Despite how this character was made to be young Pyro for the TF2Avatar crossover world, I end up drawing this character design so many times to the point where they have their own backstory and goals that are completely different from Tf2Avatar AU.

So I guess this is a new character and story that I will work on now and then. Sweet. :]

She was…just…so…fucking…tired…
of trying to be the perfect daughter for a man
that could never be pacified, tired of smiling
through screams to people who thought they
knew her, tired of binging and purging, binging
and purging, tired of not feeling like a kid, of
running away, of filling voids with various boys
who’d treat her like shit, she just wanted rest
and she wanted youth back from men who’d
taken it from her with their words and their
bullshit promises…
—  From Too Much Life by Ryan McClellan
Morality is a subject that interests us above all others: We fancy the peace of society to be at stake in every decision concerning it; and ‘tis evident, that this concern must make our speculations appear more real and solid, than where the subject is, in a great measure, indifferent to us. What affects us, we conclude can never be a chimera; and as our passion is engag’d on the one side or the other, we naturally think that the question lies within human comprehension; which, in other cases of this nature, we are apt to entertain some doubt of. Without this advantage I never should have ventur’d upon a third volume of such abstruse philosophy, in an age, wherein the greatest part of men seem agreed to convert reading into an amusement, and to reject every thing that requires any considerable degree of attention to be comprehended.
—  David Hume, A Treatise of Human Nature: Of Morals