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so I too cannot shit up about it. Also timothee chalamet is constistently Fuckinh me up. And the fact that all the reviews are 100% and five stars out of five stars and rotten tomatoes still has it on 100% and it's gone through the festival circuit and literally everyone is like this is the best thing I've ever seen. And people who give it less than 100% don't specifify what they disliked? Like at most it's like "armies hammer looked too old" that's it

I can’t even tell you, plus you already have seen anyway, the amount of people saying even though it’s only February call me by your name is already their favorite movie of the whole year. Plus the amount of people who are even hinting at possible awards buzz for next year IM LIVING! I’ve never been this excited for a movie in my life, I think it’s because like I can’t believe something like this is real, like almost everything in that book we’re gonna see in REAL LIFE PLAYED OUT BY REAL PEOPLE. So fucking wild man I’m just so happy.