"Kiss me"
  • Louis: On the sofa, his body lay under yours, your chest pressed against his heavily breathing torso. Sweat forming on his forehead as his hands roamed your nearly bare body, skimming your back gently, gracing down to your bum and down your thighs, lightly, painfully lightly. Your fingers tangled tightly in his hair, your hot breath radiating on his neck, his ear lobe, his temple as you trailed your lips across his upper half, pushing your hips down into his. His hands tighten around your body as he groans, tossing his head back on the arm of the couch and crying out desperately, “fuck, kiss me damnit” and so you do, and a growl escapes his lips and into yours as he rolls over above you.
  • Harry: “Wh-what can I do?” he pleads, anything to stop the broken sobs from escaping your lips, to stop the heartbreaking cries emitting form your body. He kneels on the floor beside you, your body curled helplessly on the loveseat above him. “Please…” he breathes, “I want to fix this, I’m sorry, I’m stupid, I shouldn’t have said that, I’m so so sorry, I love you and I-” he raves on before you sit up and interrupt him. “Shut up” you murmur. He catches his words in his throat, “what?” he asks, eyes questioning yours. “Shut up and kiss me” you mumble, and then his lips are on yours, pulling your body closer to his as the kiss deepens, and then he pulls away, only to connect his lips with your cheeks, wiping tears away. “I hate you” you grumble, not truthfully, and he chuckles before covering your lips against his again.
  • Niall: “No way…” he murmurs, dropping the controller to the carpeted floor, mouth agape and eyes wide. “Did you just-?” he begins, staring in awe as your just cross your legs, nodding with an amused smirk on your lips. “You just beat me. You just beat me at Fifa World Cup.” He states, shocked. “Oh don’t sound so surprised Horan” you scoff, tugging on the band of your sweatpants as you get up, before being tossed back onto the couch and ambushed by tickling fingers. You squeal and laugh begging him to stop before you pee yourself and then his fingers stop moving and he’s laughing too before you silence your giggles, “well… Kiss me you idiot” you exclaim, and he dives right in.
  • Zayn: “why are you so nervous?” he asks, shivering slightly in the November air on your doorstep, his jacket having been placed around your shoulders. He pulls his body a step away from yours, taking in your trembling appearance before him, sighing as he was so close to kissing you. “I-I…” you stutter and he smiles warmly, “there’s nothing to be nervous about, I like you, and I mean…I’m a pretty decent kisser” he muses, twirling a strand of your hair around his fingers. “C’mon then, kiss me” he murmurs, his warm breath fanning over your face, and then your reaching up and he’s leaning in and his soft, warm lips are pressed against yours perfectly. And he pulls away, smiling at your flushed cheeks and upturned lips, your hand reaching around the hand him his jacket back, “Keep it, there’ll be a second date, I mean, I wasn’t that bad right?”
  • Liam: “Ready?” you ask, taking the water bottle from his hands. He nods excitedly, bouncing on his toes as he readies himself for the concert. “Good, have fun okay? I’ll be right there in the front row” you grin, squeezing his hand in yours tightly, neither of you making any move to leave. His eyes lock on yours, a smile spreading across his lips, forgetting the other boys and the stage hands around the room. “Need anything else before I go?” you ask reluctantly. He hums thoughtfully, tipping his head from side to side, “one thing” he coos teasingly. “what’s that?” you ask, cocking your head to the left. “Kiss me, baby” he chuckles and you giggle, bouncing up on your toes and pressing a sweet kiss to his lips, hugging his large frame tightly against yours, before letting him go, watching him saunter out onto the stage.
He's the first to...
  • Louis: …say “I love you”. He’d just blurted it out one day. You halted your movement, pulling away from his body for a second to stare into his eyes, your own filled with confusion and fear. “You don’t have to say it back” he whispered, “I get it if you don’t, I know you’re scared”, a smile spread across his lips, reassuring you. His lips pressed to yours softly, chastely, and those same words had spilled from your lips as well.
