literary symmetry

RFA as Classical Gods (not actually an anon ask)

Mod Vem had this idea, and since I’m (Mod Saemoni) a huge nerd for mythology too, I decided to help her. It was real fun to write this HC!

We had so much fun talking about this and trying to come up with the perfect match. Some were much easier than others (tbh we started out with Rika=Hera, no Rika=Snake, hey look at this here…) but I’ll put some honorable mentions down at the bottom. Let us know if you agree, disagree, or just think this is really cool/interesting and want to yell your thoughts at us. Have a nice day,
<3 Mod Vem

Rika: Apophis. Apophis is the Egyptian Snake god/demon of evil, darkness, and destruction. He plans to kill/destroy Ra (The Sun God) and swallow Ra to become a powerful force that could not be reasoned with or controlled

V: Ra, Sun God, a Creator, and Father of the Gods, he is the nemesis of Apophis, said to have hair of lapis lazuli. Every night Ra travels through the underworld to do battle with Apophis to prevent the destruction of Order. Eventually Ra is seen as not powerful enough, unfit to lead, and abdicates as ruler. 

Saeran: Dionysus, god of Wine/drugs, Ritual Madness, and Religious Ecstasy. He symbolizes the chaotic, dangerous, and unexpected who destroys those who oppose his cult. He is the son of Zeus, king of the gods, and Selene, a mortal woman who could not stand the power of Zeus’s true figure.

Saeyoung: Hermes, Messenger of the gods, God of boundaries, travel, commerce, a trickster god, a god of searches and those who seek things lost or stolen. He is a shapeshifter, blandly cunning, a watcher by night, a thief at the gates who invented many sports of racing. A mediator between the worlds visible and invisible.

Jumin: Hades, God of Wealth and the Underworld. He’s a stern ruler of his domain and faithful husband to Persephone (opposed to Zeus’s infidelities). He is a god of the land and the bountiful mines beneath. He is a lawmaker, and fair to those who do not anger him. Said to be dark hair and pale-skinned, and ‘weeps tears of iron’.

Elizabeth the 3rd: Bastet, goddess of cats, protection, joy, dance, music, and family. Has been depicted atop perfume jars, and is associated with perfumes and elegance. Closely tied to Egyptian Royalty.

Zen: Apollo, god of Music/Poetry/Art, Healing/Medicine, Oracle/Knowledge, and many others. Not only is Zen passionate about his acting, he’s an almost supernaturally quick healer and has equally supernatural prophetic dreams. The Celts associated Apollo with Apollo Cunomaglus, ‘Lord of Hounds’

Jaehee: Hestia, is the Greek Goddess of the home, the family, and the state. She is the Goddess of Order and the processes that keep the world running. Hestia is a virgin goddess, not inclined towards romance. Hestia held the responsibility of preparing and maintaining the home of the Olympians, and whenever an offering was made she would rightfully claim her due honor as her role supporting the others. Hestia’s status as an Olympian is not universal; in some depictions she is relegated to the central hearth (or removed entirely) and Dionysus claims the final throne.

Yoosung: Persephone, is the Goddess of Springtime, Growth, and the Underworld. She is described as being a passive goddess in nature before she goes/is brought to the Underworld. After she becomes Queen of the Realm of the Dead, taking power after her journey into hell, the Earth is chilled and frozen due to the loss of her family. When she returns to the light, warmth is restored. Hence she represents growth and the cycle of rest/retreat necessary for life to carry on. Persephone has a soft spot for true love, when she allows Orpheus to attempt to reunite with his wife. She is in charge of carrying out curses upon her subjects, and shows a strong sense of what is just and right.

- Mods Vem and Saemoni

Honorable Mentions for
Rika: Hera, Aphrodite. Mainly the possessiveness these ladies have for what belongs to them. They were definitely considered more positive forces by their followers (and they didn’t have the same kind of extremes either). Then we figured out the symmetry with the Sun and Ra, and the deal was sealed.
V: Odin, mostly because of the half-blind leader who knows more than he tells. But literary symmetry is my lifeblood.
Saeran: Nemesis, but I thought it wasn’t fair to define Saeran solely by his rivalry with Saeyoung. He’d be pissed if he found out.
Jaehee: Demeter, being more focused on Law and Judiciary, but she was a mother, and I couldn’t resist setting her as one of the ‘virgin goddesses’ seeing as she’s totes excited to stay besties.


