literally the queen of everything


“ I have known what you truly are since the day we met. Long may you reign. “

The Houses as Your Friends
  • Gryffindors: doesn't give in to peer pressure, wants to be vegetarian but loves meat too much, never replies to messages, stresses over everything, has so many embarrassing stories, literally queen.
  • Hufflepuffs: laughs at inappropriate times, doesn't like people seeing them sad, procrastinates so badly but still manages to get everything done on time??, cries when they're ignored, can't help but make you smile.
  • Ravenclaws: instagram game strong af, has no clue about what to do in the future, best laugh ever, doesn't know when to act seriously, weird secret talents, resting bitch face, you can trust them with your life.
  • Slytherins: doesn't care if they're annoying, super touchy, tries too hard, somehow friends with everybody, eats so much but still super slim?? literally laughs at everything, secretly a sweetheart.

Part of me is like bring this bitch back because she’ll be going next week, I don’t fucking care. Regardless of what happened today, this week, whatever… I’m going to win. 

Nct 127+Ten's reaction to their s/o feeling insecure

Request: I was wondering if I could request a nct u + nct 127 reaction to their girlfriend suffering from insecurities?

A/N: okay let’s be honest here,, we’re all at least insecure about something about ourselves right?? so i decided to write this; hope any one of you will feel better after reading this ily but then again i have like a confidence level of -293993 i need to be less insecure



He wouldn’t know what to say or do at first, only giving you an assuring smile and holding you in his arms. But as soon as you starting pouring out your true feelings and thoughts about your insecurities, he’d shower you with compliments and probably sing for you too, which makes you feel better all the time.

“You’re wonderful the way you are and i love that”

“but i’m not happy and i just feel so..?”

“i’m here to make you happy and tell you that you deserve all the love, don’t think otherwise”

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You’re dating such a positive person, he never fails to tell you the words you need to hear the most. He’d be very understanding, and be really affectionate towards you, mainly because he feels bad that he can’t help you feel better. But because of his encouraging words and support, you eventually learn to gain more confidence, and Johnny’s proud of you.

“you’re beautiful like always”

“you see this smile on my face? it’s all thanks to you”

“come here babe, let me give you a hug”

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Really understanding and becomes really soft towards you. His tone instantly becomes more gentle, and his words and actions towards you are all really delicate, because he doesn’t want to say or do anything that may cause you to be more insecure. But at the same time, he never fails to say sweet words to you, and reminds you how much he loves you.

“taeyong i just feel so.. unappreciated? like i’m not good enough”

“you’re more than enough for me”

“and there’s nothing more i can ask from you, to see you happy and confident with yourself”

“because baby you deserve it”

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Turns really soft and affectionate too, and literally worships you like a queen. In his eyes you mean everything to him and your flaws are even perfect to him- he loves you that much. He shows his love through actions and affection, which is why he has his arms and hands on you all the time, and gives you kisses and pecks, which make you feel loved and appreciated.

“my queen’s looking extremely gorgeous today”

“babe i’m not, i look really bad-”

“ *hugs you* in my eyes you’re always gorgeous anyways”

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Becomes your number one encourager and motivational speaker, and is always there to help you out, be it giving advice or simply just showering you with sweet and supporting words. He’d do anything just to see you feel a little confident of yourself, and is always there to remind you that he loves you.

“daily reminder from your bunny here that you’re doing great and i love you”

“i’m proud of you”

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Upset with himself because he isn’t able to help you, and as a boyfriend, he feels that he has the responsibility to always encourage you. Which is why he’s there to cheer you on/up like a small child, giving small cheers and doing cute little dances, which always help to make you feel better because it’s too adorable. But also, he jokes around with you a lot, and because of that his positivity eventually gets to you.

“you look great!!”

“honestly you could go out of the house right now and so many people would stare because you’re that beautiful”

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A mixture of Johnny and Yuta, sometimes he doesn’t know how to put his thoughts to words, so he ends up cuddling you and showering you with kisses. Other times, he tells and assures you with words you need to hear the most, and he’s also such a positive person his giggles and laugh could make you feel better honestly.

