literally what i thought at this part

*history professor talking about the history of the national park service*
  • professor: how many of you have ever been to a national park?
  • me and like 3 other people: *raises hand*
  • my first thought: the rest of the class definitely has at some point they just didn't realize wherever they went was part of the nps...or they weren't paying attention and didn't hear what the professor asked....

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Career highlights include Taylor Swift? Are we calling it what it is? A pr stunt created to break 1D to the American market? Okay, good to know. Sidenote: Harry hated it, so it's merely a highlight.

Has billboard ever written something about music? With Louis is always ‘dad, dad, Freddie’, with Harry is 'Kendall and Taylor’… do they know that Louis has a single out which is doing great and Harry is gonna release music soon? I’m tired of seeing them used as a tool to promote leeches.

I know I’m so mad. A pr relationship that literally everyone and their mother know it was fake af and they’re using to say it’s part of his career. Billboard can catch this hands 

Anonymous said to shadyshit91:the link for billboard is not working, can you tell me what did they do? i thought they weren’t evil

That happened, nony 

this all better be fake like i cant believe that silver is actually considering killing flint when all flint has shown him is love and support. he is literally willing to fight and possibly die in order to save madi for him and silver is just “FUCK YOU” like what the hell you’ve got this man that has completely opened up to you, has devoted himself to you, and you’re just gonna turn against him?? this is either all deliberate misguidance or they are literally doing this and using madi as an ‘instrument’ to break the most beautifully developed relationship in the show

to all the people out there romanticizing the fuck out of mental illnesses and especially mentally ill artists: kindly fuck off. 

it’s not romantic to be depressed and an artist.

depression (or other mental illnesses) doesn’t help creativity.
quite the contrary.

i usually draw two to three pieces a week on top of multiple sketches, even with my work for school. 

my depression and some other not fun stuff have gotten way worse since december and guess what? 

i didn’t create more

i’m having trouble doing the simplest things on photoshop or on paper. some days i can’t even think of drawing without having a panic attack. i’ve been working on pieces for weeks, pieces that usually take me a day to complete.

the artistic part of my brain is literally buried under depression, anxiety, dissociation and morbid thoughts. 

so fucking stop with this.

Like She’s Mine (part four) - Stiles Stilinski

wow i got such immediate feedback when i posted part three guys, I thought my phone would literally blow up ur all amazing xx

part one
part two
part three

warnings: swearing, pregnancy, sadness, lots of time jumping i hope it’s not too confusing

PART FOUR (august)

“SHIT!” I screamed, whipping the apron over my head, and quickly untying it from behind my back.  Allison came running into the store from the back room.

“What? What? What’s going on?” She asked.

“Can you drive me to the airport?” I asked, hanging up the apron and checking my hair in my phone’s camera.

“Sure when-”

“Now” I said.  Allison’s eyes widened.


“Stiles is flying out today” I begged.  “Please, please, if Lou catches us, I swear Alli, I will cover for you, I will tell her it’s all my fault, please let me say goodbye” Allison sighed, bouncing on her foot for a moment.  The undoing the knot of her apron.

Fine.  But you owe me coffee for a week”


The car ride to the airport was ten minutes.  It was 4:15 now, and Stiles left at 4:30.  My legs were shaking, no, my whole body was shaking.

“Alli, when I next see him, I will have had a baby” Allison parked the car, and looked down at her phone.

“y/n we’ve got six minutes!” She yelled.  We ran out of the car and sprinted through the airport.  “What gate!?” Allison yelled.

“15b!” I said back.  

“y/n we’re not going to make it on time!”

“Yes we will!” I was panting.  Just as we passed 15a, I could see him.  The tall boy with messy soft brown hair.  He was turning, looking everywhere.  A blue paper in his hand, and bags by his feet.  “Stiles!” I yelped, and he spun to look at me.

“y/n!” He called back.  I ran faster until I jumped and was in is arms.  My legs were around his waist and he held me tightly against him.  “I thought you weren’t coming” He cried into my hair.  I shook my head, pulling back and looking at him.  I stood flat on my feet, my arms still wound around his neck.

“Of course I came of course” I cupped his face between my hands for a moment, before letting them fall to his shoulders.  “I couldn’t let you leave me for a year without saying goodbye Stiles”

“If you tell me right now, I’ll stay I swear I’ll figure something else-”

“No, no Stiles I’ve told you all summer this is what you were meant for” You said, rubbing his shoulders slightly.  “And you’re gonna come back next summer, and you’re gonna have the first step of becoming a detective done” I wiped my eyes and stared at him.  “Stiles, I know I’ve told you a thousand times but I’m so incredibly proud of you, this is what you’ve always wanted, and you’ve actually achieved it.  You’ve done amazing, really” He hugged me again tight, and I silently cried, not wanting him to know how much it really hurt.