Literary symmetry at its finest.

Mistakes Were Made

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Characters: Chuck x Reader, OFC: Nikki, Fake Sam and Deans’

Request: “Could you write a Chuck one shot? The reader gets VIP passes at the Supernatural convention to meet Carver Edlund, but she makes a total fool out of herself (like walking in on him changing, saying stupid things, spilling stuff, making stuff sound dirty when it’s not… etc 😂) “ I really hope I didn’t let you down!

Warnings: Extreme Awkwardness

A/N: I loved writing this.  Chuck is the man (literally) and I like writing really awkward characters.  Totally makes up for the Differential Equations exam I bombed today.  Okay, it doesn’t.  But it definitely helps.  I used the convention from 5.09 as an example instead of something like Seacon.

Word Count: 1573

Not my gif.

“Wow, these have gotten, like, a lot bigger,” your friend, Nikki, said as you walked into the Supernatural convention

“Thanks so much for the tickets, I’ve always wanted to go to one of these,” you gushed, looking around the crowed convention hall with glossy eyes.

"Thanks for ditching that exam review to come with me!”

“Psht, I’ll just wing it,” you lied, knowing you would probably study all Sunday night.  “I can’t believe we’re really here!”  Nikki squealed, grabbing your shoulder and pointing towards the stage.  You heart hammered and your knees felt weak.  

There he was, the creator himself: Carver Edlund.  

“Aww he’s so adorkable,” Nikki cooed.

“Shut up, he’ll hear you!”  You batted at her with a hand that wasn’t holding your coffee and looked away, blushing furiously.  He was much younger than you’d imagined, and much more attractive, as well.

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Headcanon/Mini-Fic Time!

Ok, so canonically, Ransom’s not into Harry Potter, right?

Ok, ok, so Holster freaking loves Harry Potter. He spends all of their freshman year trying to get Ransom to at least watch the movies, because, “bro, this will change your life.”

But every time Rans tries to watch it, something comes up. (“Dude. I have a huge bio test next week. I gotta study.) So Holster spends all year trying to get his new best friend to watch, but by the time summer rolls around, he’s just not been successful (he considers this his greatest failure of freshman year.) So, he slips his treasured collector’s edition DVD box set of the movies into Ransom’s backpack before they depart for the summer to go home.

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thoughts on the voice of god.

There’s a phrase we use in fandom: “the word of god.” It refers to when a creator makes a declaration about a story that we as consumers of the media take in and absorb as part of the cannon. The best example here is J.K. Rowling telling us the Dumbledore was gay. JK didn’t contradict the text, and in my opinion, though it wasn’t explicit, it was clear in the text. She had to contradict the “straight until proven gay” problem of heteronormativity.

Supernatural has a fascinating relationship with the word of god - more so than any other TV show or media. For one, Supernatural has not only broken the fourth wall on multiple occasions, it’s broken it down, busted through your TV and engaged in a nuanced conversation with the viewer about the nature of fiction and storytelling.

Because Supernatural is a show about heaven and hell and free will and God, it has a unique opportunity to address the relationship between creation, creation and observers - and it has. The first foray into this was With the character of Chuck Shurley, a drunken prophet and assumed he was a god, though it turned out he was just an observer…and then it turned out that maybe he was god. We have never been given an answer on this in the text of the show.

And that’s important - Chuck is simultaneously a stand in for the writers - commenting on the weakness of old episodes and the brutality of “literary symmetry” but he’s also a stand in for us. He observers Sam and Dean through his visions and write about them through the filter of his own perception. If Chuck is god, he is not only a god because he has power over the story as an author, but as an observer.

Chuck disaapears at the end of Season five - and god himself has always been depicted on the show as absent. For a few years we didn’t really get much more exploration of the writer as god idea…until we me the scribe of god, Metatron.

