BTS reaction: their crush saying they’re their bf when someone hits on them

This is literally my favorite prompt when it comes to fanfics and such. Or at least one of my favorites. I’ve really been looking forward to doing this request. Thank you so much for requesting, and sorry that it took me so long xx

Jin: He will be a bit taken back. He would have expected you to just tell the guy no. And he would have been prepared to physically shove the guy away if he was being persistent. But he would quickly go along with your lie. He’s got an interest in acting, so he’d have absolutely no problem with it. Also, he’s definitely going to take every chance he gets to pretend to be your boyfriend. But he won’t want to go overboard with it. So I think he would put an arm around your waist, and maybe pull you a bit closer. And as soon as the guy is out of sight, Jin will let go of you, just to not make you uncomfortable. He might ask you why him being your boyfriend was the first thing you could think of, but he would cover up the fact that he’s genuinely curious by acting all jokingly flirty.

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Suga: He will immediately go along with your lie and be really chill about it. Like, he will glare at the guy, going into full protective boyfriend-mode. He wouldn’t really struggle with that part, as that is what he would have wanted to do anyways. And he won’t bring the incident up again or ask you about it. But the entire time, he would be dying on the inside. He would be all giddy and nervous about it, but he would also be very cautious about it. And there’s definitely some hopeful little part of him that would be going “maybe this means that they like you? Just ask them about it.” for months afterwards. But he would not listen to that part of him, and just try to ignore it.

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J-Hope: He would give you a confused look at first, that would almost ruin the lie. But he would realize what you were doing right after that, and try to cover up almost blowing your cover. And that would mean that he would overdo it. Like, he’d generally be sort of stressed and nervous in this kind of situation, and almost ruining it would make him almost panic, because he would want to make it up to you right away. And this would make him immediately pull you close to him, going “yeah, that’s right! I’m her boyfriend. So get lost.”. He might be on his way to kiss your cheek as well, but the guy would probably be on his way away from the two of you. So, I mean, it’s still successful, but maybe not the smoothest way of doing it.

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Rap Monster: Like Hobi, he would look at you with a confused face, almost asking what you were talking about, before he was able to catch on to what you were doing. But he would be a lot calmer. Like, panicking isn’t going to do any good. Also, this is a chance for him to show you that he can act like a cool and manly boyfriend. So he would probably simply take your and and move closer to you, while glaring at the guy to show him that he would have to go through Namjoon to get to you. And afterwards, he’d be like Jin and ask you about it, while acting all joking about it, to stop you from suspecting that he’s got a crush on you.

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Serious boyfriend-mode on

Jimin: He would see this as a great chance to show you that he would make a good boyfriend. But he would probably mess it up a little. He would pull you closer by your waist, but he would be blushing and not quite be able to stop himself from looking too happy for the situation at hand. But the guy would still be able to figure out that Park Jimin is going to fuck him up big time if he doesn’t leave, so he does. Jimin would let go of you as soon as he’s sure the guy isn’t coming back, and then he’s probably too shy and nervous to ask you about it, even if he’s really wondering where that idea came from. 

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V: Well, he can act so that is exactly what he’s going to do. As soon as you say that he’s your boyfriend, he will suddenly seem much more threatening to the guy, and protective of you. He had been standing with his back towards you, but turned around as soon as you grabbed him to face you, and when he heard your lie he would press a kiss to your forehead, pull you closer and say something like “is this guy bothering you, babe?”, all while glaring at the guy. He would be very convincing. But as soon as the guy was out of sight, he would smile brightly and let go of you, asking if he did okay. And I think he would want to walk you home after the incident, just to make sure that you arrive home safely. And I’m also pretty sure this would give him the courage to confess. Like, in his mind, this would mean that you see at least something boyfriend-like in him, right? 

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Jungkook: He would be confused for a nanosecond, before connecting the dots. He would be slightly flustered that his crush wanted him to pretend that he’s their boyfriend, and he’d be sort of nervous to mess it up. So he would take the silent approach to this. Like, he would pull you closer to him without a word, and glare at the guy and seem threatening. All while dying inside of course. But if the guy tried something more, he would stop acting and just push the guy into a wall. Because he doesn’t need to act to feel protective of you.

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thank u 4 cheering up the beautiful hog boy!!! ps ur blog is literally my favorite i love everything u post sm

anything for our fav cutie hog  ♡

( thank u so much qt ; v ; !!! it means a lot <33 )

OMG! thank ya’ll for ur book recs!!! ya’ll’re the best! some of the books weren’t available at my library so i couldnt check those out ;_; i checked out good omens because i’ve been meaning to read it for years and years bc neil gaiman & terry pratchett *-* i’ve checked out the raven boys like 3 times and i just kept putting it down and never got past the first chapter but i decided to give it yet another try! 4th time’s the charm maybe?  also i picked up a random third book that seemed interesting
(oh! and to the person who rec’d ari and dante to me… oh boy oh boy have i read it- it’s literally my favorite book ever 8’])

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What about Padme from star wars for the character study exercise?

What about I shower you with love and affection because Padme is literally one of my favorite characters holy shit thank you.

I fudged on some of the historical stuff, who the fuck even knows what the Trade Federation wanted okay not George Lucas I can tell you that right now. I like the idea of Padme having a hard time staying quiet and complaint while disguised as a handmaiden. Hope you like it, and thanks for the suggestion!

