with every fall out album you can pin a year on what time you feel like it was made like yes, from under the cork tree sounds like 2005 and save rock and roll sounds like 2013 you’re right but i have never been able to put a time on Folie a deux…..folie a deux doesn’t sound like 2008…folie a deux is literally ahead of its time. it doesn’t sound like anything else and it’s so musically sophisticated and petes lyrics are complicated and also really really smart and he’s always been clever like that. joe and andy literally made this album be this way by how they played so perfectly liek andy did all his parts on this album in five days and patrick wrote all that music and made all those layers and sang so beautifully and really brought emotion to it that you dot hear so often…folie a deux is a masterpiece and don’t try to convince me otherwise just like hearing all of folie a deux live it won’t happen