lites class

Stat Based Splatoon Weapon Classification.

Infantry class
(medium to long range, full auto bursts or slow rate of fire)
-nozzle nose, .96 gal

Close tactical class
(Medium to high rate of fire, short range)
-splattershot, splattershot junior, sploosh-o-matic, aerospray, splash-o-matic

Long tactical class
(Medium to high rate of fire, long range)
-Splattershot pro, dual squelcher, squelcher, nzap, .52 gal

Sharpshooter class
(Non splatling chargers with no scope)
-splat charger, squiffer, bamboozler, e-liter

Sniper class
(Non splatling chargers with scope)
-splatterscope, e-liter scope

Heavy class
(High rate of fire chargers, long range)
-heavy splatling, mini splatling, hydra splatling

Lite Melee class
(Short range, high handling)
-Inkbrush, Octobrush, carbon roller

Heavy Melee class
(Short range, low handling)
-splat roller, dynamo roller, krak-on splat roller

Shrapnel class
(Medium to high range, high damage, wide area of effect)
-slosher, tri-slosher, sloshing machine

Tactical explosive class
(High impact, short range, low rate of fire)
-blaster, Luna blaster

Lite explosive class
(Low impact, long range, low rate of fire)
-rapid blaster