literally what is the point of that

Ok so the amount of Sanvers we gets each episode keeps decreasing. Last week was 4 minutes and 31 seconds. This week is around 1 minute and 30 seconds.

Kara and white trash had more romance in the beginning of the episode and in like 5 minutes than Sanvers has ever had.

Also, there are parallels between staying over night with this and the sanvers one. But guess what? They obviously show that Kara and whiteness had sex but when it was the sanvers morning scene they made it so ambiguous. He literally wakes up in Kara’s bed but they can’t show that for a same sex relationship!!!! I guess they can’t show that two women can have sex

Then Winn and Lyra’s relationship that popped out of nowhere already has more time in an episode!!!! Wtf is their relationship???

What was the point of building up Alex and Maggie’s relationship slowly if their relationship barely makes an appearance in the show?!?!??

The amount of homophobia drives me crazy. It’s 2017, come on CW writers, get your shit together.

at this point i really do think the producers and writers of supergirl hated the strong/“preachy” (white) feminism and female empowerment aspect CBS made them have on the show - that’s literally how they sold the show to the audience - and as soon as they got away they started doing what they always wanted with this show. Bc no i refuse to believe the cw is forcing their hand to do it. Just look at the videos and interviews, they couldn’t be more proud of the sexist mess they are creating. Season 2 is made by the same people but it is a completely different show. what a shame rip

I am obviously really glad that Moonlight ended up winning Best Picture, but as an Old Hollywood fan at the same time I feel really sorry for Warren Beatty. He’s a legendary actor and director, and his directorial comeback was completely disregarded by the Academy. Even aside from that they made a point to hype up his Bonnie and Clyde reunion with Faye Dunaway, and again it was overshadowed. I’m obviously not positive but I think he read what was on the envelope and felt too embarrassed to admit that any mistake was made in front of millions of people, so he stalled until Faye Dunaway read the name. What upset me the most though was that after everyone realized that there was a mistake, no one let Warren or Faye, the PRESENTERS, read the correct name themselves. Someone from the crew of La La Land  LITERALLY SNATCHED THE CARD WITH THE CORRECT NAME FROM HIS HAND and with it took Warren’s chance to redeem himself away from him too, and I find that really upsetting. After the lack of acclaim for Rules Don’t Apply, he may never get the chance to step on that stage again, and I find it really heartbreaking that he may very well go down in history as the guy who read the wrong Best Picture winner (when technically he didn’t even read the name himself).

Essay emergency

Thank you to people who responded to my poetry emergency :P now we have another academic 911 call!

If anybody would like to help me with my essay (before 11 pm EST at the latest), PLEASE IM me and I will send you the link! My MVP editor isn’t available (lmao this is really last minute) and I have so much to do I literally have to remind myself to breathe.

This is what I need help with:
  • Filler words
  • General concision
  • Transitions (it’s super disjointed still)
  • Organization
  • Repetitiveness (I have some super long quotes and basically make points that could easily be cut down)
  • Word choice (this isn’t as necessary as I can go in later and fix some weak words)
If you’ve got time today and think you can help with any of those areas, IM me and I’ll give you the link!

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Question: I read your Kon post and you said Kon/M'gann is abusive. Is it just Bc of age difference? I'm curious about why you think so Bc it hadn't really occurred to me as such (at least not necessarily as more than questionable)

It’s not just because of age difference, though the age difference (and the way it’s presented) makes me kind of “:/” 

(Mostly because, as mentioned in an earlier ask, Superboy has very little life experience, and M’gann has 40+ years of it. Even if she matures much more slowly than him, if anything it just makes the relationship even more uncomfortable because she doesn’t have the emotional and psychological capacity to match Conner, which means that eventually it’ll just be unhealthy no matter what.)

But more to the point… basically, the reason they broke up is because M’gann literally tried to erase a memory from Conner’s mind. If that’s not gaslighting, then I don’t know what is. Especially since he spent his early life having Cadmus literally mindcontrol him and brainwash him. Like, in season one, M’gann communicating telepathically with him about sent him over the edge because he didn’t want someone manipulating his brain. sure, he went on to trust M’gann–but that’s just the thing. By using her powers to manipulate his mind, she broke that trust. 