  • Harry: …kiss you. Walking down the hallway to your freshman geometry class, your boyfriend of three weeks appeared in front of you, taking your hand carefully in his as you walked together, you sharing about the chemistry test you were sure you’d just bombed. You arrived outside your classroom and his lips were suddenly on yours, and your eyes fluttered shut in surprise, your heart racing in a flurry of emotion. As he pulls away, a cute little smirk tugs as his lips as he saunters away to French.
  • Niall: …tell you that you’re beautiful. He’d said it on the third date, when you opened the front door of your flat in sweats and a sleeveless t-shirt. You’d rolled your eyes and walked into the living room, him trailing happily behind you. "What?" he asked and you ducked your face behind a curtain of hair, scarlet rising to your cheeks. “has no one ever told you that?” he asks and you shake your head, no. “What? How?” he asks, tipping your chin up to face him and pressing his lips to yours, “you should be told every day that you’re beautiful, ‘cuz you are”
  • Zayn: …make love to you. You were scared, and underneath his soothing voice, so was he. You were trembling as your bare body slipped under the covers and he hovered over you, his lips brushing your with every word as he murmured, “I love you. I love you so damn much, please, tell me if you want me to stop” but you didn’t. You nodded and his lips met yours.
  • Liam: …be there for you. Maybe you’re crying because you got in a fight with your best friend, or the fans are sending you hate, or you miss your dad, but in an instant, he’s there. He’s by your side, gripping your hands in both of his, staring directly into your glossy eyes, pressing his lips to trails of tears on your cheeks. And maybe he’s not saying anything, or maybe he’s murmuring something about how he’s there for you and it’s okay, but he’s there and that’s what counts.
"You make me smile like the sun"
  • Louis: { You´re better than the best, I´m lucky just to linger in your life} Rousing from your slumber, your eyes flutter open to meet his striking blue ones. A smile is plastered across his features, his rough fingers tracing circles on the exposed skin of your hip. “Why are you so giddy?” you giggle a little, tucking your head into the crook of his neck. “I’m just lucky to be in your life, you’re the most amazing girl I know”
  • Harry: { Fall out of bed, sing like a bird} He literally danced around the flat, bringing back and forth cups of hot tea and soup as you cuddled up under a blanket, sniffling occasionally. As he sauntered between the room you were perched in and the kitchen, he hummed, whistled, and flat-out sang. Sometimes your favorite songs, sometimes random tunes he thought up, and even a quick little verse of his favorite old song, “you make me fall out of bed, sing like a bird…”
  • Niall: { You make me dance like a fool, forget how to breathe } Descending the stairs in your simple white bridesmaid’s dress, your hair perfectly styled, you smirked a little bit, seeing Niall waiting in the living room for you. He had his eyes closed, a smile on his face as he danced alone, his hands positioned as if you were there slow dancing with him. You giggled audibly and he snapped out of his trance, glancing up at you blushing, his breath catching in his throat at the sight of his beautiful lover
  • Zayn: { You steal away the rain and just like that… } He sighed, slumping down onto the couch, “it’s raining, what are we gonna do?” he sighed. You thought for a second, perking up with a new idea. Signaling for him to follow, you bounded up the steps, ripped the sheets off the bed and dragging them down the stairs with his help. After some careful organization, the two of you set up a stellar blanket fort, diving into it and cuddling up, setting up a cheesy movie on his laptop, soon forgetting the pounding rain outside your window.
  • Liam: { Just the thought of you can drive me wild } He sat in an interview, zoning out and thinking of you, when the sound of your name snapped him out of his reverie. The interviewer repeated her question, “how’re things with (y/n)?” Liam’s eye lit up, his body visibly brightened, a blinding smile hitting his lips. The boys chuckled and teased, but he was lost in thought, excited just by the thought of you, giddy with that fact that you were his. “things are great, insane, couldn’t be better” he rambles, “she’s absolutely incredible.”
