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There is a very, very long literary criticism post sitting on my dash right now about the failings? shortcomings? of The Force Awakens as a part of the Star Wars universe because it lacks the mythic quality of the originals. I realize this is an extremely superficial rendering of the post’s actual, lengthy analysis and argumentation, but that’s not what I’m here for.

What I am here for is to take up two bits from that very interesting post AS THEY RELATE TO ME, A FAN OF COLOR, PERSONALLY. 

The first is the assertion that:

“While The Force Awakens has its merits, they are few indeed, and the only one that deserves listing is the diverse casting.”

The second:  

Rogue One, on the other hand, does not fall victim to this. It does not claim to be a part of the Saga. It exists without intentionally altering facts crucial to the plot of the myth. It exists as a supportive side note only. The writers of R1 did not fall victim to the same hubris that haunts Abrams and Disney. R1 knows exactly what it is. It’s C-canon. Continuity to be utilized or ignored at whim, or as needed.”

To be perfectly honest, I spend a *lot* of time thinking about representation in the media; I don’t write about it very often because other people have done it already, and in far more eloquent ways than I can. But it’s an incredibly important part of how I think about my work as both a fan and a (temporary) academic. And it’s something that means a LOT more to me as a fan of color than just one line in a very, very, very long piece about why some people disliked TFA

Like the post’s original author, I too consumed a significant quantity of Star Wars material after watching the movies. From where I sit on my living room floor I can see my collection of EU novels–it’s not sizeable, but they are well-worn and loved. I played KOTOR and KOTOR II and cried over both. But unlike George Lucas, I never differentiated between the levels of canon; yes, I did take up particular aspects to be my own headcanons and resisted incorporating others, but for me, the most important thing about the EU novels and the games was being able to continue engaging with the Star Wars universe. 

Not the mythology that closed me out.

I love the originals. I have no idea how many times I’ve seen them, because aside from having them on VHS, I watched them every time they were on SPIKE TV in the early 2000s. I still plan to cosplay Cloud City Leia when I have time to make things again. They are a hugely important part of my identity (oh god why did I decide to go into an education phd when I should’ve done media studies, fml). 


I have never cried harder at a movie than during either TFA or Rogue One. (It was worse during Rogue One.) 

So many better authors than I, again, have spoken/written about how amazing it was for them to see themselves onscreen in a Star Wars movie for the first time. For Rey to be the central heroine of the new saga. So much of the press around Rogue One in particular is about the diversity of the cast. The cast members themselves shared anecdotes about being a part of something that reflects how global the stories of Star Wars really are (Diego Luna’s accent, for the most prominent example). 

For me, the diversity of TFA’s cast (and, obviously, Rogue One) is not just one line of praise. It is not, as Riz says, “an added extra.” It is everything. It’s about saying THERE ARE PILOTS AND MECHANICS AND GUNNERS WHO LOOK LIKE ME. THERE ARE PEOPLE LIKE ME WHO MATTER IN THIS HUGE AMAZING STORY THAT LOTS AND LOTS OF PEOPLE LOVE. It is about opening up the whole GFFA in which the mythic Skywalker saga exists. The universe–the world-building, I’m not entirely sure what to call it here–is so much more to me than the central story of Luke, and Anakin. And that, too, is something the actors themselves have spoken about, that you really feel like you’re part of a lived-in world. 

(Shit, I’m getting off-track; there’s a whole other post about context that I dont’ have time to think about rn, I’m actually supposed to be getting ready for class. Suffice to say that the Saga doesn’t exist in a vacuum, nor do I think it should!)

Relegating Rogue One to “C-Canon,” to me, denies the significance of opening up the GFFA’s universe to be more inclusive. (Again, other authors have done quite a lot with the notion that the most diverse Star Wars film to date also…kills them all off, canonically supporting the white leads’ efforts.) It says that yes, you can come play in this universe so long as you don’t think you’re an important part of it. 

Rogue One made a billion dollars. I don’t think most people saw it–and its story of sacrifice and hope–as something to be ignored. 

So. TL;DR: I don’t take up Star Wars as just the central myth of Luke and Anakin, because it’s part of a much larger universe, a universe which is finally opening up to include more of the people who love it. The diversity and inclusion of the new movies is incredibly important to me, perhaps even moreso than the originals (which, again, I love). I mean–okay, sorry, this is getting into TL;DR territory in and of itself–I have loved Star Wars since I was twelve years old, I’ve always loved Luke in particular, and it’s only now, with these two new movies, that I’ve fallen this fucking hard headfirst into the fandom and show absolutely no signs of being able to climb out again. 

Look. I don’t mean this as a repudiation of the original post and its opinions; this is kind of the definition of YMMV, I think. But those two parts, and my own experiences with fandom and inclusion–this all kind of had to come rushing out. 

