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Literally translated animal names in german
  • Stinktier: literally means stink animal, translates to skunk
  • Faultier: literally means lazy animal, translates to sloth
  • Gürteltier: literally means belt animal, translates to armadillo
  • Schuppentier: literally means scale animal, translates to pangolin
  • Fingertier: literally means finger animal, translates to aye-aye
  • Trampeltier: literally means bumpkin animal, translates to bactrian camel
  • Maultier: literally means mouth animal, translates to mule
  • Schnabeltier: literally means beak animal, translates to platypus
  • Waschbär: literally means wash bear, translates to racoon
  • Nasenbär: literally means nose bear, translates to coatie
  • Wickelbär: literally means wrap bear, translates to kinkajou
  • Stachelschwein: literally means spike pig, translates to porcupine
    Meerschweinchen: literally means sea or ocean piglet, translates to guinea pig
  • Flusspferd: literally means river horse, translates to hippo
  • Nashorn: literally means nose horn, translates to rhino
  • Steinbock: literally means stone ram, translates to ibex
  • Fledermaus: literally means flighty mouse, translates to bat
  • Erdmännchen: literally means earth male, translates to meerkat
  • Papageientaucher: literally means parrot diver, translates to puffin
  • Eisvogel: literally means ice bird, translates to common kingfisher
  • Schildkröte: literally means shield toad, translates to turtle and tortoise
  • Brückenechse: literally means bridge lizard, translates to tuatara
  • Quastenflosser: literally means tassel fin, translates to coelacanth
  • Stör: literally means disturb, translates to sturgeon
  • Gottesanbeterin: literally means god worshiper, translates to praying mantis
  • Maikäfer: literally mean may bug, translates to cockchafer
  • Nacktschnecke: literally means nude snail, translates to slug
  • Vogelspinne: literally means bird spider, translates to tarantula

There was no Renji in the Bleach Brave Souls White Day Event T.T That’s why I needed this White Day Renji as compensation :D

Also, please accept White Day Renji as a HUGEEEEEE THANK YOU to all of you who are liking, reblogging or commenting on my fanarts. I wish I could reply to all of you, because every single reaction turns me into a happily squealing guinea pig. That running-in-circles-type of guinea pig.(Literally)

 I can’t count how often your feedback has turned gloomy days in bright ones. Thank you so much! ♥♥♥

I liked the uncolored version of this also quite a lot and will probably upload this to my artblog. 

Swearing in Italian

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Swearing in Italian is simple, but not quite. Italy has 20 different regions and 101 provinces. That means that swearing may significantly vary from region to region according to each vernacular spoken in each city. For this reason, I’ve paid particular attention in avoiding those swearwords that aren’t commonly used in Standard Italian. Thus words like cazzimma, guallera, latrina, chiavica, madò etc, used, in this case, in my vernacular (Neapolitan) are not listed.

  • cazzo: fuck (literally: dick, cock) - cazzo can be used in combination with chi (who), che (what), dove (where), quando (when), perché (why), e.g. chi cazzo sei tu? (who the fuck are you?); che cazzo fai? (what the fuck are you doing?); dove cazzo vai? (where the fuck are you going?); quando cazzo torni? (when the fuck are you coming back?); perché cazzo non mi rispondi? (why the fuck are you not replying?).
  • cavolo: frick (literally: cauliflower, used instead of cazzo)
  • coglione: arsehole, (lierally: testicle)
  • merda: shit
  • stronzo/a: arsehole (literally: turd)
  • cazzate: bullshit, lies, nonsense
  • cavolate: bullshit, lies, nonsense (from: cavolo)
  • stronzate: bullshit, lies, nonsense (from: stronzo)
  • puttana: slut
  • zoccola:  slut (literally: latrine rat)
  • troia: whore (literally: sow)
  • bastardo: bastard
  • culo: arse
  • porco: pig
    cazzone: wanker, arsehole (literally: big dick)
  • leccaculo: lapdog (literally: arse licker, vulgar variant of leccapiedi, literally: feet licker)
  • oddio: oh God (not really a cuss word, but still a profanity; from: oh dio)
    Madonna: Virgin Mary (same as above)
  • testa di cazzo: dickhead
  • e che cazzo: what the fuck (literally: what the dick)
  • che cazzo ne so: what the fuck do I know
  • figlio di puttana: motherfucker (literally: son of a whore)
  • brutto stronzo: ugly fucker
  • stronzo/puttana/coglione.. etc di merda: shitty arsehole/slut/arsehole
  • vaffanculo: fuck you (literally: go fuck someone in the arse)
  • fottiti: fuck you (from: fottere, to shag, fuck)
  • va’ a farti fottere: go fuck yourself (literally: go let someone fuck you)
  • va’ a cacare: fuck you (literally: go take a shit; from: cacare, to shit)
  • mi stai facendo incazzare: you’re pissing me off (from: incazzarsi, to get pissed off)
  • (mi) hai rotto i coglioni/le palle: you’re being really fucking annoying (literally: you’ve cracked my balls) 
  • porco Giuda: shit (literally: Judas the pig)
  • porca miseria: holy cow, but ruder (literally: pig misery)

Okay, but like can we just talk about the fact on how Yuuri has a pig humidifier in his room.