“Promise me you’ll keep in touch” I nodded.

“Of course”

“And when I come back we’ll pick right back up”

“Stiles it’s not a long distance relationship” I said, laughing through a breath.

“But it is, I just don’t want anything to change” I closed my eyes tight, buying my face further against him.

“Then it won’t” I hummed.

“Take care of Scott for me, Allison can’t handle him on her own” I chuckled slightly, and pulled away, seeing Stiles laugh quietly too.  The brunette a few feet behind me smiled bashfully, and walked up to us.

“Now boarding flight six to DC!”

“That’s you” I said softly, gesturing to the gate.

“Yeah that’s me” He responded.  I hugged him once more, and he squeezed me so tight I almost feared for the baby.  I could tell Allison practically read my mind.

“Alright alright me too” She said quickly, and Stiles released me to give her a hurried side hug.

“Miss you Stilinski”

“You too Argent” He looked at me again, and I gave a small wave.

“I’ll see you later Stiles” I said softly.  He waved back, putting on his backpack, picking up his duffel, and extending the handle of his suitcase.

“You better keep in touch with me y/n”

“Promise” I said, crossing an x over my heart.  I watched as he turned and walked up to the gate, handing the man at the desk his blue ticket.  The man stamped it, handed it back to him, and Stiles made his way onto the plane.  Tears welled in my eyes again.

“Oh, honey” Allison came forward, wrapping her arms around me, and hugging me gently.  “You’ve got me and Scott” She whispered as I cried onto her shoulder.  “We’ll take good care of you” She murmured.  “Whatever you need, we’re here for you, always” I nodded, holding my arms tight around her.  “I told you once how much I loved you and I’m going to give you the support you need, and I still will, I always will”

“Thank you, Allison”


Apparently, you become a whale six months into a pregnancy.  Yes, of course I knew I’d inflate like a blimp, but god, this was ridiculous.  I gave all my converse and any boots I had to tie to Allison and Lydia.  I couldn’t bend over to tie laces anymore.  My life was quite restricted these days.  Sleeping on my back every night.  No more long showers, my feet would hurt.  I gave up on fashion, because god knows nothing cute fit, and maternity clothes were too expensive to deal with.  I lived in sweats.  I barely went out, too nervous someone would recognize me.  After I found out that I was having a girl, I told Lou about the pregnancy. I was now on maternity leave.

Did I mention I got that apartment? It’s nice, because it’s basically a tiny house.  One floor, and a few rooms.  Two bedrooms, two baths, a nice kitchen connected to the dining room, and a pretty spacious living room.  It wasn’t overly expensive, but it put a slight dent in my bank account.  But once I get the ball rolling, get my job back, and stop having to take thirty pills a day, then I’ll be back on my feet.  Hopefully I can see them at the end of all of this.

Allison and I have been looking through many files of parents who want to adopt.  Here and there I’ll see a nice looking family, but it just never seemed good enough.  I wanted the best for my little girl. and as bitter as it sounds, a family could have five stars, but the mother’s smile could be just slightly downturned, and I’d throw the file away.  Allison would give me a look, but she never mentioned the way I judged the new parents of my child.

I mean, their child, that I was just carrying.

“Honey I’m home!” Allison called with a giggle as she entered the apartment.  She didn’t really live here, but when she wasn’t staying at home or with Scott, you’d find her here.  I smiled and waved from where I lay on my back on the couch.  She set her purse down at the kitchen table and kicked her shoes off by the door.  “How was the day?” The brunette asked.  I barely saw her walking into the kitchen.

“You look nice” I said as I caught a glimpse of her navy blue skirt and red short sleeved knit sweater.  A short sleeved sweater.  Only Alli could make it look normal.

“Yeah I’m going out with Scott tonight, just went on a tiny shopping spree” She said, coming into the living room with a glass of water in one hand and a chocolate chip cookie in the other.  “I’m eating your cookies by the way” She announced, mouth already full.  I shrugged, rubbing my hands over my belly.

“They only sounded good for an hour.  I ate one and was satisfied” I asid.  Allison grinned.

“Good, cause there’s like ten left and they’re really good” i smiled and waved my hand dismissively.

‘Thanks, they’re all yours” I said, and she jumped slightly.  I shook my head as the water came out of her glass and droplets fell onto the carpet.


“It’s just water” I said, waving my hand again.

“So how’s baby Allison?” She asked, walking closer and inspecting my stomach.

“We’re not naming her that- we’re not naming her at all” I half scolded, dragging my hands down my face.  Allison frowned.

