literally what is the point of that

i was just thinking about how the entirety of kpop has no distinct sound. like at all. like with rnb for example you can point out what kind of beats, melody, arrangements and general song structure defines an rnb song. kpop literally doesn’t have anything that’s defining because it’s a mash of various other styles that aren’t at all original. it’s just so funny to me. there’s really no originality in the music because it’s just constant biting.

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my friend who watched the ep with me said the 'weird feeling' people have been talking about is the way Cas acted after the hug - if you look closely he's almost frowning in few scenes (and not in a Cas-like "IDK what that means" way) when looking at Dean and he seems more subdued, or at least his emotions are. Where earlier we could read a thousand things from the way he looked at Dean, now he seems more closed off?

They literally just pointed out in the last episode WHY THIS IS THE CASE!

Season 4-8: Cas doesn’t understand emotions, he might have fallen in love with Dean but he doesn’t understand it. Duty always comes first anyway.

Season 9-12: Cas knows what he feels is love (figures it out while human) but he has no self worth and spirals into depression, he doesn’t feel he deserves love.

Meanwhile also: 12x12 established the sacred oath and 13x04 established that he feels Dean does not love him back.

Season 13: He rises out of the depression but all the other elements still stand.

He now feels resigned to the fact that he has these feelings but they’re not reciprocated. This makes him sad although still happy to be around Dean and see him happy and safe, but he’s also awkward, a little emotionally stunted and ultimately pretty dejected.

And Dean feels the same way.


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And 3.. 2.. 1 (let's se some magic)

Tom: T-Tord UM- I don’t mind… wait you literally said you would be here at 7 and you showed up at 7 on point so late what???? are you stupid???? *laughs*

Tord: Uh, I am a millisecond late?

Tom: A-a millisecond… you really are going to complain about a millisecond???

Tord: it is my job to be on time after all~


Literally, 5 seconds on google can give these interviewers more interesting questions. They’re so over it you can see if on their faces at this point. That’s bad because these guys are usually just happy to be interviewed. Jeez man.

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Max gets sick on what was supposed to be david and gwen's date night. He hurts so bad to the point he actually asks for them to stay with him for comfort. They are willing to drop literally everything to sit with their poor baby boy until he feels like a sunshine again. David reads him some stories, and gwen hums a lullaby to him while holding his head on her shoulder. Once he's finally ok enough to sleep, they climb in with him and hold him close. (you KNOW it's bad when max ASKS for comfort)

I… literally have no words… This is EXACTLY how I imagine their family to be. Gwen would be disappointed but guess what her baby boy matters more than some fucking tiny ass fancy steak. And David would be willing to cancel their reservation just so they could stay with Max. 

This is beautiful and I love it.

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i am a trans woman and i must tell ya your trans allyship is so fucking performative what the fuck lmao

literally what do i have to gain from pretending to care other than fake internet points. “your trans allyship is so fucking performative” is the kind of accusation i literally cant prove is wrong so like, whats the deal here. also why are you following me if you think im fake

As a writer myself (though, granted, a student writer who probably couldn’t write for a living), I would like to elucidate some points as to why ordering from lore shops is so much different from art shops (and why I don’t really do the former).

1. When you order an art commission, unless you specify that you’d like a surprise, you generally know exactly what you’re getting. There is relatively little uncertainty; you have a picture available right there of what your dragon looks like. You’re just getting that rendered in a different style and/or different pose.

When you order lore, you literally have no idea what you’re getting into. The writer has samples, yeah, but unless you write some lore beforehand and are very open with who you’re commissioning, you could literally end up with anything. Artists have refs right on the site. And, well, there's some very general sitewide lore, but people ignore and cherrypick that daily (which is part of the reason why this game is so fun, tbh, so it’s not all bad).

You can tell an artist, “my dragon likes cats and I’d like something to reflect that!” and they’ll probably draw you a picture of you dragon with cat(s), depending on what you paid for. If you tell a writer that, they have a few thousand different ways to interpret it within the three hundred words you’re buying. (Three hundred words, by the way, is about one page on Google Docs using Arial 11 point font and single spacing.)

On top of that, you have an entire clan’s lore to keep straight. It takes just a few words for a writer to wreck your entire continuity. Unless you have all of your ideas plotted down already in an easily-understandable format–which is probably what you’re paying the lore writer for, by the way, writing your ideas better than you–the writer has completely free reign. They can do anything.


2. There’s this idea that dragons/creatures/whatever can only have one lore; they have a piece of writing that’s canon to them specifically, and you must get this from one person, and go back to them if you have any adjustments/any more to add on. This is vastly different from art, because each adopt or commission you get is completely independent of the other works you’ve gotten and it doesn’t need to rely on anything to support it. Lore is this giant, interconnected thing; a piece of art is just…a piece of art.

