literate youth

if you’re stressed about your grades/future: “you are young and you will take your damn time.”

A few days ago I had an emotional breakdown about my future (surprise lol.) It’s not as though this doesn’t happen daily, but it’s dawned on me that I couldn’t even discern my true desires from what my lack of self confidence was trying to feed me.

I allowed self-deprecation to get the best of me, and it turned an erroneous decision into one that seemed the most “right for my situation.” I had a plan. But I was not confident nor happy with that plan, so I fell apart. 

Parked in front of my dad’s house, I voiced the concern that–although I thought was a result of flakiness–actually stemmed from an acute source of insecurity. 

My dad then turned around and told me something that I’m positive will stay with me forever. 

“Don’t you dare feel like you have limited options based on your past mistakes. You are not limited and you will never BE limited. Don’t rule any opportunity out right now. You’re not running out of options, you just haven’t found all of them yet. You have so much power left.

I asked him what power a teen/young adult could have, and he looked at me with so much conviction and said, “Youth. You have youth, and youth itself holds so much power. You’re only 17. I wish I were 17. I wish I had that much more left in me, but I don’t. You are 17, you are young, and you will take your damn time.” 

I initially interpreted this as a projection of his own regret. But now, I interpret it as empowerment. I think about it whenever I feel completely overwhelmed by all that I have left to do. Why should I consider quitting now? I’m only 17. Many of you are also of high school, college, or graduate school age, and we have such a long way to go. We’re only so young, and compared to our parents–people who have so many decades of experience under their belt–we don’t know the half of what life has to offer us. And that’s ok, because we have so much left to experience. 

In college, I want to explore different courses. I want to find something that’s right for me, but in order to do so, I need breadth of experience rooted in thoughtful discussion and exposure to a range of things. Although I love art, I want to obtain a liberal arts education as well. And finally having said this, I realized that whatever I thought was “right” was only only a thinly veiled attempt to evade my insecurities.

Records don’t matter. Grades are trifling in the grand scheme of things. My future job is only a portion of what will comprise the best days of my life. Bad teachers, vague assignments, tough environments–I can trudge through the difficulties and I will prosper, because that’s what I can do as someone with youth on my side. This isn’t to say that someone who is older doesn’t have the same privilege. My dad wants to continue to program, and all the more power to him!

But that only exemplifies how much time we have as people who are so young. We have a leg up, and I’m certain that we need to utilize the extra time, stamina, opportunity, and youth that we have to make decisions based on our own situations–not on what other people expect of us, and certainly not according to what our stress and anxiety wants us to believe. 

(The last bit is incredibly difficult, I know. But it’s a process!) 

This isn’t to say that I’m not going to worry and stress. I will! Hell, I’m stressed right now just writing this. But I’m improving. 

Ironically, this studyblr doesn’t thrive in standardized education. This studyblr struggles not with content, but with structure. This studyblr is really nervous about the coming year. But even then, I still have so many choices that it’d be insulting of me to become my only limitation. Obstacles are not impenetrable–not when I have so much power on my side. 

  • What I say: I'm fine
  • What I mean: I can't believe NCT 127 really came through like that. They've literally given me eternal youth?¿ They are a force to be reckoned with and I lie awake in the middle of the night just thinking about how far they've come. Firstly my boy Winwin is making some waves with his dance moves, my other boi Haechan really isn't playing with them visual™ and skin tone of a thousand suns vibes. If you really must know, my other boy, Yuta really came through with them guns. Like did you see his biceps? they fucking squeezed tears out of me eyes and let's not start with Johnny and his "if you're happy and you know it clap your hands," because I'm ready to sell my goddamn soul i
Living With The Outlaws Would Include...

A/N ~ I really liked this… maybe I should do a part two?