“Why not? What have we got to lose?”

“Because when you name something, you get attached.  Personally, I can’t afford to get attached to her, so we’re not naming her” Allison sighed.

“Fine” She said, taking another bite from her cookie.  “But I’m still calling her Allison” I rolled my eyes.

“Can you do me a favor and hand me my phone?” I asked, reaching my hand out towards the coffee table where it sat, just out of reach.  Allison nodded, giving it to me.  Five missed texts.  Two from Lydia, one from Stiles.

“I’m gonna go do my hair” Allison announced, heading to the bathroom as I went through my messages.

Lydia: heya girly! How’s the little girly
Lydia: (also don’t tell Alli but her name would have been Lydia, not Allison)

I rolled my eyes.  Don’t they get I can’t keep her? She can’t be named.  I clocked on Stiles’ chat.

Stiles: morning sunshine
Stiles: you’re probably sleeping.  You have been a lot lately I hope you’re not up all night on your internet college
Stiles: I miss you I wish you were here.  Wanna ft later?

I texted back. Saying I was busy with work today, and that I wouldn’t be able to catch a long enough break.  He responded immediately.

Stiles: that means we’re texting all night then, I hope you’ve got K cups left cause you’ll need the caffeine.

I told him that it sounded good, and I’d mark it down in my schedule.  Then again saying that he should get back to class because I knew he was sneaking his phone.

After that I just scrolled through my social media.  Not a lot was there, seeing that I’d just done this a few hours ago, but hey, it was a way to pass the time.  I’d already finished my online classes for the day, and grew bored.  Not a lot for a pregnant girl to do.  Just lay down, watch tv, marvel at how large I’ve gotten, shower shortly, cry while eating ice cream, and pass out randomly.

At least I wasn’t puking anymore.

Eventually I’d gotten myself off the couch, and walked back to my room.  I sunk into the bed, and stuck my feet out in the air.  I laughed to myself at the fact I could only see the blue toes.  Allison painted them last week much to my protests.  She didn’t think that me saying ‘I can’t see them what’s the point?’ was a liable excuse not to do it.  But I chuckled as I continued rocking, sticking my feet out over and over and laughing bitterly.

I did this until I felt a slight pushing sensation in my stomach.  My eyes widened, and a small smile pulled on my lips.  I held my hands over my stomach, feeling another push.

It was a kick.

“You like that Madi?” I asked softly, lifting my shirt just enough to show the skin of my stomach.  I rose my feet again and quickly dropped them, earning another kick.  Tears welled in my eyes.  My little girl was kicking.  My little Madison…

“Hey y/n did you move the hair dry-” Allison walked in, hands holding a towel as she quickly rubbed her hair with it.  I froze, staring at her practically petrified.  She gave me a knowing smile, and crossed her arms.  She looked at me like she just found out my biggest secret.

“I thought we weren’t getting attached?” I whimpered, hanging my head down in my hands.



“ALLISON DRIVE FASTER!” I screamed from the backseat of her car.

Okay, rewind to a few hours ago.

Allison was eating lunch with Scott, he’d swung by my apartment to pick her up, and I promptly stayed back in my room so he wouldn’t see my baby bump.  Which was actually more like fucking jupiter now.  But I still hollered a goodbye and told them to have a nice time.  I’d laid in the living room, reading a magazine on Brad and Angelina’s divorce, when suddenly-

“Did I just piss myself?” I muttered in embarrassment.  Two seconds later I could’ve sworn someone grabbed my intestines and ripped them out.  Oh no.

I’d hastily but shakily dialed Allison’s number, and told her to get me now.

“Now- now you’re having the baby?” She stuttered.  I could hear Scott yelling in the background but I was freaking out too much to care.

“Yes now and I NEED you to come drive me to the hospital!” I was crying now as the pain of the contractions just worsened.  There was a few muffled whispered that I barely caught wind off, but again I was too hurt to care if Scott knew.

“y/n, y/n we’re getting in the car right now it’s all going to be okay we’re on our way” Allison said calmly.  I could hear the smile in her voice.


“You want me to stay in the phone with you?” I nodded, before realizing she couldn’t see me.

“Ye-yeah yes please yes”

She continued to coo to me, telling me it would be okay, and how there was just a few more moments before she would be here.  I never really responded, I was crying to hard and groaning to much.  I could tell it made her since but she kept her soft tone and sweet words.

I was halfway for passing out when she burst into the apartment, and the world was in slow motion around me.  Allison was grinning, as was Scott but he had eyes that held more questions than I had answers for.  

“Stay awake, stay awake it’s okay” Allison’s arms wound around me, leading me out of the room and out of the apartment.

“Hurts-” I whined.

