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This post was triggered by something that @roachpatrol​ said over here about the expectation for girls to be sweet and clean and harmless:

Holy shit, if I was eight years younger and wandering into fandom for the first time, I can guarantee that the culture right now would’ve fucked me up and ground me down and taken away all my healthy outlets.

Picture: you are a girl at the tender young age of mumbledyteen. Up until this point you have been taught that all dark thoughts are literally hand-delivered into your head by the devil, and that the only correct method of dealing with negativity is to ignore them and pray harder. Concentrate on what is good and righteous and pure to the exclusion of all else, this is how you be a good person.

You are also a fully-functioning human being, one who can feel stressed or lonely or angry or any number of bad things. Mostly, with emotions that are still working themselves out, you feel this rumbling, white-hot white noise under everything, all the time. Sometimes it rolls in like a thunderstorm and everything else gets drowned out, and sometimes it’s only quietly muttering in the distance. Either way it’s always there, and the sound shreds uncomfortably at the inside of your brain.

When you were younger, before you were in charge of your own media consumption, your brain would shred up a myriad of saccharine stories to try and match the noise of the shredder in your head. Bad things happening, people getting hurt, characters trapped in unhealthy relationships of all kinds.

Fanfiction, the product of a hundred thousand other mumbledyteens whose brains are all screaming the same way, makes something in your brain go ping

Unfortunately, if the planet had ever been united on any single message, it was probably that no matter how you feel: 1) your feelings weren’t unique 2) they didn’t matter 3) they didn’t matter because they weren’t unique, they were shared among millions of hysterical, worthless teenaged girls just like you.

Fandom was confirmation of the first, but (with some hiccups along the way) outright rejection of the last two. Fuck you, our feelings do matter, and this is a story just for us.

A disclaimer: these aren’t good stories, otherwise they wouldn’t have to be defended. Their flavor of topic is not within societally acceptable bounds. Fictional characters have sex and get tortured and raped and abused, but their screaming harmonizes with the pitch of the shredder when it’s burrowing deepest.

As a teenager I never thought that my feelings were important enough to deal with, but these stories let me look at them sideways. Audience catharsis is the whole point of tragedy, after all.

And hell, these days I’m a happy, healthy adult who barely even has the urge to go looking for whump fic when I’ve had a bad week. I’m not going to forget just how much bad stuff that fic helped me air out, though, not ever. (Not to mention that thanks to all of those abuse!fics, I can recognize an unhealthy relationship at 500 paces, even if the fictional abuse was depicted as something loving and romantic. Abusers in real life don’t go around with helpful warning tags on their sleeves anyway.)

But holy shit, can you imagine if I’d found fandom as it is today.

Yes, your church is right, your family is right. Horrible things in stories are only there because they were written by horrible people, and they’re only popular because horrible people read them. The very concepts they address corrupt everything they touch.

That shredder in your head, the one that takes innocent cartoons but then shits out sadness and mayhem? That’s disgusting, you’re disgusting. How dare you think about minors having underaged sex, you minor? How dare you consider another person getting hurt? Your feelings don’t matter, they aren’t unique, they’re shared with all kinds of worthless shitbags just like you.

Every ounce of what you read and write and enjoy is going to be weighed for sin and tested for purity. You know, just like the rest of your life, except this time there’s no deity who’s handing out second chances.

Maybe that’s what bothers me most about all of this. It’s the same petty fandom bullshit as always, but “you’re wrong for liking a ship because IT WILL NEVER BE CANON” is a hell of a lot easier to laugh off when you’re young than “you’re wrong for liking a ship because YOU’RE AN ABUSIVE PEDOPHILE AND IF SOMETHING BAD HAPPENS IT’S YOUR FAULT FOR PERPETUATING IT.”

My fault, my bad thoughts, no outlet for any of them. The message to repress all the bad things so I can look like a good person, but my brain is so full of unprocessed shit that it’s solidified. Nobody actually saved any real children, but my brain sure is getting a second dose of fucked-up.

Are the people getting attacked going to be okay, will they be able to go and address their braingremlins somewhere else? I’d also ask if the people doing the attacking are okay, with all of the denial and repression they must deal with, but it seems like they’ve got venting pretty well handled by taking it out on strangers. 

Hey, c’mon, calm down friends. I bet I’ve read a story that’s got a character screaming at just the same pitch you are.

It helps to read one of those and harmonize your voices, I promise.

Hey so I just went through a hateful suggestion blog, and I’d like to see a little positivity in the suggestion community! Can everyone (doesn’t need to be a suggestion blog per se!) reblog this with their favorite color, favorite punctuation mark, and a word they think is pretty?

