Day 10 (7/29/15)

Barely made it! Like five minutes to spare! 

Continuing the lessons today, and I’m sketching a cat. Oh boy I don’t like the sound of this… Animals are complicated..


I mean… It’s not awful… Sigh man I’m really hard on myself on these posts but it’s true :P It’s just kinda okay. Honestly though, i was using the smudge tool to help blend the lights and darks but what the heck, the smudge tool kept taking off TOO MUCH of the pencils! Like a few rubs and it was already off! I couldn’t smudge to the best of my abilities because the entire cat would’ve been one ugly shade… The limitations of wii u technology though.. Otherwise, I think I did an okay job.

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anonymous asked:

netflix is literally 10$ a month that's nothing... You have a phone or computer (assuming since you have tumblr) so you can pay for netflix.

Okay this is so fucking stupid?????? My dad used to pay for Netflix on top of bills, house, phone payments, etc. Last year when o had a job I bought my phone w my own money and my dad paid the 50$ a month shit to keep it on but money is so tight I haven’t had my phone on since February of this year????? Lmao??? I’m running of wifi so help me gawd……… The comp I have is windows vista from 2006 that I got for free??……………I just want to watch some damn x files…………… So hmu w that Netflix shit.

when i was younger i used to get extremely intense abdominal migraines and in the last day or two of an episode i’d be pretty malnourished from not being able to eat for 3 or 4 days and i’d walk around my house extremely delusional and it would scare my parents a lot

harshwhimsy asked:

my sister called me yesterday asking me how to get win10 and the whole time i was like "im not an IT guy i cant help u here i literally just reserved 10 months ago" and omfg i was on the phone w her for like 15 mins bcuz she wouldnt just google how to get it

THAT’S… EXACTLY!!! it was 100% more inconvenient to her and she didn’t even get the information she wanted! literally she could’ve thought up a sentence - NOT even a real sentence, Google is forgiving in that way - and coulda got her information in like 4 seconds!!! oh my God

🎼wHy Do PeOpLe Do ThIs🎶

an old man I made friends with whilst volunteering last year at the commonwealth games sent me an email last year & I literally took 10 months to reply to it cause I’m a piece of shit, but he just replied to my message from last night & his email was so genuinely pleased and sincere that I had a 5-min cry. think I’m going to be his email pal

Me:*stays up until 5 am because I can’t sleep*
Me:*waits until 5 am to turn on spotify’s sleep playlist even though I could have used it hours ago*



Para los que conocen ( y para los que no) el nuevo libro ( y próximamente película) de Jojo Moyes hay nuevas noticias :D.
Seguro que han oído los rumores de que Me Before You se estrena en este mes de Agosto… Lamentablemente es mentira (como la mayoría de los rumores :( ). Esta vez las fuentes son confiables y nos confirman de que se estrenara el 3 de Junio del 2016.
Así que literalmente faltan… 10 MESES contando desde ahora.
Waiting sucks !! 

For those who know (and for those who do not) the new book (and soon film) Jojo Moyes no new news: D.

Certainly have heard rumors that Me Before You debuts in this August … Unfortunately it is a lie (like most rumors :(). This time the sources are reliable and we confirmed it was released 3 June 2016.

So literally missing … 10 MONTHS counting from now.

Waiting sucks !!


Louisa Clark sabe muchas cosas. Sabe cuántos pasos hay entre la parada del autobús y su casa. Sabe que le gusta trabajar en el café Buttered Bun y sabe que quizá no quiera a su novio Patrick.

 Lo que Lou no sabe es que está a punto de perder su trabajo o que son sus pequeñas rutinas las que la mantienen en su sano juicio. Will Traynor sabe que un accidente de moto se llevó sus ganas de vivir. Sabe que ahora todo le parece insignificante y triste y sabe exactamente cómo va a solucionarlo. Lo que Will no sabe es que Lou está a punto de irrumpir en su mundo con una explosión de color.

 Y ninguno de los dos sabe que va a cambiar al otro para siempre. Yo antes de ti reúne a dos personas que no podrían tener menos en común en una novela conmovedoramente romántica con una pregunta: ¿Qué decidirías cuando hacer feliz a la persona a la que amas significa también destrozarte el corazón?

Louisa Clark knows many things. You know how many steps between the bus stop and home. You know who likes to work in coffee Buttered Bun and may not want to know her boyfriend Patrick.

 Lou does not know what it is you are about to lose their jobs or who are their little routines that keep her sane. Will Traynor know that a motorcycle accident his will to live was. He knows that now everything seems meaningless and sad and knows exactly how it will fix. What Will does not know it is that Lou is about to break into their world with an explosion of color.

 And neither he knows that the other will change forever. I before you meet two people who could not have less in common in a touchingly romantic novel with a question: What would you decide when to make happy the person you love means also break your heart?



Suggested FCs: Sasha Luss & Tim Schuhmacher, Ethan James & Kim Noorda, Lee Jong Suk & Im Jin Ah (Nana), Freya Mavor & Daria Sidorchuk,  Youngmin Jo & Kwangmin Jo

[You are welcome to use this character inspired post to base a character off of, or even to draw inspiration for one of our open roles at onefortheroad-rpg.]

She’s smudging khol around her eyes and he’s bleaching his hair in the sink. They wear matching smiles, ones that whisper  they know things they’ll never share– that they’ve got something within them you will never have the privilege of possessing. They don’t speak much, at least not to each other, but when you sneak a glance back at them over your shoulder, when you’re sure they don’t know you’re watching, you can see them nodding and gesturing silently to things, eerily in tune without murmuring a sound. They’re not telepathic, they laugh wildly at the idea when asked in interviews, they’ve never felt each other’s pain, but when they answer questions at nearly the same time and they fold their hands in the same fashion you can’t help but feel just the slightest bit uncomfortable.

They’ve just been around each other for so long, they’ll explain; everyone could do the same if they stuck by another’s side for as many years as they’ve been alive. She’s dainty as can be, pale as ash and dressed as though someone took a brush and stroked her with black ink.  Everything ties together in a way that doesn’t look forced: this is her, and he’s much the same. They’re a trick coin, each side the same and you’ve never seen them apart.

You can sense the discomfort when the other moves away just for a moment, like the tearing of a limb. Their claim to not share pain seems false, because when his sheet music slices open his skin, she lets out a gasp at the sight, even before a ruby drop of blood wells up. They are so in tune that their music makes you sigh. The cohesion and timing is perfect, every line haunting and melodic. They could have been classicists, but when they begin to perform you realize that there is nothing better suited for them but the dark winding chords of rock music. You’re drawn to them, no one knows why, they’re unique and they’re terrifyingly beautiful, enough to make you fall just the tiniest bit in love.