“Shh… shh it’s okay” I don’t really remember getting into the car.

The next thing I was conscious of was a man in a white coat setting me down into a wheelchair.  He asked me a question I didn’t quite hear, and I looked to Allison.

“Do you want me to stay with you?” She said to me.  “He’s asking if you want me there” I nodded.

“Please” I whispered.  Allison smiled and nodded back, quietly giving me an ‘of course’ and walking with me as I was wheeled into a room.

Screaming, a lot of screaming I almost thought I was going to die.  It legitimately felt like every bone in my body was breaking.

“y/n, y/n we just need you to take deep breaths, and push”

I didn’t even remember getting onto the cot, or holding onto Allison’s hand but I realized when she yelped.  I squeezed too hard.

“S-sorry” I panted.

“It’s okay, you’re okay, you’re doing great” She assured, squeezing my hand as well.

I think in the three hours it took, I scarred Allison in ways that were irreversible.  The doctors and horde of nurses took my baby to the nursery while I rested.  Allison was sat in one of those uncomfortable hospital chairs next to me, still holding my hand on the mattress.

“Does it feel better now?” She asked softly, holding a cool wet rag against my head.  

“Hell yes.  Don’t ever have kids, adopt mine” I chuckled, then felt a pang of regret in my chest.

“What?” Allison asked, brows furrowing in worry.  I raised a brow in silent question.  “You just looked like you were thinking, the hurting kind of thinking” Her fingers stroked gently over the back of my hand.

“Does… does it make me a bad person? Giving away a child?” Allison pondered for a moment, then shook her head.

“No.  If you truly believe you can’t give her the life we know she deserves, then no, it makes you a responsible person” I bit my lip, and her brows furrowed again.  “y/n look-”

“Miss l/n” We looked up to the door, seeing a nurse from earlier in blue scrubs, and holding a pink bundle of blankets.  “I have your baby here, would you like to hold her?” Yes.  But I didn’t answer right away, just continued to think about whether or not I was doing the right thing.  I looked over to Allison, who gave me a sweet smile, as though saying I could choose what I wanted to do.  The woman stood patiently, beginning to softly rock my little girl.

“Yes please” I answered her so quietly I was sure she didn’t hear me, but sure enough she smiled widely and came over to me, carefully placing her in my arms.  Tears grew in my eyes as I looked down at her.  She was beautiful.

She had Theo’s light eyes, but hers a much brighter blue.  Her nose was a tiny button, and her skin was fair.  I could tell her hair would grow to be like mine.

“Wow” Allison whispered next to me, and Madi- the baby’s- eyes went to her.  Instantly she giggled a small hiccup of a laugh, and held her arm out towards my face.  I admit, I cried when I reached my finger to her and she clasped her small hand around it.

“Allison she’s… she’s beautiful” I cried in a whimper.  “Is Scott still here?” I asked, rocking my girl back and forth slightly.

“Yeah, he’s waiting in the hall” She told me.

“You can let him in” I said with a small smile.

“You sure?” I nodded, and Allison stood swiftly and left the room nearly silently.

“Hi Madi” I said softly, smiling down at the girl about to fall asleep in my hold.  “You’re a beautiful little girl” I told her.  “I wish I could have more time with you, I know you’re going to be such a great kiddo” More tears fell down my face, and her smile fell.  She gave my finger a squeeze that was feather light, but noticeable.  “I hope one day-one day-” I choked.  “You’ll let me s-see you” The door opened again, and Allison was smiling, talking with her hands.

“Oh Scott she’s just ador- y/n?” Allison saw me crying and hurried over.  “Hey, hey honey what’s wrong?” She asked.  But I shook my head, unsure of the words to say.  “Hey…. shh it’s okay” She cooed softly, petting my hair, then petting my child’s bald head.  I could see Scott growing closer.  He smiled gently at me, and it was like we were at a silent understanding.  “y/n? What’s going on?” I sniffled, stroking the backs of my fingers against Madi’s face.

“I can’t give her away Alli” I said, tears still rushing down my face.  “I can’t give my little girl away”

drumroll please! aaaaaannndddd BOOM.  CONFLICT!

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Revenge (2)

Description: Part 2 of a kind of AU Marvel series (cause I can’t stick with what the movies have set up idk also i don’t know what Infinity War is gonna be like so)

Pairing: Steve Rogers x Reader, Bucky Barnes x Reader?

Warnings: idk. probably smut? angst? fluff? guess you’ll have to read it to find out

A/N: gif is literal sunshine 

Part 1 here

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Last Time:

I shook my head, wishing I could forget. It all felt so real.

“I never even knew him…” I said, confused.

“Who? Who was the dream about?”

I looked up at Steve. “Bucky.”