Also, having fifty renditions of a dragon in different art styles isn’t viewed as redundant, but three different tellings of the same story by three different writers is viewed as such, unless you’re making a statement about the dragon. If you buy one piece of lore, the second piece of lore for that dragon must replace it (unless it’s an expansion), which is patently untrue, but is sort of the view people have. 1 dragon = 1 lore, while 1 dragon = infinite art.

3. There’s this idea that, after you’ve bought writing, you can’t touch it. Artists don’t like you messing with their work, and writing is a form of art, right? So, after you buy it, you shouldn’t change it. At all. You can’t change it because…you just basically bought a book or short story for your dragon, right? Even if there’s a misplaced comma right there, you can’t touch it, because that would possibly incur the wrath of the writer! You don’t want to get dragged on DR or other sites unfairly because you just moved a punctuation point, do you? You wouldn’t dare touch a piece of art because a stray line is bothering you, would you? (Even if any writer worth their salt wouldn’t care if you edited their work for simple things like that.) You either have to accept the thing wholly, like a piece of art, or you don’t. Even if that edit button is right there.

4. Starving artists. An artist who works off of good enough commissions for USD on Flight Rising and on a few other sites could–and do–make a living for themselves without having any other jobs. It’s a lot harder for a writer to do this; books are becoming less profitable as time goes on, and unless you create the next Harry Potter or Twilight or have one hella dedicated reader base, you’re going to have a day job, be it writing-focused, freelancing or no. (When talking to a professional writer on the Dragon Writers thread a while ago, they said, “Don’t rely on publishing books for your income. Use them for chocolate money.”) The prevalence of “emergency art commissions” makes giving USD and money to artists seem ‘more noble’ than giving USD to writers. I’m not bashing on artists here–I’m totally jealous of you guys being able to live off of your art!–but this does effect people buying with USD. A solo artist is more likely to use the cash you give them for your work for essentials, while a writer with a day job will probably either use your money to treat themselves, buy gifts for others, or to shove into savings/retirement funds for later. There’s a bit of romanticism in your money helping another person keep themselves alive, pay for their bills, and help them out of emergencies. There’s no romanticism in your commission cash ending up paying for a month’s Netflix and footing the bill for some cat treats.

5. Displaying character well through art is much, much easier than displaying character well through writing. Art is solid; it is there. Writing is kinda more mutable, and more up to interpretation.

6. A picture paints a thousand words. Paying $5 USD for a piece of art gives you a rate of $0.005 USD/word, whereas paying $5 USD for 500 words gives you a rate of $0.01 USD/word, making art more cost efficient; you get more bang for your buck by buying art. Generally, in real life, a word is worth $0.02 USD, meaning you’d have to dish out $20 for 1000 words professionally. Why pay $20 when you can pay $5 and get just as much?

7. If you’re an artist, you can buy art for your dragons. If you’re a writer yourself, any other writer will probably get it wrong. No one knows your dragon like you do.

This is just my two cents on the issue, anyways.

ok i wasn’t around then but i know there was ship wars about this but like at the same time both hanleia and lukeleia actually were supported until you literally find out that their siblings (and tbh ignoring the fact that we know now they are siblings it would literally make sense that ppl would see luke and leia happening based on just anh and not really hanleia)

and like this is all besides the point bc guess what neither luke or han were set up as the antagonist and neither tortured or tried to kill leia unlike kylo who literally did both to rey (and more actual thing would be ppl shipping leia with vader after anh and comparing it to that but whatever)

and for the last part that’s literally going to be you when it comes out that rey is kylo’s sister/cousin (the two most likely outcomes for her at this time) but yeah sure continue acting like you’re so superior (when you know jackshit about anything)

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When you think japan trip is over BUT EVEN IN THE US THEY WONT STOP..... no literally jimin wants to go to Disneyland and looks at jk jk saying he wants to record people while pointing at jimin (namjoon walked right into that one) are you kidding me....... like I find it so cute and adorable but it’s starting to kinda creep me out how much they reference japan like it’s giving me anxiety what happened in japan 👀👀👀👀👀

i’m not saying jikook talked about their feelings and got engaged in japan but um. (i’m kidding but i’m also not kidding a;eifja;e.) like, namjoon also glanced at jk after he said “he wants to go to disneyland” and i know jk was the next to speak, so that could be why, but um i’m delusional so let me live. and i just.a eifjae why do they keep TALKING ABOUT JAPAN. 

merlin is slowly shapeshifting into what he calls “proto merlin” but literally bedivere looked at me in the eyes last round table meeting and said “he’s transitioning in live time” and I can’t get his fucking face out of my head. He’s transitioning in live time. Hes transitioning in live time! My son also transitioning in live time. like twenty of us are just straight up fucking up the entire point of gender right now and on top of that some of us dont even have appropriate pronouns. its a gender fuckhouse in here

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I think people on here don't get how little the average person cares about Taylor Swift. I don't mean hate, I mean literally not know about or care. Something came up at work related to the year 1989, and I made a Taylor Swift related joke, and literally no one knew what I was talking about (co-workers ages 24-60, men and women). Of course they KNOW who she is, and could name a couple songs, but it's a minority that cares about her work (and her personal life) THIS much.