Almost creepier than that, though, is just… how they came together as a couple in the first place? Conner sees her as a teammate, maybe as a friend. But M’gann gave him a name… a name belonging to a TV show character who dated Megan. And then decided to date Conner, herself. I can’t help but wonder if she actually likes Conner, or just likes the idea of him, and sees him more-so as an accessory than a person. Not to mention, he just really doesn’t seem to react much? Sure, he’s apathetic at the best of times, but most people can get an emotion out of him, even if it’s just anger or annoyance. I’d almost prefer him to get angry or annoyed with her, because I really can’t remember any, like… memorable moments between them? I just can’t help but feel like he really didn’t know what he was getting into, and it was M’gann kind of goading him into a relationship when he didn’t know what he was doing. And how could he know what he was doing, anyways? He had almost no life experience at that point, and people were okay with him getting into a relationship with a girl who’d had 40+ years of martian life experience? 

It just really rubs me the wrong way now that I’m looking back at season one. 

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Okay, that one i can understand people arguing about. I literally just googled ‘lgbt full acronym’ to prove a point because i knew aces where in there. I just put the whole thing in because it is the full acronym according to google. 🌿🌙🌿

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other anon talking about the q slur has a point, there are other countries where it hasn't been reclaimed, but like. one thing i never see is ppl talking about countries where it Never Was A Slur bc the language is completely different like. i'm gay and from sweden and when the big reclaim q**er thing started in the us what happened here was that it literally just. started being used as an umbrella term w/ no violent/homophobic cultural history at all (1)

no offense but im not in the mood so u should go away or follow my insta which is 3c454.3 & my twitter is princeharlow & my sc is plagiarizing thanks:)

Text from a series of tweets:

I love the argument that you can’t look gay (or queer) because there are these things called signifiers – subtle trends in a community – and you can literally point out a lot of them, historically. bandannas, haircuts, fingernail length, studs/metal on leather, earrings, etc. No, there isn’t a “proper” way to look gay or queer, but signifiers let others in the in-group know what’s what without being overt. And people use them, today. I have the bright colored hair with an undercut for a reason, and it’s not because i’m in art school.

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Judging from your posts its so clear to me that you don't even realize how misogynistic you are. You literally shit on all the normal women in the show and praise all the fucking murderous psychopathic men instead. Like oh fuck Tara for going back and forth on the club but hey its okay that Jax fucking literally killed Unser and Jury and everybody else. I love the show just as much as anyone but I also realistically know right from wrong. Had to say this after following for so long, sorry!

The show routinely referenced women as “gashes” and “pussy” and has an overall disregard for female opinion, but I’m misogynistic for speaking on Tara’s fuck ups? For calling her out on being a hypocrite and a risk? At what point have I praised the men on this show? At what point have I agreed with all the fucked up things that they’ve done? Gemma herself said that this life isn’t normal. ‘Normal’ women don’t do well in that life and they don’t belong there if they’re going to cause problems. You gotta be clinically blind to read through how much I drag Jax on this blog and think that I applaud or agree with him. Every chance I get that someone brings it up, I talk about how much of a fuck ass human being he was. Right and wrong is subjective. What’s right to someone living in a white picket fence life isn’t the same as someone in a gang that deals with secrecy and retaliation on a daily. Morality is subjective. I get what “right and wrong” is, but I’m smart enough to know that sometimes things need to be done according to the life you live and position you’re in.

And as an ending note, don’t ever come here and attack my character again. Sharing an opinion and wanting to discuss something with me is one thing but accusing me of being misogynistic because you don’t understand how in that life, everyone has a place and they’re expected to stay in it is ridiculous. I’ve even stated in the past how I’d wouldn’t insert my self in certain situations or groups that I saw growing up because I don’t want to be put below anyone and told what to do and to just shut up especially because I’m a woman. So don’t do that. Thanks.

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yea i feel u on the sibling thing, theyre definitely not canon siblings. but whats the deal w the person who brought up r*pe porn? thats never ok but idk the context so i wanna clarify

((Theyre just calling anything r*pe porn??? Idk man they just want something to bitch at. If anything its selfcest so like…. ppl even headcannon (like myself) that they arent even the same person at this point bc of the long separation Edit: @winged-obsessor is my friend and i know for a fact they would never write r*pe porn so theyre literally pulling this out of their ass))

So I just found out there’s a post that went around where a number of “exclusionists” are talking about me and of course none of them bothered to try and @ me also the person who started it is literally the person who vagued me on a post talking about “cishet aces” that OP later revealed were… me lol. And I told OP that vagueing me is bad for my mental health and to not do it

I mean I already have most ppl in that thread blocked because they’re really shitty so I’m not as surprised as I could be but like. That’s such a pathetic not-even-“callout” and so nasty and wow

People in the notes also complain I don’t give sources for what I’m complaining about on the posts where I talk about it but guess what… 1) a lot of ppl do that, 2) we frequently see that shit so many ppl already know what I’m talking about, 3) I can give sources when asked, and in fact funnily enough a good while before that post ppl showed the OP some of what I’m talking about and OP excused it even though it was obviously nasty and 4) I actually don’t like making posts where I point fingers at people so to speak (making a bit of an exception here lol), like I will reblog shit to call it out but I don’t like linking to other people’s posts saying “here’s exhibit A”. I mean I know ppl who support screenshotting my posts and circulating that shit to make fun of me and “call me out” for… saying things?? Would probably not understand but it’s just not something I like doing

Like this is so pathetic and shitty.