“What do you mean, ‘Bucky’?” Steve inquired, face paling at the thought of his friend, frozen again. 

I paused. “I– That’s what my dream was about. I think he’s in danger.” I started panicking at the thought, and not exactly sure why. 

Steve pulled me closer to him. “Hey, hey, it’s alright Y/N. Don’t worry, okay?”

I nodded, beginning to calm down. 

“Now, why would you think he’s in danger?”

“I don’t know. I just know that I woke up terrified and the only thing I can think about now is him and that something’s wrong.” I rambled. Steve covered his worry with a calm expression. 

“We’ll go check him out tomorrow, okay? Make sure he’s fine.”

“No. No, we have to get him out of there.”

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i keep comparing myself to others and i'm really starting to hate what i make

i’m the same way, sweetheart. you’re certainly not alone on that. but a little piece of advice, from one editor to another? keep making your stuff! because if it makes you happy and you enjoy doing it, then that’s all that matters! that’s what having a hobby is about!

i know it’s hard trying not to compare your stuff to other people’s, but one thing that i became accustomed to is that i took that insecurity and i turned it into inspiration. meaning, i became inspired by other people’s edits and it helped motivate me into making more things and becoming creative in the ways that i’d never thought possible! 

i think the best part about editing is that you literally can experiment with all different tools and edits into making something amazing! don’t give up on your creations dude, because there are very high chances that no one’s ever seen anything like it! 💛

INFP gothic
  • Oh, were you talking to me? Sorry I wasn’t listening
  • *hungover* Please don’t touch me. Don’t talk to me, don’t look at me. Just leave me alone to die.
  • *in a bad mood* Life is just as meaningless as death tbh I don’t give a shit anyway.
  • *in a good mood* I love literally every single person ever. Everyone deserves to be happy! But mostly cats
  • Okay here’s a thought/Imagine that/What if
  • Oh my god this is the ugliest little creature I’ve ever seen. Look at it. It’s so miserable. I love it with all my heart.
  • *actually cries when laughing too hard*
  • What was that? Yeah I stopped listening again sry
  • I’m so sleepy and tired, I’ll go to bed at like 9 p.m. *is 3 a.m.* Fml
  • Alternatively - *sleeps some full 10 hours* *wakes up even more dead inside*
  • I don’t think this is appropriate. Please don’t do it, don’t- Ah I guess I’ll just pretend I don’t know you
  • I actually don’t care about my looks at all~ *spends at least an hour picking outfits/putting make-up every day*
  • I’m just gonna ignore the person I like until they notice I like them. Works every time.
  • *secretly into bdsm or at least very kinky* I’m 100% pure and I’m shaming all of you sinners
  • Listen - I don’t want to offend you, I’m SORRY in advance, okay here goes. Again I hope you don’t take this personally I’m rly rly regretful that it has come to this situation. Okay yeah I’ll spit it out - I don’t think purple is your color.
  • *Has an existential mid-life crisis at 21* Everything is sunshine and rainbows!11!!!
Lá Fhéile Vailintín

omfg one of the funniest moments in my secondary school career happened today.
our irish teacher (a sub that we’ve only had a few weeks) wanted us to write romantic poems for Valentine’s Day so she made us listen to poems people had sent in to our local radio station (raidió na gaeltachta) for “ionspráid”.
i’d like to point out that we are a class of native irish speakers and our teacher is a barely literate sub from Dublin. anyway, we were listening to what we thought was a sweet poem when we heard the line: “éiríonn mo bhod nuair a fheicim thú” which literally means “my dick rises when i see you”.
i’ve never laughed so much in my life. the best part was, the teacher had no fucking clue why we were crying from laughter and kept replaying the inherently sexual poem, (which got sexier as it went on) trying to figure out what we found so funny. i was in actual pain

not that bad | mingyu

well this is longer than i expected. tbh i totally strayed from the actual request, i’m sorry @chichewy​ for the really really long wait :c it literally went from something cutesy and sweet to what will be a multi-part story?? i honestly kind of ran with a few ideas and it turned into this,,, i’m hoping to just write a second, final part just to wrap shit up but knowing me this might actually turn into this blog’s first ever series. grats, requester! sorry if this isn’t what you wanted… 

word count: 6.3k
trigger warnings: mentions of smoking, alcohol, swearing
contains angst/fluff, high school setting

“Man, you’d never thought you’d say this, but you’re starting to miss the old dickhead.”

hope you enjoy <3

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Time Travel

Summary: Y/N somehow finds herself in Hamiltime and decides to break into the wrong house.

