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BEE MOVIE STUFF: the cc nobody asked for and nobody wanted

200 followers!! thank you guys so much! it doesn’t seem like much but for me it’s a big deal. to thank you kind people for following me, here is the best cc on this website.

download merged set here. make sure to download the mesh for the shirt

barry’s shirt: download here

- ok FIRST OF ALL, i know i didn’t include the stripe on the neck, i tried too but i couldn’t make it work because i suck at everything

- YOU NEED THE MESH BY @waekey. find it here. i also cheated a bit and used @bonehlda‘s recolor to save time. both the original and the recolor are very pretty (much nicer than this mess) and i love them so much!!

barry’s shoes: download here

- this literally took me 5 minutes it looks so bad

- recolored & converted the male low tops to female. they’re compatable for males, just turn off the masculine tag

Thank You for 1.4k !! Honestly i never thought id get past 10 so this is crazy. Anyways since i hit a pretty large milestone I have decided it is time for another follow forever. And side note this banner literally took 5 minutes so sorry if it sucks lmao. These are in no specific order and if i got our mutual/non mutual status wrong just feel free to tell me.

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illustration © attack on titan: lost girls by seko hiroshi

a very merry late christmas to attackthekilljoy! ta-dah, i’m your secret santa. i wasn’t sure what you wanted, so i hope this graphic isn’t too disappointing. i hope you had a great holiday!

jikook au!bowling

ok some of you request me an AU jikook at bowling so here we go! 

  • “come with uuuus” “No Tae, i have literally many things to do”. Taehyung was disappointed. He knew that Jimin didn’t say the truth. The only reason why his bestfriend didn’t want to go at bowling with all of them it was because of course if there’s Yoongi, there’s Jungkook too, Yoongi’s younger brother. And when you just put Jimin and Jungkook into a sentences together, all you can have it’s just a looong competitive argued from all the teases that the younger gives to the elder. “Is because there will be Jungkook too?” “Of course not.” 
  • Night was going well. At the end Taehyung managed to convince his bestfriend. Well…convince is such a big word. For half an hour Taehyung teased Jimin because “I can’t believe Jiminie is avoiding Jungkook-ah because he’s afraid to lose”. It didn’t take too much but Jimin was already ready in 2 minutes.”Jiminie you brat, we still have to go in 5 hours”. 
  • Night was going well. After an hour Jungkook and Yoongi finally arrived. “Why are you two late??” asked Tae holding his lucky BBB (as he likes to call lucky black bowling ball)  “Ask to this idiot” Yoongi just rolled his eyes looking at his brother who didn’t say nothing yet. 
  • “I thought Jiminie is not coming” “I am hyung for you, Jungkook-ah!” “Yeah, whatever” “at least i’m not the one who arrived late!” “but now i’m here. I’d never lose the chance to see you, i mean your bowling skill” Jungkook teased with a smirk on his face. “okay okay, you two stop acting like child and come to play!”
  • Jimin can’t help but still think of the i’d never lose the chance to see you’s Jungkook. He thought what the hell was supposed to mean. It wasn’t the first time that the younger said something like that. Jimin’s face became totally red just with one though and Taehyung looked at him asking with a glance, as if they were telepathic, if he was okay. Of course Jimin wasn’t okay, just the though of that makes him wanna scream like hell no.
  • Everyone was having fun. Hoseok’s scream echoed into the whole room, Namjoon and Yoongi laughing at the stupidity of Taehyung and Jin was busy taking pictures of his precious friends with his lovely polaroid.
  • Jungkook’s score was already 135. Jimin’s score was still 35. Okay maybe it wasn’t his lucky night or maybe it was just the fact that he was never lucky with bowling and stuff.
  • Jimin was so confused. When he failed to strikes he could see the smirk on Jungkook’s face, oh that brat, he’s probably enjoying this moment. And when Jungkook strikes, Jimin could see the taller boy turning around to look at him for a minute with a smile-not-smirk on his face like he dedicated the strikes for him, how absurd was that situation. 
  • Jimin sucks at bowling and things get worse when he started to focus on Jungkook’s body. WHAT ARE YOU THINKING YOU IDIOT LORD IS WATCHING YOU, he said to himself but oh, those pair of skinny jeans fits so well Jungkook’s thighs, that plan white shirt where Jimin could even see his abs and the sweats scrolling slowly on his forehead..Jimin bit his lips. 
  • Jungkook caught the shorty boy starring him. He smiled at him again, like it was the 374923 times and then winked at him. He didn’t even know why he winked at him and he swear, he saw Jimin’s checks totally covered by a red color. It was cute tho. Jimin was cute.
  • It was Jimin turn again and how he predicted, the first strike just hit 4 skittles. It wasn’t his fault, his concentration really flew away and he was tensed, literally tensed. “Jiminie!” he could hear Jungkook’s voice from his behind as the boy walked over Jimin’s position. “Jungkook-ah is gonna make fun of him, mark those words” Hoseok and Taehyung said at the same time laughing. Jimin was ready to scolded them turning in his face but he felt a hand on his wrist and another hand on his hip and suddenly blocked himself when he smell Jungkook’s scent from his back. 
  • It took 5 minutes for Jimin to realize that Jungkook was holding him, teaching him how to pose and how to move. It took literally 5 minutes for Jimin to realize that Jungkook just whispered into his ears with a calm and deep voice that it took all his strengths to not collapse in front of everyone.  
  • “..and then you just let go your hands. Get it?” Jungkook whispered with a calm voice. Jimin really tried to focus, indeed he finally strikes all the skittles. The only problem was that “it’s getting hot, don’t you think Tae?” “no, actually i feel cold..brrrrrr” Taehyung said rubbing his hands on his arms to warm himself. 
  • Night was going well, it was late and everyone was tired ready to return to their home. But before Jimin could walk away, a strong hand hold his arms. “Don’t ever think that i smirked for all this time just because you suck at bowling. It was good having a nice view of your ass in front of my eyes” Jungkook whispered into his ears so no one could listen. “Goodnight Jiminie!” and then Jungkook walked over him to make his way at home with his brother Yoongi.
  • Jimin froze for a moment incapable to say something and blinked twice. “….I’M HYUNG FOR YOU!” he screamed literally red all over his face, blushing like no one. 
  • Jimin and Taehyung walked to their apartment  that they share together. The short one was feeling so hot that he refused to put his jacket on. The tall one was feeling cold..but not cold at all. “Is that Yoongi-hyung jacket? Why have you got his jacket?” Jimin asked after noticed the black jacket that his bestfriend was wearing. “What Jungkook whispered to you before?” Taehyung asked avoiding his bestfriend question. They didn’t say anything but just blushed because oh is the two bestfriends start having a crush for the two hot brothers?


