RvB sold me more on wash and Maine’s friendship than wash and York’s friendship (esp since York’s lines at wash are negative more often than not) but then like I don’t know what to do with the fact… that washington sits next to york… at literally every opportunity…

ive been keeping record of what i’ve been doing all day just to monitor my habits / how i function and process things and so far and from what i can remember…

  • im constantly walking into a room and forgetting what i walked into the room for
  • my entire day literally just consists of remembering things im supposed to be doing and going to do the thing as soon as as i remember and then getting sidetracked. like i need to find a measuring tape to measure this thing out and i couldnt find one but between when i was told to find the measuring tape and now 3 hours have passed and i literally just remembered to search for it not some 20 minutes ago
  • leaving to brew a cup of coffee and leaving the water boiling and walking away. then forgetting about it. done this four times a day before actually making the cup of coffee
  • forgetting what im writing about as im writing this post
  • in the middle of helping my mom write an email i got distracted by my fingers (she thought i was counting but i was thinking about the sensation in my hand)
  • staring at my mom’s eyelashes and then her nose and then her nostrils and then wondering why my sister’s nostrils flare out and if she inherited that from my mom
  • remembering im supposed to be doing the email as im sitting there doing the email
  • walking in and out of my room repeatedly to clean it, sitting down, then getting up, then pacing, remembering i should take out the trash so collecting all the trash in the house and taking that out, then coming back to my room
  • about to start cleaning my room then seeing my cup of water empty so i need to go refill it, and then see my empty coffee cup for earlier so i need to refill that too
  • putting the coffee cup down and getting the water boiling again, end up doing this at least two more times before i actually make a cup of coffee, all while my cup of water made a giant mess on the counter cause it was full of ice because i got distracted with a piece of bukhoor that i was thinking i wanted to go light in my room right now to make my room smell good, but before i do that i need to clean my room so i wrapped it in a piece of tin foil but i realized i had no way to burn it in my room without creating a mess, so i put it back
  • that’s when i realized my cup of water left a water pool underneath it and had to clean that up
  • then i remembered my coffee
  • then i opened the fridge to get milk and it took me a good five seconds to remember what i opened the fridge for and stood there in front of the fridge staring until i remembered
  • and now im here making this post 

anyway keeping track is kind of nice i guess cause i don’t know if everybody experiences this? but yeah.

I just went outside to put the blue and green bins out, and my 80 yr-old neighbour came out to do the same, and we were literally wearing our respective generational versions of “t-shirt, tracksuit bottoms, slippers”

I looked into a mirror tonight guys and it told me I’m a pensioner

irrelevantbl0g asked:

What's your favorite memory of John

Literally all of them. I love memories of John. Constantly. I’m kind of obsessed with him I guess??

But in all honesty, I will tell you one of the best.

It was just after going to Angelo’s on the case of the serial “"suicides” (honestly, Gavin). Anyway, we came back to the flat and John seemed happy. Genuinely happy. He had forgot his cane too, and was even more surprised when Angelo himself brought it to the door (sly move on my part if I do say so myself but w/e). Then when I told Mrs. Hudson he’d be taking the room upstairs, he didn’t deny it. He just sort of grinned. Which meant I got sOMETHING right. Right?? Yeah okay. But now yeah. You know.

i just printed the handout of tomorrow’s introduction to research methods and statistics lecture because our professor told us to do so but it’s 40 pages because the professor gave each slide a seperate page, while he also said ‘print double-sided to save paper uwu’…. how about you put multiple slides on one page?? im???

