literally what is the point of that

Even if Yuuri and Victor don’t become boyfriends, can we just appreciate their healthy relationship?

Because what they have is based on mutual respect and on wanting to find a way to communicate despite their differences.

And don’t get me started on how supportive Victor is of Yuuri because I can literally go on about it for hours.

And the way Yuuri begins to trust Victor and find comfort in his touch despite being initially wary of it? To the point of not being afraid to get on his bed in the middle of the night? That’s beautiful?

My point is: wherever the show goes from here, I don’t think anyone can realistically deny that there are incredible amounts of mutual love here. Whether you interpret it as romantic, sexual, platonic, student-teacher, fan-idol, I think most of us can agree that their relationship is special and it is amazing.

Yuri on Ice deserves to be appreciated for a multitude of reasons and Yuuri and Victor must be one of the most compelling ones.

Do you know what does it mean to eat your words? Exactly this. (In my native language this expression is called to spit and lick it back because it is considered as bad to take back or act against your words, if not worse, as literally spitting on floor and licking it back. The English version is more polite). Saying that bleach isn’t about romance and then backpedaling to copy naruto’s ending at the cost of suspending everything midway. Who asked for a one chapter romance anyway? Bleach was fine the way it was. Kubo’s words have no value nor credibility. And I wish “much more exciting things about their personalities” and “things they can do instead of getting into Romance” held true for Ori too because pining for romance is literally what she did in entire 686 chapters of manga to the point it was painful to look at her. Yet here we are. Smh.

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If you’re sending threats and being nasty to someone else over the ages, you’re horrible. Period. That’s all there is to it. This blog is out of fucks to give about the discourse. Literally every source says be kind to each other and stop fighting.

I am officially unfollowing anyone purposefully engaging with antis because I’m done watching both sides arguing over stuff that we’ve always known: Pidge is 14-15, Hunk, Lance and Keith are late teens and Shiro is 25 at most and you make of that what you will. Your interpretation is your own. Some people will never accept that and will continue try to be nasty to each other to try and prove a point.

Be nice.

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What's your headcanon of antisepticeye' personality?

OH GOODIE HEADCANONS! I’ve never done any in my entire life so if they’re bad, please forgive me.

-He looks calm on the outside but is very much a maniac on the inside
-Anti is very much a trickster & has a morbid sense of humor

(Perhaps he finds this motion to be funny? Maybe it’s his morbid way of telling us what happened, or what WILL happen to Jack? Who knows)
-He wants nothing more than to be in control. Highly manipulative
- @mariah-wants-to-live and I were actually having a conversation about this and she pointed out that he would most likely have a sickly misleading element of sweetness to him? Like he’d lure you into a false sense of security

Like I said, I’m literally the worst when it comes to headcanons so I apologize!

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Why support any party? Also you wanting Texas to go blue is egotistical, the Democratic Party does not represent the struggle of anyone except the elite and bourgeoise.

I understand the whole “above it all” mentality, because what leftist hasn’t been there before? The issue is that at some point, you have to accept reality. When I say that, I don’t mean in the sense of being comfortable with the way things are or not fighting to change them. I mean that literally right now we have a FPTP voting system and the electoral college with most states being winner-takes-all, a combination of things that all but guarantees a two-party system.

Because we have a two-party system, with the rare exception of a party totally collapsing and being replaced as a major party (which hasn’t happened since the 1860 election), one of those two parties will win every major race and nearly all races all the way down the ticket. This is especially true for the office of President.

It’s easy to handwring about the parties being “the same” if you’re in a position of relative privilege. Both parties do serve the rich more than the poor, both parties make horrific military choices, and so on. But the parties aren’t the same for a mother who needs WIC to feed her children and is watching the Republicans fight to cut the program’s funding. They’re not the same to the millions of LGBT couples who can now visit each other in the hospital, adopt children together, be included in each other’s wills, etc. Or to the women who rely on Planned Parenthood for medical care, or who don’t want to be investigated for manslaughter and forced to pay for a funeral if they have a miscarriage like current Republican VP candidate Mike Pence tried to make happen as governor of Indiana. Or to black people, who know the Democrats can’t be relied on or trusted as a rule but who also hear the dogwhistles and overtly racist statements coming from the other side, who feel the effects of the “law and order” policies of the GOP, who are targeted by banks with schemes that are only allowed because of forty years of GOP-led deregulation of the financial sector.

