literary coasters


Literary coasters! I covered a bunch of old coasters with pages from old books and then either stamped, drew or printed images on them. I put felt on the underneath of the coasters and then covered the top with plastic. Clearly I’ll have to drink a lot of tea to make sure they actually work okay…

Here’s a link to the shop, by the way:

…at some point I’ll put some coasters up ^_^;


Finally happy enough with these coasters to actually put them up in the shop! The text is from Lady Windermere’s Fan & the two ladies are meant to be Mrs Erlynne & Lady Windermere. 

Although I do love making jewellery, I sometimes feel that it’s not very creative, so it was really nice to be able to work on this project & actually use my drawing skills too! I think for my next batch of coasters I want to try and draw silhouette animals and other objects. 

They look a lot more professional than the ones I first made over here!

So you can find these guys here: