literally what is the point of that

i just watched the homecoming trailer and u know what i realized is that tony is always the one bringing everyone else into trouble like first sharpe (the woman in the beginning of civil war who confronts tony about her dead son) blames exclusively him for sokovia and then peter is getting caught up w/ the vulture bc he’s mad about people like tony not caring about him or his family like damn at some point when are ppl just gonna stop hanging out w/ u

Klance idea
  • Lance: MOON OF MY LIFE!! *points at Keith*
  • Keith: ...
  • Keith: ...
  • Keith: my sun and stars?
  • Lance: HOLY SHIT BOI OH MY GOD YOU DID IT RIGHT? WHAT THE FUCK YOU DID IT! HOW?? HOW DID YOU KNOW, I AM SO HAPPY? HALLELUJAH!!! *put his shirt off and is literally jumping of happiness*
  • Keith: *blushing slightly bc he's happy that he made Lance happy*

Envious that Michael Shannon has appeared in all five of Jeff Nichols’ feature films, Joel Edgerton (who has appeared in Nichols’ last two films) says he would love to continue working with the director:

“I’m literally like Mike Shannon, I’d probably do anything for Jeff. He’s that confident a filmmaker and a wonderful guy. I think his talent and personability makes him an easy guy to work with and for.”  

“I’ve hired a private investigator to find out gossip on Jeff to coerce him into hiring me on his next job,” he jokes. “I keep bombarding him with texts that ask, ‘What are we doing next?'”

"Yeah, at this point, I’d pretty much agree to be a potted plant in the next one. Or a bowl of food if Jeff wants me for that. I just want to stay part of the family." 

Nichols laughingly reassures Joel that “He’s in the family. He’s in the family.”

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kate x renee

10. Easily. Why? 

Those two piles of pain, snark, passion and confidence were made for each other. They know each other so well that they can get under the other’s skin at the drop of a hat. They burn bright, all the time. Their relationship literally explodes in their face over and over and over and over and over again and yet they just can’t seem to stay away. 

And you’d think this’d be some unhealthy thing, right? That they’re both doing the same self-destructive thing because its routine and they’re stuck in a rut and don’t want to be alone? Well, it’s not. They’ve had long-term relationships that weren’t the other. Renee had Dee for, what, almost four years? Kate had Mags for…about one? Timeline is weird on that. 

Point being, it’s impossible not to write those two in the same room without it being just…heat rising from the asphalt levels of sexual tension. And if said tension is resolved, holy shit are they just…in sync. Like, if they slowed down for maybe two seconds they’d be on Korrasami-levels of synchronization. 

But really, at the end of the day, when it’s all gone to shit and the world’s ending…Renee’s the one who deals with the hell instead of being consumed by it, same with Kate. They don’t know how to stop. 

For God’s sake, they don’t know how to die. They’re both too intersectionalist and too deeply entrenched in continuity to be killed off. Put on the shelf, like with Renee for a while? Yeah. But dead? Pbbbth. No. 

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I think Ganon and Ganondorf are the same being, technically, but like Ganondorf isnt like, just entirely bound to just doing exactly what Demise wouldve wanted to do in his place. Like in Wind Waker we see that he is capable of being well, human, as you put it. I think its an interesting contrast to TP Ganondorf, who is literally the same Ganondorf, just went trough different events from a certain point onwards in his life. Now if only nintendo would give us more WW-flavor Ganondorf...

Yeah! + to all the points. i really do love comparing all the Dorfs, its pretty fun to do considering he’s the same guy instead of being reincarnated. btw the way he refers to link and zelda makes me feel like he thinks of them being the same people as well. wonder if the dude’s gets kinda lonely sometimes being this immortal and demigod-y and prefers to think they both know him just as well as he knows them. which they kind of do i guess via the lore and books
(and youre not bothering at all! thank you for this message <33) 

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Okay but baby your black post was on point im?? I literally had an argument with a black guy who thought "We were enslaved blah blah i can be racist" literally called our sub, who wore a hijab a terrorist and when i said "what if she called you nigger?" and he got offended but he literally did the same disrespect to her? black people think they are able to do anything. and its okay because of their history. btw dont send hate, it wont be answered bc idgaf bc what ur anons have to say