Is the fact that we have this two-party system shitty? Absolutely. Is it awful that the ability for third parties to mount remotely feasible challenges without an independently wealthy (as in billionaire wealthy) candidate was essentially destroyed in the 1980s? Definitely. But with nearly any political race in this country, the Democrat will win or the Republican will win, and for millions and millions of people, there’s a huge difference in what that entails for their day-to-day lives.

It makes me feel jaded that the choice is between two rich people who will do more for rich people, but not so jaded that I’m willing to let millions of people–including myself–suffer unquestionably more so that I can feel self-righteous and above it all.

also ?? casually tells everyone abt my au w/ @noexcepticns where basically negan taunts maggie instead of rosita && glenn flips outs && he ends up ( possibly ) taking both glenn && daryl. glenn then goes through various beatings && heavy amounts of manipulation before finally agreeing to work for negan. they negotiate a deal where glenn is the one gathering rations from alexandria, allowing him to visit him family every two weeks. however, due to negan’s charisma && the torture glenn had endured, he begins to doubt rick && his family back home. the trust he had built slowly begins to crumble && it’s clear that glenn doesn’t see the people back home as his anymore. he slowly begins to climb the ranks within the saviors until finally landing in negan’s inner circle. maggie eventually stops wearing her ring, && glenn stops going back to alexandria. he belongs to negan.

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I've been thinking on this-and oh my GOD are the Shinobi Nations dumb as shit. I mean, you have nine people who can LITERALLY destroy NATIONS with CORROSIVE Chakra and FUCKING DEMONS SEALED INSIDE THEM and you're gonna treat them like dirt. Like-what even is this? I KNOW you guys are missing common sense-but seriously? That's just-stupid, It's /idiotic/, and I was ranting about this to my uncle who has no IDEA about Naruto, and he even agreed that it's stupid. WOW Shinobi Nations. Just-wow.


Yes to all of this. Just - logic is not a strong point. Not at all. 

Language "Gender" Experiment

So last year I had a Philosophy of Gender in Literature class (in which I was literally the only male), and one day we got to talking about what gender we, personally, wrote stories in.

What I mean by that isn’t, “Do you write female MCs because you’re a girl?” but rather, “When you’re writing/reading, what kind of voice do you hear in your head? What gender do you immediately gravitate toward?”

At one point in my life, I actually gravitated toward hearing a female voice. But these days, having spent so much time writing in Arman Lance’s voice for my books, I immediately gravitate to a male voice when I read/write. It’s not a choice, but instinct.

The girl next to me also gravitated to male voices. But the rest of the class gravitated to female voices.

So I thought it was interesting that, in our heads, we immediately start “hearing” one or another gendered kind of voice. That’s the question I want to pose to you! What “voice” do you immediately gravitate to when you read or write?

If you ever think that YOU have just gone past the point of giving a fuck in regards to a college essay, here’s a thought:

During one semester during my community college days (aka: my first degree), one of my professors accused me of plagiarizing a paper.

I did no such thing. What had happened was that the topic of the essay was so commonly used that even the most avant-garde responses to it started sounding similar to one another.

And I know I couldn’t have plagiarized because I literally pulled the entirety of the essay out of my ass the previous evening at home in an apartment with no internet access.

So, for the next essay, I wrote the first two pages as normal and pedestrian as possible…

And spent the last page completely ripping the poor bastard who had to read it a new asshole.

I’ll never know what I got on that paper, but I still passed the course. And, in Community College, sometimes that’s all that matters.