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I was talking to a friend recently (she's Chinese) and she told me that Mandarin in Mandarin is "chongwen"? Why do we call it Mandarin in English and not just ... that. like does the word Mandarin have anything to do with what chongwen means -- or was she trolling me or -- !!

hmm… chong wen??? I think the pinyin is actually supposed to be zhong1 wen2 –> 中文 and it just means Chinese as the language

usually we refer to Mandarin Chinese as 普通话 which literally translates to “common/plain language” and is pronounced as pu3 tong1 hua4
so Cantonese is 广东话 which translates to “guangdong language” and pronounced as guang3 dong1 hua4

yeah idk I’ve never heard of Mandarin Chinese being referred to as chong wen LOL chong isn’t Mandarin pinyin either it looks more canto to me but woOoOhoOo hope I helped, I like answering asks like dis

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My dad just told me I was wrong for thinking that a man and a woman should split the house work. He literally said my husband will divorce me within a week HAHAHA like I am sorry that it will hurt your masculinity to cook some dinner. My bad.

Your dad is probably a republican

Seriously that’s so fucking dumb, I can’t cook so Evan will, but we split the work when we’re together
Like I’ll clean up and help clean and do laundry and there’s just so much logic in doing chores together??

We met her and genuinely she is one of the loveliest people we have ever met — so down to earth and just the nicest person ever. ” Jesy Nelson told us. “And would literally do anything for you.“ “I had no shoes,” Perrie recalled. “We thought, ’Oh we would rock up in heels.’ Little did I realize I’m like Bambi on ice when I wear heels so I was like ’Oh I need some shoes and she was like, ’Wait a minute,’ she went to her wardrobe, brought back a basket full of boots, heels, shoes, everything and was like, ’Is this OK?’ And I was thinking, she is so nice. She didn’t have to do that. She’s just so genuine. You don’t realize until you meet her and you’re like holy crap how does she stay so on top and so nice and so genuine? She’s really, really lovely.” [On advice Taylor gave them] “To always stick together as a group,” Jesy said. “She said what she loves about us is how much we are such a unit and she loves how there is no one in the group that is like, ’Oh look at me.’ She’s like I love that you are four and that’s how you should stay and that was really nice.
—  Little Mix on performing with Taylor Swift (x)


Okay but Will literally could have just gutted Hannibal and tossed him off that cliff so easily tho. He could have made good on his promise to kill him and he could have walked away and gone back to his life with Molly and Walter safely. The dragon would have been dead. Hannibal would have been dead… Logically this is what he should have wanted. This is what he claimed to want for damn near the entire episode.

But what did he do instead? He reached out for Hannibal and fucking embraced him. He looked him in the eyes and he told him “it’s beautiful,” and he wasn’t afraid of how good it made him feel, finally. And I think he almost had himself convinced for a long time that he could let Hannibal go, that he could kill him and forget about him if the time came, but in that moment he remembered that being with Hannibal is the only thing that truly makes him feel alive.

And whether Will intended to fake their deaths by throwing them off that cliff, or if he truly did just want them to die together in that moment, in each others arms, finally at peace with who they are together, he wanted them to be together, and that is the most important thing.

I don’t like to think that these two have changed each other, but rather that they have brought out things in one another they would normally suppress and fight and feel is contrary to their true natures. Will is compassionate, but he is also capable of taking great pleasure in violence. Hannibal takes great pleasure in violence, but when it comes to Will he is capable of so much love and compassion.

Hannibal called that compassion an inconvenience, but he looks at Will with such love and adoration, he touches him so tenderly, and it’s clear that he has come to terms with the fact that he does not have to fight his love for him. Likewise, Will finally came to terms with the fact that he does not have to fight the pleasure he gets from killing with Hannibal, and he does not have to fight the fact that being with him is what he truly wants.

The duality that exists within both of them when they are together is beautiful. They killed Dolarhyde with as much passion as they then tenderly expressed to one another once it was done. I think they are finally in a place where they can truly be equals now, because they have both come to understand and embrace the very best and the very worst parts of each other, and despite everything that has happened they are so very much in love…


OMG, I am laughing so hard right now. This is gold.

Poor Rich.They just don’t know how to deal with Jensen and Jared, do they? xD

‘They are sick, they have problems ..’ lolol …

‘Jared’s defense was..he literally goes .. ‘You left it in here unlocked …*shrugs*’.

