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first of all a huge apology that this is late and also not as detailed as i wanted it to be, i.e. i didn’t draw a picture for it like i planned to. the reason for this is mostly that i ended up moving with about 12 hours’ notice, but partly also because i can’t manage my time to save my life.

anyway, @nezznar, I’m your partner… again! and I decided to just take everything in your application that I thought was even remotely interesting, including:

  • America & Lithuania, people who ride the same public transit route OR AND penpals
  • high fantasy AU
  • epistolary format

and my favourite:

  • “if you’re feeling a poem as your medium, absolutely go ahead and do that.”

so here, without further ado, is

the lightning rail

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Swastika in modern military forces (photos from Finland, Lithuania, and Latvia)

One of the “scariest” things about AZOV for brainwashed western journalists is its “intolerant” symbol, which includes the Black Sun and the Idea of the Nation (aka “the flipped wolfsangel”):

However, these liberal watchdogs would be surprised to know that several European countries, including Finland, Lithuania, and Latvia (all three are members of the EU) are officially using the swastika in their military forces and nobody makes a big deal out of it. Now imagine the shitstorm that would come if AZOV (or any other military unit in Ukraine) was to publicly use the swastika symbol…  

Meanwhile, the following photos from Finland, Lithuania, and Latvia have never raised any questions:

- Finnish Air Force

- Latvian Army, National Guard 22nd Infantry Battalion

- Latvian Army, National Guard 51st Infantry Battalion

- Government Security Department’s EOD team, Lithuania

Summary of all the countries of Eurovision: 2016 Edition
  • <p> <b>Albania:</b> SING IN ALBANIAN DAMNIT<p/><b>Armenia:</b> LoveWave, followed by a Raleigh Wave. It seems an earthquake has struck Yerevan<p/><b>Austria:</b> At least it's not another English song<p/><b>Australia:</b> Guess who's back(back again)<p/><b>Azerbaijan:</b> Really rare song title. Well done.<p/><b>Belarus:</b> There's nothing wrong unless he actually feels attracted to the wolves ok?<p/><b>Belgium:</b> Boots Pharmacy and Fleur East have a crystal gem fusion<p/><b>Bosnia and Herzegovina:</b> So, we came back.<p/><b>Bulgaria:</b> Here to kick ass<p/><b>Croatia:</b> Hi.<p/><b>Cyprus:</b> Don't let Ivan near, he may attract the wolves' attention<p/><b>Czech Republic:</b> You didn't forget about us this year, huh Amy? (I forgot to include them last year. Whoops)<p/><b>Denmark:</b> You know how every time Sweden win, Denmark win the next year? Let's break that tradition (nothing wrong with the song tho)<p/><b>Estonia:</b> Bye Russia, I'm forming my own union<p/><b>Finland:</b> Why<p/><b>France:</b> Hey we might actually come before the UK this year<p/><b>FYRO Macedonia:</b> Doughnut<p/><b>Georgia:</b> Get low get low get low get low down the rank videos<p/><b>Germany:</b> Ghostbusters from Japan<p/><b>Greece:</b> Internal selection? It's unheard of!<p/><b>Hungary:</b> Half of your OTP<p/><b>Iceland:</b> I hear them calling me. Those damn free boiler installation people.<p/><b>Ireland:</b> Lol what sunlight this is Ireland<p/><b>Israel:</b> Everything is made of stars. See that printout of Christer Bjorkman's face? Stardust.<p/><b>Italy:</b> We should be hosting it, Christer Bjorkbutt<p/><b>Latvia:</b> JUSTS DO IT! MAKE YOUR DREAMS COME TRUE!(Part of Estonia's lil' team)<p/><b>Lithuania:</b> Protect Donny (also part of Estonia's lil' team)<p/><b>Malta:</b> I'm SOOOO changeable<p/><b>Moldova:</b> If I scream it actually sounds pretty decent<p/><b>Montenegro:</b> I STG I forgot they were competing again sorry Montenegro<p/><b>Netherlands:</b> The guy has Bob in his name. We love him already<p/><b>Norway:</b> We hate the disco<p/><b>Poland:</b> Weird 'Al' Yankovic<p/><b>Romania:</b> If you didn't think we were vampires before, you will now( and now you never will thanks EBU!!!)<p/><b>Russia:</b> Fuckin love thunderstorms man<p/><b>San Marino:</b> Come to the disco with me Freddie<p/><b>Serbia:</b> Wait when did we choose our song again? I completely forgot<p/><b>Slovenia:</b> What is an English metaphor<p/><b>Spain:</b> Wow, we're favourites. Worked out really well for us in 2012 and 2014 when we won. Wait...<p/><b>Sweden:</b> Common Bjorkman spotted<p/><b>Switzerland:</b> Last of our kind? I wish we were, humans can be gross<p/><b>Ukraine:</b> Watch out Russia, those rose thorns can be pretty stabby<p/><b>United Kingdom:</b> You're not alone when you're with your mates at Nando's<p/></p>