aromantic spectrum awareness week starts today!! whether you identify within the spectrum or not, please share this post if it comes up on your dash! people within the aromantic spectrum make up a small percentage of the population & that is likely due to a lack of exposure


aromantic - a person that does not experience romantic attraction

grayromantic - a person that experiences romantic attraction somewhere between aromantic and alloromantic 

demiromantic - a person that only experiences romantic attraction after a strong emotional connection has been formed

akoiromantic - a person that experiences romantic attraction but is uncomfortable with those feelings being reciprocated 

quoiromantic - a person who finds the concept of romantic attraction to be inaccessible, inapplicable, nonsensical, etc.

cupioromantic - a person that experiences no romantic attraction but desires romantic relationships

aroflux - a person that experiences fluctuating levels of romantic attraction. some days they may feel romantic attraction, others they might feel entirely no romantic attraction, and some days they’re somewhere in between.


just a reminder that romantic orientation can be fluid & it’s okay if you identify with one of these labels but don’t feel like it fits 100% 

Shoutout to aromantics in highschool!! This is a time of your life where romantic relationships are considered extremely important and valued beyond what they are probably worth. It can be hard dealing with the negativity surrounding being single, but keep being yourself! You are strong and unique and you don’t need to be in a romantic relationship to be happy or accepted.


_ _ _ _ ROMAN _ _ C - Parts 1 and 2

You can read it on Tapastic: I Think I’m Funny.

“Akoiromantic / Lithromantic 
Describes someone who may experience romantic attraction, and likes the idea of being in a romantic relationship, but stops experiencing romantic attraction, or does not enjoy it, once they are in a romantic relationship and/or when the attraction is reciprocated. Many people don’t want to act on it or have it reciprocated because of this. See this for info on the lith/akoi term discussion.”  

This is a description I found thanks to arospecawarenessweek , I wanted to do this comic for the aromantic awareness week, actually, but that was a busy week ._.

-I would love to do more arospec comic strips, but I need to do some research, can’t use my own experience ><

Shout out to the aromantics

-The aromantics who always have people saying that it’s so sad they’ll never get married

-The aromantics who are told that it’s just a phase

-The aromantics who have people telling them they just haven’t found the right person yet

-The grey aros who feel like they were faking it if/when they do find the right person

-The demiromantics who are told “that’s normal”

-The quoiromantics who don’t know if they even experience romantic attraction

-The quoi-___romantics who constantly get told they’re invalid because “if you cant tell the difference between platonic and romantic attraction then how do you know that its only ____”

-To all the lith/akoiromantics who are told that they just have attachment issues

-To the cupioromantics who are shit on by the alloromantic community for not loving people romantically and by the aromantic community for wanting a relationship anyway

-To the mentally ill aromantics who are told its just because of their mental health

-To the autistic quoiromantics who are told that they’re confused because they’re autistic

-Just… here’s to all the aromantics out there who are constantly ignored, even by supposedly inclusive blogs/posts.

a quick guide to different orientations on the aromantic spectrum
  • aromantic (allosexual):hey that person is p hot and i'd totally sleep with them given the chance and I also wanna be their friend
  • aromantic (asexual):ey I wanna be friends with that person
  • demiromantic:eh I wanna be besties before I date you
  • lith/akoiromantic:ey I have a crush on that person wait they asked me out?? nah not anymore
  • gray-aromantic/gray-romantic:idk I don't usually want to date someone but if someone is really awesome maybe
  • wtf/quoiromantic:idk if I wanna be friends or if I wanna date you
  • idemromantic:I'll only date you if x, x, and x are involved

Glossary for some of the terms describing the ace/aro spectrums. (Incomplete but contains the more common ones! Please also note that several of these definitions, especially bisexual and heterosexual are outdated and are currently seen as transphobic.)

High fives to all lith/akoiromantics. It’s okay that your romantic attraction doesn’t stick around, or that you don’t require reciprocation. You’re cool.

Fist bumps to all quoiromantics. Your attraction is perfectly fine, even if you can’t figure out what kind it is. It’s okay to be confused. I’m proud of you.

Friendly waves to all cupioromantics. If you want to be in a romantic relationship, you can, regardless of attraction. If you don’t think you can be, that’s cool too! You’re rad.

Thumbs up to all aegoromantics. Thinking romance looks nice but not wanting it for yourself is rad and not a bad thing! You don’t need romance to be happy. I believe in you. I’m sending good vibes to every arospec identity that’s marginalized within the community. You’re real, you’re valid, you matter.

Cupiosexual is a subset of asexual. It is used to describe asexuals (people who never experience sexual attraction) who still desire a sexual relationship.
Cupioromantic is a subset of aromantic. It is used to describe aromantics (people who never experience romantic attraction) who still desire a romantic relationship.

(These used to be kalossexual and kalosromantic but there were problems with those words)