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Ignite the fire within me

A bar where wild people dance in the middle, sweat and body combined, lust and avidity was vivid through their eyes.
A bar, where fake smiles are formed, where pragmatic broken hearts goes. 
A bar, where I am right now to chill-out– a treat for surviving my long hectic weekend. I love staring and observing different people, different emotions, different smiles. 

I smiled when I felt the tingling sensation of the vodka gushing through my gut when suddenly a guy grabbed my wrist, causing the glass to break on the floor, but what most shook my being was this guy’s soft lips moving on mine. He gripped my waist closer, his warmth slowly enveloping me, sucking me from a core solitude that I cannot escape. My hands moves on its own, wrapping them around his neck, making the kiss deeper, skittish and shallow. We stopped for a moment, He stares at me, a flamboyant display of desire was written on his face that made me bit my lower lip. Damn, he’s gorgeous. 

Seconds later, I’m naked, we’re naked. I lost track on how we end up on his, I think, condo unit. He didn’t waste a single second, he explored my body, savoring it, feeling it. A sensation moan escaped through my mouth as I felt him cupped one of my bossom, playing the peak of it between his thumb and index finger, making it harder than it is.

 “Let it out, Quill.”, he uttered as he slowly dip his head and took my hardened peak, sucking it gently as possible. His other hand playing with my wetness.

“Ohh, Nick!”, I gasped for air, as I felt myself slowly running out of breathe. Damn, my womanhood cannot wait any longer from this. “Please, Nick” I pleaded as I gripped his arm, dugging my nails on his flesh.

He wicked smirked flashed through his lips as he flipped me over, as a mousy feeling seized me. He teased me by rubbing his sex on mine. “Beg again, Quill. Say that you want to be fucked by my long hard dick.”. His voice eloctrocuted my throbbing sex, making the fire inside me spread wild. “Fuck me, Nick. Ple– Fucking hell!!” He rammed me hard from my behind, making me lost my sanity.

a.v.m. // ignite the fire within me

Seeking Writers!

I am looking for people who love to write it doesn’t matter whether you write fanfiction or poetry, writing is writing. I have started a new little project for myself, a literary magazine, though at the moment I’m only thinking of one issue, future issues depend on how well things go this time round. I need your help, I am searching for submissions of: Book reviews, Personal Essays, Poetry and Short Stories. You can submit several pieces of work, all the same type or you might want to send in one short story and a couple of poems, that is perfectly fine. The magazine will be published online and each person who contributes will receive a copy, likely a PDF, of the magazine in its entirety for personal use. Previously I didn’t have a closing date for submissions in mind but I would love to have this all finished and ready to go for the start of July, so the deadline for submissions is June 17th.

Please e-mail submissions or any questions to


I think you are the coolest thing since the time I realized reindeer were real animals. I like staring at your face. I wish this was poetic but your face just gets me. I wasn’t suppose to really care about you. You aren’t suppose to be this amazing. I’ve never met someone with quite as much substance as you. I know I’ve only known you a month so this is stupid but you remind of the right kind of silences. Like the beach in the morning. Or right before you fall asleep in between states of consciousness. Or when you walk down your school hallway and there isn’t one sound. Those silences make me feel safe.
Like I exist and nothing is wrong. I don’t want to turn you into a metaphor. I can’t objectify you. I’ve calculated all the different ways I can arrange my sentences, hopeful that one would make you see just how interesting we are together. I don’t expect you to stick around and honesty I’m a very flakey person.
But I needed to say it: you’re such a wonderful thing. I really like your noggin, so much I want shake your brains out your ears and paint the walls with it. All I’m saying is I didn’t even mind that you put me in a chokehold in a taco place.
All I’m saying is people should wear you on a cross necklace and adore you for centuries.


Excerpts from “Prolonged Misunderstanding” by Ryan Jones at Rowan University

Excerpt from "Prolonged Misunderstanding" by Ryan Jones

Cautious and kind was he, but he could never quite listen to the voices of others as flowing streams of verse swam down the river of his mind. He did not understand why they came, but he took them as a sign from God, a bestowing of laurel leaf placed on to the crown of his head. He felt blessed for certain, but not in a over-exaggerated way, such as spoken by countless Christians in Sunday morning prayer lines, but an earnest feeling of blessing, one which he tried so vehemently to express on the page.