"Kiss me"
  • Louis:On the sofa, his body lay under yours, your chest pressed against his heavily breathing torso. Sweat forming on his forehead as his hands roamed your nearly bare body, skimming your back gently, gracing down to your bum and down your thighs, lightly, painfully lightly. Your fingers tangled tightly in his hair, your hot breath radiating on his neck, his ear lobe, his temple as you trailed your lips across his upper half, pushing your hips down into his. His hands tighten around your body as he groans, tossing his head back on the arm of the couch and crying out desperately, “fuck, kiss me damnit” and so you do, and a growl escapes his lips and into yours as he rolls over above you.
  • Harry:“Wh-what can I do?” he pleads, anything to stop the broken sobs from escaping your lips, to stop the heartbreaking cries emitting form your body. He kneels on the floor beside you, your body curled helplessly on the loveseat above him. “Please…” he breathes, “I want to fix this, I’m sorry, I’m stupid, I shouldn’t have said that, I’m so so sorry, I love you and I-” he raves on before you sit up and interrupt him. “Shut up” you murmur. He catches his words in his throat, “what?” he asks, eyes questioning yours. “Shut up and kiss me” you mumble, and then his lips are on yours, pulling your body closer to his as the kiss deepens, and then he pulls away, only to connect his lips with your cheeks, wiping tears away. “I hate you” you grumble, not truthfully, and he chuckles before covering your lips against his again.
  • Niall:“No way…” he murmurs, dropping the controller to the carpeted floor, mouth agape and eyes wide. “Did you just-?” he begins, staring in awe as your just cross your legs, nodding with an amused smirk on your lips. “You just beat me. You just beat me at Fifa World Cup.” He states, shocked. “Oh don’t sound so surprised Horan” you scoff, tugging on the band of your sweatpants as you get up, before being tossed back onto the couch and ambushed by tickling fingers. You squeal and laugh begging him to stop before you pee yourself and then his fingers stop moving and he’s laughing too before you silence your giggles, “well… Kiss me you idiot” you exclaim, and he dives right in.
  • Zayn:“why are you so nervous?” he asks, shivering slightly in the November air on your doorstep, his jacket having been placed around your shoulders. He pulls his body a step away from yours, taking in your trembling appearance before him, sighing as he was so close to kissing you. “I-I…” you stutter and he smiles warmly, “there’s nothing to be nervous about, I like you, and I mean…I’m a pretty decent kisser” he muses, twirling a strand of your hair around his fingers. “C’mon then, kiss me” he murmurs, his warm breath fanning over your face, and then your reaching up and he’s leaning in and his soft, warm lips are pressed against yours perfectly. And he pulls away, smiling at your flushed cheeks and upturned lips, your hand reaching around the hand him his jacket back, “Keep it, there’ll be a second date, I mean, I wasn’t that bad right?”
  • Liam:“Ready?” you ask, taking the water bottle from his hands. He nods excitedly, bouncing on his toes as he readies himself for the concert. “Good, have fun okay? I’ll be right there in the front row” you grin, squeezing his hand in yours tightly, neither of you making any move to leave. His eyes lock on yours, a smile spreading across his lips, forgetting the other boys and the stage hands around the room. “Need anything else before I go?” you ask reluctantly. He hums thoughtfully, tipping his head from side to side, “one thing” he coos teasingly. “what’s that?” you ask, cocking your head to the left. “Kiss me, baby” he chuckles and you giggle, bouncing up on your toes and pressing a sweet kiss to his lips, hugging his large frame tightly against yours, before letting him go, watching him saunter out onto the stage.
"You're my hero"
  • Louis:“Ow shit” you muttered as you flipped the page of the book you were reading on the sofa, and the page left an angry paper cut on your thumb. “What? What happened?” Louis asked, flying into the room from the kitchen. “I’m fine, just a paper cut, ew” you groaned seeing a few drops of blood leaking out. Suddenly Louis was out of the room, then back in a flash with a box of bandages in his hands. “There’s stripes and polka dots in here, a crucial decision” he announces broadly, handing you the box as you laughed and fished a pink polka dotted bandage form the box. “There’s the right choice” Louis chuckled, unwrapping and placing the bandage over your finger, pressing a kiss to the – now covered – cut. “Good as new!” he exclaims happily, kissing your cheek with a smile on his face. “You’re my hero, superman”
  • Liam:Bolting off the stage for the wardrobe change halfway through the concert, his eyes met yours and he sighed in relief. “My hero!” Liam exclaimed, flying past stage directors to pull your body into a tight bear hug, so tight that you were laughing in gaspy breaths, your feet a few inches off the floor. “You’re crushing the food I waited in line to get you, idiot” you chuckled, stepping back and handing him the slightly squished bag of McDonald’s from your purse. He quickly scarfed down the fries from the bag, before popping a piece of gum into his mouth and lifting you up again, pulling you in for a hard and giggly kiss. “Thank you, I may have died!” he cries dramatically, setting you down and pressing a kiss to your forehead, before saying a quiet goodbye and running off in the direction of the other boys.
