Auuughh I need to do more planning for my NYC trip! gonna tag a bunch of folks ok

I don’t think I’m going to stay for the NYC trip anymore I don’t think I can afford that so I’ll probably leave on the 3rd instead

so me and Miller will head over late 28th/early 29th

See They Might Be Giants two days in a row (I GUESS we need to figure out lodging for those two nights)

Miller will leave and I’ll head to Jersey to chill with some scrubs for New Years

Then I’ve got New Years Day and the 2nd and probably some of the 3rd to hang out with everyone else in the area who wants to hang out with me

who will be in New York City those days

if I can stay with you I could extend my stay (since I don’t want to impose on one friend for all the nights) but I need to know sooner rather than later since the only way I can afford these tickets is buying them in advance