Pairing: eventual Philip x reader

Warnings: language, unedited

Word count: 1,733 words

A/N: I literally have been thinking about this for the past two weeks and have finally decided to write it. I wrote this in a little over two hours and it’s a little rough but at least it’s written. I will be doing more parts to this eventually. Also, I am actually doing research for this and the house I’m describing is the Hamilton’s actual house, called the Hamilton Grange.

“The worst part is that he apologized to his mother for forgetting what she taught him. She taught him how to count. He thought he miscounted his steps!”

“Mhmm,” your friend said, not looking away from her phone.

“Dude, I know you don’t like Hamilton, but can you at least pretend listen to me when I rant? I just have a lot of feelings and you’re my only friend.”

“Sorry,” [Y/F/N] muttered, putting her phone in her back pocket. “But that is sad. He blamed himself when I guess it wasn’t his fault.”

“It wasn’t! If George Eacker hadn’t fucking cheated, Philip might have lived. He might have gotten to grow up and do great things, and now we’ll never know!”

“Okay, you need to stop. I know you love this, but it happened over two hundred years ago and you need to let it go because I want to go to bed and you,” she took the glass of wine out of your hand, “need to stop drinking. You have class in the morning”

“Since when are you the mom friend?” you asked, slightly miffed that [Y/F/N] had cut you off.

“Since you can’t seem to realize that it’s two in the morning and you have an eight AM tomorrow that you can’t miss,” she replied.

You simply muttered a “fine” before slinking off to your bedroom. You didn’t bother with changing into your pajamas and just laid in bed in your clothes from that day, which consisted of an oversized flannel and capri leggings. You didn’t realize how truly tired you were until you remembered you still had to brush your teeth and wash your face but by the time you found enough motivation to get up, you were already falling asleep. Whatever, you thought, I’ll just do it tomorrow.

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what i want in season 3 (or literally just any season)

- lance arc this time plz. i think the 3 minute scene where he thought he wasn’t an important part of voltron could be leading up to bigger problems like that.

- lance being homesick and just starting to isolate himself from the group, maybe even considering leaving voltron because he’s so insecure?????

- it would be so niiiiice if they would give him clearer qualities, because honestly??? im not even sure what his fighting qualities are other than being the “shapshooter” a few times.


- more galra keith backstory damn. i can imagine they chose keiths galra story for s2 because they’re going to use it as a plot device or something in the next seasons.

- ok i obviously want pidge to find her family, but i wouldn’t complain if she only found matt, just because i love angst hehehhe.

- so what happened to the whole “you’ll get some info about matts glasses”??? i need to know something about her wearing his glasses or just her saying something like “it’s the only thing i have left from him”

- give me the haggar story. who is she and why is she with zarkon??

- they need to find shiro obviously.

- a whole garrison episode would be great????? yknow i wanna see hunk, lance and pidge together as buuuuds again at the garrison. i wanna see when the rivarly started between lance and keith. and what about shiro and keith when did they meet????


- shiro + holt family interactions.

- i wouldn’t complain to get some klance either ;);););)

probably more idk

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you know the theory of how tabinof and tatinof was potentially partially made for the purpose of ending an era for them, and marking the start of a new one? what are your thoughts on this theory, and what parts of it would be the most true i.e. what parts of their old branding do you think are going to change/are changing, and to what degree?

i mostly just laughed that this question was phrased literally like an essay prompt from a final exam and i had immediate war flashbacks to college. lol great questions though and thank you for taking the time to send them to me! i do think they viewed tabinof/tatinof as conclusive in some way but i think it’s too early to tell in exactly what ways the “danandphil” brand is going to change going forward. for now the brand mostly exists on dapg and the format there hasn’t been radically different (though the upload schedule has). nor have their behaviors changed radically enough to consider it some sort of “new era.” i mean yes they’ve become more comfortable flirting and touching, they’re more comfortable talking about slightly more adult themes, but none of this really points to some sort of demarcated post-tatinof era in the way they sometimes talked about it while they were on tour. so i think it remains to be seen! any answer i could give would be completely speculative.

It’s been fifteen days now. Over two weeks and that kiss is still playing on an endless loop in my mind. The scene that simultaneously filled me with joy and dread, and I was thinking I’m never going to recapture that moment.

That moment of wordless jubilation, of elated vindication that had me literally throwing my arms in the air and yelling. Followed by the relentless slump into despair when Patsy’s words really registered.

What magic do these characters have that part of my life would honestly be shattered if they don’t return in the next series?

How am I, an otherwise rational human being, so enamoured of a pair of fictional vintage nurses that my life would be different without them? A small Welsh one especially.

I am irrevocable changed because of Patsy and Delia. Just thought you all ought to know.