Metatron is, I think, one of the most fascinating and thought provoking characters the show has introduced in the last few years. In the first episode where we meet him, he opines about the power of story, how humans can become gods over their own tiny universes when they tell stories. This was the first instance of Metatron commenting on the nature of stories, but it wouldn’t be the last.

Metatron the voice and scribe of god is the perfect vessel for the writers own commentary on the nature of story telling, not just their own, but in general. Instead of god a creator, at first Meatron was the stenographer - he listened tot he story and wrote it, again, colored by his “editor’s notes” - but he wasn’t tje beginning of it. Metatron the scribe wat the same as Chuck the prophet - a filter. And he was chased from heaven and became a giant douche because all the angels wanted to know what god said.

Metatron went on in season nine to be the most explicit voice of a creator that I’ve ever seen in a TV show - he wasn’t commenting just on the story, but on the way stories are told and perceived. He both asked explicitly what gives a story meaning, and by his actions invited consideration of who, if any one, can  control a narrative.

And it’s very telling that the surrogate for the writers, the voice of god telling people what to think and believe sometimes, was protrayed as a fallible villain.

Metatron, is the writers, the ones chased down by those looking for meaning rather than looking to the story. His turn to villainy, he choice to start declaring what the story was and means was not a coincidence. He missed the part of the apocalypse where team free will tore up the script.

Now, just just because he’s evil doesn’t mean all the other things he had to say aren’t meaningless. But the fact he - the ultimate transcriber of a story - still didn’t get it matters. The failure of the voice of god to take over is a signal to readers that they do not need an intermediary between perception and meaning. 

It’s all very meta ;)

I have one more fucking thing to say.

The problem with the “symmetry” of Supernatural is its BOOMING declaration that THESE WOMEN ARE WORTH THE WORLD WHEN THEY’RE DEAD. Women are worth more dead than alive. Dead women spur men off on great journeys that change them and make them whole and make them interesting and make them show off their dope bodies and make them sympathetic and, yes, eventually get them laid.

That is the message of Supernatural’s “literary symmetry.” That there are human beings, many of them women, who are worth more to the men who loved them when they are dead.

This is a deep-rooted problem in the show. And it’s one of the main reasons that John Winchester is an asshole, too.

John wasn’t a good or supportive parent. He didn’t want *better* for his kids, he wanted revenge above all else. And this revenge was somehow to the glory of his dead wife. She stuck around on earth to protect the people in her family home. She stuck around as a ghost – when she was a hunter, and knew better than to do so – to destroy herself protecting her sons.

John did eventually die for his son to live. One of his sons. The other he gave a death sentence. Based on his revenge mission and based on his hatred of otherness which Dean willingly inherited to be more like his daddy.

John is a dick because his marriage wasn’t perfect until after Mary died.

John is a jerk because his wife wasn’t worth the all-consuming dedication that his mission to find her killer was. And the show says this means we’re all on Mary’s holy mission to wipe out evil.

You may recall that wasn’t Mary’s fucking mission.

Mary left hunting behind. Peace and family and humanity were her mission.

That idea doesn’t lend itself to the romanticism of the show and all the many ways we’d like to see a variety of hunters doing the job, but it ain’t fucking romantic. Look at Sam and Dean’s reality. Sam is lonely. Dean thinks the worst of himself. They sleep in crusty motels, breathing in mold. They eat greasy fast-food trash. They LONG FOR home-cooked meals with real food in them and spaces to call their own and people to love them back and to have the peace of not being hunted in thanks of all the things they have to destroy in order to vanquish evil.

That was a convoluted sentence.

But just because this show isn’t truly about the romance of The Life, doesn’t mean that romance has to be perverted and shit upon.

Mary stood for more than John’s mission.

Sam and Dean saved the world, yes, but what the show is telling me is that there can’t be any women of equal or greater importance. (You know, probably not unless either of the boys is boning them.)


Claire for King.
Donna for President.
Jody for Emperor.
Charlie for Pope.

I’m out.

