akatsukigadaisuki  asked:

Where do you find inspiration for your text posts? Like how do you get your ideas? Teach me, Senpai T^T

I. I literally just. Come up with which characters I want to hear saying what. Because it makes me laugh/cry/both/hit things wahtever. If it makes me giggle and/or I feel it somehow, then uhh. I do it.

LMAO. Just make what you like! It’s. It’s actually literally all I do…

Like I keep in mind a TINY bit of what might actually suit the characters canon/fanon wise. But I try to do that as little as possible bc it ain’t nobody’s business what quotes I make.

Liiike… reallyy.. just make what you like. I started this blog PURELY because I wanted to see quotes like this that cater to MY EXACT NEEDS. So. Hahah. XD