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so Tom is in this cool guy group in Marco's school and they constantly tease marco. then marco starts getting notes that have compliments. when Tom confesses it was him, marco gets upset at him and thinks it's a prank. what will Tom do?

Here you go! Enjoy! I had a lot of fun writing this one! Thank you for the submission! Sorry about the curse words and drug mention, but their supposed to be the “bad crew” in a stereo-typical high school setting so I amped it up. (Ps. to all my middle school followers… High school is NOT like this. Nobody cares. People will NOT bully you or pressure you into doing drugs and alcohol. I wrote it like this for drama and interest for the story. High school is FINE, you’ll be FINE. The MOST of your worries is figuring out what electives to take. Trust me! I’d be happy to answer questions or give support to any upcoming freshman who are nervous!)


Marco opened his locker and blushed when he saw another note taped on the inside. How did they know his locker combination? Marco picked the note off of the door and read it. It wasn’t a love letter this time.


Meet me under the bleachers after school today.

Marco looked around to try and see who it could have been. When he couldn’t he stuffed the note in his pocket and went to class.


“You have to go!” Star urged.

“I don’t know, what if it’s some creep trying to kill me? Under the bleachers? That’s kind of sketchy.” Marco pointed out. “Isn’t that where those delinquent kids go to do drugs?” Marco asked. “No thank you. I’m not getting caught up in one of those things. They already tease me enough, I’m not going to FIND them.”

“Your lover will protect you!” Star teased. Marco blushed and shoved her. “Come on Marco… What do you have to lose?” She asked. Marco sighed.

“Fine… I can’t believe I’m doing this.” Marco shook his head and waved goodbye to Star. She smiled and jumped up and down.

“I’ll meet you at home!” She sang. Marco sighed and trudged off toward the bleachers. He promised himself, he was just going to look, and if those kids were there, he was leaving. Marco peeked under the bleachers, the whole crew wasn’t there, but the ‘main’ kid, Tom, was. He was smoking something that didn’t smell like a cigarette, or anything else Marco could place. Marco shook his head, he was NOT dealing with Tom today. He turned to walk away but he heard the boy call his name.

“Marco!” Marco cringed, too late to run now. He turned around, Tom caught made his way up to him. “I didn’t think you’d show up.” Tom admitted. Marco looked confused.

“Why would you… oh no.” Marco groaned. He should have known this was a joke. He tunred to leave.

“Marco wait!” Tom called. “I…” He seemed nervous. “What did you think of my letters?” Tom asked. Marco huffed.

“I thought they were terribly written, and your handwriting is awful.” Marco hissed. Tom looked hurt, but Marco didn’t catch this. “And it wasn’t a funny joke. So here,” Marco shoved the note back at him “take your letter. And tell your pals that I fell for it and you laughed, whatever you need to to leave me alone.” Marco barked. Tom held the note.

“I… My friends don’t know about this.” Tom assured. Marco rolled his eyes.

“Dude it’s over let it go. Haha real funny, you got me. I actually thought somebody might like me.” He put his hands on his hips. Tom groaned.

“I’m not playing a game! I DO like you!” Tom insisted. Marco smiled fakely.

“Yes! Tom likes me! Of course he does! That’s why you make everyday at school a hell for me, and make fun of me and act like an all around jerk.” Marco clapped. “Good job.” Tom looked annoyed.

“Do you not get it you idiot! I do those things BECAUSE I like you!” He snapped. Marco rolled his eyes. Tom groaned. “Okay look, no matter what I say you won’t believe me. But I make fun of you… and I bully you… because I don’t know what to say to you! And I get nervous! And that’s just… what the easiest thing to do! I’m sorry okay? I am a jerk, I’m literally the worst. But I’ve actually been… working on it. And trying to make myself better.” Tom admitted, he seemed embarrassed about this. “And I thought I just had to tell you.”

Marco stared at Tom for a while. “Bye, ass-hole.” Marco walked away.


“I don’t know, Marco. Maybe he really is serious.” Star suggested at lunch the next day.

“Are you kidding me, Star? It’s Tom. When has he been serious about anything?” Marco asked. Janna spoke up, with a mouthful of cafeteria fries.

“Tom isn’t that bad, dude. Maybe just give him a chance.” She suggested.

“Since when are you the people expert?” Marco asked. He was cut off when, right on cue, one of Tom’s friends came up to marco’s lunch table.

“Hey, Marco Diaz!” He laughed. Marco groaned.

“Hey, Chet.” Marco grumbled. Chet was laughing like something hysterical just happened. “Look, do you need something?” Marco asked.

“No ma, just checking up on my favorite person! You know I love you.” Chet laughed, he pushed Marco in the back of the head so it hit the table.

“Hey Chet knock it off.” Janns said. “You’re not funny, you’re acting like a child.” She told him. “You’re not as funny as you think you are.”

Chet looked over at her. “Excuse me? What do you know about anything?” He asked.

“A bunch more than you.” Star said. “You’re a moron, Chet.”

“I ain’t dumb.” Chet defended.

“Dude, you can’t spell.” Marco reminded. Chet seethed and grabbed him by the collar, pulling him up.

“Keep it up, kid! Keep it the fuck up!” He warned, he pulled his fist back to tag Marco in the face, but Tom grabbed his wrist.

“Chet, cut it out.” Tom commanded. Chet pulled back.

“What do you care?” Chet asked, forgetting about Marco completely.

“More than you apparently.” Tom said. “Don’t fight him he didn’t do nothing to you, you wanna fight? Me and you can fight.” Tom dared. What looked like fear crossed Chet’s face.

“I don’t need this, screw it, I’m out.” Chet threw his hand up. “Why do you care about him so much dude, you’re always messing with him?” Chet snapped. Tom seethed.

“Because I LIKE him you ass!” Tom yelled. Chet fell back.

“Dude… you like him?… Dude why didn’t you say nothing!?” Chet cried. Tom looked surprised. “Bro I don’t wanna mess with your crush, man! I only messed with him cause I though y’all had beef.” Chet looked over at Marco. “Look, Diaz. I’m sorry man, I was siding with Tom cause he’s like, my best friend. And you gotta have each other’s backs, so when he picked on you I jumped along. I had no idea… Yo I’m sorry, we cool?” Chet asked. Marco was dumbfounded.

“Uh… yeah… w-we cool.” Marco tried. Chet smiled.

“Awesome man, bump it.” Chet put out his hand for a fist bump. Marco gave it to him, a little hesitant. Chet smiled and began to back out of the cafeteria.

“Right on, Tom get your man. Right on…” He kind of nbacked out a little embarrassed for his actions toward Marco all throughout senior year. Marco looked up at Tom.

“So he’s…” Marco started. Tom just nodded. “And you…” Marco continued. Again, Tom just nodded.

“I’m sorry.” Tom apologized. “I really am, you don’t have to forgive me… but Chet was serious.” Tom laughed a little. Marco did as well.

“Yeah I kinda got the… follower vibe from him… is that mean?” Marco asked. Tom shook his head.

“No. He just wants to have a good time. Sorry I got him to pick on you.” Tom told Marco. Marco shrugged.

“It’s fine. It’s only high school.” Marco explained. Nobody really cared. Tom turned to leave but Marco called his name. “Hey Tom!” Tom turned back. “Uh… maybe you shouldn’t hang with those other kids… we got room here if you wanna eat lunch with us.” Marco offered. Tom smiled.

“Yeah… I guess that sounds cool.”