Apparently Misha gave some good advice and told Rich the boys work too fast and they will change stuff he won’t find for weeks.

Also told him to not send emails without checking the automatic signature.. in case it is something horrific. xD

“Don’t ever give up. You’re going to be told, ‘no’ a lot more than you’ll be told 'yes.’ Even to this day, I’m told no all the time. You can’t let it discourage you. There’s been times where I’ve said, 'I don’t want to do this anymore. I’m tired,’ and then everything just starts going again. Some people are very lucky and they just get it right off the bat, and for other people, it takes more time for. If you really want to do it, whatever career you choose, you just have to keep going. Literally, don’t let 'no’ get you down. Somebody’s going to say, 'no,’ but somebody else is going to say, 'yes.’”

no really, why are we not talking about that scene where illya drives a boat and tells solo to watch him work… than we cut to solo, after falling off, getting into a truck, towelling himself dry, eating a sandwich, drinking a glass of chianti, and listening to the radio while illya is being chased in the background.

solo literally just sat there and watched illya–just like what kuryakin told him to do.

napoleon you suave, suit-wearing little shit.

Public Service Announcement

We interrupt your regularly-scheduled fat fabulousness to bring you a special reminder:

Skinny-shaming IS NOT A THING.

Accusations that this blog is “skinny-shaming” and/or requests that we “stop skinny-shaming” will be summarily deleted (and probably later mocked to my followers on my personal blog, but that’s just because I’m that kind of jerk, and I’ve made my peace with that). Please save us all the time and irritation and do not bother trying to engage us on this topic.

TW: general descriptions of fatphobia

Because here’s the thing.  Are some naturally-thin people made fun of for eating disorders they don’t have, told to eat a burger, mocked for being perpetually on a diet even though they aren’t?  Yeah.  People are assholes, and will latch on to literally any characteristic of a person when they need some fodder for insults.  It’s not cool and they shouldn’t fucking do it.

However, there is no systemic discrimination against skinny people.  Skinny people are not passed over for promotions, more likely to be found guilty of crimes, denied medical care or offered dangerous procedures in lieu of medical care, constantly used as the “before” picture to “motivate” people to not look like you, moo’d at from passing cars, bodies used to “represent” concepts like greed or otherwise used to convey This Character Is Bad, etc.  Skinny bodies are still the gold standard to which all are held, skinny models are just models (versus the explicity specified plus-size model), skinny people are judged to be more competent and trustworthy, can go to the doctor and assume that they’ll probably be treated for actual illness or injury rather than being told that changing their body mass will magically solve everything, if they develop an ED it will be recognized as such (rather than encouraged as appropriate dieting behavior for a fat person).

There is no such thing as skinny-shaming, just like there’s no such thing as short-shaming just because some tall people joke about using short people for armrests or tease them for not being able to reach high shelves.

We apologize for the interruption, and now return you to your regular programming.  

So I may have just gotten promoted at work..

Someone got suspended or fired or something and my bosses told me they want me to take over for him…

They literally are pulling me out of doing print and mounting work to head up management and organization for the work we do with Polo Ralph Lauren

I feel like they’re finally seeing how much work I’ve put in

Holy shit

so let me break this down for you people who keep saying that Gally is a 'villain'
  • Thomas:I wanna go into the maze although literally everybody told me not to do so or else I'll risk my own and their lives
  • Thomas:I just arrived like 5 seconds ago and we are going to abandon these rules you've had for more than 2 years going because i said so
  • Thomas:I used to work for WCKD and it's actually me who constructed this place and put you here and watched you die lol but y'all do what i say ok
  • Thomas:You lot have been here for two and a half years and I just arrived forty milliseconds ago but I'm gonna act like I'm the biggest victim
  • Thomas:ok so here's the plan, y'all go fight the girevers and die whilst I'm chillin in the Grievers hole
  • Newt:oh my god Tommy marry me
  • Minho:Thomas remember that I loved you
  • Teresa:we used to be lovers let me sacrifice my life for u
  • Brenda:let's leave others behind and twerk into sunset together kiss me
  • Gally:I don't trust him

The Mirror has 2 Faces, 4x10. I just realized how much information the gave us, they literally told us what we needed to know. Episode run down + connections with what we now know.

