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ID #45922

Name: Fry
Age: 20
Country: United Kingdom (England)

I’m Fry!

I’m looking for a penpal and I’m pretty new to all of this.

I’m looking for someone who is hopefully living outside of the UK. I’m really interested in what defines people as individuals and in particular, how a life means something else somewhere else.

I’m currently studying for an English Literature degree and I enjoy discovering new books, poems and texts (Go read Max Porter’s ‘Grief is the Thing with Feathers’). I don’t really have much of a grasp with other languages, but I am open to being a study-buddy if that is what people are looking for.

Can I assume if you’ve come this far, that you’d like to know my interests?
- *~memes~*
- weird indie games
- d&d
- anime
- books (the literary classics), books (the typical fandom-y ones), some select comics (omgcp mainly) and manga.
- tv (more fandom-y stuff), youtube (let’s players, d&p, etc)
- games (tabletops and video games)
- fanfiction ( or AO3 [what? it’s creative writing, right?])
- ice hockey (i’ve just started training with the uni team but i’ve been with the club for about a year)
- the Duke of Edinburgh award! (i’m now a leader and I love hiking)

Besides the above, I’m pansexual and I don’t mind talking about sexuality, gender or other personal stuff. I don’t pretend to be an expert, but I’m open and like listening. I’m an entp ambivert, but don’t let that bother you. Start a conversation with something outrageous (HAVE YOU HEARD ABOUT THIS DOG) and you’ll have me hooked.

This is quite a messy form and I must apologise for that, and the unnecessary formal writing, but I hope I managed to get across who I am.

Preferences: I’m looking for someone who needs somebody to talk to or someone who would like to make a new friendship. (Not looking for romance, sorry!)

In tems of communication, I’d really be into old-fashioned pen and paper letters. I understand this might not be viable so tumblr or emails may be the more appropriate option.

I’d prefer someone who is close to my age, and as I have chosen not to disclose my gender, it doesn’t matter how you identify either. As long as you are comfortable talking to me, I’m happy too.

Sorry for all the writing, I want to aid you in making an informed choice :)

“The streets of London have their map, but our passions are uncharted. What are you going to meet if you turn this corner?” —Virginia Woolf, Jacob’s Room (1922)


The Boston Athenaeum, ca.1900.

The Boston Athenaeum is one of the oldest independent libraries in the United States. It is also one of only sixteen extant membership libraries, meaning that patrons pay a yearly subscription fee to use the Athenæum’s services. The institution was founded in 1807 by the Anthology Club of Boston, Massachusetts. It is located at 10 1/2 Beacon Street on Beacon Hill.

The Oxford English Dictionary defines “athenaeum” as:

  1. An association of persons interested in scientific and literary pursuits, meeting for the purpose of mutual improvement; a literary or scientific club;
  2. A building or institution in which books, periodicals, and newspapers are provided for use; a literary club-room, reading-room, library.

Just as a museum is a place for the muses who inspire art, so an athenæum is a place for Athena, the goddess of wisdom who inspires intellectual pursuits.

“Behind everything in London is something else, and, behind that, is something else still; and so on through the centuries, so that London as we see her is only the latest manifestation of other Londons, and to love her is to plunge into ancestor-worship.” —H. V. Morton, In Search of London (1951)


7 February 1812

Charles Dickens is Born

English author Charles Dickens was born on this day in British history, 7 February 1812. Dickens is widely recognized as the greatest novelist of the Victorian period. One enduring facet of his work is his character creation, with such characters as Oliver Twist, Ebenezer Scrooge, and David Copperfield having literally become a part of British culture since their creation by Dickens. He is also well known for his critique of social conditions in Victorian England, a trait that has become part of the term ‘Dickensian,’ further evidence of his enduring legacy in literary history.