For me, mine are: red/gold, semicolon ; or an exclamation point ! , silhouette

(The story behind the word silhouette is that it’s the ONLY FUCKING WORD I GOT WRONG IN A SPELLING BEE IN THE FIFTH GRADE. I literally got so angry that that word is what knocked me out of the round that I committed the spelling to memory. Fuck spelling bees and fuck that word, but it is a pretty word)

do you ever just stop and look at calvin’s twitter and just think to yourself,

“these are all things he thought of in his head. he literally typed this out as he was saying it in his mind. he was probably smiling like an IDIOT too when he was typing that stupid meme tweet. he also probably furrowed his eyebrows out of frustration when he typed out that sony vegas crashed AGAIN. he maybe giggled too when he made that other joke tweet. maybe he had the biggest cheesiest smile on his face when was was tweeting a thank you to the person that sent him artwork.” 

he’s definitely full of eMoTiOnS

literal transcript of a 5sos interview | 4
  • Q:Weirdest Obsessions?
  • Ashton:I like candles *thumbs up*
  • Calum:Ashton likes scented candles and all girly things
  • Ashton:*offendedly* They're not girly! I like the room to smell good
  • Luke:You have a lot of incense
  • Michael:Your room smells like lavender
  • Calum:Cause your feet stank
  • *Ashton is offended*
  • Michael:Your feet stanky
  • Michael:(voiced slightly raised) *pointing at Ashton* You know what you do?! You throw my towel on the ground in the shower everyday! EVERYDAY!
  • All:*laughing*
  • Michael:I go into the shower and like I'm just going to wash my hands and then wipe my..
  • Michael:(now shouting) OH WAIT. THE SHOWERS ON THE–THE TOWELS ON THE DIRTY GROUND. Why do you do it
  • Ashton:Because you hang it *gesturing* IN the shower. So it's dangling in the shower. I wanna have a shower...
  • Michael:(yelling, again) MOVE IT OVER! *gesturing* JUST PUSH IT OUT OF THE WAY. (quieter) or be a nice person and hang it on the little thing.
  • Ashton:Michael, you are YELLING
  • Luke:This is how the band breaks up
  • Calum:You just gotta laugh
  • Luke:You gotta laugh
  • Ashton:And that was the end of 5 Seconds of Summer

sadly the whole ‘arigato’ incident on bon voyage is very telling of what east asia is to most europeans. china and japan. my korean teacher said people always ask her whether she’s chinese or japanese, as if those are the only two countries in east asia. my ex was obsessed with anime but didn’t know where the phillipines were (literally the conversation i had with him was about geography and he said ‘who the fuck even knows where the phillipines are’ and i said ‘under japan’ to which he very intelligently pointed out that japan is an island. im not kidding). my mom sees an asian person and calls them japanese. people have mistaken me for my exes brother’s japanese girlfriend even though - if you’ve ever seen my face - i look nowhere near asian at all. it’s really sad actually

My favorite thing about Rize is that she’s built up to be this mysterious femme fatale figure throughout TG’s narrative, but then when we actually see her life from her perspective she’s just a girl who wants to live her life without men being creeps. 

Like, of course she does enjoy going on dates and eating cute boys. But when she’s not doing that, she just wants to read and venture around to interesting places. And she can’t do that without the men around her romanticizing/sexualizing her left and right. And she HATES it, which is one of the most relatable characterizations I can imagine.

She notices Banjou starting to like her and do all of the usual nice guy™ routine and she literally says: 

And her reaction to being catcalled by random guys on the street is so on point. That angry smile. The urge to violently behead the person catcalling you. It’s what most femme people usually experience on a regular basis.

TL;DR: Rize is wonderful because, despite how other people view her as this mysterious figure, she’s really just a girl who is FED. UP. with men she doesn’t like getting in her personal space.

Sorry in advance because I don’t know how to do a “read more” tag on mobile, but there is post-surgery talk below. Don’t read if you’re squeamish. <3

Just changed bandages for the first time and first off, it hurt like a motherfucker because they literally glued that shit to my skin. I sucked it up and ripped the last two pieces of tape off as fast as I could. They (whoever they are) weren’t lying when they said that was the best way to do it but my gods, it huuuurt.

Then I got a look at my new nipples and had a literal panic attack because NO ONE prepared me for how they’d look. I was only ever told “your new chest may not look like what you’d expect.” Ken said they look fine though, and others at this point have confirmed that I should be okay.