  • “Are you come with me or not?” Yoongi asked to Jungkook. “Taehyung said that Jiminie won’t come so i guess no?” he said obviously. “But look, Taehyung just texted me and say that Jimin will come” Yoongi walked into Jungkook’s bed showing his conversation with Taehyung. Jungkook frown “Did you just really saved Tae’s contact with a heart, hyung?” 

The GD concert tho 😭

I just got back from the G-Dragon concert and oh my god where do I even start. he is the sweetest most humble and hard working person ever. He hardly had any breaks during his set and he just kept going with the singing and dancing, we were all like: omg how is he still standing. His English has improved so much and he indirectly talked about the whole situation with T.O.P and also talked about how he felt so lonely lately and he was definately having a hard time while talking about it and because of that everyone in the crowd started to chant ‘Kwon Jiyong’ and it made him cry and when he cried we all cried it was just osjfiwhfjsks he literally took 5 minutes to thank everyone on the stage and behind the stage and all of us, and he walked up front to interact with the fans up close I’m just ughhh, my respect for this man has come to an all time high. G-Dragon ain’t even a dragon anymore, he’s a god tbh 😩😩

3-ingredient soft and chewy no bake gluten free vegan cookies! 🍪

- 1 ½ cups any type of oats (i used gluten free oat bran ✨)
- ½ cup any type of nut butter (we only had peanut butter but i think hazelnut or almond would be nice. 😊)
- ½ cup any type of sticky sweetener (i used maple syrup but brown rice syrup, date syrup, and any other works just fine! 🍯)
- any other additive like vegan-friendly chocolate chips, nuts, seeds, etc! (we were out of chocolate so i used cocoa dyno bites cereal for the crunch 😁 but i really liked it w flax seeds too!)

  • Add the oats to a mixing bowl.
  • Warm up the butter and sweetener slightly and mix the two until properly combined.
  • Pour the mixture into the oats until well incorporated.
  • Add any additives at this point!
  • Shape into whatever you’d like and make sure to place it on a non-stick surface! I put mine on foil lightly dusted w the gluten free oats. Baking paper recommended, but not necessary!
  • Refrigerate for at least 30 minutes to have firm cookies but it’s safe to eat the batter as is if that’s your thing (no eggs or milk! 🍳🍶)

The cookies seem really firm on the outside when you hold them but they’re so soft, chewy, and crumbly when you bite into them. I was craving sweets and it was 1 AM and it literally took me 5 minutes to prepare this. This is for all those lazy vegans out there! Tell me what substitutes you prefer or used for this recipe! I’d love to hear it. ✨

No animals were harmed in the making. Happy world vegan day! 🌱

but seriously, as epic it was to meet all of the guests at FT5 this year (and it was!), we need to stop and really appreciate how truly and deeply amazing Elliot Knight was through the entire weekend

like, dude just delivered for a whole two days, to the point where it almost became a meme among people of the con because his lines were 1930929810 times longer and slower than anybody else’s for photo ops and autographs since the guy literally took 5 minutes to chat with everyone and be overall the nicest, more caring person I’ve ever met in my life

he was so careful to make every fan meeting matter and to both be seen as a person and making sure to see his fans as people that it was just amazing to be around him and to look at/hear him laugh even when you were queueing for someone else in the same room

(also he was a sweetheart during out meet&greet and thought that #merlOUT was hilarious) (imagine your puns being validated like that I’m living)

anyway what I’m saying is that Elliot totally 100% deserved his standing ovation during the closing ceremony and he should get all the nice things because homeboy deserves the world and made himself fans for life this weekend by just fucking smiling and hugging and having the cutest giggle ever

kensianson  asked:

I mean, I actually want to see Othertale first 0W0 I think we can think about Dancetale later on ;) plus a lot of people haven't finished Dancetale so I think you're going to be fine after Othertale (This literally took me 5 minutes to try not to say anything bad or say something wrong, I hope I didn't ruin your day :<)

Nah dude I’ll eventually do it when I have the motivation and the idea for it if that happens before finishing othertale I’ll totally do it before losing it thank you :D