werewolf!AU

A/N: Dedicated to Min Holly. Also technically a late Halloween thing, but werewolves are always in season, right? Inspired by a drabble I once did for @pjimns.

​Yoongi didn’t consider himself particularly a dog person or a cat person. Sure they’re both very cute, but he never had a particular preference for either. In fact he’s not sure if he considers himself an animal person at all. Which is why he is completely baffled when Taehyung asks him to come look at a litter of puppies. Apparently, someone his friend knows just gave birth to a litter of toy poodles (well his friend’s dog, not the friend).

Taehyung dragged Yoongi with him to supposedly help pick one out. Yoongi had assumed the dog was for Taehyung, but that day he comes home holding a dog of his own. He decided on the name Holly, and despite never really being the biggest fan of dogs, he can’t help but want to coo over this adorable creature. His adorable creature.

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Our precious litter of African painted dog puppies went out on exhibit to the public for the first time today and my heart is gonna explode 😍 (at Audubon Nature Institute)

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sam and bucky raise puppies

a small ficlet for @zamnwilson who is still responsible for the AU where Sam is a veterinarian and Bucky is a lumberjack who can’t stop helping injured animals

see here and here

“Sorry, Buck. I gotta cancel tonight.”

“What? Why?”

“Somebody found a litter of two day old puppies in a dumpster.”

What the fuck. Where are you?”

“Home. You wanna… God, why am I even asking? You’re getting in your car right now, aren’t you?”


Within the hour, Sam hears Bucky outside his apartment fiddling with his keys, and Sam grins when Bucky let himself in. “Hey, man.”

Bucky throws his bag on the floor and kicks the door shut behind him with his heel. He looks like he’s on a mission when he asks in all seriousness: “Where are the trash babies?”

The seven puppies are huddled in a box filled with blankets in Sam’s living room with a space heater. Sam’s holding one in his lap and feeding it from a dropper. “Good to see you too. C’mon.”

They feed each puppy and Sam resets the clock to go off in another two hours so they can be fed again. Bucky goes about naming all seven pups.

“This one looks like a Jeremiah.” Bucky holds the wiggly puppy up to his face for a second before setting it back down in the blankets. Then the next one. “This one is Waffle.”

“You can’t name one Jeremiah, and another one Waffle. Either they all get goofy names or they all get respectable names.”

“Waffle,” Bucky repeats, and gets the next one. “Prince Harry.”

“Fuck you, man,” Sam chuckles.

“What kinda dogs are they?”

“Hell if I know. They all look like chicken nuggets to me right now.”

Bucky smiles and pets one on the head with the tip of his finger. “Joebama.”


“Okay, you name the rest.”

Sam exhales and looks at the last three puppies. He shrugs his shoulders. “Phoebe, Prue, and Piper.”

“Are those… is that Charmed?”


Bucky stifles a loud cackle so as to not disturb the sleepy trash babies, holding his sides and snickering. “You’re a dork.”

Sam wads up a towel and throws it at him. “Glass houses, Barnes.”

Episode 26 Of YOI
  • •Viktuuri wedding!!
  • •Yurio is actually adopted by his loving fathers, Yuuri and Viktor
  • •Maccachin lives and has a girlfriend
  • •Okay so Maccachin's girlfriend births an entire litter of puppies
  • •and these puppies can--get this--skate on ice
  • •<em>I know</em>
  • •<em>take it one piece at a time, this is a lot of information at once</em>