Current Speculation List

Thought I’d put together a handy dandy basic list of all the major spec for the end of the season, to compare to after the finale:

1) Dean ‘goes darkside’ and embraces the Mark of Cain and the Blade completely, which possibly transforms him into a demon and/or Knight of Hell like Cain. We go into S10 with him separate from Sam and Cas, who must confront the possibility of having to kill him [canon as of 09.23 & 10.01]. There are several ways this darkside!Dean scenario might play out, all mostly the same but with varying details:

  • 1a) Dean 'goes darkside’ after killing Abaddon - with the act of killing her being the tipping point that pushes him over the edge into demonhood.
  • 1b) Dean 'goes darkside’ before he gets to the point of killing Abaddon and instead of killing her he joins with her as a Knight of Hell (very possibly after a bit of seduction/manipulation on her part - as speculated here).
  • 1c) Once Dean has 'gone darkside’ he becomes the one to win the campaign for Ruler of Hell instead of Abaddon and/or Crowley (perhaps by killing them both, or perhaps by subjugating them somehow)
  • 1d) Sam 'cures’ Dean of being a demon [canon as of 10.03], completing the 3rd Trial and closing the gates of Hell.

2) Dean is on the verge of embracing the Mark of Cain and the Blade completely, but Sam and/or Cas get through to him at the last minute as part of a yellow crayon (or Power of Love) moment (acting as a nice piece of 'literary symmetry’ to Swan Song or Goodbye Stranger eg. see here or here- to complete to symmetry with Swan Song the Impala might be involved, as speculated about here and here).

  • 2a) Having convinced Dean to give up on the hunt for Abaddon and the Mark of Cain and Blade, Sam and Cas hold Dean in the bunker while he 'dries out’ (in parallel to Sam in When the Levee Breaks eg. see here)
  • 2b) Alternatively, having FAILED to convince Dean to give up on the hunt for Abaddon and the Mark of Cain and Blade, Sam and Cas hold Dean against his will in the bunker while he 'dries out.’ [canon as of 09.23]

3) Dean is possessed by Abaddon. We go into S10 with possessed!Dean separate from Sam and Cas, beginning S10 with Sam and Cas working together to try and figure out how to kill Abaddon without harming Dean.

4) Dean is possessed by Cas. Depending on the circumstances this may be a very temporary possession, over and done with by the end of the finale. Or the finale could end with Dean possessed by Cas as a cliffhanger, perhaps with something happening to Cas’ usual vessel that prevents him from returning to it. Early S10 episodes may then involve Dean and Cas sharing headspace and Dean’s body while TFW work on a way to either get Cas a new vessel or retrieve his original one (eg. see here, here and here)

5) While 'high’ on the power of the Mark of Cain and the Blade, Dean badly hurts Sam and/or Cas (eg. see here) [canon as of 10.22]

  • 5a) (also a variation on #1) Dean 'goes darkside’ as a result of killing Sam - perhaps because the Blade is somehow 'activated’ (as in - completes the transformation of its bearer into a demon and/or Knight of Hell) by the bearer killing their brother like Cain did to Abel. This may cause the series to end with Sam apparently dead, or Sam may be subsequently revived, say by Cas (see discussion here or here or here).
  • 5b) As above, but the Blade is not 'activated’ by the bearer killing their brother, but simply by shedding their brother’s blood.

6) Cas removes his stolen grace and becomes fallen/human again.

  • 6a) Cas removes his stolen grace by transferring it to Dean, perhaps to 'purify’ him of the Mark of Cain (this transference may happen via kiss ;p)
  • 6b) Cas uses up his stolen grace to revive Sam from the scenario in 5) (see here).

7) Cas regains his own grace [canon as of 10.18].

8) Cas’ vessel (ie. Jimmy’s body) becomes corrupted somehow by his stolen grace, meaning he can no long safely reside within it. 

9) TFW succeed in reversing Metatron’s spell and Cas returns to Heaven with the other angels, locking the gates behind them, leaving Cas separated from Sam and Dean (with the potential promise of meeting again when Sam and Dean die). This may be Cas’ choice, or possibly an unwanted necessity if in order to reverse Metatron’s spell Cas is required to return to Heaven and be trapped there for some reason (eg. perhaps the spell can only be reversed by Cas and only for a limited time, so Cas must be in Heaven 'holding the doors open’ as it were, and in order to make sure as many angels make it back as possible he must also be in Heaven when the time runs out and the doors close).

