10:37P.M. 9/17/17

God I forgot my fuckin ID at a childhood friend K’s house. I’ll probably go there tomorrow while she’s at work and hangout with her youngest sister. She’s like 8 and a lonely kid, they are Japanese so she has this nice but messy long straight black hair thats always in her face and shes a skinny little kid too. She begs me to watch her swim because she’s not allowed to by herself, so i stick only my legs in and she tells me scary stories of Japan or random facts(like cats having “ghost bones”.) I tell her I saved her oldest sister from drowning in the sea a couple times when we were children and how I used to watch over her middle sister as well. She asked if her middle sister was lonely and i said “yes” and she said “is that why youre the only friend big sis has that is nice to me? Because I remind you of middle sis?” I laughed and said “i have a soft spot for loners” Then we sat on the couch and I put my big legs over hers and I fed her Oreos, then we looked at the kids channel on Netflix and she had never seen the movie “Holes” and so I immediately remedied that. We were watching the movie and she smiles and says “big sis would never do something like this with me. Look at us, just two kids watching a movie” I ruffled her hair, it was just too adorable a thing she said, and then when the movie ended her big sis and my other friends arrived and so I left to the bars. So my close friend B he comments “I was surprised to see you being so kind to the youngest sister” and I punched his arm and was like “just because I like to be an asshole to you doesn’t mean Im an asshole with kids.” Anyways, tomorrow I hope I can see the youngest sister, she knows I have a sweet tooth so she usually gets me candy too.