Dear Diary,

Mr. Russia is so cruel to Belarus. It makes me so mad and I just wish he could see how perfect she really is and fall for her like I have. Even though it would kill me to see them together, I would rather that then her be miserable. I don’t want to see her rejected anymore. She is so beautiful and lovely and she can be cruel but deep down she is the most kind-hearted, caring person. I… I just want her to be happy. She deserves to be happy.

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Dear diary,

Today Lithuania kissed me.. The thing is I kissed him back. 

(TO the person that sent this entry: the picture you sent me was either deleted or it just didn’t work. I’m sorry, and I hope this picture is good enough.)

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Nice job UEFA ~

I am watching the Football game (via livestream which isn’t that good) between Luxembourg and Belarus (yes the livestream really sucks)

Then they showed the referee:

Who is from Lithuania … 

Hetalia brain: Luxembourg is going to lose because Lithuania always stands up for Belarus .. well fuck xD

and It’s my OTP … SO MY OTP IS CURRENTLY IN MY COUNTRY >:D (too much hetalia xD)