literally the worst person to ever exist

Me flirting
  • Someone: hey did it hurt when you fell from hea-
  • Me: I have such low awareness of my own identity that I cannot function without someone else to copy off of. My emotions range from numbness to seething rage to extreme giddiness in the span of a few minutes. Sometimes I harm myself when I feel like I'm being ignored, which is usually not relevant to the situation at hand considering I feel ignored literally all the time. If I don't get a significant amount of attention I come under the impression that I myself do not exist, and I rely on everyone else's opinions to tell me whether something is good or bad. Sometimes I participate in risky behavior when I feel like the worst person ever, which is always. I can
  • Them: oh my god stop
You guys, this is ridiculous.

We, are literally the worst fandom to have ever existed. We need to stop. This is too much. It’s gotten so bad, I mean where do I start? Attacking an artist for their style, that’s shitty and bad enough. But we broke Lauren Zuke. We hurt her so bad she deleted her twitter. Am I personally to blame? No. Is everyone in the fandom to blame? No. But I feel as though we are all responsible for the atrocities committed by this fandom. We need to get it together. We need to apologize to Lauren. We need to better ourselves. Now.

Wanna know how I know Sam Winchester is better than everyone else in existence? Other than every other visible reason in each episode, Sam Winchester saved the ‘life’ of the ‘person’ who did the worst of the worst to him. Literally the worst things that ever happened to him was done by Lucifer. And he saved him. Like.. find me a better man.