HA i went to my high school’s graduation today (i had friends in the grade below graduating) and some of the fucking asshole girls from my grade who bullied me mercilessly for being queer were there and actually tried TALKING to me like ??? i guess i’m suddenly interesting because i got “cool” over the past year! they would literally fucking refer to me as the “flaming lesbian” and “lady fag” (and a bunch of other fucked up names that i don’t even want to type out or remember) all the time and actually expected me to be polite and stop and have a conversation today liiiiiiiiike….. naaaah fuck off y’all made me fucking miserable and i don’t have time for fucking loser cishet white girls to now want to associate with me as the ~cool & queer~ kid literally go fuck yourselves i want nothing to do with you, y’all are absolutely undeserving of a second of my time and energy. they called my name a couple times trying to get me to stop but i just threw up a peace sign and kept walking. i don’t want any apologies or painful smalltalk. these people were so fucking shitty to me and i’m not generous in dishing out forgiveness or courtesy so yeah you better believe i’m gonna walk past your ugly asses and not want anything to do with the people who would bully me for my gender and sexual orientation when it doesn’t affect you at all. mean shallow girls with ugly hearts

You know, sometimes all you need is twenty seconds of insane courage. Just literally twenty seconds of just embarrassing bravery. And I promise you, something great will come of it.
—  Benjamin Mee: We Bought a Zoo

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Pssst I left you a few presents on league. Enjoy!


TIME TO 1v1, HOWLING ABYSS, NO ITEMS, AHRI ONLY ALL MY FRIENDS- wait league’s still screaming at me. 

What the-


WHAT THE *dies*

I CAN’T. HANDLE. HOW NICE THIS IS AND YOU ARE, HOLY SHIT THANK YOU SO MUCH ;____; I have literally no words, holy shittt *lays down* I owe a million bruh, this is so nice. WHAT ARE WORDS? HOW DO I EXPRESS GRATITUDE?? ahh thank you so much *incoherent babbling* 

I feel like people are starting to go too far when it comes to gender identities. It’s like changing your gender ever week has become some sort of trend, and it pisses me off. To clarify, I am MtF fully transitioned, so please don’t start with the “lul ciz purzun fu” comments.

I’ve noticed, especially with teenagers, that your gender is treated like some sort of scarf that you change when you feel like it. And call me truscum all you want, but these same people are also the ones that yell “you don’t need dysphoria to be trans!!!”. I see this in both real life and tumblr. These people (usually teens) are constantly going from Bigender to Agender to Nonbinary weekly, and I wish I was exaggerating about that. Most of them have this attitude that you aren’t interesting if you don’t conform to some obscure gender, or better yet, they literally make up a new gender “to fit their personality”, again I wish I was making this shit up. Go ahead, tell me I’m ignorant, but this is not how gender fucking works. Pulling crap like this trivializes what trans and NB people go through. Gender is not a trendy handbag, it is not a cute personality kink, it is not a popular fandom. It is part of what makes you as you are, so quit treating it like the things I listed. Having X gender does not make you more or less interesting as a person, being cis is not super boring and being trans is not super interesting. Okay? Okay.

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i want to respect 21pilots so bad but its bugging me so much that they use ø! like really? do any of these guys even know how to pronounce ø? literally everthing sounds so dumb if you read it w/ the letter omg (its kinda like the u in running)

twenty one pilots use their own language without meaning any harm, let them be

  • literally some of yall:*taylor likes ur posts all the time* *taylor replies to you* *taylor reblogs you* *taylor literally does everything to show that she loves you*
  • literally some of yall:smh taylor never ever lurks me it’s so unfair
  • me:okay?????

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Thanks for not noticing my efforts to literally woo anyone. No I definitely just want to get into their pants, right? I’m not respectful to anyone that really aren’t interested, right? I’m not joking whenever I poke an artist I adore about it, right? I’m sooo obnoxious about being gay, right?

Thanks. This makes my day so much more undesirable.

At least you’re not hiding behind an anon though. Props for you.

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I was arguing with my feminist friends because they didn't understand how I could be for equality and not a feminist. When I said I wanted equal rights, they were like, "but that's literally what feminism is, and people who say otherwise aren't really feminists." It made me realize that they don't care about equality, they just want more people to join their little group. if they did want equality, why would it hurt for me to believe the same things they do, but not identify as a feminist?

You speak the truth.