"just friends"
  • Niall: You crossed the ball over to your other foot, leaving Niall in the dust as you scored a goal. "That's it. I quit!" he chuckles as you run over to him and he gives you a well deserved high five. "I learned from the best" you tease, poking Niall's bare chest. "Well maybe I taught you a little too much" he admits, "but listen, there's this new horror movie out and I was wondering if you wanna come with me to see it?" he asks casually and your eyes widen but then relax as you raise an eyebrow at him. "I mean....not like...I mean as friends...not like a date unless you want....never mind" He splutters, his hand flying to the back of his neck, rubbing awkwardly, unsure of how to correct his obvious blunder, but internally, you're both thinking the obvious; " this a date?
  • Zayn: You stood behind Zayn, walking out of the cafe, only to be flooded by cameras. Instincively Zayn grabs your hand to guide you throw the flashing lights and yelling people. "Zayn! Zayn! Is this your new girlfriend?" You sigh, feeling his hand release yours quickly, his cheeks heating up. "uh n-no we're j-just friends" He answers, but by his stutter, it's obvious to anyone looking on that he wishes you weren't. He glances back at you quickly, not quite meeting your eyes but continuing your trek to his car in uncomfortable silence.
  • Harry: You sat on the sofa at Harry's late one Friday night, watching whatever caught your attention on the TV. You'd both finally settled on 'Love Actually' both of yours favorite movie. The lights were out, and a sappy love scene appeared on the screen. You felt his piercing gaze on your skin so you glanced in his direction. Your heart fluttered, seeing his emerald eyes staring back. "This is uh...romantic" you whispered, unconciously leaning forward as he did the same."(Y/N), there's something I should tell you" he murmurs, lips less than an inch from yours.Suddenly you're standing up, grabbing your phone and pulling your shoes on, "I um- I gotta go. I'll talk to you another time bye" you blurted out, flying out the front door. Leaving both of you to question yourselves, 'What the hell did I just do?'
  • Louis: You descended the stairs of your flat, to where Louis sat on the sofa, waiting for you to join him for movie night at Liam's. He smiled seeing you, squinting for a second before standing up and sauntering over to you. "Ready then?" you ask, furrowing your eyebrows as he walked up so close to you, you were afraid he could hear your heart pounding at his closeness. "you've just got a little-" he murmurs breathily, as if in a daze. His hand lifts towards your face, his thumb wiping stray lipstick from your lower lip. You're suddenly aware of his nearness, his fingers close to your lips, if he only leaned forward another two inches, he could kiss you. He must've noticed too because he cleared his throat awkwardly, standing straight up and walking towards the door, car keys in hand, "well come on then" he chirps, as if nothing even occurred.
  • Liam: You were sat on the piano bench, beside Liam, helping him with the song he was currently working in. Both of your hands flew over the keys, his doing the same beside you. You hit a wrong key, but kept playing, gasping quietly when his hand landed on top of yours. You both looked up, into eachother's eyes, not bothering to move your fingers. His eyes sparkled, a bright grin on his face, before it fell as you slipped your fingers out of his and up to the sheet music on the stand, "uh I think we need to work on the riffs, they don't uh sound right" you said quickly, blinking rapidly to get these thoughts out of your head. "uh yeah right. I'll uh-I'll be back in a second" he says quickly, a sad look on his face, before bolting out of the room, shaking his head spitefully.
You're/He's Sick
  • Zayn: You bolted out of bed, tossing the covers over to Zayn's side of the bed as you ran across the hall to the bathroom, kneeling and emptying the contents of your stomach into the toilet. Zayn walks sleepily, dragging his feet into the room, as you sigh and look up at him. Rubbing his eyes, and running a hand through his un-styled hair, "you okay?" he says softly, his voice raspy and exhausted from taking care of you from the past few days. You take a deep breath and nod, avoiding Zayn's gaze as you get up to brush your teeth; embarrassed and guilty. You hop up onto the counter, keeping your eyes on your lazily kicking feet, until they are parted by Zayn's body, him stepping into your view. "don't worry about it, ts'not your fault, how are you feeling?" he coos, letting you finish brushing the bile from your mouth, now fresh with minty toothpaste. "gross" you groan and he chuckles a bit, "that's to be expected, are you hungry? need medicine?" he asks, taking your hands in his. "nah, I'm just so tired" you mumble sleepily and he smiles, kissing your temple, before taking your hand and leading you slowly back to the warm comfort of your bed.
