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Digital collage artist Eugenia Loli uses cut-up photography from vintage sci-fi magazines to create strange, visual narratives that are out of this world (pun so intended it’s sad). Check out her art and support her work at

What’s up?

I’m moving houses!

You cut up science publications for your art. Do you read them before dismemberment or is it strictly business?

I use National Geographic mostly. Sometimes, I read a bit, but I
mostly look at the pictures.

What are your favorite science fiction films? Were you into Interstellar?

Yes, loved it. My favorite film of all time is The Matrix though.

How do you feel about sci-fi reboots?

Some are needed, to be updated with modern tech. As long as they’re
well done, I don’t mind them.

Why space? Why collages?

I love pop collage, and space is the main theme for pop collage. I
first saw it in early 2012 on Tumblr, and I fell in love with the

Do you listen to music while you work? If so, what?

I used to, I just need to setup my speakers again.

Is this your main career?


Pick three of your favorite pieces and tell me why they rock.

1) First one is here, with the accompanied explanation, this is my best
work to date:

2) Second is “Postmodern Sculpture”,

It rocks because it’s my real, abstract style, the one that represents
me the best. Unfortunately, most of my social media followers hate
that style, oh well.

3) Third is “Geisha”, it took me a long time to complete it:

Do you get embarrassed when talking about your own work?

Not really. I just don’t find it very interesting… It could be better.

What else do you think the world should know about you?

I love figs. I have low tolerance for bullshit. I find this planet boring.

Keep an eye out for Eugenia’s work in next month’s issue of Maudlin House.

Attention Artists!

My University is currently working on publishing their annual literary journal, Metonym. We are in the beginning processes of creating this journal. Completing and publishing this work requires many different people doing different jobs as a collective. 

My job is contacting artists who would like their work featured in the literary journal. That’s where you come in!

If you’d like your art used in the final publication of Metonym, contact me as soon as possible, and if you have some art on your blog or a webpage, i can show your art to the rest of the team and we’d be happy to use your art to make the literary journal something that people will really enjoy! 

This is a great opportunity for any level of artist who wants to see the process of a publication or would like to see their art as a part of something bigger!

If you are interested in any way or have questions, please contact me via my ask box (off anonymous please)

This beautiful book by the equally as beautiful, Scherezade Siobhan, viperslang, will be explored in depth by the King, howitzerliterarysociety, in the first publication of South Jersey Review

Using a journalistic lens, our team is looking to further illuminate one of Tumblr’s most influential poets, the motif to her collection, and more. To get prepped for the review, make sure you grab a copy of Bone Tongue here.

Also, we are still looking for hi-quality contributions in poetry, art & photography. Yes. We are accepting previously published work too. Just make sure it’s your absolute best. For a full list of submission guidelines, visit

16 Places to Pitch Short Stories

Boston Review

About: In the words of Junot Díaz, fiction editor of the Boston Review, they are “looking for fiction in which a heart struggles against itself, in which the messy unmanageable complexity of the world is revealed. Sentences that are so sharp they cut the eye.”

Format: Print, digital, and subscription

Restrictions: Submissions must be under 4,000 words. Previously published material will not be considered.

Reading period: September 15–June 15


About: Ploughshares strives to publish work filled with “literary excellence.” Issues also feature special guest editors such as Seamus Heaney, Rosellen Brown, and Sherman Alexie.

Format: Print, digital, and subscription

Entry fee: $3 for online submissions, free for current subscribers and mailed submissions

Restrictions: Send only one manuscript at a time, either by mail or submit online

Reading period: June 1–January 15

Tin House

About: Tin House endeavors to publish reputable authors and also undiscovered fiction writers and poets. Each issue has a suggested theme, except for the summer and winter issues.

Format: Print

Restrictions: 10,000-word limit. Submit only one story at a time. Only unpublished works will be considered.

Reading period: September 4–May 31


About: BOMB magazine is an independent nonprofit quarterly publication, with an online presence, that is dedicated to artists in conversation with other artists. It accepts unsolicited prose submissions for their literary supplement First Proof and weekly online Word Choice column.

Format: Print and digital

Current deadline: December 31, 2014

About: is a website for science fiction and fantasy dedicated to provoking conversations with and between its readers.

Format: Digital

Restrictions: Stories under 17,500 words. Submit only one story at a time. Simultaneous submissions and previously published works will not be considered.

Genres: Speculative fiction, poetry

One Story

About: One Story is a literary magazine that features only one story.

Format: Print and digital by subscription

Restrictions: Only stories between 3,000 and 8,000 words will be accepted. Only unpublished stories (unless was published in print outside of North America) will be considered.

Reading period: September 1–May 31

Genre: Literary fiction

Glimmer Train

About: Glimmer Train strives to publish literary short stories of the highest quality that are “emotionally significant.” The editors (who also happen to be sisters) encourage submissions from emerging writers.

Format: Print and subscription

Restrictions: Only unpublished stories will be considered

Reading period: Contingent upon submission category

Genre: Literary short stories


About: Narrative magazine seeks to publish “the finest writing talent.” It publishes both established authors and emerging writers.

