literally what is the point of that

teru is literally congratulating mob for buying the bouquet of flowers???? he’s really trying to speak to mob, to reach mob. and i guess talking to ???% as if it were mob is an usual way to approach to the situation. i mean, ???% (whatever it is) is in mob’s body, so trying to talk to him seems like a natural reaction.

but teru has seen ???%, he knows of what mob in this state is capable, he was attacked, and that must have been pretty terrifying. ritsu was afraid of mob for years after the time ???% appeared 

he also knows that ???% it’s something else, he knows it’s not mob.

[this is from chapter 18 btw]


despite everything he knows, he still believes in mob and he’s also trying to protect him… teru’s is an amazing friend and a very brave kid and i’m getting very emotional about this

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Please explain to my friend why malec is in love. Trying to prove a point. Love your blog btw ❤️

hey anon’s friend !!! i hope this is enlightening:

The little things:

  • They give each other little gifts. See: the omamori charm Alec got for Magnus when they were in Japan 
  • They constantly want to impress each other and do The Most™️ to make the other happy. For example, Magnus name dropping famous people and complimenting Alec a lot. Also, their second date where Magnus literally takes him portalling around the world. Let’s not forget Alec is always shirtless around Magnus trying to impress him.
  • They always boost the other up. See: “Magnus is quite magical” and “We have a Very Capable warlock for that.” 
  • They defend each other, no matter what. Like literally they first meet when Alec helps Magnus beat a circle member.
  • They’re always such soft beans around each other. Magnus is so gentle with Alec and so smiley. Same goes for Alec !! *war flashbacks to Alec blushing around Magnus*

The bigger, more important things:

  • Lets go back to the dark times when Alec was supposed to marry Lydia shall we? Magnus didn’t give up on him and told him multiple times that he’s dooming himself to a lonely, loveless marriage(“You’ll be lonely all your life, and so will she. Neither of you deserve it. And I don’t either.”). He saw that Alec was unhappy with the marriage and made sure Alec knew that he didn’t have to marry some girl he would never love just to restore his family’s honour (which was ruined by his own parents so). He fought for him. The line “Where’s the honour in a lie? What about love?” comes to mind. Magnus even showed up to the wedding, risking not only his place in the institute as a respected ally, but also his reputation. He stands there, with all his emotions out in front of everyone and just lets his eyes do the talking.
  • Alec sees this and just the sight of Magnus stops him in his tracks. In front of everyone, he walks back down the aisle and kisses Magnus like his life depends on it. He knows how the community around him will react, but for once he puts Magnus before his duty and his family’s messed up honour.
  • Lets not forget Magnus’ iconic line “For almost a century I’ve closed myself off to feeling anything, for man or woman. You’ve unlocked something in me.” This line is so important to me because here’s the thing. It’s extremely hard to open up to someone. But usually when you love someone, you feel safe opening up to them. I think that’s why Magnus feels so safe exposing emotions and memories he’s been hiding for so long to Alec. He talks about how he used to be suicidal, he talks about how Camille turned abusive, he even talks about how Alec himself makes him feel. Magnus loves Alec enough to unleash memories that hurt him terribly.
  • Next !!! They’re always checking up on each other/each other’s wellbeing. For example, after Magnus heals Luke, Alec cleans up and asks Magnus if he’s okay. After Alec is possessed and kills Jocelyn, he goes to Magnus’ balcony and Magnus comforts him and makes sure he understands that he’s not to blame. Let’s not forget Magnus spending days by Alec’s side trying to keep him alive.
  • Speaking of which, when it seems like Alec dies, did you notice Magnus’ face? He looked absolutely destroyed, like his heart had been ripped out of his chest. After days of trying, after days of begging Alec to wake up saying things like “I’m all out of answers” and even trying a kiss, he has to watch him “die” and Magnus just looks, ruined. He looks about ready to crumple onto the floor. That is the face of someone who lost a man he loves more than anything.
  • Also, they would do anything for each other. See: Magnus defying Victor Aldertree in a time where downworlders aren’t even allowed in the institute. Also, Alec shooting Azazel for “Magnus” even though he knew it was a risk and he could get him angry and suffer is an example here.
  • No matter what, they always try as hard as possible to have good communication. They know it’s important and they put everything aside to communicate properly. See: “When things get hard, don’t push me away” and “I won’t.”
  • To me, loving someone means you’d put your pride aside for them. That’s what these two always do. Alec puts his pride aside to apologise multiple times and Magnus puts his pride aside to show Alec all of his emotions in the beginning of their relationship.
  • They feel safe with each other. For example, “You shouldn’t be out alone, it’s not safe” and “I’m not alone, I’m with you, The High Warlock of Brooklyn.” It takes a lot too feel like you’re safe with someone, like they could protect you. Usually, I only feel safe with the people I love.
  • Lets not forget that in times of danger and crisis the first person they think about is the other. When Jace accidentally activated the soul sword, Alec went mad trying to find Magnus. he was worried out of his mind and so was Magnus. They both couldn’t stand the thought of losing the other. And the relief on their faces when they found each other was so obvious.
  • Speaking of which !! That leads me to my last point !! They literally said I love you !! And they’ve said it multiple times since. They love each other and its beautiful.

