Pairings that have a greater potential than that of Harvey x Paula:
Obvious ones:
1) Harvey & Donna
2) Harvey & Mike

Less conventional ones but may grow on you if you give it time:
1) Harvey & his bagels
2) Harvey & Cameron Dennis
3) Harvey & the cactus that Donna gave him
4) Harvey & Alex’s new honeysuckle plant
5) Harvey & Louis’s dictaphone
6) Harvey & his painting 
7) Harvey & his balls 

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calum calling luke and asking if he's seen you anywhere bc he can't get a hold of you or rlly no one can bc your phone is completely dead and calums starting to worry and luke's like '... ah nah mate haven't seen her' while looking at your sleeping form, laying your head on his chest and with your hand softly pressed against his shoulder as he plays with the end of your hair saying 'but I'll keep an eye out though!'

khsfjdngs why is Luke the type to wanna keep me all to himself sdklngkjn I LOVE THIS 



These Nine Cleansing Tarot Deck Bags are currently available in my etsy shop, plus another that i cant find the picture for. Three new patterns have been added, two inspired by Both The Wild Unknown Tarot and The Golden Thread Tarot. 

Each Bag is hand sewn by me, lined, with my own herb blend between the fabrics that will cleanse your deck while they rest! All profits from sales are going towards my trip to Chicago next month to see my litte sister graduate from boot camp :D

Products are created in a house with two cats if their are any allergy concerns, also feel free to message me with allergy concerns in regards to the herb blend, i know some people need to know. Deck Bags are sent by snail mail unless there are multiple in the order so i dont have tracking info when sent. 

Please Feel Free to Message me with any questions!

Have some of the new edgelord and Mephiles because I think they would make great partners/friends/(maybe even a) couple (one of neonspindash´s drawings planted this idea). I dunno.

By the way what do you think Infite´s species is? I believe that he could be a wolf (/dog) or fox (probably mixed with a bat - because EARS).

Anyway fluffy loreal-paris hair and tail! :D

(Stupid headcanon: I personally believe the new edgelord is a litte conceited when it comes to his look until this watever happened that´s making him wear the mask. From this moment on he found himself to be “ugly” (that´s why the mask) and now just carries a lot of hate and pain inside. I´m pretty sure about that.)

Ok, but let´s just assume Infinite really had such a destroyed face. Poor guy would drool 24/7, he´d have to tilt his head every time he´s drinking or eating, and because I think that it´s very sensitive, perhaps even too sensitive, he could only sleep on one side and, and and… Poor guy. But looks cool.

Hah~ Haven´t drawn Mephiles for such a long time…

Always appreciate reblog!

Some men are so patronising… they act like everything they say is the most profound thing ever and they’re blessing you by imparting their wisdom. they don’t even talk with you, they talk at you.


i still think about boysbe a lot