Ack, we accidentally took a nap!

We apologize for that!

Anyway, we are back and with some new information regarding, well, what we’re all about. We realized these things were never announced! LITERATIPOP is such a complex, odd thing; we didn’t know how to explain it! However, after a little work, we found out how we can articulate a basic idea of what is coming in September. 

The first aspect is the critique feature, or as the staff calls it, boot camp. We are accepting sixteen writers who can apply. If accepted, they are assigned a mentor, based on what their needs expressed on their application. There are rules for posting and critiquing given on the application, but the main gist is that the member posts, the admin reviews them, and the other members all review each other. If they do not return the critique or become inactive, they are deleted. 

The second aspect is the blog feature. It is where the members can host their blog and express themselves. This is the place for them to express themselves in other mediums besides the written word, because LITERATIPOP is all about the arts influencing each other. We believe this feature will allow writers to gain more innovation, creativity, and confidence to experiment. 

And the most exciting feature for us is the artist ambassador feature. The artist can be a musician, actor, fashion designer, photographer/filmmaker, graphic designers, or anyone that can be considered an artist. For a month, the artist gets to use their page to post and promote their art, thoughts, and more. The artist also gives comments on prose in the boot camp, using their wisdom of their craft to help writers hone their fiction. 

So, anyone else as excited as we are?