literally perfection i could not be happier :''''0

Divide: An Album Summary

Eraser: brb dropping all of my responsibilities until i learn this rap 

Castle on a Hill: this is the type of song that if you listen it to while walking, you end up going like 10x your normal pace 

Dive: this song will be sung to every cheesecake i eat (also like idk about you but the beginning kinda sounds like dangerous woman??)

Shape of You: like idk why but all I can think of during this song is somebody bouncing a basketball?? 

Perfect: wedding dance song for 2k17 and beyond

Galway Girl: Irish dance party 

Happier: no i’m not crying. I just have something stuck my eyes. yes, yes, both of my eyes

New Man: okay but literally every line in this song could be put on a t-shirt

Hearts Don’t Break Around Here: in which every person listening to this imagines ed singing this to them 

What Do I Know?: what do I know? i know that my boi ed is amazing (also: in which a song can age me back 10 years)

How Would You Feel (Paean): pure cinnamon roll in lyrical form #bless 

Supermarket Flowers: shit i will never be able to buy flowers from walmart ever again without crying 

Barcelona: I never would have thought that I would be attracted to a ginger british guy singing in spanish, but here we are. i can now die in peace. 

Bibia Be Ye Ye: *frantically head bobs* *bangs an invisible drum* *astral projects my body into heaven*

Nancy Mulligan: Irish dance party, pt. II (also super cute)

Save Myself: “’cause she’d just smile and I’m complaining in a song, but it helps” - same, Ed, same

Guys….guys i…..I have literal tears of joy in my eyes right now and it’s all thanks to @rutbisbe

I asked if Rut could make a cover photo for Concerto, because this is the first fic I’ve written that I’ve absolutely fallen in love with (and I admit I was surprised that you guys love it too!) And I love Rut’s art.

And my expectations were FAR exceeded.

I just…i just can’t thank you enough. Everything about this is absolute perfection and I could not be happier right now. For those of you who have read Concerto, you may recognize this scene as the dancing scene to Elvis. For me, it’s one of the standout moments that really stuck with me, even all these months later.

Thank you so much again Rut! I absolutely love you!!!!!❤❤❤❤

A post about Phil

Okay so I feel a lot of love for Phil. This man is literally my lifeline and can make me so freaking happy with just the smallest thing. I could be super upset and down and I just see him and I melt, I love him so so so so much. He’s literally so wonderful, kind, beautiful (not just on the outside but the inside too). His heart is so golden and he’s so loving and caring towards people and he doesn’t get nearly enough appreciation- he deserves everything and anything that’s good in this world because he’s literally a hero. I mean he puts smiles on people’s faces and makes people happy and in this day and age that’s so hard to do because everyone is so sad anymore and Phil is just a spark of light that can take people’s minds away from a bad place with a simple click of a YouTube video. Everything about him is so genuine and pure and he’s so real- he doesn’t have to act or be fake because he’s simply, truly wonderful. And no, he isn’t perfect because even he has his adorably quirky flaws- but that just makes him so much more real and so much easier to relate too. Here I am, an 18 year old girl on the internet, pouring some of my heart out about how much I love and appreciate Phil- but I don’t even care because it’s all so true. He’s the most perfect combination of quirky, dorky, adorable, smart, and caring. He’s literally sunshine, and he’s so intelligent even though he has his moments- but everyone has their moments so he’s just human and that’s amazing to think. Someone this great is human just like the rest of us. Since I’ve been watching him I’ve felt like a better person because he inspires me to be happier and to help others, I couldn’t thank him enough for just simply being so amazing and inspiring. I could go on forever and ever about Phil but I’ll stop here so nobody gets annoyed with all of this reading.

I just love Phil so much ❤️

Powers That Be: Clace Edition

Okay anyone who follows me know I was not happy with the idea of the double date. However the good definitely outweighed the bad. I mean we start off with Jace out side of Clary’s door. I love how he knows he’s going in there to ask her out and he’s so nervous about. Its so freaking cute. Everything about this scene was so great. Jace watching Clary as she danced with her head phones on was something I never knew i needed but the conversation was the best part. Jace is putting Clary first and wanting to make her happy. He knows that not everyone is like him. Clary may want to spend time outside of the shadow world because she lived in the mundane world for so long. I also love that Clary knows Jace well to know to his normal is hunting demons. It was so lovely. And as per usual Clary will find any reason to try to get jace to take his clothes off. A girl after my own heart. The smiles in this scene just melted my heart. They are both just so happy to be together.