  • Okay bro
  • You do realize who these guys are???
  • You should already know the disasters that are about to go downnn
  • You guys have fire extinguishers everywhere in the apartment
  • It’s either for Roy’s cooking, Roy’s failed creations, Roy baking, Roy using the bathroom you get the gist
  • The dishes would pile up cause no one wants to do them
  • “It’s your turn to wash them Jason!”
  • “You lazy piece of shit I did them yesterday!”
  • The only ones who don’t cause (much) disaster is you and Kori
  • When the boys start doing crazy crap you both going on a shopping spree or go get icecream cause you both are not gonna deal with that
  • Jason blasting music in the morning
  • He doesn’t even clean but he still turns on the vacuum cleaner to annoy the fuck out all of you
  • Having to constantly help patch up Roy and Jason
  • Waking up in the middle of the night and almost having a heart attack because Kori is up too but you only were able to see her glowing eyes which still freaks you out
  • You and Kori try to keep the apartment clean and cute but the boys somehow always manage to break things and make a mess in a matter of seconds
  • Jason doesn’t even use the door, he always uses the window, does he have something against doors???
  • You know how girls find bobby pins almost everywhere? In the most unusual places?
  • Well you can find bullets and arrows in the most unusual places
  • If you can’t find your jacket you can use Jason’s leather jacket cause he has a bunch and he leave them around everywhere geeez they smell good
  • On that note you guys have to buy a lot of brushes since Kori always manages to break them
  • Kori on so many occasions has brought in stray animals
  • It’s not that you hate animals it’s just you got two of your own animals named Jason and Roy and you can’t even deal with them
  • One time Roy tried to make you and Kori bath bombs
  • “Yeah I really love bath bombs, they really refresh me.”
  • “I have used the bombs for baths before, they are delightful!”
  • Well Roy clearly doesn’t know what a bath bomb is
  • And that’s how you guys blew up the bathroom
  • You and Jason have a secret place in the apartment where you hide books
  • You both don’t trust people with paperback books because they are yalls babies and they can’t be harmed, you are proud parents
  • You guys had a goldfish once
  • Kori named it Glub
  • Roy and Jason decided it would be cool to play with the fish
  • Any whoo that was the end of Glub
  • Besides all the disasters you love them
  • They are your family and they would literally die for you
  • The boys are over protective and are the reason you are single
  • Kori is like your sister and she’s the best person to talk to when you need to let out pent up emotions
  • Jason loves spending time with you, you’re one of the few people he opens up to and you help him through his break downs and he can’t be more grateful to have you
  • Roy might be a sassy motherfucker who thinks he got everything handled but he can be a big softy who needs babying
  • Being with the outlaws is something you wouldn’t change for the world, sure you guys fight but at the end you guys love each other
Lights, Camera, Action! (M)

word count: 4.7k

genre: smut; movie star AU + actor!hoseok

pairing: reader/hoseok

summary: you were just a small town actress who’d been picked up for a big movie starring you and award winning actor shin hoseok. turns out, there’s quite a steamy scene that you two must take part in and you’re more than nervous about it. luckily, hoseok is a professional and he isn’t afraid to help you out.

dedicated to: my valentine, @wonholypeach​ who isn’t feeling well after her surgery and needed a pick-me-up. enjoy and please get well soon love!  ♡

a/n: just a disclaimer i did minimal research on actual movie sex scenes & have very limited knowledge on this so this is definitely not realistic.


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Dan and Troye have so much in common

Dan has to really relate to Troye’s lyrics. 

They both fell in love with an another youtuber and skyped with him until 3 am - Cause you know that I can’t trust myself with my 3AM shadow.

They both had a very serious relationship when they were young. Like Dan’s youth literally is Phil’s  - My youth, my youth is yours/a truth so loud you can’t ignore. 

Their relationships started with a long distance - Cause there’s still too long to the weekend/too long till I drown in your hands/too long since I’ve been a fool.

They keep/kept their relationship under radar -  We’re not a commercial for anyone else.

 “I’m really curious about Troye’s new music”- Dan Howell 2k17

anonymous asked:

I dont understand how you say Sakura is the strongest kunoichi by now. She isn't beating Tsunade considering she has better stamina, life force, experience and strength (coupled with CES) and she neither holds a candle against Konan, Mei or Kurotsuchi (Boruto the Movie) for that said matter.

It really is rather simple.

You seem to be of the false perception that having better stamina/life force is crucial to being a better fighter, but it’s not. Naruto apparently has much better stamina than Sasuke, yet Sasuke is his equal combat wise. This point is further degraded when you remember that Sakura was actually stated to have rather good stamina levels by Kakashi:

So it’s not as if Tsunade’s stamina levels are leagues beyond Sakura’s. Furthermore, the former’s Senju vitality doesn’t augment her actual prowess during combat at all. When she’s in a situation where she’d need to rely on that trait, the battle would already long be over.

Additionally, the other points you made are just wrong.

1) Tsunade’s better experience would be null and void by the time of the Boruto movie.