  • 9a) Cas is somehow 'doomed’ to Heaven in the same way Dean was doomed to Hell in S03, leading to the beginning of S10 being a mirror to the beginning of S04, with Dean rescuing Cas from paradise - ie. as opposed to raising him from perdition (see the very end of the musings here).

10) Dean’s blood turns out to be a necessary ingredient for the reversal of Metatron’s spell (the complimentary aspect of the 'grace of an angel in love with a human’ ingredient of the spell itself, ie. 'the essence of the human who returns the angel’s love’) - a crack theory of mine, but thought I might as well include it!

  • 10a) Or alternatively - Dean's soul/life turns out to be the key to re-opening Heaven (perhaps requiring him to succumb to the Mark of Cain and thus demonise his soul). As discussed here.

note on 10) - crossed out because the reversal of Metatron’s spell turned out to not really be a ~thing, what with the 'backdoor’ into Heaven allowing passage to and from it. HOWEVER, there has yet to be official word on the overall 'gates of Heaven’ situation (eg. are souls still trapped in the veil, or do they cross over via the backdoor, or what?), so the spell MIGHT still be in need of reversing, in which case some of 10) might still be on the cards :p

11) Abaddon possesses Sam or Cas. 

  • 11a) Dean stabs (or tries or seems to stab) possessed!Cas in an attempt to kill Abaddon, thus paralleling what happened with Cain and Colette (eg. see here).
  • 11b) As b) but with Sam :p

12) In order to prevent himself from hurting anyone (either while 'high’ on the Mark of Cain or while possessed by Abaddon) Dean kills, or attempts to kill, himself - perhaps by stabbing himself with the Blade (eg. see here - also includes an additional summary of various possible season ending scenarios written up in more detail than here, so worth a look for that!). Depending on the effects of the Mark, it’s possible this attempt will fail, because the Mark may have gifted Dean with the same immortality Cain seems to have, which may prevent Dean from be able to kill himself.

[canon as of 09.23… kinda… since Dean’s kamikaze attack on Metatron was something like Dean attempting to kill himself in order to prevent himself from hurting anyone. And, of course, said attempt at death DID fail due to Mark of Cain immortality] 

  • 12a) Addition to the above - Dean stabs himself after killing Cas. Their deaths transport them to an angel/demon afterlife, mirroring Purgatory (see here).

13) Dean, aware of and frightened of the monster the Mark of Cain is turning him into, begs Sam and/or Cas to kill him [canon as of 10.09].

14) A time travel scenario best explained by larinah over here :)

15) Crowley possesses Cas, perhaps as part of a plan to hold him hostage to ensure Dean uses the Blade to kill Abaddon (acting as a nice parallel to the way Abaddon possessed Colette to try and make Cain keep using the Blade eg. see here)

16) Crowley ends up working with Metatron and/or it’s revealed that he and Metatron had dealings in the past (eg. see here and here)

17) Dean's right arm gets cut off in order to free him from the Mark of Cain. Dean may perform the amputation himself or get someone to do it for him (eg. Gadreel, Cas, Sam). Or someone may perform the amputation without his consent in order to stop him turning into a monster (probably/possibly crack, based on the idea of the Mark being like a track mark and this season being the Empire Strikes Back of a 3 arc structure :p - see here and here for discussion)

18) Dean gives up the Blade as part of a deal to save Cas’ life eg. giving Metatron the Blade in exchange for Cas’ grace (see here)

19) Angel!Dean

  • 19a) Dean is angelified by Cas’ grace (see here)
  • 19b) The Mark turns Dean into some kind of Angel of Death (as mused on here and here…and other places I lack links for sorry!)

20) Cas dies or appears to die (perhaps as a result of #5)

  • 20a) This is what leads to #1 (see here and here)

Simplified in bingo card form.

