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Alright, but one thing I notice.  A lot of the main characters have a poet / poetic writer that they reference at least once, if not more than once in the series, and I kind of think it’s both a neat little insight into works of literature that stuck with them, and says so much about them as people

  • For Quentin it’s Byron. Of course it’d be fucking Byron, though.  He references Byron twice in The Magician King alone.  Byron is dark, and he’s full of fear, sex and adventure, but also he’s a romantic, he’s a lover, he’s enchanted with everything.  He’s simultaneously gloomy and brooding, and dreamy and waxing.  Lord Byron is simultaneously hailed for his heroic, swoon-worthy side, and notorious for being brooding, rule-breaking, and kind of a scoundrel.  Perfect Quentin Coldwater material, and it’s no question why he’d resonate.  I also think that ultimately, Byron is also the bad boy Quentin sometimes wishes he was, but is also glad that he isn’t.  I think he’d admire Mad Bad and Dangerous to Know, but I think he’d not quite enjoy that life.  But again.  Byron is heightened and emotional and everything Quentin probably wants gushed into poetry.
  • Eliot has Tennyson.  He quotes Tennyson’s Ulysses their first trip to the Neitherlands. At a glance, my first instinct was merely ‘probably an aesthetic preference.’  But honestly, there’s so much more to it.  Tennyson’s words were musical, they flowed amazingly, they were meticulously chosen and perfectly fitted.  Just how Eliot talks.  Furthermore, there’s an intense sense of melancholy that rings out Tennyson’s poems.  It’s singsong, at times, but there’s always a deep, profound hurt present.  Sometimes it weaves a fantastic tale, that’s lovely and lurid.  That, too, is something deep expressed with a pretty bow.  And really, what could be more Eliot than that?  That’s who Eliot is, in a lot of ways.  Well-spoken, amusing, perfect words at the perfect time, with sorrow below the surface. Also, Tennyson’s thing for strength and order and Kings of fantastic proportions fit so amazingly with Eliot, melancholy and all.
  • For Julia it’s John Donne.  She outright tapes him to her door.  And Donne is a perfect match for Julia on so many levels.  Donne is cynical, he thinks deeply when you don’t want him to, he feels painful emotions when you don’t want him to.  He has two selves, a light Jack Donne and a sombre Doctor Donne–brings to mind First and Second Julia.  And Donne did things with conventions that people didn’t want him to, and he broke social norms, and he was sad in ways that weren’t approved of, but he really didn’t let up or stop because of that.  Also, he’s full of dry wit and puns so very up her alley. It’s wonderful, picturing Julia reading A Valediction Forbidding Mourning, frankly, and a lot of his other stuff, because they’re so very well matched.
  • Janet’s is Shakespeare.  To be fair, other characters talk about The Bard, too, but hers stuck out to me, so I think she deserves some attention for it. Specifically, she talks about Hamlet and Macbeth a lot. Shakespeare’s bloody, psychological tragedies draw her in.  In these two plays. women are witchy omens and powerful queens, and they’re not always good people–they are who they are, and they’ve got feelings, sure, but that doesn’t really change their darker cores.  She thinks of Ophelia going mad when she’s alone in the sand, and no one in the world who cares about her is around and she’s grasping at something only she can see, because sometimes shit is absolutely crazy, and you’re vulnerable and scary.  And she kind of revels in the heightened, unapologetic nature in herself, and in the world that these plays include.  People are fucked up in these plays, and you love them for it, so why should she apologize for being fucked up, or shy away from things that are?  It doesn’t make her feelingless, it just makes her who she is.  And so I really like the pairing of Janet with Hamlet and Macbeth.  

Ultimately, I really like what these character’s personalities lead them to reference throughout the books, and what their specific references reveal about them as characters.

Also, what I wouldn’t give to know what kind of things Alice would talk about, were she given a chance.

Forget #WomanCrushWednesday … It’s #WilliamShakespeareWednesday at the NPR Arts Desk! Which is totally a thing that I did NOT just make up. So bask in the Bard’s glory, my fellow literary nerds! And always remember, “now is the winter of our discontent,” whatever that means. 

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Going out at night to take photographs wouldn’t be complete without Robin sweeping Tim off his feet.


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Combeferre was a guide… Not that Combeferre was incapbale of fighting; he did not refuse to grapple with an obstacle, and to attack it by main strength and by explosion, but gradually, by the teaching of axioms and the prommulgation of positive laws, to put the human race in harmony with its destinies, pleased him better; and of the two lights, his inclination was rather toward illumination than conflagration.

Les Mis Aesthetic (4/?) -Combeferre - M.

*me speaking to teslore nerds* so think of the tower ada-mantia… other towers were constructed that reflect ada-mantia right? …  but even though those other towers seem completely different and are designed to be their own things, some even look like mountains!, theyre still reflections of ada-mantia… now… imagine ‘ada-mantia’ is Our Society… and the other towers are Works of Fiction… the Works of Fiction still reflect Our Society… that’s why homophobia exists in tamriel even though the creators said it doesnt… even though they say red mountain is a mountain it’s also a reflection of a Tower :-) 

Comedy, that is, tends to inhabit a liminal space (one on the edge, either literally or metaphorically), a place between locus and audience. It rarely forgets that there is an audience; and it posits the liminal position as one that bestows the sort of power that arises from resistance to authority, whether that be social or literary.
—  Penny Gay, The Cambridge Introduction to Shakespeare’s Comedies, p. 11
Literary nerd? What? I don't know what you're talking about...