Excellent points.   Think about when you’re a huge sports fan and you just watched the most dramatic ending featuring your favorite team….and maybe you stop somewhere on the way home, and people are like “did you see that  ending?!!” and some people couldn’t care less.  Some people even grow to resent things for the very fact that others get so emotionally invested in them.   

Either way, even if you’re super-successful, you can’t expect to reach every heart and mind.

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you're literally just fucking with as at this point why won't they just kiss amsjdkskdkkwisxjs

muahahahahahahahahaaaaaaa you gotta build up the tension, man lol just gotta keep the peeps coming back for more lol

but you’ll see what happens…muahahahahahahahaaaa

BTS x American Interviews

I’m sorry but I just have to say this…

BTS got invited to do so many interviews in so many known news platforms. Yes, it’s great that they’re getting so much recognition… BUT ARE THEY?

Interviewers literally aren’t able to look BTS up and memorize seven fucking names, or even worse, HOW MANY names they should know. Jungkook was called RM at one point. Ryan Seacrest asked them to introduce themselves and said “oh, there’s more, they’re everywhere”.

They don’t even bother to know who BTS are or what they do. I know Mario was nice and all, BUT THE MAN ASKED THEM IF THEY DANCE. That’s literally part of their main thing: dance.

What the fuck is wrong with you? Do your fucking job. Try respecting them not by just being nice, but by validating their work, their art and their reason to even be there in the first place.

Just like you do with all your precious American artists.

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Literally every time they go to Japan they get asked about what Japanese food they like? Every celebrity in America gets asked about their celeb crush. It's not that unusual. And the interviews at all the Korean music shows are the exact same thing every time...There are a ton of reasons to shit on the U.S. but like come on...

That’s why I said I think it doesn’t go as far as the op stated. It’s an over exaggeration, but there is a point of truth in it. They could sure at least try to have more in-depth or original questions.

And from what I’ve read and seen of Korean/Japanese interviews they go pretty deep. Sure there are some interviews with superficial questions, but at least not every interviewer is asking the same 3 questions over and over again.

ok so i’ve seen shit like this everywhere so ya’ll know i’m gonna give you a version not bent to fit a chris hating agenda bc comments like these for sure were not partially an excuse for further pushing reasons to justify ********* . does this need a segment name? no. will it? yes. anywho this post had thousands of notes and i quit after the very first bullet which was attacking chris (they really jumped to it i wonder why) and by chris i mean mon-el bc what they’re the same person right? sorry not sorry ur problematic fave mon is the forefront of conversations ;) (i’m guessing the rest was about the song jer sang and i’m guessing it didn’t mention who was actually laughing but moVING ON).

PSA:  chris’ dolphin giggles and jokes give people aneurysms which is code for:

 “no way any of the cast talked over each other at some point/the literal ENTIRE interview (was gonna put time stamps but its really the whole thing hahah no seriously just watch i’m-).  nope, only chris. not odette, jer, mel, mechad, david, especially not katie at certain times i’m not specifying for anyone bc i actually love these dorks and won’t target any of them bc they ALL did it and i actually love how the’re all giggly and talkative it’s so funny (ya’ll should try this positivity thing it’s nice).”

for clarification, it’s only one single continuous chris scream held through every single interview and his comments that were made def. elicited no response the cast def. wasn’t laughing at all.

this was “anti sg translator” episode one thank u goodnight.

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[urgent]I have to write a 40,000 character long essay but I just cant do it.My mom says to just do it already but its so difficult with executive disfunction to even start.I also cant concentrate for a long time and need to take frequent breakes..

Start however will make the most sense to you.  Getting things on the page is more important than having a perfect first draft.

If you think outlining ideas will be helpful, do that.  This can literally just be a list of bullet points for things you want to make sure to include, or it could be a planned sequence for how to present your points.  Again, whatever will help you to get started is fine here.

If outlines don’t work for you, just dive in.  The best essay-writing advice a teacher ever gave me was to write the introduction last.  If you have one idea for a decent paragraph but are having a hard time starting to write it because you don’t know what comes before or after it, just write it now and worry about sequencing later.  Copy and pasting your paragraphs into a logical sequence is easier than trying to turn a blank page into a completed essay.

If you’re able to get a few sentences down every time you go back to working on your essay, your mom may be less inclined to worry about your time management and therefore more willing to take breaks.  If you need a way to take breaks without her giving you a hard time about it, make a cup of tea or go to the bathroom (the argument for the tea is it helps you focus, the argument for the bathroom is all that tea you’ve been drinking).

Followers, any other tips?