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The NBA's secret addiction
ESPN exclusive! How one performance-enhancing sandwich has spread through the NBA.

You guys, I have had this open in a tab for days since reading it, because it was so transcendently, life-changingly good that I can’t let go. YOU GOTTA READ THIS ARTICLE. It doesn’t matter if you don’t watch basketball. I don’t watch basketball. JUST TRUST ME ON THIS.

Readers with highly refined imaginations are creatures neither of this world nor of the re-formed world to come. When they mount to imaginative heights, their sensitivity to the groans of Mother Earth recall them and remind them that such individual envisioning can easily become mere escape. On the other hand, when they labor in the depths of the actual, the reality of fallenness can easily lead to despair, which in turn can diminish the capacity to dream.
—  Marlon B. Ross - ‘Shelley’s Wayward Dream-Poem: The Apprehending Reader in “Prometheus Unbound”’

[27.11.16] Exams are coming🐬 (New Year’s, too. And Sherlock)
This week I need to 

  • Do my history readings
  • Philology readings, too
  • Prepare for Chekhov’s colloquium
  • Academic Writing Essay (possibly)
  • Report for Fucking Sociology
  • Meine Deutsche Hausaufgabe machen

and so on…


Reviewing Rising Phoenix Press Titles 

If you are a staff member at a literary magazine, and your organization would like to review one of our titles, please contact our editors. Please provide your name, the name of the journal you work for, and the title you would live to review. Send all inquiries to risingphoenixpoetry AT gmail DOT com

[8.01.17] Winter break is almost over but there’s a huge portion of fun coming!! First Sherlock and then Golden Globes!
Let’s not talk about the fact that I’ve procrastinated for 3 weeks and haven’t started a paper that’s due in a week 

🎧  Сплин - Звезда рок-н-ролла

Quick Question that if you answer, you will help me A LOT.

I’m supposed to make a mock literary journal for my editing and publishing class. I need to include a cover, front and back stuff, stories/poems/essays etc, and art. But here’s the thing. I don’t know what program to use to make this.

I don’t want this to just be a word document and shit like that, but I don’t know another program to use. Could someone please tell me what program I should use? Thanks!

Not filmmaking related, but this one of my favorite side projects. I help run a zine library in Austin, TX called the Sherwood Forest Zine Library (@SherwoodFZL) and we are helping to organize this really rad independent media fest in Austin on June 11th. 

I made this sick poster! Finally got to play with some halftone effects. (Yes, I’m not JUST an AD). If you know anyone interested, applications for vendors is now open and free to apply! Come on out and party DIY style with us! Support independent art in all its beautiful forms :)

via instagram @kitty663


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I want to taste and glory in each day, and never be afraid to experience pain; and never shut myself up in a numb core of non-feeling, or stop questioning and criticising life and take the easy way out. To learn and think; to think and live; to live and learn: this always, with new insight, new understanding, and new love.”

The Unabridged Journals of Sylvia Plath, diary entry no. 164, 26 January 1953


[3.10.16] I’m a bit late but hello, October! Be nice to me, okay? Let the exams not be hard this month🙏  (I have three of them, yup, and a couple of deadlines to come =_=)

🎧  Postcard from 1952 by Explosions in the Sky

eyes-like-a-showroom  asked:

Hi Roxane! I have been a fan since 2010, when I submitted to my first literary journal, PANK. Though I received positive feedback from you, I didn't make it into the mag during your tenure as co-editor, a big regret! I have some PANK-related questions: what went into the decision to sell? How do you feel about the new editors and their direction/aesthetic? Will you ever be involved in PANK again? Thank you so, so much for the incredible work you do, your time, and considering this question!

Thank you. My co-editor Matt and I were just tired and burnt out. We loved the magazine and still do but didn’t want to compromise the quality of our work. When we received a good offer, we decided to sell. I haven’t followed what’s happened with the new owners and editors because I needed a clean break. If and when I get back into the lit mag game, it will be under a new a banner.