-Mona is in Radley

-liars think Cece drowned Jenna- true

Caleb makes the Nigel Wright and Cece link- unpaid bill to her address in Philly

Wren is coloring in the red coat picture and asking Mona how does she feel about killing Wilden, she says she wanted to “make up for all the bad things she’s done, and that Wilden was bothering them so she got rid of him, and she’d do it again.” -shes obviously taking the fall for Cece since they were playing the game together like Marlene said. Cece is wanted for Wilden’s murder 2 episodes later

Hanna finds Wren and asks if he’s been contacted by Cece–she thinks Cece has been sneaking into visit Mona

Wren makes the  “ Hi. We have a problem. I’ll take care of my end, you take care of yours.“ phone call after Hanna is done questioning him

Caleb wants to tell the police about A. He says that “A” is everywhere and nowhere at the same time, and he’s not enough to keep her safe anymore. They kiss as Wren watches from his car.

Emily is staying at Ali’s since the car into her house accident (Cece). Mrs. D tells her she sees Ali everyone. She was the park jogging and thought she saw her and practically tackled the girl.

Aria finds Cece’s old roommate from UPenn. She tells her the frat party incident and how Cece hated them afterwards ( would have been a better reason for her to be A then the one we got)

Someone (Cece) is leaving clues for Toby surrounding his mother’s death. The clues lead him to Dr. Palmer. He admits to knowing Mrs.D

Dr. Palmer was Marion’s nurse,tells Toby to tell Marion “stay away from that blonde girl, it’s something about the air around her”

Spencer asks Jessica about how she knows Dr. Palmer-tells us the Cece sneaking into Radley pretending to be Ali story.” Even the doctor I spoke to agreed this friendship is toxic.” -the “wearing each others personalities” comment. 

The connections have been there: Cece would sneak into Radley-Marion was in Radley- there was a blonde (Cece is blonde) who Palmer thought may be dangerous-A gives Toby clues about Marions death.The only way you could have given him clues is if the person was actually in Radley. Who did we learn was in Radley in this episode? Cece

Even though in this episode they didn’t specifically say she snuck in around the time of Marion’s death it’s quite ironic how we get the sneaking in story right after Toby and Spence meet with Palmer.This episode was basically all about Cece and the mystery surrounding her. We don’t know exactly when Sara became red coat but it’s safe to episode every time we saw it in this episode it was Cece.Two episodes later we see Cece’s face in the red coat so that was another clue.Later in the season we see Mrs. D give Cece clothes which was a huge hint as to her helping Cece out and giving her a place to stay- the crawlspace below the house. It would also make sense since we say Red coat standing behind Hanna when she was in Ali’s room.

The mirror has 3 faces and I’m convinced they are Cece/Mona/Wren. This is another reason why I think Wren is going to be Uber A

taylorswift Well it’s 4am… Been a sleepless night. I have so much on my mind and a lot I want to share with you but this particular subject I hope you are willing to give me some insight and hopefully some advice. My mother in law was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2009. Within the last year her health has severely declined. Chemo stopped working. Radiation stopped working. Cancer spread to her bone marrow, & her tumor counts are up. I feel so helpless, and what the doctors have delicately told her is that they do not have any other alternatives. I am beyond worried about her physically, mentally & financially, b/c not only is she 64 she is still working full time living paycheck to paycheck. I want so badly to help her more, It’s so surreal watching somebody go through this, literally watching them deteriorate before your eyes. 💔 I just can’t imagine life without her, she is one of the kindest most genuine people I have ever known. At this point we are fighting a losing battle & It’s the most heart wrenching feeling in the world. I Love you Tay. Thank you for listening, thank you for being there. Thank you for being the source of so much joy in my life. I hope to thank you in person someday.