007 Themed Rec List: Featuring Writers & Artists from 2017′s Teamdoubleoh

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There’s a lot of good written and visual art produced by our 00s, so here’s a work I’ve enjoyed from each writer/artist over the course of their Bond fandom careers. Some works are fluffy, some are smutty, some are angsty, some are long, some are short…all of it is fantastic! It was pretty hard to narrow it down, but I did my best.

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one time my friend and i were talking about my girlfriend while he was driving me home, and i was so busy talking about my gf that i forgot to tell him when he needed to turn into my neighborhood, so we had to turn the car around but then i mentioned my girlfriend and we missed the turn aGAIN AND Anyways i really love my girlfriend

This is literally something I would do I get distracted even just thinking about my gf and do dumb things like walk into door frames or put juice on my cereal
Useless lesbians unite!!!!!!!

Exo’s Reaction to their GF singing “I Don’t Fuck With You” to them when they’re in the mood

RELATABLE  ASF!!! This is literally something I would do… lol. -Admin D Anyways We hope you enjoy :) 


*Your comment just turned him on even more.*

Y/N: “I Don’t Fuck With You.”

Xiumin: “That’s fine cause I’m the one does all the fucking anyways.”


Y/N: “I Don’t Fuck With You.”

Luhan: “Fine with me, as long as you let me fuck with you, it’s all good.” 


*After the words left your mouth Kris would snap and go off, jokingly though but is lowkey serious and butthurt*

Y/N: “I Don’t Fuck With You.”

 Kris: “Good, cause I never fucked with you anyways.*


*Suho would be surprised at your sudden use of the word, but his horniness would distract him.”

Y/N: “I Don’t Fuck With You.”

Suho: “We’re still going to do it though, right?”


*Lay would congratulate you on your clever comeback.’

Y/N: “I Don’t Fuck With You.”

Lay: “Haha, I see what you did there.”


*Come up with a quick comeback before dragging you to the bedroom.”

Y/N: “I Don’t Fuck With You.”

Baekhyun: “So… I’m in control today. Great!” 


Y/N: “I Don’t Fuck With You.”

Chen: “Oh, really??” *Activates sexy Chen mode*


*Chanyeol would disregard any thoughts of fucking at this point and would start to perform the whole song from where you left off.*

Y/N: “I Don’t Fuck With You.”

Chanyeol: “You lil stupid ass bitch, I ain’t fuckin’ with you.”


*He wouldn’t appreciate the fact that you snapped, because he was only trying to get some; mostly because you guys haven’t done it in a while* 


*Tao would be surprised at your answer because he just wanted to have a good time, but would snap back quite quickly.*

Y/N: “I Don’t Fuck With You.”

Tao: “Okay, remember who you don’t fuck with when you want an expensive ass purse.” 


Y/N: “I Don’t Fuck With You.”

Kai: “Come on, Jagi. You know those words are only supposed to be used in the bedroom.”


*Like Chanyeol, he would start performing the rest of song from where you left off.*

Y/N: “I Don’t Fuck With You.”

Sehun: “ You lil stupid ass bitch, I ain’t fuckin’ with you.You lil, you lil dumb ass bitch, I ain’t fuckin’ with you.I got a million trillion things I’d rather fuckin’ do. Than to be fuckin’ with you”

Sehun: “Anyways, that was fun and all, but can we fuck now?”

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Here is one of my ho stories: I was at a party in college. The guy I was crushing on showed up at that party and I was trying to be subtle (by taking off my shirt) and call him over but it didn’t work. He eventually started dancing with a freshman who had been dating someone the semester before. So, out of spite, I started dancing and making out with that freshman’s ex boyfriend. I ended up taking that guy home and fucking him. And that’s how I lost my virginity out of spite.

I’m actually deceased losing your virginity out of spite lmao also subtly taking off your shirt for attention is literally something I have/would do who are you let’s be friends 😂


“Hey Sam, what do you call a fish with no eyes?” You smirked, staring at him intently waiting for his repy.

He rolled his eyes and sighed looking at you. “I don’t know Y/N, what?”

“A fsh.” Your voice turning into a light laugh. You came across the joke on the internet a few days ago and thought it was hilarious whilst Sam apparently, did not.

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OMG OKAY so my mom and I were talking about the concert and she told me about something that I missed. So apparently when Hunter was introducing his band, he started out by calling them his best friends, except he messed up the word and said breast friends and then the guys all started laughing and Hunt blushed and then he was like “Words are hard, man. Words are hard. Okay, so just before I say anything else stupid…” or SOMETHING LIKE THAT AND I JUST REALLY LOVE HIM OKAY BECAUSE THAT’S LITERALLY SOMETHING I WOULD DO