There’s exactly two weeks until the Gravity Falls Finale. I have never been more not ready for something in my wHOLE

“you just think about g/t sometimes right haha”

right. yes. sometimes. not all the time. i totally don’t go to sleep hugging my pillow and pretending it’s a giant finger and my mattress is a giant’s chest. of course. i don’t look up at tall trees or buildings and picture them as giants. and i don’t constantly run through my head what life as a tiny would be like. not at all. not at al l

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OKAY BUT Chris' beard growing back super fast is v possible because my friend shaved his beard completely Friday and when we came back to school (it was either Monday or Tuesday, it was awhile back) it looked like he had just trimmed it down a little

Men and their face hair is so weird to me 

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Your stories hurt me inside but I want more. You're so good at murdering my heart.

Kay… The demon is pleased. I feel more motivated now. Shedrak shall try to write more pain.

My fave part about chronic illnesses is all the times where you almost die :)

it is incredibly fortunate that my old harry potter fics have since disappeared into the void.

like I got people raggin on me now but if y’all coulda seen what I was writing when I was 12… hooooo boy. It was a special kind of awful.