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Hello! I was just thinking about HLV and John's speech thing to Mary about the problems of her future are his privilege etc and was wondering what it really meant? I've always thought that it is part of a plan but I'm not sure, wondering what your opinions were?? We know he never forgives her so I'm hoping they are literally prepared words as they are part of a plan which Sherlock and Mycroft are in on too!

Hi Lovely!

The tone of the speech, in my opinion, is very ominous. I have seen it discussed quite a bit before, but here’s my take on it:

JOHN: I’ve thought long and hard about what I want to say to you.
(He draws in a long breath through his nose as she raises her eyes to him.)
JOHN: These are prepared words, Mary.
(He lowers his head for a moment, grimacing slightly and pulling in another slightly shaky breath before glancing up at her.)
JOHN: I’ve chosen these words with care.
MARY (a little nervously): Okay.
(John clears his throat, and he can be heard rolling the pen drive round in his fingers again. Finally he looks up to meet her eyes.)
JOHN (still speaking quietly): The problems of your past are your business. The problems of your future … are my privilege.
(Mary’s face starts to crumple a little and tears begin to form in her eyes.)
JOHN: It’s all I have to say. It’s all I need to know.


The bolded words are very important. Reading them, they look very innocent and they look like they are words of forgiveness. What we cannot see is the minuscule nuances of Martin’s acting choices here. 

John, this entire speech, has his head down and he is side-eyeing Mary. If you’re someone like John, who has a difficult time lying, or hiding your tells when you lie, you’re not going to look someone head on. Mary constantly underestimates John, possibly thinks him slow. She takes advantage of his good nature. So in this instance, she has no reason to believe John would lie to her – after all, she thinks she is the BEST thing to happen to John, and if John would forgive Sherlock for his deceit, OF COURSE he’ll forgive her!

But John just doesn’t work like that, Mary, sorry.

So, rewatch the scene and pay close attention to how Martin is acting in the scene AND how he says each of the bolded lines. The fact that he feels he needs to reiterate that he has practiced and chosen his words tells me that he possibly had been rehearsing with Sherlock, learning how to hide his tells; these are the two lines that have me suspicious that John has an ongoing behind the scenes plan in regards to Mary – pretend to forgive her and find out what she is planning. It’s the first line that John uses to trick Mary into thinking that this was all his own doing, and that he is being sincere.

Now, let’s look at the next line: 

  • The problems of your past are your business. Indeed they are: If her past comes after her, John wants nothing to do with it… in fact I actually take that sentence rather ominously: if her past comes back to bite her in the ass, John ain’t planning to help her at all. 
  • The problems of your future… are my privilege. This screams “I’m going to fuck you up once I figure out what’s happening here” to me. I’m sorry if everyone else takes that line differently, but even on first watch, I was like “OH NO HE DIDN’T”. John intends to be her problem. In fact, problems – plural – not just him. He and Sherlock. And possibly Mycroft. John intends on getting this shit solved once and for all. Sorry, but it’s NOT in John’s nature to just sit back and take it. He is a captain. He’s going to fuck shit up.

And finally, the last line is just an affirmation: a promise to Mary that “yes, I am keeping that promise” (in fact I THINK he looks back up at her properly when he says this line, but I can’t tell because the camera is focused on Mary, who… bought his lies hook, line and sinker).

I truly believe that this is the first stage of John’s “I’m Captain Watson” plan for S4. I think he will be taking the reigns on this one. He’s made a mistake and he intends to make rights.

Dads talking about the zombie apocalypse and it’s taking every reserve of willpower I have to remind him he would die because he is literally incapable of being quiet for longer than 5 minutes. THE MAN CANT SHUT UP. I’ve never seen anything like it. He’ll talk to himself if I’m not up for chit chat. He reads signs out loud. HE CANT BE QUIET.

Also he needs a machine to breathe at night so he’s fucked. Apocalypse discussions are so irritating because men just think they need the biggest gun.

from someone who wants to stay anonymous:

“sorry to message you out of nowhere but seeing what fragilefontaine is saying is just nonsense. I would say this directly if I weren’t afraid of confronting strangers, but there are so many systematic efforts to exploit and kill fat people. I’m a premed student and I work in the hospital and I’ve literally heard a surgeon tell his residents that he doesn’t operate on obese people because the surgery takes longer and is an inconvenience to him when he could literally save their lives, but instead transfers them. That’s not even an uncommon opinion, and no one thought there was anything wrong with that. Sorry I’m just venting”
Daredevil/Defenders Event, Thor, and Squirrels
The animations file was updated again, I found some pretty interesting stuff. Thor, and the Squirrels * Even more Thor updates, seems he might...