Additional possibilities in alternative bingo card over here! XD

And, of course, various of these could happen together - #3 could well happen after #2, #4 could happen because of #3 or #8, #5 #6 and #7 could all be interconnected, #5 could lead to #1 or to #13, #2 could lead to #15 and so on…

Random thought

Sam came “home” to the shower running, which is why he assumed Jess was safe and sound in the shower

When he finds Jess on the cieling, she’s dressed in a white nightgown as if ready for sleep

though we saw she usually won’t sleep in anything super special during casual occasions, lets say this one was for Sam’s night back maybe on the night she hoped he’d return 

so either she was already out of the shower and ready for sleep and Azazael found her before she turned the shower off

or he caught her before she entered the shower and dressed her in an outfit similar to the one Mary wore before she burned on the cieling on top of Sam ~22 years later?

Literary symmetry

Maybe nothing. I hope everything.

If you haven’t read the novel World War Z by Max Brooks, just know that it’s great and if you’ve got time, I recommend it. It is pretty much nothing like the film at all. I wish they had called that film something different, actually, because a film called World War Z that actually follows World War Z would make my life.

I LOVE World War Z. 

Here was the moment when I legit almost proposed to it:

I’ve posted this before, and those of you who’ve read my other rants about the bullet trajectory in Coda probably already know that I’m a teensy bit preoccupied with Dawn’s 9mm bullet trajectory + the actual laws of physics = Beth is alive.

But there was a more important comparison between World War Z and TWD that I didn’t talk about at the time.

I’m putting this under a cut just because I talk about the novel a lot, so if you don’t like spoilers and are planning on reading the book, skip this post:)

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S10 Speculation List

Thought it was time to bust out another one of these babies :) 

Some things have rolled over from last season, some things are new. 

1) Carry over from last season spec: Dean is on the verge of embracing the Mark of Cain and the Blade (in this case again), but Sam and/or Cas get through to him at the last minute as part of a yellow crayon (or Power of Love) moment (acting as a nice piece of ‘literary symmetry’ to Swan Song or Goodbye Stranger eg. see here or here- to complete to symmetry with Swan Song the Impala might be involved, as speculated about here and here). 

  • 1a) Dean is on the verge of embracing the Mark of Cain and the Blade and thus becoming a demon again, putting Cas in the position of having to honor Dean’s request in The Things We Left Behind that Cas kill him if such a scenario should occur - except Cas can’t do it.

2) Carry over from last season spec: Dean is possessed by Cas, perhaps as a means of destroying the Mark of Cain, perhaps as a means of helping cure/heal Cas of the effects of his stolen grace, perhaps both (al a Gadreel-Sam). Depending on the circumstances this may be a very temporary possession, over and done with by the end of the finale. Or the finale could end with Dean possessed by Cas as a cliffhanger, perhaps with something happening to Cas’ usual vessel that prevents him from returning to it. Early S11 episodes may then involve Dean and Cas sharing headspace and Dean’s body while TFW work on a way to either get Cas a new vessel or retrieve his original one (eg. see here, here and here, also here, here and here).

3) Carry over from last season spec: Cas removes his stolen grace and becomes fallen/human again.

  • 3a) Cas removes his stolen grace by transferring it to Dean to ‘purify’ him of the Mark of Cain, this transference may happen via kiss ;p (more on this here and here).
  • 3b) As above but taking on Cas’ grace also (temporarily) ‘angelifies’ Dean (see here)

4) Carry over from last season spec: Cas regains his own grace 

  • 4a) Cas finds his own grace but instead of taking it on himself he uses his grace to cure/purify Dean of the Mark of Cain (more on this here and here).
  • 4b) As above but taking on Cas’ grace also (temporarily) 'angelifies’ Dean (see here) - look I just have a ~thing for angel!Dean okay??  
  • 4c) Instead of finding the grace taken from him, Cas extracts remnants of his grace from Claire Novak left behind when he possessed her in S04 - this may restore him to full angel status OR it may allow him to ‘regrow’ his own grace somehow OR it may be just enough of his own grace to burn up the stolen grace and leave him human/fallen (see here)
  • 4d) Grace extracted from Claire is used as part of a spell to track down the rest of Cas’ actual grace (see here).   

