litoria infrafrenata


Hello! 😀
It depends on quite a few things such as the type of frog, whether they are a similar size, what their habitat requirements are and whether they are naturally found together in the wild!
In the brown frog tank there are Pobblebonk Frogs, Spotted Marsh Frogs and Southern Brown Tree Frogs. They all live together in the wild so they are good friends in the tank!
In the green frog tank there are only White’s Tree Frogs (Litoria caerulea) however in Australia people will cohabit them with Magnificent Tree Frogs (Litoria splendida) or White-lipped Tree Frogs (Litoria infrafrenata) as well, as they are both large tropical native Australian species! 🐸
Basil and Psycho demonstrate their friendship for you! 🐸😄🐸