Just a note that this info is all subject to change since datamining is no guarantee as to what will happen or not happen, so it’s always best to just take this as speculation. Still I thought you guys would like this info.

if Thor is early unlock I will literally just break down in the ugliest cry ever

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What are your thoughts on drinking, drug and sex culture seen in young adults and teenagers? I feel so abnormal because it never appealed to me and now at the age of 24 it still doesnt. And yet when im surrounded around my old friends im the only one who cant seem to understand or conform to the hype around it and yet I feel like im the debbie downer of the group.

I deplore it. I’ve never been into it and that’s always left me feeling isolated. But having thought critically about it, there’s nothing I personally think anybody should find fulfilling about that culture, it’s literally just shallow distraction (which I mean that is a valid thing that some people enjoy more than others, sometimes you just wanna be distracted, but it’s something I can only personally take like….3 times a year. the people that are able to do this constantly and aren’t left empty and unfulfilled by it confuse and scare me). The people that find that shit fulfilling are sad substanceless people that I don’t want anything to do with because this is something that I think makes us fundamentally different people so if I were you I’d try to find new friends. I know it’s easier said than done, but please be aware if you’re surrounded by people that are into this that you don’t need to conform or understand it and that most likely you are very different (and in my opinion, more interesting) from your friends. In how rejected or isolated your group of friends have made you feel, have you even stopped to think if they even make YOU happy? If they sustain YOUR interests, if they improve your life in any way, if they stimulate you emotionally, intellectually, etc? I bet not. You shouldnt be made to feel abnormal or like a debbie downer for not conforming, you need to find people you relate to and who fulfill you! Sometimes friends grow apart, sometimes people are just fundamentally different from each other and incompatible, and that shouldnt leave us feeling abnormal or like failures, we should just be able to move on and  find people we relate to.

i’m literally about to scream the theory with the triangle in the hand being the statue’s location is in my drafts from this morning and i decided to secoND GUESS MYSELF BC I THOUGHT IT WAS FARMLAND BUT NO ITS ACTUALLY A CEMETERY WITH


i am so mad at myself

I literally do not understand how people can ship Alec with a girl.

Alec is gay. A homosexual. He likes boys. He is 150% not interested in girls. And saying he is, even in an AU, is erasing his sexuality - something which is fundamentally a huge part of who he is, as he’s struggled with it his whole life and is finally coming to terms with it. That’s a big deal. And by taking that away, you could be hurting REAL people, by implying that their sexuality is not valid and can just be removed.

However, when people headcanon Clary as bi or a lesbian, that is not erasing her sexuality. Bi is self explanatory- she likes both boys and girls, as in the books she ends up with Jace, but many writers pair her with Izzy, for example. When she is headcanonned as being gay - well, some people believe they are straight for a long time, don’t they? If you’re a book fan - maybe she hadn’t realised she was gay when she got with Jace. There’s no explicit mention that she’s completely, 100% straight - it’s due to heteronormativity that everyone assumes she’s straight. AU’s can explore what would’ve happened should Clary realise she was gay/bi.

AU’s cannot, however, take away something that is fundamental to a character. You wouldn’t take away Clary’s red hair, or Izzy’s whip, or Jace and Alec’s parabatai bond. Why take away something that is just as important as those things?

If you disagree, kindly block me :)

Everyone’s talking about jealous Lucas but why is no one discussing how shattered he looks when he finds out Riley spent all night talking to another guy.

“Lucas, I’m not allowed to talk?” 
“Sure you can. You can talk to whoever you want, Riley.”

You can hear the heartache in is voice. He thinks he’s losing Riley.. I mean obviously later he announces just how important their conversations are (so you could imagine why the thought of her talking to someone else would upset him) He wasn’t being possessive or jealous in that part of the scene.. at least I didnt take it that way.
Jealous Lucas at the top of the stairs sure but once he gets down and it sinks in what happened you can literally see his heartbreak. 

God I hate it when you can SEE female characters being aggressively shoehorned into a romance based solely on Their Assigned Role As Love Interest. 

Never mind their personality up until that point – never mind the fact they’ve LITERALLY been written to receive every overture of romance with bafflement or downright fucking discomfort – the time has come for the hero to Have His Girl and by jove he will!

The worst part about this? Most of the audience will just fucking take it. We’ve been trained so long and so well to just accept that this is how shit goes, that any critical thought into believable character motivations is all but short circuited.