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reignofthespirit  asked:

Hey Pilf! I know Les Mis and Victor Hugo is more your speed, but do you know much on Alexandre Dumas? Did he and Hugo interact much? I feel like I read somewhere they were both present during the June Rebellion and I'm hoping that's right, but I'm wondering if they were rivals as far their writing went. :D ((I'm sorry if you don't have much info on this I'm just on a three musketeer fix atm and I was curious if you had any fun facts!))

When the reading (of Marion de Lorme) was over, Dumas, with Herculean strength, lifted the poet (Hugo) in his arms and carried him about , crying “Hugo, we will carry you to glory!  Hugo, you will make all of us famous!”  Everyone cheered and laughed….Then Adèle Hugo, carrying herself proudly in silken evening dress, swept into the room with cakes and sherbets and ices.  “I can still see the gigantic Dumas,” wrote Henri de la Touche, another witness of the evening  “stuffing his mouth with cake , and shouting, with his mouth quite full: Admirable! Admirable! Admirable!” –Matthew Josephson, Victor Hugo

I don’t know as much about them as I wish I did, because what I do know is pretty great! Because Hugo and Dumas were actually super best giants of literature buddies forever.  

 I am not even slightly joking. Dumas mentions Hugo in his memoirs several times, and always with open affection and even delight over their past.  Hugo always treated Dumas as a welcome guest and a dear friend.  Hugo helped Dumas with editing, advertising, and planning theater engagements, and Dumas did the same in return and then some.  Dumas was with Hugo for the Battle of Hernani, repeatedly argued for Hugo’s worthiness to be a Peer of France, and helped keep Hugo out of a duel or two (no one kept Dumas out of duels. Dumas wanted to duel, he dueled. ) 

They had their arguments and their weeks of very publicly Not Talking To Each Other, especially when they were younger–given their politics and the fact that they were both famously strong in their opinions, it would have been weird if they didn’t – but that never lasted, and the more Hugo moved towards republicanism and socialism the less they had to fight about. They had  a lot in common–both sons of Napoleonic officers, both trying to fight for literary legitimacy in the same way, etc– and instead of it making them rivals they always seem to have just bonded over it , and helped each other professionally and personally as much as they could. When Hugo was in exile, they moved on to being Political Protest Buddies, too. 

I keep mentioning the changes in Hugo’s political opinions, because Hugo was not always solidly in favor of revolution and the republic. And Dumas…was.  Seriously, he was always involved with the republican movement, and pretty darn open about it too.  During 1832, Dumas spent the days of the barricades dashing between the political leaders of the official republican movement and the ground-level troops, arguing desperately for the officials to step forward and give the fighters their public support.  Hugo…was temporarily trapped in an alley by crossfire after going out to see What The Fuss Was, and when he got out he wrote in his diary that it was a shame so many men were going to die, but that France wasn’t ready  for a republic yet and the republic, when it came, would have to come peacefully and without fighting. 

So you can see how they might have had some arguments. But somehow, it never really stopped them being friends, or being seen as allies. All the pop culture cartoons of the day that depict them both always, always  depict them as friends, partners, or collaborators, whether the cartoonist wants you to love or hate them. 

Of course, the Romantic groups Hugo and Dumas were a part were very often close allies– you don’t make a successful art movement in the middle of censoriffic regimes by stabbing each other in the back all the time. But Hugo and Dumas were still notably fond of each other– Dumas especially seems to have been one of the few big-name writers who just liked  Hugo, without being put off by Hugo’s oddities or feeling overshadowed by him. 

You can find more about them by checking my Dumas tag! And hang on, there’s one thing in particular I wanna reblog that seems to pretty well sum up their working relationship. 

Thank you for asking this!:D 

✗ Eren & Levi [you cut me loose.]

Ereri fandom I am so late to this party

Ok my webseries peeps, you all have to read this. It’s about a girl (who’s ace!! Like, straight-up not coded romantic asexual. Representation!) who makes a webseries of Anna Karenina that goes viral.

A YA book!! About LIWs!! I’m about halfway through and it’s 100% adorable, every single one of you must pick it up, no excuses. Go!

I Will Never Be Your Friend (Akuatsu Drabble)

summary: akuatsu/shin soukoku. akutagawa saves atsushi on a mission and loses something in the process. atsushi wonders why and akutagawa finds he doesn’t entirely have an answer.  small warning for some rather mild violence.
a/n: a small little… thing that popped into my head when the eponymous song came up on my playlist. thought i’d share! i only wrote a first a draft and i don’t plan on expanding it or anything, so it’s nothing too special. i hope someone enjoys it regardless!

“Are we… friends, Akutagawa?”