5) Carry over from last season spec: Crowley possesses Cas, perhaps as part of a plan to hold him hostage to ensure Dean uses the Blade (acting as a nice parallel to the way Abaddon possessed Colette to try and make Cain keep using the Blade eg. see here). This scenario could also be used as a means of explicitly textualising deancas (see here or here for the creepy version!)

  • 5a) Rowena, as part of a Lady Macbeth type plan to become joint ruler of Hell with Crowley (or ruler of Hell via manipulating Crowley into being a puppet King), has Crowley possess Cas or has Cas kidnapped in order to use Cas as leverage with Dean, forcing Dean into becoming a weapon of Hell (more discussion over here)
  • 5b) As 5a, but instead of making Dean a weapon of Hell, Rowena fakes Cas’ death and blames it on Crowley, hoping to goad Dean into killing Crowley so she alone can take the throne of Hell.

6) Carry over from last season spec: Crowley ends up working with Metatron and/or it’s revealed that he and Metatron had dealings in the past.

7) Dean performs the Trials to close the gates of Hell as a means of purifying himself from the Mark of Cain (see here and here).

8) Cole Trenton turns out to be the same kind of supernatural monster his father was (which is perhaps a Kumiho - see here), manifesting once he reaches a specific age (thus implying his son will as well). The Winchesters end up helping him control his monster side, possibly aided by Cole’s wife, who is able to get through to him at a time when the monster part of his identity is overwhelming him via a power of love moment (see here and here).

  • 8a) Cole’s older brother turns out to be the same kind of supernatural monster their father was (with the implication that Cole will be too) and Cole ends up helping his brother control his monster side, perhaps via a power of love moment (see here)

9) The 'source of the river’ Metatron talked about turns out to refer to:

  • Lucifer
  • God
  • the power of Heaven (perhaps the angel or demon tablet)
  • Abel
  • Sam
  • John Winchester or the concept of him as Dean perceives him
  • Purgatory 

10) Dean is unable to remove the Mark of Cain and instead learns to live with it as part of him, potentially making Dean immortal. 

11) To cope with the Mark, Dean shares it between himself, Sam and Cas, perhaps by literally transferring one line from the Mark to each of them (see here and here)

  • 11a) Dean shares the Mark with Cas, or even transfers all of the Mark to Cas, as a way to burn up Cas’ stolen grace before the grace kills Cas (see here and here)

12) Sam works with, or makes a deal with, Rowena in an attempt to find a magical cure for the Mark of Cain (see here and here)

13) Hannah rips out her grace (possibly falling and being reborn in the process al a Anna) in order to give Cas more grace. 

14) Hannah takes Claire Novak as a vessel.

15) Sam makes a deal with Lucifer, as the original creator of the Mark, to save Dean (mimicking how Cain ‘saved’ Abel).

  • 15a) This involves Sam saying ‘yes’ to Lucifer, leaving us in a variation of End!Verse - with Cas weakening/becoming more human mimicking future!Cas’ loss of wings/powers, and Sam becoming Lucifer!Sam (see here and here)

16) Crowley ends up sacrificing himself to protect Dean, but also as a form of suicide, potentially mirroring how Meg died (see here)

17) Sam attempts to take Cas’ grace from him by force as a means of curing Dean of the Mark of Cain (see here).

  • 17a) Sam attempts to extract remnants of angel grace from Claire Novak as a means of curing Dean of the Mark (see here). 

18) Rowena puts an ‘attack dog’ spell on Cas, perhaps as a means of distracting Dean from stopping her and Sam using the Book of the Damned (see here).

19) The finale ends with Dean leaving Sam and Cas to spend an undefined time alone and/or Sam, Dean and Cas ALL go separate ways at the end of the finale as part of a group decision to spend some time alone (see here and here).

20) Carry over from last season spec: While 'high’ on the power of the Mark of Cain, Dean badly hurts Sam and/or Cas 

21) Carry over from last season spec: Dean’s right arm gets cut off in order to free him from the Mark of Cain (see here and here for discussion).


strikethrough = Jossed spec

bolded = canonised spec

explanations (where I feel they are required):

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