  • Harry:You jolted awake from your slumber, bolting upright and immediately waking Harry. “shh, shh you’re okay, it was a dream” he coos softly, knowing already what had happened. He pulled the blanket further over the two of you, pulling your body against his and sighing contentedly as your buried your face into the curve of his neck and his shoulder. Humming softly, twirling strands of your tangled hair between his long fingers. You whimpered slightly, causing an instinctive hush to fall from his parted lips. “I’m not gonna let anything happen to you silly, I’ll protect you, you’re safe with me” he repeated softly into your hair, pressing gentle kisses there and stroking your back rhythmically. You breathed out in relief, cuddling in closer and mumbling sleepily, something that sounded like, “You’re my hero”
  • Zayn:“Please” you sobbed into the phone, and he growled a bit, mumbling, “stay on the phone, don’t move” You nodded, though he couldn’t see you and sniffled quietly, trembling as your father’s footsteps echoed louder and louder to the room you were hiding in. Huddled in the back corner of your closet, your body shook with sobs as you listened to his drunken body stumble through the house. You heard the front door slam open and a confused slur of profanities spill from your dad’s mouth. A scuffle was heard, grunts and shouts playing through your mind before a thud sounded throughout the now quiet house, and you trembled, not sure of who it could have been. But when his soothing voice cooed your name softly, you choked out a sob, flying out of your spot and into his arms, shaking with relieved cries. “you’re okay, god you’re okay, no one’s gonna hurt you now” you breathed heavily, clinging to his body and mumbling over and over, “y-you’re my hero”
  • Niall:“Ah! Niall!” you squealed, curling your legs underneath you and holding a pillow in front of your bed, making yourself as small as possible. His feet came pounding up the steps as you yelped again, “Niall!” the door flew open, a flustered looking Niall bounding into the room. “What? Oh my god are you okay?!” he exclaims. “S-spider!” you squeak, pointing to the small black insect on the sheets near where your feet once were. He chuckles a bit, grabbing a tissue from atop the dresser, and killing the spider, tossing the remnants in the trash in the bathroom and running back to the room and diving under the covers with you. “the monster is slain m’lady” he exudes in a posh accent. “why thank you good sir, you’re my hero!” you chirp in an overly feminine accent. He laughed, nuzzling into your neck, pressing a quick kiss there. “love you…”
"Don't leave me"
  • Louis:All was said and done, words were said, things were thrown, hearts were broken and tossed on the floor. His face was red, neck veins were prominent as he screamed, he screamed things he didn’t mean, things he swore he would never in a million years, ever say to you. But he did. And you sat there and took it, your shoulders strong, your stance calm, you took everything he said. And then he was done, and everything was done. You looked up into his tear glazed eyes, those eyes you’d come to love, now filled with something different, anger, but now regret. Regret, as he took in your trembling lips, your glassy eyes, and shaking hands. Your keys held in shaky fingers, your hand on the doorknob, and a sob coming from behind you. It was broken and awful, something you’d never heard before, and it made you turn around. Then a barely audible whisper came from its source, “Please, don’t leave me”
  • Harry:Your body lay curled up on the sofa, maybe curling yourself up would help you escape the world. His eyes drooped as he sprawled out on the love seat beside you, his eyes red from seeing you so upset. You were done speaking, reminiscing on all the time you’d had with your mum, the list of memories that was closed off for good. Harry had listened to your ranting about how it wasn’t fair, how the funeral was gonna be terrible, how bad you already missed her. He sat and listened, stroking your hands softly, humming occasionally. Your voice was raw, your body and brain exhausted, and you were drifting off slowly, you mind shutting off into a deep, dreamless sleep. He got up from his seat, softly stepping towards the door, your eyes snapped open. “wher-where are y-” you choked out, absolutely terrified at the thought of him leaving. “well I just thought that I shou-” he started, but you sat up straight then. “No! Please don’t leave me, not now…”
  • Niall:He hummed quietly as your body curled further into his warm frame, his fingers aimlessly twirling locks of your hair. Your hands rest against his chest, fingers tightened in the fabric of his shirt as his hums became notes, and his tired, faultless voice lulled you to sleep. Your eyes fell shut, your head nodding forward onto his shoulder, your thoughts getting lost in his scent, his warmth, his voice, his everything. Then your eyes fluttered open, your head snapping up, fingers loosening their curl on his t shirt, mumbling to yourself as you rolled out of bed. “where ya going?” Niall grumbled, his fingers reaching out towards you, eyes desperately begging for the feel of your skin once more. “it’s late I should go…” you murmured softly, as if the peace, this lovely night might fall to pieces if you were to be any louder. “No, don’t leave me, please stay, love”
  • Zayn:Your body lay limp and completely covered in tubes and needles. Bandages covered inches of skin, your eyes lay closed, your chest rising and falling ever so slowly. He sat in the chair inches from your bed, hands gripping yours weakly, tears falling from tired eyes. His sobs were quiet, shaky and silent. He wouldn’t leave, it’d been 5 days, and no matter what the nurses, or the boys did, he wouldn’t leave, he wouldn’t move from your side unless it was absolutely essential. He began to nod off, his head falling towards his trembling chest, his fingers losing their grip on yours. But his eyes snapped open again when something changed in the room. Your heart monitor had slowed, considerably, your breathing becoming slower and louder, as if it were heard to even inhale. He bolted up, calling for a nurse frantically, clutching yours limp hands in his, the other hand stroking your cold cheek. His voice was rough, broken as he begged desperately, “please, please please, no please don’t leave me, not like this, please”
  • Liam:“I belong with you, you belong with me, you’re my sweetheart” his sweet voice sang in your ear, his hands tight against your waist, his lips right beside your ear. Your eyes fell shut, his warm breath fanning over your face as you swayed back and forth in the dark room, no distractions, no one to bother you two. Promises were murmured to each other, sweet nothings and endless compliments exchanged. “Promise me you’ll always love me, you’ll never find someone else?” you breathe, lips so so close to his ear. He sighs, rubbing circles into the small of your back. “Never, I’d never find someone as amazing as you, I’ll love you always, so long as you promise me one thing…” he trails off, lips pressing against your temple as he spoke. You hummed, urging him to go on. “Don’t leave me, promise me you’ll always stay with me…”