Patrochilles + Social Media

Part 1 of ? (Of presents, puppies, Adam Levine and Patroclus being a klutz)

Part 2 of ? (Of travels and snapchats stories wherein Achilles and Patroclus adore one another, Patroclus enjoys wearing his boyfriend’s clothing a little too much and kids on the street stop to point and stare at Achilles)

me: okay so can you give me the biggest hug ever like don’t hold back okay just give it to me

seb: *loud lion laugh* okay

me: and then can you do the most ridiculous face you can

seb: *high pitched voice* liKE A SILLY FACE

me: *even louder high pitched voice* yEAH LIKE A SILLY FACE


It’s from your past. Possibly your future, I always get those two mixed up…