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Remember that time I made that thing.

“I fell in love with her courage, her sincerity, and her flaming self respect. And it’s these things I’d believe in, even if the whole world indulged in wild suspicions that she wasn’t all she should be. I love her and it is the beginning of everything.”
—F. Scott Fitzgerald

Goths, the latest from the Mountain Goats, is about the journey between life in the dark and death in the light, and ultimately trying to find a home somewhere between.

That elusive, literary home for John Darnielle—the lead singer and songwriter of the Mountain Goats for 26 years—has been a theme in his writing lately….

This final turn by Darnielle is what makes him a songwriter nonpareil: macabre humor, tales that weave in and out of fiction, and the smile he cracks after leaving a gaping hole in your heart. Beware, ye goths, life waits for us all, too.

—  Pitchfork review of Goths that claims John Darnielle is “in his own private league of songwriting” with which I couldn’t agree more, meaning I can almost forgive them for giving The Sunset Tree a 7.2
Divorce isn’t such a tragedy. A tragedy’s staying in an unhappy marriage, teaching your children the wrong things about love. Nobody ever died of divorce.
—  Fly Away Home, Jennifer Weiner

Todays quote. This is a different perspective of divorce to what surrounded much of the culture I was raised in. I think it may be a healthier attitude to take.

Guess who just got a letter in the mail saying one of her poems was selected to appear in an upcoming issue of the national literary magazine, Through the Vine?

Guess whose letter also came with a check because published writer = paid bitch?

If you guessed anything other than Inez Garcia-Moreno to either question, I ask that you reevaluate yourself. In the meantime, I’m going to be out getting a manicure that is sorely overdue and deciding where to go to dinner. This girl is treating her dad and mama to some lobster.

With you, it doesn’t matter
if I’m all dressed up or
just be in my underwear.
I don’t care about
the way I eat or
how much I eat;
if I burp too loud or
on the other end.
I can laugh really hard
or cry just as hard.
There isn’t much difference
if I talk too much or
get a little weird,
or even not speak at all.
I’m free to get a little grumpy
or cuddly or pensive or horny.
With you, it doesn’t matter
if I stay in bed all day
or play video games or read a book
or dance in the rain or build a fort;
if I act my age or a silly kid.
None of it matters
because I’m home.

Because you are my home.

My favorite thing about Laurent and Damen’s relationship is that it actually ends up being quite healthy, especially considering the circumstances.

The biggest problem with abusive and or toxic relationships is that often times when the characters reveal their Tragic Past™ their previous actions are forgotten and excused, because “oh, they had such a horrible childhood/adolescence, feel bad for them! That’s why they are such I sufferable assholes, but my Magic Genitals™ will heal them!” which is such terrible and problematic portrayal; but CS doesn’t do that.

Yes, there is a tragic past and it helps you understand the characters and their motivations, but it does not to excuse their actions. Instead, Laurent and Damen acknowledge they have both been wrong, but that the past doesn’t define them. Their relationship has matured they now feel mutual respect for each other and they are growing together and learning from their mistakes .

There was so much potential for this to go completely wrong, but CS knew how to balance her writing and show that even despite their initial feelings and their past, they are equal partners and their love and relationship is healthy and it helps them both grow as people and as a couple.

Cosmic Sister Signs

Opposing signs are truly dynamic yin/yang energies, and when harmonized, open up intense portals for healing, creativity and growth.

Leo + Aquarius: The Noble-Hearted Champions

Leo is the personal hero to Aquarius’ universal heroism.   Together these signs complement one another by balancing the Lion’s fire-hearted ability to inspire and encourage individuals to shine with the water-bearer’s emphasis on collective progress, growth and revolution.  Leo and Aquarius are working to inspire fire-hearted courage and cosmic-genius in everybody so that we can all shine in the heroic, zany ways of fixed fire and air.

Taurus + Scorpio: The Fertile Creators

Taurus is the sensual artist, creating Venusian beauty through visual and literary art, song, music, home, food, scents, textures etc. and a sweet, grounded earthiness, while Scorpio is the emotional artist, creating Plutonian beauty through intense exploration of the sublime,intense shamanistic healing abilities, and the penetration of our most profound psychological mysteries.  Taurus and Scorpio, extremely loyal, passionate and sexual energies, are working to bring intense sensual, spiritual and emotional beauty to every facet of our reality fabric

Cancer + Capricorn: The Cosmic Parents

Moon-ruled Cancer, the ultimate mother, intuitively and psychically nurtures emotional needs and growth, while Capricorn, the ultimate father, nurtures the physical and practical through structure and grounded earthiness.  Capricorn and Cancer energies foster our root (Earth) and sacral (Water) chakra foundations, and these signs always work with an understanding of the importance of family.  Capricorn and Cancer are working to grow the most beautiful gardens and children of earth supported by strong physical and emotional roots.

Gemini + Sagittarius: The Infinite Students-Teachers

Gemini is the forever youthful student-teacher, with amazing, energetic mental powers concentrated on the local and immediate, while Sagittarius is the big-picture teacher-student with the boundless capacity to think globally, spiritually, philosophically.  Gemini and Sag will never allow the limitation of boxes or cages of any sort, dynamically encouraging and pursuing free-thinking, boundless knowledge, radiant wisdom and constant adventuring of the human spirit!!

Libra + Aries: Pure Yin/Yang Potential Energy

Libra brings raw feminine creator energy to any situation in the form of Venusian beauty, harmony, and collective union, while Aries embodies raw masculine creator energy and a zest for all that’s pioneering, independent and Mars - charged.  Libra and Aries both strive to create the new, the original, and the totally awesome for everyone to share together!!

Pisces + Virgo: The Compassionate Healers

Pisces is the mystical healer, working through intuition, idealism, psychism, pure love and cosmic consciousness, while Virgo is the natural earthly healer, working through the complex, meticulous duo that is the mentalism of Mercury combined with the detail-oriented physicality of Earth.  Pisces and Virgo together work to heal the planet and our consciousness on all levels - mental-emotional-physical-spiritual!

* Notice where sister signs appear both in the planets of your own chart and between planets of you and friends to harness their full potentials to manifest dreams into our waking reality!

-<3 Myna