Fun fact:
The other girl in my group came up to me and started ranting about our presentation and i thought she was mad at me,,,, who did all the work and i recoiled so bad like i almost cried lmaaao like what??? I was like oh,, well i didnt mean to rush your part and she was LIKE NO NO YOU DID GOOD IT WAS THE GUYS

But then she explained how it was because the guys didnt even read the sheet i wrote out and thats why and wow,,,, i literally wanted to die for nothing omfg

Call Me Thomas Pt. 4

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Requested: By a lot of lovely, lovely people, and (shocker) @secretschuylersister

Pairings: Thomas Jefferson x Soulmate!Reader

Summary: Even though Y/N knows that he is coming, it is still a shock to see Thomas Jefferson at her house, in her bedroom.

Previously: {1} {2} {3}

Warnings: Like, literally one swear word

Word Count: 1,134

A/N: I hope that this new part is what you all were wanting. I am so excited to see where else I can take this, and as always this is one of my favorite things to write…so let me know what you thought!

With the way that your week had been going, you were shocked when you were left to get ready in peace. Granted, after Thomas had asked you, you had spent the rest of the evening trying not to freak out. You hadn’t told anyone, but Peggy had her ways.

Thankfully, Thomas wasn’t coming until that afternoon, so you still had time to help your father. You threw on your favorite pair of pants and a button down blouse, knowing that if he needed you to get anything for him that you were not going to be doing that in a dress You tied your hair back into a braid and settled in for a morning of work at your desk.

You were knee deep in paperwork by the time that there was a knock on the door. “Come in!” you called, gathering your stack of reviewed cases to hand to your father, who was not standing in the doorframe as expected. Thomas Jefferson was leaning against your doorframe, somehow managing to look like he belonged there. “Oh! I thought you were my father…” you said, gesturing to the stack of papers in your hands.

“I can confidently say that I am not your father,” Thomas laughed, glancing around your room, allowing himself a moment to take it all in. “I thought that you could show me around your grounds.”

You glanced out your window to the modest back yard that he had generously termed ‘grounds’. You had forgotten that Thomas spent a lot in his beautiful luxurious home in Virginia. The thought brought a lump to your throat, one that was only intensified by the faint glow of your stomach.

But you needed to make the best of things. “Of course!” you replied, somehow managing to muster an almost sincere smile. “If you would just let me change…”

You sat the papers down on the desk and pulled open your wardrobe, withholding a groan at the thought of putting on a dress.

“Don’t bother,” Thomas laughed, taking your hand and pulling you out of your room and down the stairs. “We both know that you hate the damn things anyways. We won’t go far,” he turned to meet your eyes as you paused just short of the front door. “Promise.” And so, promise in hand and butterflies in your stomach from the wink he had offered before pulling open the door, you were off.

You showed him the garden that you tended, if only because your mother would have been distraught to see it fall apart. You showed him your favorite reading spot and where you often took your father’s hunting dogs to play fetch, even though he insisted that it was making them soft.  

You somehow managed to do most of the talking. Thomas had fallen suspiciously silent, only offering a few affirmative noises and asking follow up questions to a topic you had only touched briefly on.

“Cat’s got your tongue?” you teased him after you had been walking in silence for a few moments.


“You are the most talkative person that I know, second maybe to Alexander, and you have barely said more than a few words to me since you dragged me out of my room,” you said, motioning wildly with your arms.

“If you must know, I received an anonymous note this morning reminding me to allow you to have a turn in the conversation. If you had a problem, you know that you could have just asked-”

“I sent you no such thing.” You took a deep breath, making a mental note to chastise Peggy later. You lapsed into silence for a few moments, before a peculiar thought popped into your head. “Were you being quiet because you thought that your oversharing hurt my feelings?”

It was nearly impossible to not find the idea absurd. Thomas Jefferson was tip-toeing around you because he thought that he had hurt your feelings.

“I can tell that you’re smirking.” You turned around to see that Thomas had stopped a few feet behind you, his shoulders drooping and his eyes fixating on his shoes. “I hope that you know your well-being, your happiness is more important to me than anything that I can think of in the present moment. And… I hope that you know that even though we see the world a bit differently, it doesn’t mean that you aren’t perfect for me.”

You were shocked that you were somehow still breathing.

“I have been thinking about what you said, how I shouldn’t have to change to make this… us work.” He said slowly, gesturing back and forth between the two of you. “I think that if you agreed with me about everything, while I would love it, there is no way that you would help me grow. And I think that is why the universe brought us together. You challenge me, in ways that I thought were impossible after only a few short days together.”


“You don’t have to say anything, because I know that you need time. And time is important. It lets you-”

“You bumbling idiot.” You were walking towards him, big bounding steps placing you directly in front of him before you could fully register the reality of the situation.