The date itself was awkward obviously. I mean Clary and Jace were super cute getting to the restaurant. it was beyond funny how Jace had no idea that he had to make reservations. Clary obviously knew that Jace did not do the mundane date thing so she kinda steered him in the right direction without making it into a big thing that he should feel bad about. The of course they get seated next to Maia & Simon. It wasn’t the best situation. Simon annoyed me a little with the ordering thing but I get it they were like three inches apart. It was kinda hard just to ignore each other. I think Clary & Maia did their best to try to make things less awkward but of course Jace lets it slip that he knows about Maia’s tattoo which makes thing awkward again because neither Simon or Clary were aware that Clary & Maia hooked up. I do have to say that I’m really happy Simon didn’t know either.

After they part ways Jace notices that Clary isn’t happy.(How cute was Jace giving Clary his jacket). I love the choice of now making this about Maia specifically. Clary knows about Jace’s history with other girls so I liked that they made it about her feeling insecure because the night before when she was ready to have sex he is the one that stopped them. Everything about this scene was actual perfection. I really wanted something to cement their romance before Jace issues kinda took over and this was it. Dom and Kat were absolutely fabulous. You could literally see how much Jace loved her in just the way he was smiling while thinking about all these things he listed. You could almost see Clary’s heart flutter. I think the charcoal line is what totally did it for her. It almost seemed like that was her little secret and she could not believe he picked up on it. The kiss was just perfect. The softest and i love how after Clary pulled way we get this show of them just looking so in love. I just couldnt be happier. 

newtparadise  asked:

Hi! Metamoromemes here, curious how does post-fabrizio feel like because i only watched the stream yet i'm already lying in a pool of my tears, reliving the concert and missing him so much??? Can't imagine how you'd feel after being there in the amazing crowd

hi!!! ♡
actually i needed some time to answer this question and i think i’m not fully prepared yet, but i’ll try anyway.
yesterday was.. mesmerising.
it was like being part of a family, like singing without thinking about all the rest.
when i reached my seat i started to cry because the olimpico is my stadium, in my city, and i love that place seriously, is home, and unfortunately i wasn’t able to visit it for 3 years and when i reached my seat i just lose it because fabri’s stage was there, i was there, and it was real, and i cried so much while my friends were trying to calm me. then THANKS TO THE GOD kaatsu (katso i don’t fucking know how to write it) started to sing and he was m a d, a completely madman, jumping, singing and screaming and i laughed so much, the tension slipped away.
when the concert started i couldn’t believe it because fabri was so, so beautiful, so happy, his eyes were gleaming and he sang ‘tutto quello che volevi’ that is one of my fav songs and i started singing with all my lungs, and never stopped.
All the concert was amazing, he was amazing, the crowd was amazing. We were singing that much that half of the songs we didn’t even listen fabri’s voice, it was like a duet, and it was beautiful.
probably to me the most emotional moment was 21 anni and libero too.
21 anni because that song means so much to me, and in 18 days i’m celebrating 21 years (btw the same day ermal’s doing the concert in rome i think i’ll die) and i hate celebrating birthdays lately because like the song says ‘i don’t want to grow up anymore’ but when fabri was singing i felt so protected, so understood, so free and i was smiling so much that everything seemed perfect. i felt like i could live, love, cry, because no matter what fabri will be with me. always. like he said while singing ‘pace’ : sempre. always, always with me. with us. and i couldn’t be happier that he was my first concert ever.
while singing ‘libero’ and ‘da una sola parte’ i lost my lungs and my voice, literally, at the end i wanted to say something to my friends but my voice couldn’t come out, best feeling ever, i felt truly free while singing(screaming) to libero.
when nmafn started playing and i saw ermal for a sec my legs gave out, because he was stunning. happiness painted all over his face, seeing him that happy while singing with fabri and with us, it was beautiful. and what he said to fabri ‘this is not a dream fabri, fuck this is your reality’ made me cry all my tears, and then the jokes, fabri telling the crowd ‘this is OUR brother’ the crowd dedicating a chant that is specifically dedicated to fabrizio to ermal instead, as a welcoming chant into the family, my heart was bursting.
fiorella and ultimo = ultimate sweethearties
yesterday the word happiness changed in fabrizio moro for a night and it was an honour to see that happen
i’m proud to be his fan, because he deserves the whole world, seriously
the best night of my life

(sorry for the poem, too many things to say ♡)

A Few Words, To You.