I’m so, so SICK of watching engaging, intelligent female characters all but place their personalities into nondescript boxes and set them aside when the moment for Requisite Romantic Culmination hits. The Padmé Amidala’s and the Scaramouche’s deserve fucking better okay, and I sure as hell do too.

if u like taylor swift u probably shouldnt read this bc im aboutta go off. she literally always tries to make everyone look like the bad guy and make herself look like the victim. i know the whole kanye west famous song is a big controversy with his video, but kim and kanye said they got her permission to use that line about her in the song and she even said she thought it was funny then after the song gets all popular and shit she comes out and says she is offended by it and she didn’t give him permission ??? so ppl will feel bad for her and take her side. NOW with calvin harris she helped with writing the lyrics to this is what you came for and she wanted to keep it a secret but since her and calvin broke up and the song is big she wants everyone to know and make it look like the whole song was hers :) thnk god calvin called out her crusty ass on tweeter

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I look at it a certain way. As someone who has sought lgbt+ relationships in a lot of media. Sormik can't really be 'fetishized' all that much. And let me explain why. Sorey and Mikleo have a Colloyd type relationship. Colloyd is childhood friends, sweet to the point of sappy gooey relationship. Sormik fits this in a lot of ways, despite their ONE fight all game. Sorey is very innocent, almost clueless. Mikleo hides his feelings and yet cares so much about Sorey. (part 1)

Now if I compare this to other popular lgbt+ couples in media. We have Sorey and Mikleo who on all accounts had a pretty good childhood, got along, and are healthy. And we’re getting other couples that are good in other media as well. But then I look over the past couples. Let’s for example bring Tales of ACTUAL queerbaiting Jade and Dist in Tales of the Abyss as a past couple. Dist is treated horribly by Jade, but there’s this lingering awful tension between them, and queerbaiting all over
And we can bring up Flynn x Yuri in Vesperia which was queerbaiting. But other media as well. We got Niles this year in Fire Emblem Fates, and I love Niles, but he’s a bit of a sadist, and he has a dark past, and his relationship with a male Corrin if you choose it, shows his inner darkness but also longing to be loved. Sorey and Mikleo may have some darkness to their characters, but nothing major. Sormik being ‘fetishized’ or being seen as queerbaiting, honestly seems like an insult to me.
Because I’ve seen queerbaiting, I’ve seen fetishization of lgbt+ characters. Sormik isn’t doing this, it just isn’t up front about what Sormik is. And I love Niles, don’t get me wrong, but he is a center of fetishization in Fire Emblem: Fates. [end]

New ‘Prison Break’ Revival Photo and 'Odyssey’ Details

Entertainment Weekly snagged a new photo from the midseason revival, featuring stars Wentworth Miller and Dominic Purcell, who first shepherded the idea to return after a Flash reunion. Once creator Paul Scheuring got involved, the project began to take shape as an Odyssey tale to return Michael Scofield home:

It’s ultimately a story about somebody coming back to life,” Scheuring says — though he stays mum on just how Michael is still alive after sacrificing himself in The Final Break. “The emotional heart of it is that he left behind a wife and a son he’s never seen before. [I thought] ‘Hey, wait, isn’t that The Odyssey?’” And Scheuring took his inspiration literally: In both tales, the heroes use the assumed name Outis and resurface after seven years in the foreign land of Ogygia, attempting to get home.

Ogygia, in this case, is the prison that Michael has called home the last four years. The assumed name is Kaniel Outis, renowned terrorist. To get more scoop on the Prison Break revival, pick up Entertainment Weekly’s Comic-Con issue.

source: [1][2]

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You know, I love the idea of McCree being a giant puppy. I love him being everyone's whipping boy. But you know what I would like to see? I want intimidating McCree. I want a McCree that ended up stronger than anyone expected, who hides his bulk under his serape and his viciousness behind a smile. Give me a McCree who can carry Hanzo on his shoulders, who can literally throw Jack a good distance, who will take a hit from Reinhardt and get back up with a grin.

Ohhh that is a lovely idea and I like it. Here are some more thoughts:

- Impressionable McCree who truly buys into the fact that Reyes owns him with the Blackwatch brand on his neck. Who starts off a sweet puppy following at Reyes’s heels and ends up groomed into a honed attack dog leashed to his master’s side by trained loyalty. He doesn’t hesitate to stand by Reyes during the uprising and is the one to drag Reyes’s burnt body out of the Swiss base even though he’s missing an arm of his own. 

- Bitterly Loyal McCree, who breaks Reyes out of medical containment after Mercy’s procedure, who destroys millions of dollars of technology on his way out and steals Mercy’s notes for good measure. Reyes orders them to go to Talon and McCree takes them there dutifully, bowing his head to whatever modifications Talon deems fit. 