“Excuse me, Queen Amidala?”

           The young woman—no, girl—stops, the wide hem of her dress swishing around her ankles as she pauses to turn back towards the source of the call. The pair of handmaidens at her side do the same, peering curiously around their lady to see a portly man in elaborate robes approaching.

           The face of one of the handmaidens darkens—dislike twisting her pretty features.

           “Councilman Wendell,” she names him lowly, an unhappy set to her jaw.

           Amidala spares her a sidelong look. “Hush, now,” she murmurs.

           Wendell makes his way to the trio of girls, tawny eyes sweeping over the two ladies-in-waiting without a glimmer of interest before settling on the Queen herself.

           “My Lady,” he bows respectfully, and Amidala surveys him calmly.

           “Esteemed Councilman,” she returns evenly. “Do you require my assistance?”

           The handmaidens exchange smirks. Backhanded compliments. Subtle jabs. Their lady has a way with weaving sour barbs into the sweetest-sounding words.

           Wendell frowns, picking up on the slight. “No, as it happens,” he tells her, a curt cut to his words. “Though I do believe you need mine.”

           Anger sparks in the eyes of the same handmaiden who identified the man, and she takes a step forward to claim his attention.

           “Speak carefully, Councilman,” she warns, eyes narrowed. “You are in the presence of royalty.”

           “Quiet, please,” Amidala orders her softly, a whisper of rebuke in her words.

           Reluctantly, the handmaiden steps back. Amidala lifts a questioning eyebrow.

           “I am quite busy, Councilman. Please make this quick.”

           Wendell crosses his arms across his stomach, frowning unhappily at the young monarch.

           “If I may speak frankly, your Grace, your attempts to dodge the Trade Federation are misplaced and miscalculated.”

           The outspoken handmaiden balks, but Amidala just stares back at the Councilman serenely.

           “Truly?” she asks. “May I ask why you think that?”

           “The Trade Federation has offered us nothing but lucrative opportunities to partake in intergalactic trade!” he says firmly, frown slipping into a proper scowl.

           “Treason!” the handmaiden accuses, mouth open in anger. Her colleague hushes her fiercely, pulling her back. She stares fearlessly into the eyes of Wendell, who looks down at her—appalled at her outburst—until Amidala claims his attention.

           “You are entitled to your opinion, Councilman,” she tells him evenly. Her voice does not betray a hint of her emotions. “But they are simply that—opinions. I am Queen. My word is law.”

           She turns to leave then, but Wendell is not finished.

           “Your word is wrong!” he shouts after her. Guards stationed along palace walls step forward, frowning in concern, but Amidala waves them all off.

           “You are making a mistake, your Majesty! You are too young to understand the complications of—”

           “The Trade Federation is nothing but thieves and backstabbers waiting for an opportune time to—!” the handmaiden speaks out again, this time cut short by the Queen herself.

           “Enough.” What had been but a whisper of rebuke in the Queen’s voice has grown to a steady growl. She eyes the handmaiden warningly. “I value your opinion, but there is a time and a place.”

           The handmaiden frowns back sullenly, and Amidala simply arches an eyebrow before continuing along, the soft-spoken handmaiden dutifully following while the outspoken one lingers, trading one final glare with Wendell.

           “Do not look at me like that, child,” he sneers, staring down at her hatefully. “You are as young as our dear Queen and twice as foolish.”

           Rage flares up in the handmaiden’s heart, and she opens her mouth, preparing to shout back at him, to tell him the truth, to see the look of shock on his face—

           “Padmé!” Amidala’s voice cuts cleanly through the corridor, and the handmaiden slowly closes her mouth, sense returning to her.

           “My apologies, Esteemed Councilman,” she mutters, offering a sloppy curtsey that has the other handmaiden giggling and Amidala rolling her eyes as she hastens to her lady’s side.

           “You forget yourself,” Amidala chides her lowly as they walk. “Outbursts like that are not fit for a handmaiden.”

           “He was being crude and stupid,” Padmé fumes, folding her arms and scowling at the ground.

           “They’re always cruel and stupid,” the other handmaiden points out cheerfully. “There’s no need to make a fuss about it. Like the Queen—er, Sabé, said. If you dress like a handmaiden, you’ve got to play the part.”

           She’s promptly hushed by both Padmé and Sabé, who cast quick looks around.

           “No one is to know about the switch, Cordé,” Padme reminds her quietly. “That’s the whole point.”

           “Sorry, sorry!” Cordé apologies. The trio begins their walk again, Amidala pulling ahead while her handmaidens fall behind.

           “Though, you know,” Cordé murmurs behind her hand. “I think all this double stuff is silly. You’d make a great Queen.” She winks, offers a playful smile, before continuing on.

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can I just say? you're very friendly and lovely and literally my favorite studyblr out there & I adore your videos very much!! you don't deal with the questions being asked like we're fans or something (like some people do, whoops) even tho we might be fans of your work fr!! I wish u luck with life and hope your a level results are great just as you are xoxo

oh my gosh I’m hyperventilating just a little bit this is so so kind of you to say!! literally sending the biggest hug and thank you and all the best for you too!! <3 


literally my favorite vine 


Literally crying over this

When you’re yu-gi-oh trash and your friend isn’t

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