Uhmmm… sorry for the delay! (。>ㅅ<。)ゴメンネ I thought I could go on with this thing while I was in Japan but then the school started, I ended up in the top class and literally lost all my free time. Yesterday I thought it was about time to go on so here you are the first part of the maniac scenario. Enjoy!


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anonymous asked:

"Take a picture of your boobs. Show 'em to everyone, we want to see those ripe melons we know you're hiding" literally the first thing i thought of was this one kid in league of legends who found out i am a girl and literally said "delete your shirt" "plz remove cloth"

Oh my god 😂

anonymous asked:

The other day I wore a tøp shirt to school and one of the really good-looking popular boys came up to me in math and he said "I love your shirt" and at first I thought he was taking the piss but then he was telling me about how he's going to their show (the same show I'm going to) and how they saved his life and stuff and how he literally has no one to talk to about it and he's glad he found me :) I kind of want to date him idk if he wants to date me what do I do.

Oh man, oh heck yeah you GO ong i definitely say talk to him more and see where things lead bc then you guys can maybe go to the tøp show together ;)) and things could progress into something more than a friendship so i say let things play out

Under covers

TITLE: Under covers
AUTHOR: fanfickittycat
FIC SUMMARY: Why is the OC so adamant on getting her friend to leave the room? Is there something happening below the covers of her bed perhaps?
RATING: M (smut)
AUTHORS NOTES/WARNINGS: I was watching Gossip Girl and a similar thing happened, so obviously my first thought was ‘hey, what about the same thing but with Tom!?’. I hope you like it and sorry in advance for any errors!

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kailaystan asked:

I don't like Kyungsoo because he's literally getting more handsome everyday and I don't have the time for him to be messing around with my bias list, I just got the. freaking. thing. figured. out.

Okay so I first saw this in the activity page so I got angry when you said “I don’t like Kyungsoo” but I should’ve known better oops

He is, isn’t he?! I wasn’t really attracted to him much but this new drama he’s in ohhhhh my god he’s so hot

-Aastha xo

I thought the same thing omg Aastha I was like um excuse me~ but omg this is like my life story this boy is so beautiful 😭 and yesterday my fam was making fun of him bc they said he looks like a girl smh….

-Bella xx

Send us confessions/asks/anything really - just talk to us - and we’ll answer them all tonight!

anonymous asked:

Girl your writing talent is getting scary.... Look at Gigi's instagram post from Taylor's RI house.. The first thing I thought when I saw it was when Taylor sung I Know Places for the first time in front of Josh/Karlie/Austin in your fanfic and the pic is literally exactly how you wrote it / I imagined it. So crazy!! Dunno how you did that hahah

:)))))))) Because I am Taylor.

meow-meowh asked:

How do you stay inspired? Can you recommend any YouTube videos or Tumblr's that keep you inspired? :)

That’s a new question! I like it! Do you mean inspired with my posts? Most of the posts I make are things that I’ve thought myself. My first few Things Theatre Fans Say were the ones I thought of before I decided to make the blog. It helps that pretty much all the music I listen to is musical soundtracks and I follow a lot of theatre blogs, so pretty much always have theatre on my mind. (I made a TTFS post not that long ago that was about how hard it is to talk to people who aren’t into theatre, and that’s literally me right now. It’s all I think about.)

Sometimes I feel the posts are limited to my personal preferences and experiences with theatre, so that’s why I take submissions anytime. My submission box is always open, so if people have ideas on TTFS posts, they can submit them. I could use the help, and I’m sure there are followers that would love to see posts about things in which I have little experience or knowledge.

Some blogs that are useful are the official Playbill and Broadway World blogs. They keep me updated with news and introduce me to people I don’t know or shows I have never heard of before.  I don’t think there are specific blogs that give me divine inspiration, but they keep up my theatre addiction and that leads to my ideas, so here are the theatre blogs I reblog from the most (also the bloggers are super rad. I wish I could promote them all the time because I love them, but I’m doing it now because you asked and they are the people I reblog the largest percent from): ruthiemiles notesfromtheangel phantomofmiserables 

I hope this answered your questions and you can ask questions any time!


so I watched the Free! Dub

aaaand eh?

Like, mixed emotions, I guess?

Weirdly enough I’m interested in visiting the story again from a different (read: westernized) point of view. Yes I do prefer subs, but it is nice to be able to watch the show without reading the captions sometimes. That being said, wow it is nowhere near perfect.

Obvious things:

1. Like, ever since I watched 50% Off I thought the ‘dude, bro, man’ etc was great for Seijuuro. Everyone else? Not so much. Like LITERALLY everyone else.

2. If I had been drinking something when I first heard Nagisa start talking it would have ended up all over my keyboard. That being said…

Voices I loved: Rei, Sousuke/Holy Crap, Seijuuro

Voices I liked: Makoto, Momo

Voices I’m meh: Gou, Haru, Rin, Ai


3. Thank you Funimation for not taking the OP away from me. I have seen the opening changed in some dubs and so happy it didn’t happen here.

Will I watch more of it? Maybe? I mean since I’m in a weird phase that I’m not REALLY watching anything I guess.

On that note though can’t wait to see how they pull off the Australia trip.

Edit: haha realized I could edit BUT I FORGOT TO MENTION SUHMAYZOOKA.