Strayed Ocean • Litritcha

Shameful confession moment: Boston, Richmond, and I kind of binge watched ‘The Carrie Diaries’ for about.. 11 episodes over the past couple of weeks. We wanted to engulf ourselves in some 80’s music, and instead of just going out and grabbing some Dead Kennedys and Cyndi Lauper, we figured we’d get our trashy-teen-TV fix, too. You’re probably wondering why I’m rambling about this on this song, and here’s the reason– if you stream this London duo’s track above, you’re going to hear all of the 80’s vibes. For sure. It’s like the perfect mix between Cher, Cyndi… and today. Another confession: Richmond and I love Cher. So much. So we’re naturally in love with Litritcha bringing all the right feels back into music.