- Talon McCree, who takes on the codename “Undertaker,” whose senses are sharpened to the point that without focusing gear covering his head he is in constant danger of sensory overload. Who can hear footsteps approaching from miles away and can smell a single bead of sweat running down the back of someone’s neck.

- If Widowmaker moves like a spider and Reaper moves like a owl, Undertaker moves like a desert jaguar, circling his target before swooping in for a precision kill, claws gleaming. The sound of spurs becomes an omen of death. The sweep of his serape and the gleam of his red eyes behind his gear strikes the fear of god into men who had never before been pious. 

- The only one who can truly control him is Reaper. Undertaker can tussle with the best of them: not only can he shoot the wings off a mosquito at a hundred paces, he can wrestle with giants and heavyweights and usually come out on top. The smile that never reaches his eyes hides razor fangs that could tear through a boar’s hide. But he turns pliant and obedient as soon as Reaper gives a single order. He heels at his master’s side, nuzzles into the claws running through his hair, drops to his knees at a snap of Reaper’s fingers.

- And throughout this he’s never lost his Southwestern charm. His serape hides the strength in his muscles and his hat hides the coldness in his eyes. The warm southern drawl masks the murder in his voice. McCree wasn’t caught in the Swiss explosion, not the way Reyes was. He’s still mostly human, and a handsome one at that. When Talon needs to infiltrate Overwatch, Undertaker is the one they send. 

- Reaper is never worried about McCree defecting. He might be offered kindness and warm “welcome back”s from old Overwatch members, he might be invited to dine and laugh with them, he might play with the heart of an ex Yakuza Prince like a cat toy. But at the end of the day the brand on his neck is still Reaper’s mark, and McCree’s devotion is still wrapped tight around Reaper’s claws.

- Bad End McCree, who ends up being the instrumental piece in the dismantling and destruction of Overwatch’s recall. Who watches old colleagues and new friends alike burn in his betrayal with little more than a fanged smile. Reaper reaches out and scratches him behind the ear, and McCree all but purrs as he leans into the touch. 

Zombie Apocalypse AU Part 5

Alright here we go, the saga continues… 

 Read parts 1-4 here (follow the links!) 

 Warning: violence

•Simon can’t help the involuntary scream that starts in the back of his throat
•Ralph moves to cover Simon’s mouth with his hands but it’s too late; Roger and the hooded figures below look up to the hallway/balcony and see Simon, Ralph, Jack, and Maurice
•Four of the figures that were standing by take off towards a staircase that leads up to the second floor hallway
•Roger screams at his friends to run
•But the four of them don’t move a muscle; there’s no way they’re leaving Roger
•The four people in hoods get to the top of the stairs and face the four escapees down the hall, standing in between them and their only way to get to their friend
•And the two people holding Roger begin to move him toward the zombie herd again
•Roger struggles and yells for them to get Simon out alive, that’s all he cares about
•Jack and Maurice aren’t wasting any time though, and they launch themselves at the four hooded figures blocking the staircase
•Ralph, wanting to save Roger but also wanting to fulfill what might be his last wish, gestures for Simon to stay back and enters the fight for the stairs
•Simon isn’t having any of it though, and sticks his head out over the balcony to see if he can find a way to climb down
•There are little cavities and bumps all along the wall that he figures can support him
•While Jack, Ralph, and Maurice are distracted by the fight, Simon hoists himself over the balcony and begins his descent down the wall
•The two figures struggling to drag Roger don’t notice Simon, and he takes advantage of the element of surprise
•Simon runs over, latches himself onto the arms of one of the figures, and tries to rip his hold from Roger
•The figure is surprised by this sudden new pair of hands, and his grip on Roger slackens a little
•This is all Roger needs to break one of his arms free and punch him square in the jaw
•The second figure holding Roger is surprised by the sudden turn of events and Roger uses this to catch him off guard, sweeping his leg around and kicking him to the ground
•Roger runs to Simon and pulls him into a short but fierce hug, and then quickly grabs his hand and starts running back toward the staircase
•Jack, Ralph, and Maurice actually managed to fight their way through to the bottom, and are relieved to see Roger already free due to Simon’s help
•But now the four hooded figures that Jack, Ralph, and Maurice pushed through are back on their feet at the top of the stairs
•And they’re standing between them and the group’s only exit from the zombie herd at their backs
•Just as Jack moves to fight his way back up, an arrow comes whizzing through the air and strikes one of the figures in the chest
•From another balcony/hallway on the other side of the courtyard, running parallel to the one they came from, Eric stands holding Roger’s bow and Sam and Piggy wave their arms rapidly at them
•Three more arrows fly into the other hooded figures, and Jack, Ralph, Simon, Roger, and Maurice sprint up the stairs and down the hallway
•They meet Piggy and Sam ‘n Eric at a shorter third section of the hallway where the two main ones on either side above of the courtyard connect
•They all greet each other with relieved smiles and tight hugs, but it doesn’t last long as they know they need to get out of the fortress as fast as possible
•Jack knows his way around a little, after being dragged around by his captors for so long, that he leads the way to where he thinks they’ll have the most viable chance at escaping
•On the way, Eric gives Roger his bow back and Roger thanks him for grabbing it
•Sam, Eric, Roger, and Piggy had been in cells near each other on the opposite side of the courtyard, and the hooded figures left Roger’s now behind when they took him to feed him to the herd
•The three of them escaped after Eric used a pipe to retrieve the bow, and shot one of the guards to steal the keys from him
•The sky is beginning to darken now, and Jack stops at a blind spot in the fortress wall where he thinks they’ll have the best shot at escaping unnoticed
•Simon climbs down the wall with ease, just like he did with the wall in the courtyard, but the others aren’t as agile
•Instead they fashion a rope out of the sweatshirts and jackets they’re wearing
•Maurice holds the rope at the top while the others climb down
•Once everyone’s safely at the bottom Maurice jumps off the wall, tucking and rolling at the bottom
•Only he would be able to pull that off
•Piggy collects the chain of sweatshirts/jackets and holds onto them, saying the can take the time to unravel it once they’re in a safer location
•They stay low, stick to the trees, and make their way around the fortress and back toward the entrance
•From there they go back the way they came and find the minivan
•Sam gets in the driver’s seat (again), Eric rides shot gun (again) Jack and Ralph sit in the two seats in the middle, Roger and Simon sit in the back, Maurice sits in the aisle in the middle, and Piggy lays down in the trunk
•Sam steps on the gas and puts the fortress behind them

