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If you'll still do the tired edition R1 Kitty Bryce? Lol E1 is literally me every morning though XD

About kitty Bryce I want to say something. I saw someone drew kitty Bryce for their own comic but with my design. Like a lot of people draw kitty Bryce but they have their own designs for him. If you want to draw your own thing please design your own design. If you really like my design, you can ask me or when you post it, you can tag me. 

And I found that person not just used  my design for kitty Bryce, they use Kyo’s design for ohm. That’s why I post this annoying thing :p

Funny thing is a lot people saw that post but don’t found anything :)

And seriously it made me don’t want to draw kitty Bryce forever 


I came back from Eilat two weeks ago to find that this inspire piece (as others) was erased from this spot on Eliash street, Which really upset me, because it made me smile literally every morning when I passed by it on my way to school. This morning was a very pleasant surprise to find this stencil, which is very cool :)

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Omg fake dating pleeeeeaaaasse.

“You’re an idiot, you know that?” she smirks over her takeaway cup, taking a long sip. Killian just shrugs, laughing it off as he leans back in the seat opposite her. 

“How could I forget when you remind me literally every morning, Swan?” he returns sarcastically, schooling his features into an expression of mock offense. With a shake of her head, she checks her watch - they’ve got ten more minutes before they have to be at the police precinct.

Looking back up at him where he’s taking a long swig of his coffee, she nods to the beverage, “Hurry up - if we’re late again, David will kill us.”

He snorts, “Yeah, because the Commissioner would totally put his own daughter on report.” Emma’s eyes narrow of their own accord and she finishes the last of her hot chocolate as she stands. Rolling her eyes, she turns and deposits the cup in the bin - which is when her gaze lands firmly on Neal.

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You guys apparently I died and was reincarnated as a tiger?