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Some of my favorite fictional characters, all from The Raven Cycle.
From left to right: Adam, Ronan, Gansey, Blue
These little dudes are a little over half an inch tall.

for the raven cycle show:

i’ve seen an awful lot about what people want/do not want from trc show, and here’s a few that are under-represented, or things people haven’t mentioned at all.

•for no one to explicitly state their sexuality. i’m perfectly happy just knowing everyone loves who they love.

•sk8r boi!Noah??

•pronunciation. on everything.

•boys speaking latin!!!

•The Pig™. i want to see a beautifully terrible ‘73 Camaro.

•representation of every/all communities.

•Gansey’s family life?

•the true grubby appeal of Monmouth (and small Henrietta)!

•Ronan hugging the heck out of Adam at graduation, perhaps?

•dispel the Henry hate.

•Orla in an orange bikini.

•Adam’s trial feat. Ronan.

•Jesse. Dittley.

•tiny Blue.

•Gansey’s glasses.

•what /exactly/ does a Henrietta accent sound like? especially on each individual.

•Calla and Persephone.

and something i have seen literally nothing about:

•the goddamn. squash song. you guys.

but whatever happens, happens. we can’t turn on each other, or the wonderful creators. there will be people who’ve never read the books, and that’s okay. it won’t make them any less of a real fan. don’t drag names through the mud, and certainly don’t send angry anons. we owe it to one another.


books read in 2017 >> The Raven Cycle by Maggie Stiefvater

 Depending on where you began the story, it was about…”  

A Thought About The Raven Cycle

Okay guys so I am just gonna put this out there:

I love Pynch. I really, really do. They are one of my OTPS. Adam Parrish and Ronan Lynch are ground shakers, they are amazing, I love them so much.

BUT, when people act like the only reason reading The Raven Cycle is worthwhile is because of Pynch, that BREAKS MY HEART.

I mean, there is literally so much to love about the Raven Cycle. It is such an amazing series and no part of it is skip-worthy.

You have Blue and Gansey, who are well developed characters in an equally well developed ship. Like, they exist outside of their feelings for one another, they don’t lean on the typical YA hetero romance tropes where the guy is a brooding, dark asshole who exists to make out with the protagonist and win fans over with his silly angst and witty comebacks. Gansey and Blue’s relationship doesn’t rely on any sort of sexual factor at all. They fall in love without the help of frantic, passionate make-out scenes. And their love makes SENSE. You don’t wonder why the hell they are in love, and it isn’t that bullshit Insta-Love that is so popular with straight couples in YA. That is just… so fucking…. nice.

And the women of 300 Fox Way! Don’t even get me started on how amazing they are! I mean, here we have a whole cast of adult women in a YA novel who are complex and realistic and powerful and all of them are unique and fascinating. Each woman is a person, they exist outside of their usefulness to the protagonists. I love them dearly.

Noah Czerny is also such a unique fucking character. He always seems to fall between the cracks, but let me tell you, Noah is just as thought out and developed as the rest. The more you learn about him, the more heartbreaking his story becomes. You can’t NOT love him.

Henry Cheng, anyone? I hope you didn’t make it all the way to the 4th book and still believe that Pynch is the only good thing in the series, because even this last minute addition of Henry to the Gangsey is fantastic. Like, Henry is a snatcher of hearts??? I love that he is so different in TRK from how he is portrayed in Blue Lily Lily Blue. I guess it just goes to show that people become more complex, become more like REAL PEOPLE, once you actually take the time to get to know them? That’s so beautiful? Henry is so beautiful?

Hell, even Mr. Gray is a show-stopping character. Who would have ever thought that the hitman who rolled into town to fuck people over would actually become this surprisingly lovable character who doesn’t judge all the other characters for their weirdness and who forms a relationship with his girlfriend’s daughter when his girlfriend isn’t even around. Like he just genuinely gets along with her. No needless angst.

All of the characters, even the villains and side characters, are incredibly well developed and real feeling. The plot is so raw and genuine and every relationship, platonic or otherwise, is so well executed.

One of these well executed relationships is Pynch, yes. They are my favorite pairing in the book, and Ronan is my favorite character. I can’t imagine The Raven Cycle without Pynch.

But I ALSO can’t imagine The Raven Cycle without any of the characters and elements it currently has, either.

So yeah, every aspect of The Raven Cycle is phenomenal, please do not simplify it all to being one good ship with some surrounding events.

Okay, thank you, this has been a rant from yours truly.



“She recognized the strange happiness that came from loving something without knowing why you did, that strange happiness that was sometimes so big that it felt like sadness.”

(picture credit to owners)