Like, I’ve never really noticed it before out of like all the millions of times I’ve watched this show already.

It’s like he knows he’s a literal pig. (This poor boy.) Or maybe pigs are his favorite animal. 

I don’t know about you, but when Victor calls Yuuri a little piggy, while now knowing that Yuuri has a freaking pig humidifier in his room, makes this nickname 10000x cuter than it already is.

Norwegian idioms

I want to share some of my favorite Norwegian idioms with you all. If I screw up (I’m not a native speaker), someone tell me!

“Ut på bærtur” - literally means “off on a berry[-picking] hike”. Used to refer to absent-minded tangents people go off on sometimes while speaking.

“Ikke sett meg på pinebenken!” - literally means “don’t put me on the pine bench”, but is used the same way we say “don’t leave me hanging” in English.

“Jeg driter i det” - literally means “I shit in it”, but used to mean “I don’t give a damn”.

“Å ha svin i skogen” - literally means “to have pigs in one’s forest”, but used like the English phrase “to have skeleton’s in one’s closet”.

“Det finnes ikke dårlig vær, bare dårlig klær.” - “there’s no such thing as bad weather, just bad clothing.” Often used as an excuse by Norwegians to go on a hike in torrential downpours or icy blizzards.

Miyazaki Films

1. Dragon kid finds a recent orphan and doesn’t tell her he’s actually a river who steals (and probably murders) for his boss who has a gay twin. The orphan girl’s parents are literally pigs but she saves everyone by growing some balls, walking into hell, and coming out with a new hairband and a new grandma. 

2.  Some dumbass fucks with a powerful being and is cursed to die painfully but instead of help him and replenish their dying breed his family kicks him out. He tries to be a hero but is torn between three assholes who would rather die than compromise. He falls for a knife wielding maniac and they carry around a gods head to prevent one of the assholes from having it until the god takes it back.

3.  Midget girl and her folks are afraid of a cat. She is saved by an invalid who falls for her.

4.  A kids dad died in a hurricane and now he’s determined to do the same. A girl falls from the sky and he thinks it’s a good idea to get tangled up with her even as he keeps getting shot at. Pirates end up being the good guys in comparison to the goddamn government who want to kill the girl and take her necklace. They all end up on a floating island which technically belongs to the girl and the head of the government whose apparently a king by blood. They blow up the floating island so he can’t have it.

5.  Children hallucinate a creature and vanish periodically trying to find it. Their lax father thinks he’s crazy. He’s right.

6.  A young foster child hallucinates meeting her grandmother as a child in the harbor town where she grew up. She learns that she’s being a selfish bitch by blaming her family for leaving her when in reality they all just died. Plus her foster mom loves her more than they did so twice shame on her.

7.  After being a coward during the war a man literally turns into a pig. He lives his life on a private island saving people and making money off it. When his plane gets busted up by a goddamn flying cowboy he meets a young girl who insists at being shot at while she finishes fixing his plane. She yells at pirates to make them good people again and her kiss magically turns him back into a human. He also gets a hot Italian widower as a wife.

8.  A wizard guy who honestly eats pretty girl’s hearts helps a not so pretty girl out of danger. He flies off to his walking castle but a fat witch assumes the ugly girl is with him so she curses the girl to be old. The now old lady finds his castle some goddamn way, gets inside, befriends an orphan and a fire demon, and spends a lot of time doing woman work: cleaning, cooking, laundry, and taking care of a man during his constant exenstial crises. Eventually her love for him makes her young again. Mostly. He flies off to be in a war to protect her but she protects herself and still he almost dies. They realize the fire is his heart and do a lot of stupid shit to it before putting it back in his chest. A decent prince falls for her but instead when the wizard wakes up she makes out with him. They live happily ever after with the orphan in their flying castle.

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yup!! they are two totally separate accounts!! back in the day i had no idea how side blogs worked so i just made a whole new account for aoff. looking back i’m pretty glad i did it the way i did tbh, so hashtag no regrets