literally too precious for me to even

Jeonghan’s harem

Ok this totally had to be done bc is2g this dude has so many guys to ship him with, it’s fucking unreal 😂

Ok let’s start with the mainstream ship: Jeongcheol

S.Coups is so fucking gay for Jeonghan istg

Here’s another cute ship for ya: Jihan

Ugh kill me, they’re too precious for this world

Oh and remember that time when vampire!Mingyu literally went in to bite HarleyQuinn!Jeonghan?

Yeah that. Don’t even try to lie, it was hot af, like I got the sudden urge to write/read some kinky ass smut about this and I’m 10000000% sure I wasn’t the only one

Here’s another angle for you with screaming Boo in the background bc that’s necessary in life

I mean, what is he even trying to do??? Seduce all the guys?? Cuz it seems to be working pretty damn well if you ask me

Look, even lil Dino want some of that 😂😂 lmao sorry, I got carried away… “Dino, whose baby are you?”


AND BTS’ V LIKE???????


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you can't really watch the manic episode scene either? so glad I'm not the only one. my heart breaks everytime for Even; what a precious angel. I also can't really watch the beginning of episode 10 with Lantern by The White Birch playing in the background. those scenes literally pain me so much and bring me so much anxiety and stress. it all feels a little too real.

the first time i watched it was horrible, i’m not gonna lie. i felt like i was the one experiencing everything isak felt that day. the beginning of episode 10 isn’t so bad to me, but it’s still heavy. it really feels so, so real

yes, it’s obvious i’m a hardcore shipper, especially with naruto, but that’s not all i focus on believe it or not, i love the story itself and the characters, every single one of them: 

naruto as a character taught me never to give up on anything, i personally don’t have motivation to do much tasks but hey, naruto is one of the most positive characters i’ve watch on an anime ever, he also taught me loneliness won’t define you and the friendships you make are the most precious to behold when you truly trust them, and also, he taught me to carry on the will and beliefs of those who have taught you very valuable life lessons to teach to others 

sasuke literally taught me stuff too, i really don’t like the hate he gets, he taught me that holding grudges, wanting to get even with the people who have done wrong by you and always holding anger towards others, just eventually brings yourself and others more pain, and sends you to a darker place that hurts the people that care about you to see you suffer in 

sakura taught me how deep love can go for others, not just romantically, but platonically as well, you can unconditionally love others in more ways than just romantic, and you can use those emotions to motive yourself to become a better person for them, she also taught me constant improvement, she went from extremely unprepared and useless as a genin to as strong as she can be for herself and her team, ultimately surpassing her master, and like sasuke, i really don’t like the hate she gets too 

kakashi taught me the importance of friendship and teamwork, and how you cannot do everything on your own, and to add in, sometimes you need to do a little rule breaking to achieve things instead of doing everything by the book, and another thing he taught me is that constantly blaming yourself for mistakes is extremely painful, and when you surround yourself with precious people, you forget that pain 

itachi taught me the lengths you could go to protect the ones you love, and also not to judge by appearances, the rumours people would say about you, and how you can only truly judge a person when you truly know them, if you judge based only by other people’s opinions, you’re just as shallow as the rest as you don’t know the hardships everyone has been through 

gaara taught me the importance of accepting love and friendships when you feel like you’ve been alone, i grew up an only child and i related to the isolation both he and naruto felt, but the bonds i made are the most precious to me, and gaara teaches me that too, he went from complete hate and isolation to someone who genuinely cares and protects his comrades 

hinata taught me that looking up to others gives you strength, and that it’s okay to admire them, everyone has someone they strongly admire because they have certain strengths that combat the weaknesses, and that confidence and practice takes time and progress 

tsunade taught me that you shouldn’t let your past mistakes define you, you can only overcome your fears and learn from the mistakes you have made to become a stronger and wiser person, and to not make the same mistakes again just to blame on bad luck or curses, only you can face your past to build a new future 

that’s just a few, i’d list something everyone has taught me but that’d be too long 

the lessons i’ve learnt from an anime which my family discriminates and says is a “cartoon for children” is: 