“i’m thankful you’re here with me”

“i love you so much”

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Like Taeil, he wouldn’t know what to do at all, and is confused as to why you were insecure. But he doesn’t say anything at all and just gives you an encouraging and assuring smile, which helps you feel better anyways. He also shows a lot of affection, mainly backhugs and small little cuddles. Also loves rubbing your noses together, which always leaves you in a big blushing mess, but you’re feeling better anyways.

“princess, you’re really beautiful”

“babe i can’t help but think i’m not”

“trust me, you are”

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He wouldn’t understand why you were insecure at first, mainly because in his eyes, you were perfect. Gets all flustered and clueless because he doesn’t know what to do and how to make you feel better. But still, he shows you his encouragement and support, and expresses his love and concern for you through the songs and raps he writes almost everyday. Loves giving you small hugs to make you feel better and if he needs to, gives you small pecks on the cheek too.

“you’re always wonderful!!”

“in my eyes you’re already perfection”

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Becomes really soft and sensitive when it comes to you, and tries his best not to tease you too much or say anything that may hurt your feelings or make you feel worst. Gives you cute little nicknames that only he can call you, and becomes really affectionate around you. Hugs and pecks everywhere!! And he’d do anything to make you smile.

“you know something babe?”

“yes hyuck?”

“you’re really beautiful and I love you”

“also do remember that in my whole lifetime i only and will only say that to you”

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a summary of the horrible histories cast
  • matthew baynton: the only one who can sing, apparently
  • martha howe-douglas: queen of everything, literally
  • jim howick: turns out he can also sing; SHOUTY MAN
  • ben wilbond: straight man who can't keep a straight face
  • simon farnaby: the one you get when you need a hunk; Death
  • laurence rickard: THAT'S THE END OF OLD BOBSY

what the fuck.

I hope they know more than half of their viewers were going to watch just to see LANA sing and dance, but with this right here….

Yeah they literally put the hook through the hole with this one…ain’t nobody watching, I’ll catch Lana dancing on youtube or something

the signs as high school stereotypes
  • Aries: takes gym way too seriously
  • Taurus: art nerd that probably wears a hat every day
  • Gemini: goes to every party and starts all the rumors
  • Cancer: gets straight A's and wears grey a whole lot
  • Leo: literal queen/king of everything, probably rude
  • Virgo: that nerdy kid that gets shoved up against the lockers
  • Libra: that kid who tries to be Leo but fails
  • Scorpio: wears black and everyone thinks they're scary but actually has a heart of gold
  • Sagittarius: skips class and smokes but is still really nice
  • Capricorn: nerd with a god complex
  • Aquarius: pretentious hipster
  • Pisces: the person that the media thinks Taylor Swift is


I can’t believe this is real?? Seriously, my chest feels like it’s gonna explode!!

Running this blog is so much fun, I’m glad so many of you are enjoying it. I can’t thank you enough, especially @the-bunbun-queen for literally reblogging everything I post (you’re nuts and I don’t deserve you). 

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evakerlitvet  asked:

MIKKI hi how are you?? how did the oral go? I haven't send an ask for two days I think so obviously I'm back to scream!11! THE NEW CLIP. I swear Julie gives us the evak shippers literally everything we want. QUEEN. I LOVED the clip, Sana looked stunning and your theories! Mikki Andem is very clever, guessing everything from the start! I really don't get the you're alone part though. Wtf is Sana trying to say with that? Like excuse me?? What?? Im trying to fit as much as I can in this ask ohmyg


Nista listen oh my gosh my oral went….surprisingly well? I got a wonderful reaction from my class after I read them my story synopsis. It was so good ahhhh

Julie loves us that is clear. We got our hand holding, boyfriend slow mo, and flower angel isak ahhhhhh

hahaha i’m keen to see what happens next ahhh! 

that broke my heart honestly :( Sana is feeling so alone and she thinks that’s just what life is…being alone…but did you see Isak’s face when she said it?

it wasn’t hurt…

i feel like it was more worry

because remember our boy has heard those words before. 

from Even. 

so maybe Isak is going to catch on that Sana needs someone to talk to and understand her and what she might be feeling right now for whatever reason. 

Can you imagine how great it would be if Isak asks Even to talk to his bio buddy and make sure she is okay?


probably not gonna happen but


hahaha also you are such a cutie I love you so much Nitsa <3