@simmreaper, @katsujii, nonny and @nineyellowgirl, thank you so much!!

god the editing on this is hell

Also @simmreaper tumblr is being a bitch with safe mode and has pixellated your avatar for god knows what reason, lmaoo

@otterandterrier said: oh god what is happening now

@staff pulled a youtube and made a shitty “”” safe mode “””

it cannot be turned off by minors ( -points to self- ) and appears, JUST like youtube’s restricted mode, to be targeting (not sexual, not gory - technically perfectly sfw) lgbtq+ content. also, it’s not very few posts that are affected by this - it’s about one in ten posts on my dash? and like, i follow pretty much exclusively hp / fandom blogs plus some aesthetic / poetry / book stuff on the side, and i literally cannot recall a single time that i’ve ever had something on my dash that would qualify for safe mode. so, yeah. consider me not amused. :)

William has grown up so much since the boy who said all those things to Vilde and made Noora go on a date with him and honestly if you can’t see that you simply don’t want to. The whole point of the show is that people make mistakes and learn from them and grow and literally every character had their mistakes from past seasons forgiven except for William regardless of the huge character development process he went through. it’s okay to dislike him but don’t justify your hate with his mistakes when you’ve forgiven other characters for their own mistakes some way worse than what he did

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when i saw louis tweeted (aside from it showing he was in the UK), i literally said "BOY ARE YOU GONNA DROP IT" because honestly i wouldnt be surprised (esp after what your last anon pointed out)

it’s nearing the end of loune + he’d take the heat off harry and his family so 👀

About Vanoé in chapter 18. I'm not even sorry for this post.

I don’t know guys. I have some points I wonder about. That’s everything.

1.) Noé literally starts really saving him because… you know his laughter in chapter 1 / 4 (where they also laid on the floor) seemed SO FUCKING FAKE. But this time… it looked honest. Noé saves him. Vanitas isn’t himself at the moment, he hides so much but I know that in the end he will be saved.

2.) Salvation. Noé already asked what it is and Ruthven already mentioned it could mean death. We know that Vanitas will probably die. Maybe his Salvation means death? It would destroy me. But maybe he means “kill him with my own hands” more like, I will kill the old Vanitas and we’re gonna have a honest one.

3.) Sleeping. So well, Vanitas slept against his back then. Or at least he had his eyes closed and risked to fall asleep (he mentioned he was tired so yes.). I don’t know how you feel about this, but I don’t like sleeping in places with other people. I just feel so… vulnerable. I mean it’s OK with my friends / family. I mean I have to trust them. I think that Vanitas really trusts him now.

4.) “If we’re together, you mean?”
Sorry don’t listen to my fangirl shit. No, honestly this line was just cute and could be misinterpreted… FUCKING easily. 😂😂😂

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This season had it's faults but the music was ALWAYS on point I can't believe I've learned so many norweigan songs and artists and through them learned that I as a girl with immigrant parents, am not alone. And I just can't wait to know what Julie has decided her FINAL song Do you have any ideas? Anyways, the music needs it's own secrion of applauds, cuz the music and Iman literally saved this season for me!!

I AGREE!!!! the music is always on point in skam and im lowkey still hoping for a halo moment between sana and yousef wldbekkff

Oh, goodie. Another meltdown over the vaguest possible spoiler. “Robert makes an effort.” Erm, why the panic? I mean, yeah, this is most likely to do with the baby, but guess what? If Robert never makes any effort for Rebecca and her pregnancy there isn’t much of a story. He has to get involved at some point. Otherwise there is literally no point to this plot.

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I'm bitter about how the percabethians and even the percycos make a point to treat rachel like a hellbeast whore doormat bitch. Why do people disregard such an inspiring girl??? She's literally just a mortal, faced with gods and monsters and heroes, and she stood among them, even going so far as to THROW HER HAIRBRUSH AT THE LORD OF TITANS. WHAT A FUCKING LEGEND RACHEL ELIZABETH DARE EVERYONE

red’s the loml and yes she’s still unfairly stigmatized bc of something that happened over a series ago and that’s bs

i am bitter about pjo cliches so send them in

But in all honesty outside of work I try to keep my interactions with cis people and men to the most bare minimum I possibly can, to the point where I literally don’t hang out or talk with, like, anyone at all if that’s what it takes.