Format: Digital and mobile app

Entry fee: A fee will be charged for unsolicited submissions

Restrictions: Narrative accepts manuscripts for “short short fiction” that are two to five pages in length, and between 500 and 2,000 words. The magazine also accepts short stories between 2,000 and 15,000 words.

Reading period: All year

Restrictions: Previously unpublished manuscripts are welcomed

Fantasy & Science Fiction

About: Fantasy & Science Fiction looks for stories that will appeal to science fiction and fantasy readers.

Format: Print

Restrictions: Stories up to 25,000 words in length are accepted. Simultaneous and electronic submissions are not accepted. Only one submission at a time is encouraged.

Genres: Fantasy and science fiction

Asimov’s Science Fiction

About: Asimov’s Science Fiction is a magazine geared toward science fiction stories.

Format: Print, digital, and subscription

Restrictions: Submissions up to 7,500 words are accepted. Only previously unpublished stories are accepted. Simultaneous submissions are not encouraged.

Genre: Science fiction


About: Analog publishes stories in which some aspect of future science or technology is the key component.

Format: Print, digital, and subscription

Restrictions: Analog prefers a word count between 2,000 and 7,000.

Genre: Science fiction

Daily Science Fiction

About: Daily Science Fiction publishes original science fiction, fantasy, slipstream, and more every day.

Format: Digital and subscription

Restrictions: Submissions should be 100–10,000 words. Only previously unpublished stories will be considered. Only one submission at a time is encouraged.

Genres: Science fiction, fantasy, slipstream, etc

Electric Literature

About: Electric Literature is a digital fiction magazine. It accepts submission for Recommended Reading, its fiction magazine that is “part salon, part digest, and part journal.”

Format: Digital

Restrictions: Submissions should be 2,000–10,000 words. Simultaneous submissions are accepted, but if it is accepted elsewhere, it must be withdrawn. Only previously unpublished stories are accepted during the spring submission period.

Genre: Fiction

KGB Bar Lit Magazine

About: KGB Bar Lit Magazine accepts submissions for its weekly and monthly publications.

Format: Digital

Restrictions: Submissions should be unpublished stories or excerpts between 1,500 and 3,000 words.

Genre: Fiction

Black Warrior Review

About: Black Warrior Review was established by graduate students in the MFA program in creative writing at the University of Alabama. It publishes Pulitzer Prize and National Book Award winners alongside emerging writers.

Format: Print, digital, and subscription

Restrictions: Submissions must not be longer than 7,000 words. Writers may only submit once every six months. Previously published work is not considered. Simultaneous submissions are accepted, but Black Warrior Review must be notified if the submission is accepted somewhere else.

Reading period: December 1–March 1 and August 1–October 1

The North American Review

About: The North American Review is the oldest literary magazine in the US and is published at the University of Northern Iowa. It is “well-known for its early discovery of young, talented fiction writers and poets.” It also publishes creative nonfiction.

Format: Print and subscription

Restrictions: No more than two short stories may be submitted at a time. Simultaneous submissions are not accepted. Previously published material is not accepted.

Genres: Fiction and creative nonfiction

Vitality magazine Opens for Submissions of Prose and Poetry - Pays $50/poem

Having been closed since the end of December, Vitality magazine has reopened a reading period to solicit more flash fiction, short stories, poetry, and art/illustrators.

Launched last year after a successful Kickstarter campaign, the publication showcases entertaining and uplifting stories that portray queer people in a positive mindset and do not focus exclusively on the hardships or negative issues they commonly encounter due to their gender or sexuality.

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Alright, so I finished designing the website of my literary journal, both print & digital, South Jersey (SJ) Review. 

Don’t worry we’re not geographically restricted and welcome submissions from outside the area.

We’re officially open for submissions for our first issue. Feel free to send your best poetry, short fiction, art and photography to

Check out the website here »

Also read our first blog post on how we got started »

One Story magazine Raises Rates and Opens for Submissions - Pays $500/story

Modern literary magazine One Story has opened its annual reading period and is now accepting submissions of high-quality literary fiction from outside contributors.

Because the publication receives approx. 100 submissions weekly and the editors choose only one story per monthly issue, competition among writers is very high.

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I have the esteemed honour of having the above photographs featured in this month’s edition of ALiteration Mag: A Stitch Untied by aliterationmag 

You can purchase your issue at those links above (all proceeds go to producing future issues) and see my mediocre photographs providing the backdrop for some of Tumblr’s best writers.

Visual Editor Wanted

Aliteration is also looking for a visual editor to be in charge of selecting the photographs for use in their issues, and because most of you guys following me do so for my photographs, I’d (totally modestly) say you have a fine eye for photography :D

Find out the details and apply.

telescopical,you’d be brilliant at something like that.

Literary Journal 'Upstreet' Seeks Poets and Prose Writers - Pays up to $250/story

Annual literary journal upstreet (lowercase), published by Ledgetop Publishing, is now seeking literary submissions for the 11th issue, to be published in July 2015 and distributed nationally through small press distributors.

Editor Vivian Dorsel invites original, unpublished poetry, fiction, and creative nonfiction. She is open to all subjects, styles and genres.

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