• never be afraid to accomplish your dreams 

• never give up on what you truly believe in 

• let go of hate and all negative emotions 

• love unconditionally 

• value your friends and family 

• not to judge people so shallowly 

• not to let your past define you 

• there is never such a thing as loneliness because there will always be others there for you 

• forgiveness 

• constant improvement 

the symbolism i see in this anime i have seen similar things in everything i’ve ever read or watched, i enjoy the action, fighting and the entire story as much as the next naruto fan, i just love the ships as a little bonus 

but when it comes to defending the development of the story and its characters and what they have actually taught me, i can get pretty damn defensive 

and once again i am writing something to express how sick i am of ignorant people refusing to see the true development of these characters as they just focus on their flaws even after 2 years

My love for Jodie Sweetin is just too much to handle right now so I need to post a few pictures...I’m so sorry...

the onesies kill me

her selfies are the best


ot3 tbh

shoot me…i would pay so much money to be val

dont even get me started on her daughters


Nowhere Fast

Pairing: Regulus Black x Lily Evans

AU: Modern, non-magical, college AU

Word Count: 1,407

Written For: muclbloods + takeupserpents [#regulily gospel crew, tbh]

Regulus gets a tie pin for his twenty-first birthday.

Allegedly, it’s a treasured family heirloom that’s been faithfully passed down from father to son for at least three generations—but it’s sharp and it’s bulky and it’s basically just this ugly yellow gold stick that’s inexplicably encrusted with actual real-life rubies, and if he’s being honest, the two Greek letters perched on the top sort of make his stomach turn because he’s the younger brother by fourteen and a half months and the only reason his dad hadn’t given the fucking thing to Sirius is because Sirius had ‘refused on moral principle’ to rush Delt-Ep and offended, like, all of the Black Family Ancestors in the process.


Sirius had dropped out of school and fucked off to Barcelona for an extended homoerotic bro-cation with James Potter that their mother liked to imperiously refer to as ‘shameless vagabonding’ but that Regulus was pretty positive was just Sirius being passive aggressive while he killed off some zeros at the end of his trust fund balance and shouted ‘Fuck you!’ to their parents from six thousand miles away.

Not that it matters now.

Because Sirius is still gone—his last postcard had been addressed to ‘The Regulus Show (get it???)’ and mailed from a village in rural northern Italy—and Regulus is still a brother at Delta fucking Epsilon with all the bullshit, cringe-worthy responsibilities that that entails, and the tie pin—

The tie pin is still his.

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Oh my god? You're literally the most precious Light i've ever encountered? Thank you for existing? im shook????

//thank you so much??!?! you are the sweetest thing?? i’m so glad you like my Light and you find him enjoyable! feel free to talk to me any time!

remember when the dursleys locked harry in his room and practically starved him for a portion of the summer? when they put bars on his windows and only let him out twice a day to go to the bathroom? when they fed him small amounts of food through a catflap? and even though he was starving he’d always give half to hedwig? when he felt so hopeless he’d literally stare at the ceiling for hours on end? thinking that he’d be stuck there forever and no one would notice/care enough to rescue him? bc i do and now i’m sad

You know to me at least, part of what makes Zen so cute is that he’s just a robot with a serene, non-moving face and a monotone little voice, but he’s still so expressive anyway?? His emotes are all so precious and silly- he uses his mystical powers to highfive himself, and has that super srs pose that breaks into a dumb taunt, and his little turret orb things are so expressive too? And when he ‘sleeps’ they make tiny little musical sounds?? And he belly-laughs despite having no belly and rolls around in the air like???? 

