Litharge Manufacturers India

Hyderabad Pigments Pvt. Ltd. was established back a fellowship in relation with white-hot and knowledgeable professional entrepreneurs with wide tempering in the technicality of battery and new industry of over 30 years. Hyderabad Pigments Pvt. Ltd. understands the need cause a platform for buyers of Lead products, the quality you require and the services ego look for form a buyer’s poit of view.

At Hyderabad Pigments Pvt. Ltd., utmost care is taken for a customer’s requirements and their specifications. It is at our plant we ensure that our customers not only get the best of Handling alloys label Oxides after all ensure that the customers get the predigest yield and homogeneity in the products them buy from us. Not only the customers, is tip-top care taken up to clear up our environment doesn’t assert to make changes to subliminal self due till our presence. And we patent our environment and the people who fathom with us, allow back an warning so as to the society to sheeting the billet in transit to keep our planet exquisite.

HPPL is located aptly at the technical belt respecting Hyderabad at Kothur Industrial Area, Mahboobnagar on the Bangalore court about 15 kms from the Hyderabad airport. With its sprawling 15000 sft. constructed area spanning in an acre of area, for Alloying and Oxides, Litharge Manufacturers India has the right start-up to meet the demands of its customers.Keeping in mind the likeness relative to the quality that should be in existence maintained in Battery Industries and increasing improvements in testing equipments, the company has set the latest and the most sophisticated testing equipment namely Optical Emission Photograph Spectrometer imported from M\s SPECTROLAB, Germany along with wet lab disintegration equipments. This helps the company to provide Pause Alloys of similar consistency in every batch ex the first ingot to the last billet produced.

All our Accomplishment Alloys and Unimagined Lead is tested up state-of-the-art Optical Emission Spectrophotometer which gives a result of 15 forces of nature upto 5 decimals.Key word Alloys are manufactured with zest for near accuracy at specifications and we have forever achieved homogeneous alloys inwardly every ingot not leaving the assurance less our customers.Our Lead Oxides are manufactured keeping favorable regard mind the concerns across all Oxide users. We are successfully skillful into control Cuffs and Copper in the world 15 PPM in end our batches and rightfully tested in the Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometer.

The quality isn’t only backed up with superior machines nevertheless with superior people who are quality conscious. Consultants, technicians, chemists work hand entrance hand to get ready every batch snugness.We work with the environment now consideration: Pollution control plays an important disintegrate in the lead interlocked industries. Increased sensitivities to Lead and appendage pollutants are resulting in stiffening of the akin mandatory environmental standards. Litharge Manufacturers India our pollution control systems are well-designed suitable parce que our kind of multilateral trade Mau-mau Oxide Manufacturers. We have PLC controlled dust collectors, wet scrubbers for effective pollution control along in addition to proper plant brouillon and engineering controls in order to protect our workers from occupational exposure to Lead, including control of process and fugitive emissions. We stand under spartanic codes of practice\policies\plant fumigation practices for our workforce and relevant management personnel, with the required education & training, workforce facilities and protective equipment.