You know who you are. The one who makes me smile from morning to night, the one who makes my heart beat like no tomorrow. The one who has the cutest voice in the world, the one I can call mine.

I’m so glad I’m able to call you mine. I’m so glad no one else snatched you up before I could because you’re so perfect. You make me a better person and you literally have given my body a schedule to wake up early to talk to you longer.

You make me so much happier and everyone around me is noticing as well. You fill a hole that I thought could never be filled and I want to say thank you. I know you feel the same and I don’t know if I make you as happy as you make me but I do are about you. I want you to do the best you can do and I know you are doing that.

I cant wait to meet you and hold you for hours, I can’t wait to take you to the store and hold your hand. While I embarrass you by yelling how you’re mine.i can’t wait to spoil you with so many things I can’t wait to hold you at night listening to your soft breaths against my chest while I play with your hair running it through my fingers.

I want to plan a vacation with you to wear you want to go, I want to surprise you and see the biggest smile on your face ever. I want to make you happy that’s all I want with you. Not to use you, hurt you, or make you cry. But to make you happy

Thank you for showing up in my life

Ok, my friends, my fellow lovers of rarepair bro ships! I have amazing news for you. @heyitsamorette wrote me a Grudders fic as a gift for the HPrarepairsGift fest and it is PERFECT! 

Lost and Found by AmoretteHD

Pairing: Gregory Goyle/Dudley Dursley (Grudders)
Rating: Mature; Word count: 6k

After the war, the Ministry decides that everyone who took the Dark Mark should be punished by being stripped of their magic. As a result, Gregory Goyle has to learn to navigate life all over again. Developing feelings for a Muggle somehow doesn’t seem to help. 

This fic has it all: lifting bros, humour, falling in love, FEELS, Greg grappling with who he is and who he used to be, sexy conversations, funny conversations, seriousness and lightheartedness at the same time. Do yourself a favour and read it! Not your go-to pairing? Give it a try. Seriously. Amorette’s writing is magical and the story will leave you happier and more joyful than you were before. <3

chastityslavejh  asked:

Thank you for answering my earlier question. Your tumblr is awesome! Regarding chastity, I totally get that you want real submission and ownership from Kyle. But could he maybe come once a month or something? He maybe would still really feel unprecedented and uncontrollable lust and desire for you if you permitted him to cum once in a while?

This was a really interesting question actually and I’ve asked Kyle for his side of it before I’ve answered it.

For my part, as long as he’s milked from time to time to avoid potential health issues, I don’t see any reason to give him an orgasm. I have his brain chemistry in such a delicate and perfect balance now that an orgasm would literally ruin it. I’m happy with him not having orgasms.

Kyle is happy too, which may come as a surprise to many - including himself. If you’d asked him back in April if he could see himself being happy despite being denied orgasm for six months, he’d have likely thought you were crazy for even asking.

But I can honestly say that, right now in this moment, neither Kyle nor I have ever been happier. On top of that, or more likely because of that, our relationship - both sexual and everyday - has never been stronger.

I honestly also believe, and Kyle agrees, that my blanket denial of his orgasms is a key reason for how much we are thriving right now. It’s brought us closer, it’s necessitated more affection, its strengthened our trust.

One orgasm may not effect all that. But then again, why risk that it might?

I hope that answers your question 💋

anonymous asked:

I am in LOVE with Eddie. You are soooo perfect. Literally fangirling so hard for how amazing he is with every post.

Omg thank you!!!  😭 😭 I literally spend every spare moment I have thinking about Eddie, so nothing could possibly make me happier than getting feedback like this!!! ❤️ My only goal is for everyone to be in love with Eddie.

~ @eddiefuckingkaspbrak

(… But @richiefuckfacetozier says she’s gonna fight you, sorry Anon.)

all these popular actors and actresses that we’re not allowed to like anymore because they’re not Woke Enough™ and I’m just like…

maybe if we didn’t hold these people to such a high standard we could all be a little happier?

and I’m not talking about the actual douches, like jeremy irons being antisemetic or tom cruise being…tom cruise. I’m talking about treating these human beings, who are literally just people, with lives and families and experiences of their own, as if they are higher than everyone else, as if they are The Best™, and then being so personally crushed when these people don’t turn out to be Perfect.

like…that ain’t healthy, y’all. for you or for them. yeah, they might be wrong about things, but so is anybody else you meet. that doesn’t necessarily make them a bad person. it just makes them a person.