An incomplete list of things that make RtW Bruce Wayne jealous, as requested by @flowland-180

  • Martian circadian rhythms (4 or 5 1-hour naps in a 24 hour period to feel fully rested? Unfair.)
  • The way Clark constantly seeks casual contact with Lois
  • People who are taller than him
  • Tim and Dick hero-worshipping Superman (”Dick you have literally been doing the vigilante thing longer than Superman has” “HE CAN FLY”)
  • Selina sweet-talking her cats
  • The relative lack of amphibian life in Gotham as compared to other areas of the state
  • The fond looks Lois gives Clark when he’s not watching
  • How fast Barry can get things done when he puts his mind to it
  • People who can travel in space without a million pieces of extremely fallible equipment
  • Actual literal bats

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you don't think str8s are allowed to point out queerbaiting?

They can point is out, but they’re not the victims of it. And straights whining about not getting their fetish wank material is not them suffering queerbaiting. There is a line there, and allies can very much help talk about the issues of queerbaiting and what’s guilty of it, but they literally cannot act like they are the ones directly affected by it.

Queerbaiting is an issue of representation, which the straights have no problem with.

E.g., I’m not black. I can point out and talk about lack of Black diversity in media, but in reality that lack of rep is not going to affect me mentally and emotionally and etc. I can get frustrated because I know its whitewashed and I’m educated, but I’m not the one that suffers from that shit. I can’t sit around and whine about how awful it is from the perspective that I am the one being hurt by it. It doesn’t work like that.

Frankly, that behavior really comes across as a way to silence the actual concerns and problems minority groups have when it comes to rep and baiting, because they get trivialized as wants rather than needs when privileged groups act like they’re affected the same way by them. People lose the importance of queer/LGBT+ rep when all they see are straight people complaining about not seeing enough gay content.

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it looks like these are the shoes Harry wore today www(.)footshop(.)eu/en/mens-shoes/9467-vans-brigata-lite-sl-silver-mink-white(.)html tbh deep in my heart I knew there was no chance Harry would've worn Yeezy's but I was still disappointed when I found out they weren't lmao

THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK THERE THEY ARRREE I had literally just spent 45 minutes looking for the shoes to no avail and I was coming back to Tumblr in defeat when I saw your message and this just made me really, really happy. :) NOT ALL HEROES WEAR CAPES.

And I ain’t gonna lie, there was a part of me hoping they were Yeezy’s too just for the fun of it lmao. Like I would have never let that go. Prince Harry wearing Yeezy’s… LIKE WHAT A CONCEPT. But I reeeaalllyyyy like these shoes! Harry’s shoe game stays on point tbh. I hope we see some new shoes for the tour too just because ahaha.

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i have thing for my best (guy) friend. we've known each other for two years and at a point he totally fell for me. i didnt know what i was doing and i wasnt ready so i kind of pulled back from it all. now we're back and better han ever (as friends) but i dont know how to tell him i like him. honestly i cant see myself dating him but i literally fucking love him. i need help

I think you should be open with him like he was open with you. that sounds like the best option in this case because he may even have left over feelings or feelings that never left for you. just talk to him and see what he thinks

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fancast actresses to be fem!nine and fem!ten?

i am the literal worst at finding fancasts, darling nonny. like… fem!doctor is my JAM but i don’t have solid fancasts. (i have p. solid images in my head of what my fem!doctors look like but no fancasts)

(well… i’m not counting the fact that @megabadbunny‘s fem!ten art is kinda always in the back of my mind when i’m writing fem!ten)

BUT @mariechambers and @angstybananabread might be able to point you towards some fancasts!!! I’m pretty sure Rose Byrne has been put forth for fem!ten :)

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THATS LITERALLY WHAT I'M GOING TO DO. I'm just going to keep it as the second evo tho. The fire/dark isn't saving itself from the furry madness :,)))


PEOPLE WERE LIKE “oh!! but its gonna be fire/dark, since its a heel wrestler!1!!”

LIKEEEEE THATS NOT THE POINT, fire/dark or fire/fighting, I don’t care it’s design is downright ***TERRIBLE***

I mean just look at it? It has horrible sausage fingers, an overbite jaw, a unibrow, and lets not forget that it literally /PELVIC THRUSTS/ FOR FIRE TO SPIRAL OUT OF ITS BELT.

I just really hate this. Our first ever cat starter and its potential was wasted for it to be a blatant tiger mask reference.