So Ken got hydrogen peroxide and neosporin on the stitches and then helped me put on new bandages. I’m worried I’m not gonna get to go swimming when we head to Florida next week, but I’ll be contacting the doctor to ask about it.


Ok ok ok but I know 100% I want to be a director and direct feature films eventually but it just seems so fucking unattainable and it’s such a competitive industry but it’s literally THE DREAM but I just fuck I don’t know how and I KNOW I can demonstrate really good leadership skills when I want to and i can come up wthcreative ideas and stick with them but it’s just so fucking scary because it’s an industry that you can so easily get stuck in where you are doing jack shit and ahhhh fuck it’s just not realistic but now we are at the point where we are asking ourselves what we want to do with our lives and I am getting so worried with the fact that I’m interested in so much but nothing screams out at me as a career I KNOW I want to take except this fuck fuck fuck fuck fuuuuckckkckckckckckckkckckckckckcckkckckckcck like its honestly more competitive than medicine or fashion or art because it’s so exclusive and the system is also so fucking broken and it always has been and if you’re still reading this I don’t know why you are but I guess some dreams have to be put aside in order to live a wholesome reality

I’m pretty used to seeing characters blitz past a plot point without paying attention to it.

But they usually don’t do it literally (at least Max does realize how strange it is, even if he has other things to worry about). I can’t even begin to guess at what’s going on with Mr. Garcia over here. I mean, I can. There just isn’t enough to go on for any kind of logical (or “logical”) conclusion.

Jesus Christ.


I just went through all of my old posts and, while I know that part of 10-12 year old me was trolling, I’m still disgusted by the things I said.

Because when I was being a racist little bitch, *I was actually racist*, and at that young age, that was what I’d been taught by my father. It’s so nasty to read.

When I was calling people ugly, I literally thought that they were ugly and that they were lesser because of it. God. I was a nasty, spoiled little child.

Anyway, the point of this is to make an apology. It’s been at least 2 years since my last post, and at least 3 since I was being serious, but I can’t even read my old posts without cringing and just…hating them with all of my heart, so I’m saying sorry again (although it’s kind of pointless now).

-Just Christina, now 14 (and not a shithead little brat)

Literally the more I think about it the more the whole gruvia situation upsets are terrifies me. Like that is some shit out of a horror movie with the joint suicide and just how scary it looks like there is literally blood everywhere(probably won’t be in the anime which is why I prefer the manga but that’s not the point of this post) anyways, tbfh idk what’s gonna happen to Juvia and idfk if this is another troll moment but as of now the scene(from what we see from the pics we have) is such a terrifying thing to see especially between two of my favorite characters. :(

The thing I have a problem with when people talk about ‘not understanding metaphor’ as a trait of autism is that… most of the people saying that do not understand what metaphor is. Most people are really shit at identifying anything but really obvious metaphors. A whole bunch of other phrases that people generally take as ‘literal’ are actually metaphorical. And lots of autistic people are just fine at understanding an awful lot of metaphor. 

Take Guardians of the Galaxy, with Drax (“his people are completely literal, metaphors go over his head”). Drax understands plenty of metaphors actually. He understands that you can insult a woman by calling her a ‘whore’ when she is not a literal sex worker. At one point Peter Quill has to explain to all of them that when he called them ‘losers’ he meant it literally: people who have lost something. Not as an insult that can be used regardless of the truth of the situation. Draxx tells Quill that he will ‘fight beside him’. Metaphor. He means ‘I will fight for the same cause as you’ he doesn’t mean that he is literally going to stand by Quill’s side the entire time they’re fighting. When Rocket asks Quill what exactly this is their chance to do, Quill responds in front of all of them “to give a shit” I don’t need to explain how that’s not literal, right?? And yet it doesn’t seem to confuse Draxx at all. 

“I feel sad”: Metaphor. You’re not literally feeling a physical object called ‘sad’ in the same way you might feel a fabric. 

“here’s the point”: Metaphor. A literal point is, y’know, the tip of a sword. When you’re talking about ‘the point’ as the crux of an argument you’re using it metaphorically. (Quill uses this to Draxx as well. Another metaphor he understands just fine.)