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is answering questions such as "what are you doing?" very honestly an autism thing? like yesterday someone asked me and a friend of mine "hello, what are you guys doing?" and I looked around and answered, "well we are both sitting here, I am eating (pointed at my cinnamon roll) and she is drawing. also, i have a book which I want to open and read." I knew the person probably meant something along the lines of how are u feeling but this felt a more "right" answer to the question he actually asked

that sounds pretty autistic to me :)

~ mod rage 

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It's even sadder considering that not only is Uma one of the only WOC (does Evie count? I'm not sure) but she's also the first and literally only black woman in the entire franchise.

I believe Evie should count basically as Sofia herself is Hispanic, which would make Evie Hispanic…considering we never see Evies dad and stuff and they adapted to Cameron Boyce being mixed race by having Cruella be black.

And tbh, we do have Cruella and Audreys grandmother and some other backgrounders and stuff- but I really didn’t find it ok that people were like, Uma will be redeemed (I wanted to believe she would be too, as trailers don’t always reveal whats gonna happen)- but this is the movies Novel, they don’t have music but they have the film besides that- meaning Uma remains evil, and loses to Mal, the white girl- and people treat it like the best plot twist- when it seems to scream ‘POC evil’ and ‘POC loses to white people’ tropes- Disneys a master storyteller and could have made a diverse film.

But in sequel, we get Uma, the only WOC out of the new VK four, remaining evil while the story is centered once more around Mal and Ben, and her two henchman remaining evil too apparently, despite the fact that apparently in novel Gil and Harry lock lips at one point? Meaning the other 2 could continue the 'Evil homosexual’ trope?

I may have explained this wrong but tbh, its like, my last day tomorrow of school before Im done with school and onto college so its basically colliding with Descendants thoughts right now so sorry if this was jumbled up or explained badly.

I can already smell all those antis coming after exo’s ass because yixing won’t be in the promotions of the comeback. I can feel my heart breaking with the other members and especially with yixing because I’m sure this is NOT how they planned their next comeback to be. I can already see all those rumors popping up everywhere, trying to bring exo down, like they always do. Literally…the boys just have us at this point. They’re counting on us, ALL of them. The way some of you guys are handling this situation makes me honestly sad cause if we’re not gonna support our boys and strengthen their back, no matter what, who else is gonna do it? Others say exo will flop now, but that’s not the case. As long as we are here for them and support them they will be alright. I know this is not what we wanted. This is not what exo wanted either. So just remember that. Don’t say stuff like ‘they can keep it’ like what even?? Imagine them reading stuff like that?? Especially now they need all our support so let’s stand behind our boys and show the others what we are made of. Let’s show them how much we truly love exo. Every. Single. One. Of. Them.

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having had a scalp that was buzzed down to the skin, i can say with 1000% certainty that having your freshly shaved scalp is AMAZING. i have literally fallen asleep due to people rubbing my head

I’ve always wondered what it would be like to shave my head. I should try it sometime! My favorite look is when hair is just barely starting to grow back, so you get this fine peach fuzz. (Guess that’s one of the reasons I’m so enamored with Rex, eh? He fulfills that particular primal lust).

STOP GIVING ME IDEAS FOR REX FIC, GODDAMNIT. There are only so many hours in the day to spend thinking about something as glorious as Rex falling asleep to someone petting his head.

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Nelle didn't sexually assault sonny though, she drugged him and slept next to him. I mean, taking his clothes off is crossing a line, but she was literally crying and didn't want to do it and just laid next to him-so I don't really see that as sexual assault. I do totally get why you don't like them together though.

Maybe because Sonny is a man you might be quick to brush it off but what Nelle did to Sonny IS sexual assault. Drugging someone to the point where they are no longer aware of his or her own actions, and then undressing them to get them naked in bed knowing they aren’t in their right mind to give consent IS sexual assault.

HOWDY. so i have a little world of supernatural(and one human)creatures. they consist of float(demigod(??)/all powerful being), his girlfriend persephonie(literally the galaxy as a person),yumi(ghost girl who died in the 70’s),sasha(esteemed cult leader and general doof), and sasha’s girlfriend nike(normal human who works in an office building).  float, at one point in time, decided to head down to earth but he didn’t have a human form so he tried to base it off what seemed popular….which was anime. so he has purple eyes and pink hair. persephonie has stars and planet entangled in her hair(her hair is a light blue and it’s very poofy). yumi is a spooky ghost girl who died in a house fire caused by a toaster. she’s really chill and loves agatha christie novels. sasha is particularly meek for a cult leader, and she’s possessed by a demon that everyone else calls sashenka. sasha also has crazy tattoos that cover her entire back(part of a ritual at her cult). nike is the only human in the group and is really good at math. the whole group goes to watch sasha whenever she has to perform a ritual at her cult. they’re a ragtag group of supernatural beings and one human. lmao sorry that got really long

omg!!!! they sound so cool!!