2) Sakura’s strength surpassed Tsunade’s, as Hashirama will tell you.

3) Konan is dead, so I don’t know why you’re even mentioning her.

4) Neither Mei nor Kurotsuchi demonstrated anything that would indicate that they’re above Sakura combat wise. Being a Kage isn’t sufficient evidence.

So let me make things perfectly clear.

  • We’re told that Tsunade was the strongest Kunoichi in the world during her prime:
  • We’re shown that Team 7 eventually became the next generation of Sannin, essentially taking the place of their masters:
  • It was also foreshadowed by Kakashi that Sakura would surpass her master:
  • It was indicated by Hashirama that Sakura’s raw power was above that of Tsunade’s, and I’d say that the “God of Shinobi” himself of all people would know what he’s talking about:
  • And it was further implied by Sakura herself that she had a more efficient use of the Seal due to not using any of it in order to maintain a youthful appearance:

Therefore, literally everything pointed to Sakura at the very least being on her way to becoming the strongest Kunoichi in the world. Meaning that by the Boruto movie, she had definitely reached that point. Putting two and two together in this context isn’t difficult. It was just part of the running theme of Team 7 surpassing their masters (just as Naruto and Sasuke had surpassed Jiraiya and Orochimaru respectively).

honestly this site acts like it’s so accepting of autistic people but how often do you see people making fun of autistic children for behavior they deem “cringy” or not “socially acceptable”? how many autistic children like sammyclassicsonicfan do you see being outright LAUGHED at for their autistic behavior? how often do you see it being normalized to actually literally bully autistic youths? if you say you’re accepting of autistics be sure you mean it- you can’t cherry pick what autistic behaviors you accept. either accept us wholly or don’t pretend to at all.

that Harry Potter original vs. translations post actually reminded me of something:

when I was a kid, I always wondered why the heck Harry was so happy to finish Dudley’s beefsteak at the zoo restaurant in the first book (’cause the steak was too small so Dudley threw a tantrum and got a bigger one)… like, it’s a beefsteak?? it’s not even a fancy restaurant?? the beefsteak just cannot be so good as to deserve being one of the reasons for the morning being “the best he’d had in a long time”.

THEN, i read the books in the original English and discovered that the original didn’t say beefsteak but “knickerbocker glory”. obvs i, as a Finnish kid, didn’t have any clue what the fuck that was, so i went to google images and… i remember this so vividly… suddenly everything made sense… it was never a fucking beefsteak…. a knickerbocker glory is an ICE CREAM SUNDAE 

5 graphic novels we’re reading this weekend


It’s springtime at Sheffield University—the flowers are blooming, the birds are singing, and fast-pals Susan, Esther, and Daisy continue to survive their freshman year of university. Susan is barely dealing with her recent breakup with McGraw, Esther is considering dropping out of school, and Daisy is trying to keep everyone and everything from falling apart! Combined with house- hunting, indie film festivals, and online dating, can the girls make it to second year? Collects issues #13-16.

LUCIFER Vol. 2: Father Lucifer

After being wrongfully accused of deicide by his angelic brethren, the Prince of Hell undertook an epic quest through the cosmos to clear his name. Now he wants nothing more than to retire to his Los Angeles club, Ex Lux, and drown the world’s sorrows one drink at a time. 

With the throne of Heaven still vacant, archangels are turning on each other in an effort to seize their absent Father’s crown. And since the Lightbringer has no desire to revisit his former kingdom, a vicious power struggle has erupted in the infernal realm, as well.

Caught between chaos above and below, Earth has never been more vulnerable. In order to keep his terrestrial retreat safe from collateral damage, Lucifer must reluctantly rejoin the fight for control over Creation. But as the battle rages, the aftershocks from his Father’s demise are growing stronger and making it clear that some fates really are worse than death.

The saga of the world’s original antihero reaches new heights (and depths) in LUCIFER VOL. 2: FATHER LUCIFER, collecting issues #7-12 of the acclaimed series from author Holly Black (The Spiderwick Chronicles) and artist Lee Garbett (Loki).


Jake just wants to have a nice relaxing weekend without any adventures. Not too much to ask for, right? Too bad the Governor of Ghost-A- Rica has plans of his own and that means releasing his ghost minions to steal the youth of all the citizens in Ooo. It’s a battle for youth, literally! Collects issues #50-54.


Collects Power Man and Iron Fist #6-9, Sweet Christmas Annual #1.