  • Louis: He slumped into the flat, dropping his bag beside the door and groaning audibly. "Lou?" you called from the kitchen. "hmmph" he huffs, stepping slowly, loudly up the stairs. "Louis hold on a second, what's wrong?" you sigh, running to where he was. "I feel awful" he sighs, rubbing his head, while doubled over. "what's wrong?" you murmur gently, taking his hands and gently guiding him into the kitchen, where he sat on a stool. "I have a headache, and my stomach is churning, isn't this like, a girl thing?" he chuckles, still the jokester in his most vulnerable state. You shake your head and laugh quietly, rolling a package of crackers onto the table, with a bottle of water and a few Advil. "need anything else?" you ask, perching yourself on the counter, and lazily running your fingers through his messy hair. He thinks for a minute, downing the medicine and water, munching on a few crackers to settle his stomach. "just a little love" he grins, pulling you into a weary hug, as you both settle onto the couch, curling up and napping the day away.
  • Niall: Another jolt of pain hit you, and your head fell between your knees, arms wrapped around your trembling legs. "Y/N?" Niall whispered, looking up from his guitar over at you. Even in his quiet tone, his words sent your head into throbbing agony. You moaned and he sighed, "everything alright?" he asks quietly, suddenly beside you rubbing your back. "m-migraine" your choked out through bouts of vertigo and tears. "advil sweetheart? food? water?" he coos and you sigh, lightly shaking your head and squeezing your eyes shut. "well tell me what you need, love?" he pries gently and you only respond by lifting your head from your knees, looking up at Niall with sad eyes as he stared back, questioningly, and you hold your arms out like a little kid and he smiles brightly, taking you up in his arms and effortlessly carrying you to the bedroom, laying you down on the bed and tucking you in, swiping pieces of your hair out of your face, and pressing kisses to your cheeks and forehead, ever-so-lightly. "you're gonna be alright sweetheart, rest with me"
  • Liam: "Liam stop, you're sick" you chuckle a bit as he busies himself around the house, cooking, cleaning, tweeting. "Just take a break" you suggest and he opens his mouth to say something before holding up one finger, and cocking his hip to the side sassily. You laugh at his antics, as he pulls his phone out of his pocket, typing furiously and seconds later your phone rings with Liam's signature tone. A new text from him reads, 'babe, i'm not SICK i'm on vocal rest' you laugh and toss your phone on the couch, "I don't care what you are, take a rest, it'll be good for you, ya dork" you giggle, as he finally sets down the dishes he was drying, turning off the laptop and flopping onto the sofa. He smiles at you and winks and you grin back, "want some juice?" and he nods giddily, pulling the blanket up to his chin. You melt inside at his childishness, looking more adorable when he's vulnerable, you skip into the kitchen grabbing some apple juice and tossing him the box, which he sips contentedly. Another text lights up your cell, 'thx darlin, now come snuggle!!!'
  • Harry: "Harry baby, please don't come over, I don't want you getting sick" you rasp into the phone as Harry laughs good-naturedly, "aw that's cute, you think I'd just leave you alone when you're sick, don't even argue with me honey, I'm on your porch" just then, a key turns in the lock, the door being kicked open, revealing black skinny jeans, red converse, and a torso covered by various things being held in his large hands, his curly head sticking out over the top. He smiles, greeting you sweetly as he begins setting things out on the table; cough medicine, cough drops, lollipops, tea, one of your favorite books, and a pink teddy bear. "aw Harry-" you begin, your voice hoarse. "sh sh sh, let me take care of you love" he says, giving you a spoonful of cough syrup, running to the kitchen to make your tea, before returning with a cup of steaming honey lemon tea, before cuddling up next to you, the teddy bear, (which he named Harry junior because 'it's cute, like me get it?') and placing your head on his chest, your arms wrapped tight around the bear, his around you, one ho,ding the book as he read aloud, his voice slow and soft, occasionally stopping to press kisses to your hair or for you to sit up and cough, only to settle back in and sip your tea.