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Texting POT’s

Idk about you ladies but I genuinely hate texting. I’ve been talking to this dude yogi for about a week and we actually have a date set up for Friday! He seems awesome and we have great chemistry over the phone. I just hope it’s the same in person. But back to my point, ever since he got my number girl, we’ve been texting pretty steadily. Which is nice and all but it’s gotten kind of annoying. The past men I’ve had as SD literally would only contact me to set up reservations, trips, and times of our meetings. That’s personally how I like it. I ain’t trying to be your bestie i’m trying to $ee what that wallet do lmaooooo. After yogi and I finally set up plans Saturday we’ve pretty much stopped texting. He texted me a cute note yesterday and I replied with the same and we haven’t talked since. Personally I don’t see this as an issue or a red flag. We accomplished the goal of getting to know each other via phone and now have dinner reservations set up. Any talking we need to do can be done at dinner. I see a lot dolls on here stressing over how often they are communicating with these men. RICH MEN ARE BUSY honey. Also I’ve learned from experience that most men just like getting to the point. Dinner reservations were made so I personally don’t see the point of texting everyday until then. The only contact needed from here will be Friday afternoon to confirm the plans. Don’t stress if you aren’t talking to him everyday. He’s busy and so are you. Don’t read into these things to much. xoxo 

first i need to point out the fact that @bearknight is my 400th follower
and for this he deserves the right to take a selfie with Longclaw

and also


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BtVS Episode, "Bargaining, Part 1" AU Questions: If the Slayer's friends attempt to resurrect their fallen ally was farther ruined by a group of demons, resulting in the Slayer not returning to life, what would the group called the Scoobies do now that can't bring back the blonde heroine at this point in time? And what of this demon biker gang I mentioned? How much havoc would they ring upon the town known as Sunnyvale?

The Scoobies would die, and so would everyone in Sunnydale. Well, die or become slaves. Show over. No Buffy, no show. (it’s literally impossible for me to conceive the story without Buffy in it.)

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I've listened to Fathoms Deep review and now I'm scared, because they're quoting Steinberg and he said that Rogers is both Orpheus who's also holding on to Silver's Euridyce. I'm afraid Madi will die... 1) Madi is perfect, I don't want her to die, I love her. 2) Flint will blamed for it again. As though she would've survived had they exchanged the cache for her. Seriously, Rogers planned on killing them all after it as they showed in the last episode.

ok i just saw the 4.10 french promo with the new scenes and at this point im convinced everyone is gonna die except that fucking cockroach rogers. literally dont know what to expect but death, either theirs or my own. probably both. i have to abandon ship before the stress kills me oh my god

I’m so glad our one joke made this new “expose” blog mad enough to write a whole response to it, so we might as well do the same. I mean we don’t mean to start drama, but this whole blog was entirely made for that purpose, so why not? in the proofs joke, we literally said us saying that was hypocritical. that was the point. we were making fun of ourselves as well. also, did they really think that they weren’t going to get attention from this? they purposely are leaking private information. what other reason is there for that besides attention? they 100% asked for this, and clearly they’re loving it. hell, so did we. anyone would. but building up trust is the exact opposite of what they’re doing.

getting this pressed over a joke really isn’t helping their legitimacy. hit us up next time if you want tips before trying this shit again.   

fashionable bfs

Send Nude Pics of Your Heart to Me

James Potter to Mrs. Wife: lily can we have another baby?

Lily Potter to Wears Socks to Bed: R u going to text me that every time Harry does something cute?

James Potter: yes

Lily Potter: U know if we got one every time u asked we’d have like 35 babies by now??

James Potter: i’d be okay with that

James Potter: they might give us our own tv programme

James Potter: lil and jim and their kin 

Lily Potter: Ur right what’s the point of having children if not to pimp them out for reality television

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some of my favorite lines from power rangers

“sorry bumblebee” i DIED

“boyfriend troubles?” “…sure. Boyfriend.” “… Girlfriend troubles?” {poignant subject change and pointed look} YES

“I’m ont he spectrum” yes

“did you just slap me?”

and alternately “did you just slap her?”


“what - do i have something on my face?” 

“its at krispy kreme” “…this place must be incredibly important.” 

“thats not krispy kreme. find KRISPY KREME!”

“we dont die alone!” 


*a certain someone getting bitch slapped into space*

“MOTHERFU- ah, just mother is good.”


“beefy and i had a connection”

“billy is awesome”




So, I rewatched Amy’s Choice and Rory’s ‘death’ scene is literally TST.

The framing, pacing, and narrative beats are all the same. Even the “promise me you’ll look after the baby” and “you’re supposed to be a hero, otherwise what’s the point of you” moments are the same.

After TFP’s more overt film references in comparison to TST and TLD’s subtler Bond etc., I wouldn’t be surprised if the fourth wall is being broken in the fact that Sherlock and John have actually watched Doctor Who together and this scene within TST is literally a recreation of Amy’s Choice, EMP or otherwise.

Culverton Smith in TLD would then actually be based on Toby Jones playing The Dream Lord, meaning that technically Sherlock and John “exist” in our own reality / a very near parallel universe.

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