ahhh so once and for all here are the winners of my mini tumblr award!! congrats to all the winners you all have such bomb blogs (honestly most of you could fit in most or all of the categories but u know, choices). 

please please don’t hate me if you didn’t win, there were SO many incredible blogs honestly (like SO! many) and i ended up following lots of you anyway. i tried to pick a lot of blogs i wasn’t all that familiar with! 

so now that is over~~~~thee winners!!!! (so many good ones i had to do multiple for each category see)

alrighty so follow as many of these wonderful blogs as you can!!!!!!! if you want me to maybe follow you reblogging this post would cause me to check your blog out… js 8) nice okay love you all congrats to everyone!!!!!!

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Meaning of your URL?

lithargic= lethargic (affected by lethargy; sluggish and apathetic) + Li (my nickname from middle school)

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omg...hi! i'm haley and harry styles is the loml no lie xD i love art and music!! also if u are an antifeminist or a racist or a piece of shit i will bash ur motherfuckin face in !! :) have a nice day uwu

omg you got me liana you got me