What I’m saying here I guess is that he’s cute??? and precious???? And that little laugh is literally haunting me??? He doesn’t even have a face but he’s so expressive and happy to be alive anyhow… I wanna hug him… help

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Klance Headcanon: Lance treats Keith like a prince. He will literally bow and kiss Keith's hand, even in front of everyone else. Keith thinks it's the sweetest thing but he gets so embarrassed that he has to take a moment to hide his face in lance's chest

?!?!?!?! this is???????? so pure???? and beautiful???????? and im fucking crying??????????

(i apologize in advance for this probably stupid post bc im more just vomiting all my thoughts onto this and idk if it even makes sense,,) 

so i’ve been thinking and…

this scene was obviously great. i cried at it, you probably cried at it. everyone cried bc fucking finally dazai acknowledged akutagawa jESUS FUCKING CHRIST. its pretty funny too, how getting noticed by precious senpai made him faint (akuchan u dork,, i love u) but like…. how does akutagawa even feel right now?? 

no like seriously, i really am wondering how he feels now. it doesnt seem to be addressed in his later appearances after this chapter (and if im wrong pls feel free to tell me bc im not bothered to go through the other chapters rn tbh). he’s literally been working so hard just to gain dazai’s approval, he’s gone through hell for this. and now he finally got to hear the words he’s always wanted. and yeah thats great and all, but like…. what do u even do when u finally get the one thing you’ve spent all ur life working towards??

idk like… is he at peace with it?? is he fine now?? i honestly cant imagine that after everything he went through, he’ll just be Super Fine™ now. like ‘aight u told me im stronger now thats all i needed kthxbye’ idk i just dont feel like thats something you can just get over so quickly, even if he got what he wanted. 

akutagawa seems to be constantly improving, so i feel like he’s just gonna need to gain dazai’s approval again and again. 

or maybe im completely wrong, who fucking knows. not me, clearly. anyway, thats all i wanted to say bYE

Thinking about young Regina makes me angry because she was such a kind and gentle soul, and she was so sweet and helpful to everyone she met, and she had hopes and dreams and aspirations, and all she wanted in this life was literally just to be happy, and she would’ve never hurt a fly. How dare anyone take this precious, innocent girl and groom her into a weapon meant to hurt so many; how dare they take her gentleness and kindness from her and leave her cold inside?

louis’ harry smile is the most precious thing to ever exist

i mean

look at it

it’s so soft

a tiny little smile just for harry

look at his eyes they’re sparkling

and of course here it is again

^ this moment i swear to god

and here are both of them smiling like idiots

idiots so so in love

look at him he’s literally drowning in his fond for his boy

^ never forget

it’s just too cute

god he can’t even hold it back

that’s it

see you at my funeral

alycia debnam carey is the most precious and kind and giving woman on this earth she’s too good for us mere mortals and I’m so in love with her I would literally go to hell and back for her I would take 500 bullets for her I would give her everything I own I would move to the surface fo the sun for her I am so far up her ass she could ask me to pick her all the flowers growing on this earth and i would do it without hesistation

Killian Jones is the single most insecure little bean to ever walk the earth like when they were about to do their TL test he couldn’t even LOOK at Emma and he was like I know you love me but True Love is a lot and he was just AMAZED when Emma picked him like even after she trekked to Hell for him he still was like oh my god she chose me (and he probably felt that way because how many times has anyone picked KJ first literally none) and Killian spends so much time reassuring Emma that I sometimes forget that my precious baby needs reassurance too



Dude is it like to be so old and look like a kid? Lmao joking obviously.

I love you so much, I love how you’re honest and real with us, I love how you can light up my day just with some stupid shit, I love everything about you. I can’t say a bad word about you even when I want to. You’re literally perfection to me. I want all of your dreams come true, I want you to tour with Jack as long as you can and want to, I want you to rap with Skate all the time, I want too see more tweets when you call Sammy daddy because those are the best hahha. You’re a person that everyone need in their lifes, and meet you and just hug you and tell you how precious you are is my big dream. Please never change, always be so stupid in good way, tweet as many stupid-in good way-shit as you can, rap as long as you can, be yourself as long as you can, because that’s why everyone loves you. 

I don’t know any better person than you.