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31 Days of Muse
Day 17 - Favourite cover: Feeling Good
 Live @ Radio 3, 2001


Today in Music - September 9th, 1992

Nirvana performs “Lithium” on the MTV Video Music Awards. At the end of  the band’s performance, bassist Krist Novoselic knocks himself down after throwing his bass in the air.


Amy Lee said she doesn’t like the Everybody’s Fool video because it’s too silly, not very serious but in my opinion, that video is the darkest of all of their videos. Of course there’s Lithium and Sweet Sacrifice with the very gothy, like oooh dramatic sets and long Victorian dresses but Everybody’s Fool is so raw and so real and not as embellished as the rest of them that I find it really dark and haunting. With Amy chopping of her iconic black hair, smashing a mirror, chugging a bottle of medicine, nearly drowning herself… I find it haunting, like I really can’t shake that imagery. Just my thoughts on it, please feel free to chime in :)


i don’t even need to say anything about this

Nirvana - Lithium