“Y/N- you’re not glowing anymore.” His eyes were like two moons had landed on his face. Bright and wide and full of possibility.

“I know,” you said, allowing yourself a smirk and taking another, small step towards him. You were literally toe to toe with him, and you didn’t know if you could bring yourself to move any farther.

“Does that mean?”

“Just kiss me already, you idiot.”

His arm found its way around your back, pulling you flush against his chest, and you were certain that he could feel your heart beating as he bent down to meet you halfway. Peggy had told you about her flings in the past, the fireworks, the spark, the way that you almost felt electrocuted. This… felt nothing like that.

Thomas’ lips on yours felt safe, in the single best way possible. You felt secure, like cuddling up by the fire after a long, cold day. You felt like you were at home with him. His lips moved tenderly against yours, pouring a thousand emotions that Thomas could never vocalize eloquently enough, but he was going to try. Every day, for the rest of his life.

Although neither of you wanted to admit it, you eventually needed to breath. As he pulled away, both of you were speechless, something that had never happened before. If it was even possible, his round eyes were filled with all of the love and devotion in the world.

And all at once, you knew that your glowing stomach was going to be a problem anymore.

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wasn’t everyone so happy when marvel and sony made the deal so spiderman could be part of the mcu and now everyone’s mad that we’re getting the mcu heroes in the spiderman movies????????????????? that’s literally WHY they made the deal why are u mad abt that idgi

Little Sister [8]

Part 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7.

Characters: Dean Winchester, Sam Winchester, sister!reader, Jessica Moore.

Words: 2770

[Character death, Angst, Fluff]

Tags: @annabethgranger123 @cookee50 @pizzarollpatrol @waywardbaby97 

A/N: This series has about 17,000 words by now, so congrats, you’ve read a novelette haha. But thanks guys, for sticking with me through this! I never thought it was going to turn out to be such a long series, the idea literally just started with some random inspiration. Again, thank you for all the nice comments <3

So, here you go: the last part of Little Sister!

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You didn’t only stir in your sleep while Sam was by your side, you actually started waking up. And merely seconds after he left, you opened your tired eyes, and you instantly knew, deep inside that something was different. You didn’t say anything, you were still in a state between being awake and asleep. However, you soon started feeling very weird. Really uncomfortable actually. It felt like your skin, your bones were crawling, and you started to get nauseous, your head spinning.

You tried getting out of the sofa, but you couldn’t. Just as you let out a whimper, less than 10 seconds after it started, all symptoms stopped, and now you felt like you were being strangled instead. Quickly sitting up, after whatever had left you feeling momentarily paralyzed had passed, you tugged at whatever was tight around your throat. You fumbled with controlling your limbs, and that’s when you realized it; you were back to normal. You weren’t 3 years old, and neither 5. You were 22 again. A jolt of happiness and relief erupted in your stomach, and you had to stop yourself last second before letting out a squeal because you realized that it was in the middle of the night, Jess was sleeping and probably Sam too, and well you were still stuck in what you understood was your pajama top.

After a rushed and embarrassing struggle you got the small top off, and you could pull the sweatshirt — your sweatshirt — over your head, and the bliss only grew. It felt so great to be back, you couldn’t wait to speak to Jess and Sam in the morning. You knew you should also probably take that moment to apologize for everything, as you remembered it all perfectly clear.

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did you know i/this blog has a kiwifarms thread? or used to??? that’s so funny to me. it had like 50 pages of information but a lot of it was really wrong. like all these insane dudebro 4chan cuck hackers thought i ran 400 different other blogs, was a girl, etc

the funniest part of it was the information that WAS correct (they literally had my ip address and phone number) like nothing came of. no texts. no calls. no threatening pieces of mail. like what

if you’re a teen and people constantly belittle the importance of your passions, whether it’s a band or a book or anything else, just because “you’re young and will grow out of it eventually”, please know that they are important. this is a time when you’re trying to figure yourself out, what you like, what you are or would like to be, and most of the time this is a very difficult phase. and your passions, whatever they are, will help you in the process. i discovered my favourite bands when i was 12 and they literally saved my life when i had nothing else. and i know they will always be a part of me, even though people around me thought (hoped) it was only a “sign of teenage crisis” or some shit. they were wrong.

i’m not saying you will always have the same passions and interests, some of them may leave you, but some of them may stay. what i’m saying is that they will have been important at some point, they will have helped you grow in some way and this is what matters. don’t listen to people trying to diminish things that are important to you just because of your age. embrace your interests, enjoy them as much as you can and do it proudly. don’t worry about whether you will always be passionate about something or not. just savour the moment. and if you end up growing out of some of your passions, i hope you will always think back on them fondly.