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30 Day Character Challenge

Day 15 — The smartest character

 Ranpo Edogawa [ Bungou Stray Dogs ]


To coincide with the paperback publication of God Help the Child in April, we have redesigned Nobel prize-winner Toni Morrison’s entire backlist. The covers were created in-house and aim to reflect the colour and energy of Morrison’s writing.

Beloved, The Bluest Eye and Sula are available now in Vintage paperback, with the rest of the series publishing over the next few months.

On one occasion during tea, he was so engrossed with what he was saying that he went on pouring into one of the cups long after it was full. When at last he noticed what he was doing, he rolled his head until it looked as though it might come off and said: ‘Oh, I’m hopeless at this sort of thing – help yourselves to the stuff!’ On another occasion while talking with great animation and at the same time signing a book of poems which one of the boys had brought with him, S.S. was found to have written: 'To Siegfried … from Siegfried Siegfried’ and beneath it the wrong date.
—  Dom Hubert van Zeller on Siegfried Sassoon

When the airbnb dude you’re renting a flat from lets you know the password to the wifi is Virginfiction1……. I just can’t decide whether that’s gloriously amazeballs or just a bit… unsettling? 

What do you say @moripartylove

It’s a sad reality I mostly play the sims 4 instead of the sims 3 because 4 have better gender and sex customisation and everyone can have pretty much anyone’s clothing… *sigh*

Dangerous Creatures

So I have a lot of feels about this book. It definitely touched on a lot of darker areas that I really enjoy exploring but what I really want is to explore Links reverence of Magneto because it says so much about the kid, no matter which incarnation you talk about. At first I thought it was just a surface thing, where Link didn’t really understand what Magneto stood for as a villain. But looking at his journey in this book, and getting more of an insight to his mind … I ’m not so sure anymore.
Love Me Forever, a Romione fanfic | FanFiction
A different take on the Summer after the Battle of Hogwarts. Things are not easy for Ron and Hermione right after the battle, and this is my take on what happens. This story begins moments before Deathly Hallows ends and continues over the following months.

All right, I’m very, very nervous about posting this story. I’ve been writing it for over a year and it’s my literary baby, if you will.

Today is the Anniversary of the Battle of Hogwarts, and this story starts right as the Battle ends. So I consulted with trusted friends and dealt with my nerves, and decided to go ahead and start posting this story!

Thanks to @jenahid and @otterandterrier for being amazing and so awesome as 2nd readers. You guys really helped this story move along and make it better! Also thanks to @diva-gonzo for encouraging me to write it when this story wasn’t much more than an idea and two or three chapter drafts. 

Please read the Trigger Warnings that will apply to following chapters, and once you’ve read the chapter, let me know what you think!

Alt. Link at AO3

Excerpt of the first chapter, “As the Battle Ends”:

“How are you doing?” she asked after a moment, her hand reaching for something in his hair and dropping it behind them, breaking the contact.

Ron let out a sigh, almost wishing he could block all the feelings and memories that came back with Hermione’s question. He was a mix of relief, tiredness, grief, pain, rage, and more. Yet exhaustion was about as much as he was willing to look into at the moment. “I… I need to sleep. You probably feel the same. Don’t you?”

“Yes. I’m starving but no feast would be as tempting as if we had access to a bed right now.”

Ron looked at her, and a smile crept to his face as he saw her blushing. He knew it was too much to hope, but wouldn’t it be delightful if she was imagining them sleeping together? If that was ever to be an option, they had to start proper.

“Hermione… about before…”


This was the moment. It was his turn to show her–to tell her, dammit, he knew the words were important–that he was madly in love with her and that all he wanted was to kiss her again. He could feel the tips of his ears getting scalding hot; he knew they were getting red and showcasing his nervousness like two lighthouses to the world. Bloody hell. Bloody hell, talk, you idiot.