•Sam has been driving for hours, and it’s now nighttime
•Eric is asleep with his head against the window
•Maurice is passed out, face down in the middle of the aisle
•Piggy curls up comfortably against the back door of the truck
•Ralph has moved from his seat to sit in Jack’s lap, and sleeps with his head leaning on Jack’s
•Jack’s head is in the crook of Ralph’s neck, and they have their arms wrapped around each other
•Roger and Simon have gotten out of their seats all together and are slumped together on the floor in the back
•Simon rests his head on Roger’s chest and listens to his heart beat, and Roger gently strokes Simon’s hair until he falls asleep
•Everything is finally calm

Random thought

I don’t want to sound like I’m a perfectionist or any motivational speaker but if you’ve come to the realization that you’re in a position in life where you obviously don’t want to be why tf are you chilling so much? Stop whining about the fact that you’re broke, you’re broke because you want to be broke. No you won’t automatically start making money no it’s not easy to but you literally have to get up, complaining won’t change anything. They’re so many ways to make money you just need to put yourself out there, be consistent, focus on your shit and never give up! Don’t think that I’m trying to persuade anyone to get into sugaring(that’s absolutely not the case) this is just a random thought and life is too fucking short to remain broke and unhappy so if it’s taking that risk, sending out that job application, escorting, stripping, starting small & promoting your business, sugaring to make it in order to be where you want to be; do it. They’re people that are 18,16, 21 who are already rich and they’re still grinding to stack some more.. It’s never too late and you’re not too young. Personally sometimes you’re gonna have to say fuck what your parents think, why? Because it’s your life, your choices.. Stop interacting with people who likes the idea of being stuck, networking is so significant! You gotta put yourself out there, TAKE THE RISK! Good luck xoxo



I was wondering if I could request an imagine where the reader is a demigod and the other gods look down on her for being a half blood but Gabriel takes the reader under his wings (figuratively or literally) 

Requested by Anon~

You jumped in surprise when someone sat down next to you on the bench. You thought you were alone after everyone else had left, but apparently not.

“Heyyy, Y/N.” It was Loki’s voice. “Why are you all by your lonesome self?”

You gave a meek shrug, not bothering to look up at the other god. But he leaned forward, eyes narrowed and lips curled up in a smirk. “Those douchedicks causing trouble again?”

Despite your blue mood, you smirked and nodded. “I don’t know why they hate me.”

Loki slowly nodded his head before leaning against the back of the bench, crossing his arms. “Well, I think it’s time for them to learn a lesson. Together.”

“What kind of lesson?”

When you turned back to Loki, he was giving a mischievous smile. “Not all demigods are worthless.”