((OOC: Okay, so, think I might be in shock.
I just got an email from Waterstones (let’s gloss over the fact that I get emails from Waterstones) telling me that on 19th October 2017, Philip Pullman is publishing the first of a new arc of books The Book of Dust.
Set in the His Dark Materials world.
Focused on Lyra.
Before and after HDM.
I think I died. I died and went to either purest heaven or darkest hell. If this is another Golden Compass movie disaster I don’t think my soul will ever recover.))

Halcyon days

Today was so lovely! Quick run through because goodness knows the good times are precious and brief. 

1. Brunch this morning at Jacob’s Pickles with Gloria and her boyfriend!! It’s odd how I almost never think of my friends as sexual beings, even though everyone clearly has needs; they were SO CUTE TOGETHER UGH, like randomly holding hands and pecking each other on the cheek. 

2. Went with both of them to church at the UWS Redeemer Presbyterian afterward. I actually really enjoyed it!! Loved being able to sing again [last time was like, 1st grade when we went to chapel at the Lutheran school I went to], and the music was just excellent. Also randomly bumped into Jean and Siyu there, what a coincidence! Filled a page of the program with notes from the sermon:

  1. The church is basically just the oldest book club! I know it varies by church, but Redeemer is quite intellectual and forward thinking so the sermon was basically religious literary analysis, def for nerds like myself.
  2. It struck me that modernization of the church is essential for the progress of humanity. Too many people require religion as an overarching direction for their lives, so in order to move forward while preserving innate spirituality, we have to be able to coax our organized philosophies/religions to move forward as well.
  3. Scripture for sermon was John 15:1-5, about the Father being the gardener and us being branches of the true vine (Jesus). I was struck by the tone/interpretation of forgiveness and admonition that the sermon took, which is clearly not always the case in other places. Particularly, the cautions against being a Christian in name but not acting like one to combat the social injusticies and oppression in the world were revelatory, but also makes me generally sad about the decline of mainline Protestantism.
  4. We always leverage higher meaning from belongingness, and necessarily define in and out groups. Christianity makes that explicit in heaven/not-heaven, but I’m curious if theology can ever supercede that necessity.
  5. The sermon is the basis for the university lecture system. This tradition of people speaking to the masses is not a thing in East Asia, where literary/written tradition trumps oral expression, so it makes sense that the education system coming from the West would imitate a format where knowledge is already conveyed to the masses. 
  6. In particular passages, I was surprised at how automatically I would reject being told what to do, even if it may have been objectively beneficial to do so. Religion probably reconciles this knee-jerk reaction by both demanding obedience to higher authority and focusing on ritual, and by appeal to/reinforcement of conscience. [Ok this is getting long so I’m skipping the rest…]

3. Just finished calling my parents earlier!!! I love them so much haha; it was kind of hilarious, but they actually took my advice on an employment-related decision [thinking about whether to sign onto a different firm]. It’s pleasant to know that they trust me; one of the most flattering things I’ve ever heard is when my sister mentioned to me that Mommy said I was the wisest person in their family, which probably seems like a blatant lie to anyone who reads this blog. 

3a. On another note, something that I wasn’t quite ready to deal with was arguing why they shouldn’t have taken on the new roles because both of them are nearing retirement, so any prospects of future career development are heavily discounted…not something that I think a lot about as a young person surrounded by young people :[

4. Had hotpot last night with several people from the campaign, which was quite nice :] People are recovering at different paces, but I know that people will continue to do good things. 

5. My thighs are still so sore from Friday night…I’d forgotten how much exercise intercourse can be. :/ OK WRAP UP 


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Ahh you bean! Heyo, it me, the anon! I haves a tumblr account but I'm such an anxious nervous lil thing, I just had to say it as an anon :DDDD I would reveal myself, but if I ever come back and have to say anything, i'll just slowly reveal myself, turn it into a guessing game :D I like guessing games, they're fun! But anyways, don't go through the hassle of making me a tag, it is I, a nervous tumblr user who thinks they'll get in strife if they say something wrong :'D ~Someone who uses :D a lot

pfft~! anon. you bean! 
it is perfectly a-ok to be anxious! I understand and respect that pal. just gosh, over me? aha. wow, I am seriously but a small nerd (literary! I’m only 5,0!) playing with sand and hugging a plush companion cube. 
though I do love guessing games! 
and nonsense! you deserve a tag! aha, it is really very simple. and at times I do tend to spam my account.. making finding chats difficult. so the tag is not only helping me but its there for you pal~ 
and gosh! friend ! don’t worry about screwing up? aha man, if i were to judge people for messing up Id be #1 on that list.. really pal, im pretty chill. :) 

Virtue Rewarded

This ficlet is part of the Claire returns early with Bree AU which begins with A Ringing Phone and a Folder.

This ficlet is a direct continuation from A Belated Gift

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Available on AO3 as The Nature of Choice.

This Outlander canon divergence AU ficlet alludes to information/events that appear in Dragonfly in Amber and Voyager.

As always, let me know what you think.

Literary Nerd Note: I had so much fun reminiscing on my graduate lit classes while writing this. For my theory and origins of the novel seminar we read and discussed most of the works mentioned at length––in fact, I had to laugh at the discussion Jamie and Lord John have regarding Pamela in Voyager having suffered through reading it myself. While I don’t know that I’d actively recommend tackling that book, if you ever do find yourself reading it, I must recommend reading it in conjunction with Henry Fielding and Eliza Haywood’s responses to it, Shamela and Anti-Pamela respectively. 

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