Luke and Danny have only just put the band back together — will CIVIL WAR II tear it apart? Maybe, when Iron Fist finds himself behind iron bars! But who better to get him out of a cage than Power Man? Then again, Luke’s crack team of former criminals may be more of a hindrance than a help! And there’s the small matter of Captain Marvel’s reaction to the Inhuman Ulysses’ prison-break premonition! As for the philosophical disagreement underpinning the conflict rocking the Marvel Universe, our two heroes start out on the same side — but the predictive justice vigilantes Preemptive Strike may just change that! Plus: From Civil War to peace on Earth! It’s Luke’s favorite holiday — but demonic toys might make this a bitter Christmas, not sweet!


This beautifully illustrated and emotional story is an evocative memoir about the search for a better future and a longing for the past. Exploring the anguish of immigration and the lasting effects that displacement has on a child and her family, Bui documents the story of her family’s daring escape after the fall of South Vietnam in the 1970s, and the difficulties they faced building new lives for themselves. At the heart of Bui’s story is a universal struggle: While adjusting to life as a first-time mother, she ultimately discovers what it means to be a parent—the endless sacrifices, the unnoticed gestures, and the depths of unspoken love. Despite how impossible it seems to take on the simultaneous roles of both parent and child, Bui pushes through. With haunting, poetic writing and breathtaking art, she examines the strength of family, the importance of identity, and the meaning of home. In what Pulitzer Prize–winning novelist Viet Thanh Nguyen calls “a book to break your heart and heal it,” The Best We Could Do brings to life Thi Bui’s journey of understanding, and provides inspiration to all of those who search for a better future while longing for a simpler past.

Dating Wonwoo Would Include...
  • wonwoo is super quiet and ghost like at the best of times
  • so when he gets feelings this becomes even worse around you
  • the boys literally have to drag him into the room to talk to you and sit on him so that he doesn’t immediantly leave again
  • you start to think that he hates you
  • but down’t worry svt to the rescue
  • they trick you two into meeting in the dance room and lock you in until he explains
  • they’re also watching you on the cameras
  • creepy right
  • if he takes too long they might even start yelling things through the speakers
  • but he eventually explains that he doesn’t hate you and in fact, its quite the opposite
  • so you finally set up a date
  • at which you hear cheering through the speakers
  • but it’s at this tiny little bookstore cafe
  • and he takes you round all the shelves pointing out all his favourite books
  • and recommending a few as well
  •  by the time you go to sit down for tea you have a massive stack of books that you can barely carry
  • so it’s a very successful date lmao
  • such a soft relationship
  • he has a few cacti in his room 
  • so when he’s on tour you look after them and send him daily updates
  • he gets so concerned abt his babies
  • he either has no top on or huge sweaters on 
  • there’s no inbetween
  • you wear his tops a lot as well
  • he pretends not to care but inside he’s dying
  • mingyu turns up all the time when you two hang out
  • sometimes you even end up third wheeling your own boyfriend
  • but you don’t mind bc you end up having gossip sessions with mingyu without wonwoo
  • he’s such a polite boy
  • like even if you cooked him food that he hated, he’d still eat it
  • he’s also very scatter brained and relies on you to hold him together
  • like he’d forget that he’s allergic to something and go to eat it
  • so you have to suddenly rush to the rescue and save him before he literally kills himself
  • he’s very cuddly
  • especially when he’s tired
  • lord he gets so attached and whines and pouts like a baby if you even so much as try to move
  • he does so much cute shit for you randomly
  • like he’ll just run a bath for you
  • or cook your favourite food (with the help of gyu ofc)
  • or turn up at your work with a bouquet of sunflowers
  • sometimes hanging out with him and gyu feels like babysitting
  • like going on a walk to the park
  • they’ll run through the sprinklers and stop and pet every dong they see while you just sit and read on a bench and they only come back when they’re hungry
  • the younger members of svt often come to you for advice thy can’t get from their hyungs
  • wonwoo feels so proud when this happens because look at you bonding with his brothers and bc you’re helping people
  • it warms his heart
  • and it’s also when he says i love you for the first time
  • you’ve just given advice to vernon abt something and wonwoo just looked at you and said it
  • then realised what he said and immediantly started blushing
  • but picks you up and spins you round when you say it back
  • from then on it’s said all the time to accompany every little thing you two do bc you always want the other to know that you love them