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BEE MOVIE STUFF: the cc nobody asked for and nobody wanted

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download merged set here. make sure to download the mesh for the shirt

barry’s shirt: download here

- ok FIRST OF ALL, i know i didn’t include the stripe on the neck, i tried too but i couldn’t make it work because i suck at everything

- YOU NEED THE MESH BY @waekey. find it here. i also cheated a bit and used @bonehlda‘s recolor to save time. both the original and the recolor are very pretty (much nicer than this mess) and i love them so much!!

barry’s shoes: download here

- this literally took me 5 minutes it looks so bad

- recolored & converted the male low tops to female. they’re compatable for males, just turn off the masculine tag

anonymous asked:

Since you consider The Last as canon, then that also means you agree that Hinata possess Hamura's chakra which means that with it she is leagues above Sakura and considering Boruto has both Hago and Hamu chakra while Sarada only has Hago's chakra and a diluted bloodline, that doesn't make Sarada any stronger than Boruto is. Also the manga always hypes clans and genetics to make individuals relevant. Also Himawari can one shot sarada and Sakura easily

Goodness gracious this ask is so misinformed it literally took me 5 minutes to even know where to begin.

I’ll start from here:

The first bit of severe misinformation - Hamura giving Hinata some of his chakra didn’t augment her battle prowess or abilities during combat in the slightest. The only thing it did was give her the ability to destroy the Tenseigan, that’s it. It didn’t make her a stronger or a more capable fighter at all. So no Anon, Hinata having Hamura’s chakra doesn’t make her “leagues” above Sakura; it means literally nothing. 

The second bit of severe misinformation - Boruto doesn’t have Hagoromo’s chakra, nor does he have Hamura’s, and Sarada doesn’t have Hagoromo’s chakra either. They each have the blood of their parents, not the chakra that was given to them by someone else. Geez man where on earth are you getting these things from? A person is born with their own chakra signatures, they’re not transferred from parent to offspring. Clan’s have similar signatures so they can be identified as clans, but there are still differences that enable sensory ninjas like Muu and Karin to be able to identify individuals.

I also love how you took a little side jab at Sarada by saying that she has a “diluted bloodline”, when not only did the apparent dilution have no affect on her prowess during combat whatsoever, but that also implies that you think you can only be great if you come from a clan with a powerful bloodline limit. Do I really need to list all the incredible ninjas who hailed from clans of no prestige at all? Because guess what? Sakura is one of those people.

The third bit of severe misinformation - When did I ever say anything about how their clans, or their bloodline limits, or even the chakra from their ancestors (which they don’t possess), had any effect on their efficiency in battle? I didn’t. Sarada has been shown to be Boruto’s equal in all things. The only thing that separates them are their individual stats, and according to those, Sarada has Boruto beaten in every category apart from dexterity.

The fourth bit of severe misinformation - If you honestly believe that Himawari can one shot Sarada and Sakura easily, then I don’t know what to say. The Hokage one shot was a comical scene and wasn’t meant to be taken seriously. Unless you really believe that Himawari would still be able to easily knock Naruto out in a serious contest. Naruto, Sasuke and Sakura are the new Sannin Anon; Himawari is a toddler. I shouldn’t have to clarify this.



Emmy decided that she wanted to be dressed like a princess today. She’s obsessed with this princess puzzle that she got back in December. She asks me to play it with her every day, several times I day. We’ve been watching all of the Disney princess movies lately and I think that’s why she’s been loving it so much.

What’s funny is these pictures look so peaceful and calm. But literally 5 minutes after I took them Emmy accidentally knocked over my full cup of coffee that was sitting on the table. It went everywhere and it took forever to clean up. I couldn’t be mad at her though, toddlers are so clumsy that it’s actually pretty amusing.

Little Ricky slept in the Target shopping cart again! I don’t understand how he manages to do that but it’s amazing. And right now I’m writing this in my truck because both of my kids managed to fall asleep on the way home!

Shitnata fandom

Ok so story time
So I was chatting with my friend today about the new shippuden episode and we once again came to the topic “naruhina”. He is (was?) a die hard naruhina fan and a hinata fanboy. He asked me again Why i Dont like the “hyuuga Princess” ( His words not mine) and unlike before i actually took the time to explain myself . I send a quick , 5 minute VoiceOver in which i stated a few arguments about her being a stalker and so on and his answer was
Like literally it took me 5 minutes to convince a NaruHina fan that their otp is trash . 5 . Fucking. Minutes. I was preparing for a full on debate , instead he was like :“ well you’re kinda right”. It honestly made my night . 5 minutes . It makes me realize that they make so little sense , it only takes someone with a bit of patience to logically take them through every wrong bit of NaruHina . That gives me hope . It was beautiful


edit: i did a little more, but that’s as far as i’m getting tonight lol i’m starting to feel cross-eyed

enjoy unfinished naked sessh for now~


did a quick doodle to test out clip studio and so far I like it!

all my life i thought ‘better tools don’t make a better artist!’, but now that i have a shiny new tablet and a new program… i realize i was totally wrong lol because this took literally 5 minutes, and with my old stuff it would’ve taken like 20 lol

just a silly little sketch I made while watching one of Max Kirin’s videos. I just adore them, their positive videos and advice sometimes help me through the day, while I’m dealing with depression and self doubt. Thank you so much Max! :)


#this literally took 5 minutes #i need to draw something proper for you soon


this literally took me 5 minutes to make, this is my quickest, most shit shitpost