And the thing is, if you have a smart autistic person, who has maybe studies Lit. at uni then… they might actually be better than the average allistic person at identifying metaphor. Because they’re actually better at identifying the literal meaning of words that allistic people are. (symptom of Allism: inability to understand literal meanings). Once you’ve figured out that most people are using an awful lot of phrases metaphorically, it’s a lot easier to guess what they mean, and it might only then be the more odd metaphors, or those not previously encountered which cause confusion. And I promise you, there will be phrases that allistic people have taken literally that are very obviously metaphorical: e.g. kids understand ‘shooting star’ very literally. I had an ex who only stopped to think about it when he was 23, and only then realised that they weren’t literally stars. I consider myself pretty good at identifying metaphor, but I only recently realised that ‘the silence was deafening’ is actually a metaphor. I always thought it was referring to the situation when there’s nothing else to listen to the pulsing of your blood in your ears becomes so loud it gives you a headache and starts to drown out all other noises. 

I have discussions with people frequently about whether something is metaphorical or not. Most of those people are allistic, and they understand the intended meaning of the phrase just fine. They just can’t tell that it’s a metaphor,  not literal. Allistic people are really bad at identifying metaphors when they’re not super obvious ones.

Basically: there’s a range of metaphors, some of which are so ingrained in our languages that the metaphorical meaning has become the primary meaning, or are really subtle, etc. and then there are metaphors that require more thinking to understand how to get from that metaphorical meaning back to the literal one. So saying ‘autistic people don’t understand metaphor’ is pointless because… I guarantee you, there are metaphors they do understand just fine. The ability to identify metaphor is a scale, not a binary. 

babyhnds  asked:

What is the point of these anons voicing their unwanted opinions? Telling somebody what they are and aren't isnt okay. If someone says they are male, they ARE fucking male. You just cannot tell somebody what is "right" or "wrong" because you will never understand how they feel. Don't make someone feel invalid because of who they are. It literally has nothing to do with anyone else anyway?? Seriously go educate yourselves & open up your minds a little because you're being so ignorant it hurts.


Ok so last night I went to a gay club and I partied like a young gay for the first time. I was dancing and shit and I had so much fun. Even with my sober ass. But my anxiety was on fleek af tf the entire night, like two of my friends kept commenting on how “gorgeous” I am and how I could literally get any guy at the club if I wanted to. Sounds fake but ok… Especially since my friend made out with two random people at that point and literally no one had tried talking to me (other than a drag queen, bless ha). I’m just so shy it’s debilitating I don’t know. I don’t know what I’m supposed to do I seriously feel so awkward trying to talk to anyone I don’t already know yet I feel like everyone all ready developed the skill of spontaneous conversation at a young age. But despite that, I had so much fun I love dancing tbh

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She's just so pathetic to be honest. I She HAS to have the attention on her. She can't handle Harry(or any of the other actors) or the show being in the spotlight and popular. But...I think it proves a great point. Book stans claim she loves Magnus and all of that. They said that while defending her writing that new Malec/Magnus book. But...Harry mentions Magnus and what is up for him and all he's been through and clearly loves playing Magnus--but CC focuses on book Malec....

And the thing is, the positive thing about book Malec he said, about Malec being soulmates–like, I’m pretty sure he just added book Malec in there because one, they have to act nice around CC and two: Malec have literally just gotten together on the show. In the books, they’re practically married with kids, so. But he also talks about how Malec fit together because they’re opposites, like….

literally though she’s so thirsty for attention and money (a magnus trilogy? now? now that the show is becoming popular and more loved than the books?)

if she loved magnus so much she wouldn’t have mistreated him the way she did lbr and she would’ve given him an actual plot in the main books.

and yeah exactly osmdhdlskdfjl she’s reaching so far just to make it seem like everyone loves her books when in reality….,.,,.,,,,,

like, even if cc created magnus (did she though? did she?), the show and harry himself get his character so much better and they’re so much more passionate about him and actually treat him right and do him justice so casserole can shut all the way up and shove the books up her ass

Question about Music

So this is something I struggle with because honestly, I turn the music off or way, way down 100% of the time.  Even pretty music gets repetitive and annoying after about ten minutes and while it can definitely add to the mood, I usually turn it off and leave it off while I play any visual novel because the few scenes where it is engaging and awesome just don’t make up for the rest of the time when it makes me want to claw my ears off.

But I realize I’m probably in the minority.  I’m curious about what sort of music people generally like as the default background music.  Do you like peppy, upbeat music? Something soothing and subtle? Are you like me and turn the music off? I’m not to the point of hiring a composer yet by any means, but it’s something I think about a lot while I’m writing various scenes. That said, I’m literally the worst person to choose music for a game because I nearly always just turn the music off when I play them myself. OxO

So how important is the music to your game play experience when you play an otome or any other visual novel? Do you leave it on? Or turn it off?