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01   .       her  secret  identity  is  just  that    :    a  secret   ,   created  during  the  darkest  night    &    whispered  to  those  trusted  most   ,   an  oath  sworn  with  bloody  maw    &    bruised  eye   ,   revenge  vowed  but  never  acted  upon   .     her  identity  is  roses   &    thorns   ,   all  sprinkled  with  sugar    &    dipped  in  saccharine  liquid       —————————–       she  be  a  fire   -   haired  siren  lurking  ‘neath  crashing  waves   ,   waiting  for  her  next  victim  to  pull  under ‘t   .       HER  IDENTITY  IS  UNKNOWN   ,   UNSEEN   ,   UNSPOKEN   .       (       and  it  shall  never  be  uncovered      !       )

#Literary Pet Peeves

I can’t be the only one who sees a line in a book, THAT ONE LINE THAT TOO MANY BOOKS HAVE, and groans. So today, I’m making the literary pet peeves tag. You can reblog this post and add to it, or write your own (or ignore it completely, but I thought this might be fun). And tag whoever you want (or no one).

My pet peeves:

1) The whole, “Because I love you, I have to leave you. To protect you,” thing.

2) “They let out a breath they didn’t know they were holding.” If I had a dollar for every time I have read that line…

3) “I’m not like other girls.” And a dollar for each time I came across this line…

4) “I’m not letting you fight in this battle even though you’re a badass and it’s your right because I love you too much and it would kill me if you died.”

5) Dark, shady bad boys that make female characters forget their self worth in seconds. Don’t get me wrong. There are A TON of characters that fall into the dark and shady category that I absolutely love because they have personality and are well written. But some are just cringe worthy.

I’m tagging @bookssentials , @bookishae , @introvertedtothenthdegree, @tilly-and-her-books and @immzies-adventures-through-books. And anyone else that feels the need to rant about their pet peeves.

How do I love thee?
Let me count the ways.
I love thee when thou bringest coffee in bed,
Or suggest that we go to brunch instead.
I eat French toast
But take bites of thine eggs
Like, oh dude,
I love thee with so much grace,
And praise,
And poise and style and pizazz.
Each day’s most quiet need and all that jazz.

Love thee just as much as I love the cave.
That cave in our yard from which voices sound,
Demanding all our smiles, tears, and breath.
When the voices speak,
Time goes all unwound.
Merciful cave,
We grovel, offer flesh.
We will enter the cave,
Crawl underground.
I shall but love thee better after death.

—  “Elizabeth Barrett Browning”
Lit Tag!

Thank you so much @symonereads for tagging me.  For some reason I haven’t done a book-themed tag post yet, so I’m excited!

1. What is your favorite book of all time?

Oh gosh, I don’t know if I have a favorite of all time at the moment.  My favorite book at the moment is probably The Hating Game by Sally Thorne!

2. What are you currently reading?

A Dangerous Year by Kes Trester

3. Have you ever thought about writing a book?

Most definitely!  I wanted to be a writer for most of my life and still want to write a book to this day.

4. What’s your favorite series?

The Selection by Kiera Cass

5. What is a book you want to read?

I still haven’t read The Feminine Mystique by Betty Friedan and I feel like a bad feminist for it.

6. What’s in your TBR list?

Red Queen by Victoria Aveyard, So You’ve Been Publically Shamed by Jon Ronson, and All the Light We Cannot See by Anthony Doerr!

7. Who are your favourite fictional characters?

Probably Bridget Jones, Liesel Meminger, and Bernadette Fox.  Also any smart and opinionated woman who learns how to improve her life.  

8. What is your favourite ship?

This has nothing to do with books but… #TRUMBAMA

9. Open the first page of the book closest to you and write down the first paragraph.

“Even now she can’t decide. She thinks about flipping a coin. Heads she goes, tails she stays. But isn’t indecisiveness an early sign of mental illness? Didn’t she cover a story about that a few years ago? Or is it that she’s conflicted? Conflicted is better than indecisive. Why is she thinking this way? A voice inside her head says, You know damn well why.”

- In the Unlikely Event by Judy Blume

This makes me want to place this higher in my TBR list!

10. What’s the first fandom you were in?

Probably the High School Musical fandom (when I was 10)… 

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My Thoughts on 13 Reasons Why

Enough of you have responded to my non-answer with interest, so I am going to try to get my thoughts out there in some coherent way. I understand that I’m in the extreme minority on this and for very personal reasons, and if you disagree with me, that’s fine. I respect that you like or maybe even love this book and my criticisms aren’t directed at any of its fans. However, on this one, I’m really not open to discussion about why you like it, nor do I want anyone coming to me to try and convince me of their position.

This probably goes without saying, but there’s some serious content ahead that might upset you, so please proceed with caution.

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