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These are my LietBela/LitBel/LithuaniaxBelarus (whatever you prefer to call it) fics:

“Beautiful Nights”:

“In the Cadence of a Tired Man’s Eyes”:

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“Such Polluted Thinking”:


Dear Diary,

Mr. Russia is so cruel to Belarus. It makes me so mad and I just wish he could see how perfect she really is and fall for her like I have. Even though it would kill me to see them together, I would rather that then her be miserable. I don’t want to see her rejected anymore. She is so beautiful and lovely and she can be cruel but deep down she is the most kind-hearted, caring person. I… I just want her to be happy. She deserves to be happy.

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Dear diary,

Today Lithuania kissed me.. The thing is I kissed him back. 

(TO the person that sent this entry: the picture you sent me was either deleted or it just didn’t work. I’m sorry, and I hope this picture is good enough.)

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Nice job UEFA ~

I am watching the Football game (via livestream which isn’t that good) between Luxembourg and Belarus (yes the livestream really sucks)

Then they showed the referee:

Who is from Lithuania … 

Hetalia brain: Luxembourg is going to lose because Lithuania always stands up for Belarus .. well fuck xD

and It’s my OTP … SO MY OTP IS CURRENTLY IN MY COUNTRY >:D (too much hetalia xD)

In the Cadence of a Tired Man's eyes

From my (Eiji-Joan-Cathval)

How was your fairytale? Was it everything you’ve ever wanted? Was it everything you’ve ever imagined? Was it like a garden amongst the blowing dust? If you keep saying it’s true, why must you look so sad? I know he looks so much different, so much better. He doesn’t have these eyes that just can’t ever seem to distinguish the truth. They’re so easily fooled into only seeing what they wish. I know it, but that’s okay. I can still see the times when you were walking a long my side. I can still see your smile that has been long forgotten with the gold that used to trademark my lands. But it is fine; your Prince Charming looks just like he should. You can still say that you’re happy. I can choose not to believe you if I don’t want to.

Are you still hopeful? Do you still feel like the world is with you? Or do you still fear the unknown, all of what is blinded to you? The time goes by just too fast. It goes on and vanishes like clouds of smoke in the sky. Nevertheless, we’re still here. And we’re still fighting. The mind will surely be the death of us all. It has to be. It thinks too much and works not enough.

Where is the kingdom you were promised? It exists, I swear. It sits lonely and unattended with nothing to it but broken walls and faded colors. But it would still be open to you. If you’re not too careful, you could get locked up in there. In this hell hole they like to call a castle too.

Do you still smash mirrors? Can you just not stand the sight of yourself anymore? You know, I see the Princess dressed in a beautiful gown. I see her perfect for her Prince, now King, who does not pay her mind. I know she wishes for a new kind of dress. A dress for the King. I saw that kind breathe with ease and smile. I saw him sit and watch the chaos. I was always standing there, next to him, behind him, in front of him. I was always watching him win it all. I knew the ending before the time had come. I knew the sad truth before the book would ever be written, the pages ever turned. Yet, I never really ran away. I may have always wanted to. I may have simply been over this far too many times to have that much hope. In truth, I don’t believe you had that much either.

Now please, don’t close your eyes, don’t fall asleep. Please, do not cry. Do not waste your tears on a misguided King. Please, do no lose all of that strength I admire. Just to give it up is such an understatement for someone like you. You’re much too good for that, my dear. Don’t you know I love you? I know you’ll never care. I know you’ll never see what I see in these God-forsaken eyes.

"Such Polluted Thinking" update sometime this week...

Here’s a preview:

“One particular evening, she asked me what I was doing that night. I shrugged and mumbled something about procrastinating. So, I had a nice full schedule to work with. Maybe she wanted to rest somewhere. Or maybe she just wanted to be out late, but she followed me back to my apartment. There was one thing that never really felt right though. I never heard her breathe.”