Also according to notes somehow I’m terrible at having debates because my original posts are not original enough?? In “the discourse” of all things lol yeah totally new topics here every day (but I just. my original posts about being dehumanized in which only I talk are not meant to be debates??)

But hahaha a black woman who’s really freaked out people keep sexualizing her orientation and erasing her identities and keeps talking about it because people don’t stop and refuse to address that shit, how dare she

What a vile crowd, I’m so disgusted and like all the notes are ?? Wtf I can’t with this bullshit

Love Conquers All

The theme of this season was prevalent in every episode, though more subtle at some points than others. Most people for some reason think love=romance and absolutely nothing else, and don’t see how this theme worked, I’m not sure how they reached that conclusion but…

1. The Six Thatchers- This one was pretty on the nose, but translations of the word ‘love’ are literally what the thing that helps Sherlock beat the villain, in this case love being a clue to the culprit’s identity.

2. The Lying Detective- The whole beginning of this episode is pretty much an anti-suicide after school special. Sherlock stops “Faith” from doing it just by spending an evening with her. Love can be as small as compassion to a stranger, as shown here. But it’s more creative, I think, how displays of affection are used to get the upper hand. What does Sherlock’s initial plan to catch Culverton Smith revolve around? A hug. And it’s nice how the hug, which was objectively bullshit on both sides, is juxtaposed by the genuine hug at the end with Sherlock and John.

3. The Final Problem- This one’s so blatantly obvious I can’t believe people don’t get it. Sherlock has a crazy, evil sister that causes a bunch of destruction and chaos. Mycroft, who has a personal philosophy that emotions and human connections are redundant, deals with her by locking her away to rot. That doesn’t work and she just comes back with vengeance. Sherlock, who has been shedding the sociopath label over the years and has been learning to understand connections and emotions over the course of the show, deals with her by offering his compassion. He didn’t make a crazy elaborate plan to outsmart her, he didn’t shoot her in the head, he reached out his arms and hugged her. The villain was stopped by a tearful hug; there couldn’t have possibly been a clearer way to say “Love conquers all”

And that’s ultimately what this whole series has been about from Study In Pink all the way up to now; Sherlock learning to let people into his heart, so to speak. He spent these 13 episodes learning the importance and power of love, be it romantic, platonic, familial, or whatever, as long as it was the deep connection between human beings that he spent his whole life trying to shut out.

fun new orleans things

i rarely go to new orleans and here’s what i discovered yesterday in the french quarter:

-Anything is socially acceptable. Neon wigs? Yep. Wearing nothing but a silk blanket on a bike? Go for it. Dressing up as a fuckin pirate? Right on. (this is mostly during mardi gras for the pirate part but yeah)

-it’s always crowded. jesus.

-cafe du monde is very popular. yesterday the line was literally about 2 miles long.

-street performers are amazing

-there are many people sleeping on the streets. make sure not to step on them

-a stranger will ask you for a cigarette at one point

-you may not be able to completely understand the people working in the french market, but they are very nice and will give you good deals

-everything is beautiful and quite extra

-you’re guarunteed to see at least 2 restaurants with live bands playing

-there will probably always be jazz themed things. i found a sick clarinet tie

-celebrities are almost always there. look out!

-during mardi gras you will see so much purple, green, and yellow it will become annoying. this includes lots of fuzzy legwarmers of those colors, that one striped polo shirt everyone has, and headbands with things on them

-people are very extra.

-if you go during mardi gras, be careful of parades. yesterday we sat in horrible traffic for 2 hours cause of bacchus

-drunk people everywhere

-you’ll probably see a strip club

-there’s never not music

new orleans is a beautiful place

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Never said you could teleport. Wow you two love putting words in people's mouths don't you? The amount of hate the two of you have in your heart is sad. I've met and known many with mental illness, a few with DID, and none of them are as hateful as you two so please don't try and use it as an excuse.

thats literally what systemhopping is oh my god. also point me to where i was using my mental illness as an excuse to be “”“"hateful”“”“ hon

fashionable bfs